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Chocolate: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

Chocolate: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our final recap for Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang prepares everything for his birthday. He puts up lots of decorations all around his house including triangle flags hanging everywhere as well as balloons and flowers.

he wonders if he did too much? Where is she? Did she forget? But then there is a knock on the door, it is Cha-young.

She comes in with her cake for him that looks so good. It looks like a square chocolate truffle cake. he is amazed. She says that she is amazed that he made all of that.

He tells her that she looks pretty today, she is wearing her hair down and loose and put on makeup. She also tells him she is wearing the most expensive clothes that she own.

She lights the candles and turns off the lights for him to make a wish and blow out the candle. He makes a wish and says he is thankful for having this moment.

She says that is not a wish. He tells her that all his wishes are realized. Then he asks her, how long will you call me doctor? I am your boyfriend. she thinks for a second but then he leans in and kisses her.

Kang – From now on, I am going to speak comfortably to Moon Cha-young.

Then he kisses her again.

Later on, they drink wine in front of the couch. She asks him if he would like to run away with her? he asks, where? She tells him, anywhere. Somewhere no one can find me.

He says, okay. Then he stands up while holding his hand and says let’s go. right now. Wait a moment. he comes back with a vibrantly purple scarf and wraps it around her.

She thanks him for saying that he will come with her. Then says, all day I was running away from seeing my mom. My mom is a bad person. Actually, I came here to avoid her. But, I think I have to see her. Now I remember what to tell her.

Kang – I am sad, but we can run away next time. 

He holds her hands and tells her, fighting.


Cha-young goes to church int he morning to pray. Kang stands with her at the door. Then she goes to see her mother in a fancy cafe. her mother looks amazing.

her mother tells her, you are Cha-young right? i did nto notice you, you are so pretty. Cha-young tells her, nice to see you.

then her mother growls, you meet your mother after 20 years and you just say nice to see you? Where are you manners? Am I your business partner? Then she asks the waiter for their most expensive steak. Medium-rare.

Cha-young asks for a coffee only and sits.

After getting their food, the mother cuts into her steak and mutters that she is just like her father. i wanted to buy you a nice steak. I worried about you a lot. 

Cha-young tells her that she looks happy. I was worried in case you were happy. Because of you, a lot of people became unfortunate. You shouldn’t be happy alone.

Her mother says it is not her fault, all those stupid people will be taken advantage of with someone else. Like your father who lost all his money on collateral with his friend.

Did you forget how much we suffered because of your stupid father. There are only two kinds of things in life betraying or getting betrayed. The person who betrayed someone can’t sleep well. The person who got betrayed can sleep well. That is an old saying. Hitting is better than getting hit. See, I can eat steak.

Cha-young sighs and tells her, in that collapsed department store I met an ajumma. You told me to wait in the department store after you abandoned me and left.

She says that was because of all the loan sharks that followed her around at the time. I didn’t want them to give you a hard time.

Cha-yong continues, that ajumma told me to survive and gave the chocolate to me that she bought for her son and told me to survive.



Her mom is all like, yeah, Tae-hyun told me. That is why you live your life super stupid. You went to a famous cooking school in Italy but now you are taking care of all those people dying. It is stupid. No one will notice you doing it.

Cha-young – I did not want to see you until i died. Because of what I learned from that ajumma, I came out. At least you are human, human is the last hope. I thought you would be sorry to the people that you hurt.

Her mother asks, what the f are you talking about. But then a sleezy looking man shows up and tells her, lets go! A guy knows that you are here and brought a policeman with him. 

The mother sighs and says, only 5,000, I will pay it off. Then she tells Cha-young to finisht he steak. Ii will pay you later. 

Cha-young tells her not to call her, I will not pick up your phone. See you ten years later and we will see whose life was right. We can talk about it.

The man runs back in and tells her mother, honey, lets go! They leave together. Cha-young watches her go. Then seh gets a text.

Text – Do you want me to hold your hand?

She looks around and sees Kang sitting at a table. he says he worried about her and just wanted to see her riding a subway but I found myself all the way here. Sorry to surprised you.

She walks up to him and puts her hands out. Then she says, hold me, my hands are cold. So he holds her hands. They ride the subway back together.

Cha-young told him that she would get off at the next station, she just needed a little more time. She tells him to not wait for her and dont’ pity her.

Cha-young goes to a motel or something and lays on the floor sweating.

He tells her that he will not push her or hurry her, so please come back. He goes to the motel (or maybe it is her room?) and looks at the window all night.


Joon and his father look through a pottery gallery. The father heard that it was good for the soul. He wonders if he should start to learn it. Then he mentions that his mother and aunt had a fight with pulling hair. So much hair came out.

Then he tells Joon that he will make pottery, just come back to the hospital. You had so much training. Joon keeps walking around the gallery and not saying anything.

His father tells him that he went all the way to the top with his ability! You are not like me!

Joon keeps walking aorund and sees a woman who is wearing pink and looking at the pottery. She catches his eye. But we dont’ see her face. His father tries to tell him about a woman who he wants to set him up with.

Joon keeps his eye on this woman. She is always holding her arm. So Joon tell sher that she should go to the hospital. He tells her that he thinks her condition is serious.

She asks, who are you, are you interested in me? He says no. But then she passes out. he runs to her side and tells people to call for 911. Then he tells the woman, can you hear me? If you here me then hold my hand.

he ride with her to the hospital in the ambulance. She asks who he is. he says that he is KoSung hospital neurosurgeon, Lee Jung. Just relax.

In the Village hospital, Seun-ae moves out. The chief tells the movers to send the package to a certain address. I am her husband though we do not live together because of our situation.

Seon-ae tells him not to do it. I will be your burden. he tells her that he did not even eat her meals. You should not run away. But you say sorry, that is it? 

he gives her a big hug and tells her that this happened. So let’s live like no human in this life. If we have a next life, we’ll have time to apologize to the people we treated badly. So I will pay for everything.

I will get all the punishment. Lets live in this life like no human. She hugs him and they cry it out.


Kang happily lays on a pyongsang outside at the hospital when a wman pokes him and says that he wants to eat pizza. Nurse Ha runs out to grab him and motions to Kang not to worry about it.

Kan tells him, yes, fresh pizza is the best, so lets go with me. But you need to put on your jacket and scarf, its cold. He walks away with the patient.

Cut to Tae-hyun holding the YouTubers video camera stuff and showing the ocean. He asks if they are all surprised because he is here and not Hannah? Well actually, my friend Hannah went on a trip to a place with a warm sun and blue sea.

She wanted me to tell you a proper goodbye since she did not get a chance to. He stops the recording and thinks about her last words. She asked him if he could do it for her. I am having a happy life somewhere else. Make peole believe it.

he says that he will. She whispers that she is sorry. I am not going to have a fulfilled life.

Tae-hyun thinks about this and then starts to recording again. He tries to retend that he had not been crying. He tells the video, as if today is the last day of your life that will never come back. Be grateful for today. Tomorrow is something someone really wants to have who died today.

Cut to Nurse Ha and her patient boyfriend playing the guitar outside and wearing matching t-shirts and yellow sweaters. he says that he does not feel too good. She tells him that he looks a lot better. But dont tell anyone that you quit being a gangster to be a singer.

Suddenly Nurse Bae comes running back up. She gives Nurse Ha a big hug and says that she missed her and the hospice and Kang and the turtle and everyone.

The guitar friend says that they have to practice for the singing competition. Do you want to see more? Nurse Ha tells her that she should come back! Go change your clothing. But if you father comes back again.

She tells him that he broke both of his legs while catching a criminal so he is okay for now. She is so happy about that. She asks who this man is. Nurse Ha says he is her boyfriend. Now go.

Then they sit to play some more. The boyfriend says he is super happy. You are my girlfriend. Tee hee. 




kang lays at home thinking about Cha-young telling him that she needs time. So hops up and puts on his jacket to head out. Then he goes to the kitchen and looks around.

he touches teh counter as we get a good look at his mountain jacket and thinks about fun times in the kitchen with Cha-young. 

Then he heads to the sea and walks around and thinks about Cha-young at the sea.

he continues thinking of Cha-yong in different moment of their courtship.

he walks up the mountain in a different jacket this time and drinks water from the creek and takes photos and makes me want to buy this jacket.

Cha-young voices over that, just in case he got worried, I never got lost because you followed me and would stand for me. Don’t fall or get hurt. I had a good life. In the future, you can live like that.

he walks up a big hill with his amazing jacket as Cha-young says that she is thankful that she fell in love with a person like him. He remembers her saying that she wanted to run off to a place no one would find her. he is happy that she liked someone warm like him.

She ends by saying that she likes him a lot.

Kang thinks about her on the hill top and then walks determinedly away.


Cut to Greece. kang is in the market with new hair and a new jacket. he helps a halmoni with her fruit that fell and walk around Greece.

kang goes to the Greek restaurant he went to. The waiter tells him that he remembers him! You ordered two bottles of the most expensive wine. Kang asks if Cha-young is there right now? He says no, she is not here right now.

So Kang says he will wait for her. He sits to wait and thinks about meeting her in Greece for the first time. While waiting, he walks closer to the water to look at it. 

Then he goes back to wait. he has some good food in front of him but doesn’t eat it and falls asleep on the table.

The next morning, he walks around Greece and goes to the place where the cooking competition event was. he relives that event as he looks around.

Then he walks around and just passes Cha-young who is walking around as well.

Kang goes back to the restaurant and waits for his meal. he goes to the table and sees a Chocolate cake and coffee.

Then he takes off ridding his bike around the town in a hurry.

VO – I am running back in time.

he drops the bike and starts to run.

VO – Sometimes, I dont’ want to go anymore and sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I got lost. Because you were there, I made it all the way here.

he sees her standing under the arch he saw her at months ago. He gives her a big warm hug from behind.

Kang – how was your rest?

He turns her around and they look at each other.

then they kiss under the arch with the sea behind them.

Kang – I am here to pick you up. Ii wanted to let you rest some more, but I really missed you.

CY – I wanted to rest from you also.

They walk off. He puts his scarf around her.

Kang – Our story ends here but we know this is not the end of the story.

We see all the things that Cha-young cooked for all the patients as well as the patients.

Kang – We know that we will get lost somewhere and collapse with despair. But unless we give up our hope nothing can destroy us. We will remember it again.

Cut to a ton of people eating. Maybe these are all the people on the crew and their family members.

Kang – To the person that is walking with me, thank you.



Okay, I don’t even know what this show was or how they can pull that kind of ending out their bums. Was this even a romance? It took 12 episodes to get there and yet it still somehow felt insta romance-ish after the reveal that she was the kid from his past.

But, lets look on the positive side – Kang and Cha-young were good when they were together and this drama had amazing food? Other than that, I would definitely tell myself not to watch this one and can’t really recommend it.

It is not a super bad show, for me it is more of a nothing-happened-and-then-it-ended type of show.

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  1. jusash
    January 18, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    MEGA THANKS for recapping all the way!

    While it was weird at time (nothing beats Crash’s absurd though) – it also managed to tug at the heartstrings and warm fuzzies. So … no complaints!

    And while no huge fan of Ha Ji-won … Yoon Ki-sang always delivers for me.

    • V
      January 18, 2020 / 1:41 pm

      You’re Welcome, Jusash! Thank you for hanging out with us until the end. ☺️

  2. mahika
    January 18, 2020 / 4:13 pm

    Finally we arrived at the end of the journey, this drama touched me. and this recap really helped me, thank you your recap gives a lot of enlightenment, I love it
    Thank you very much

  3. Lui
    January 18, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    Are they dead or alive at the end in Greece?? I got confused when CY asked for time, maybe it’s because it’s the first drama I watch that I got lost 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Dorothylwaldrop
    January 19, 2020 / 4:06 pm

    So disappointed in this ending. Left tou totally without anything settled. My only thought was it must be to have a season 2. But don’t know I would come back to watch

    • V
      January 19, 2020 / 9:07 pm

      Right! It felt unsettled. So strangely ended.

      • Susan
        January 20, 2020 / 7:09 am

        Good ending. Everyone became better person. Unselfish. Kang and Cha Young will end up married with Kang’s mother as the greatest life giver n influencer in their lives. Cha Young’s brother matured n became more responsible after seeing the girl who wanted to live extra days but could not. That is why he said dont waste yr day which could be an extra day for others without that chance. The doctor n first wife reconnected n realised their erred in earlier priorities n now restart knowing each other’s needs better. The nurse n the younger but dying boyfriend learned age does not matter but love, sacrifice and gratitude is. Even tho shortlived but that moment in time precious. Kang’s brother chose not to tell his father the truth about him not biological son because his father is a simpleton and could not handle the truth. His mother lost his respect and control over him. In final episode you see him responding to people in need as a doctor so he went back to work in the hospital where he can use his life best.

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