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Chocolate: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Here is part one of the finale episode of Chocolate! This show has been all over the place with new characters brought in to kill off and old characters changing their personalities only to change them back and all sorts of stuff. But if they are able to wrap it up then it could be a success for the people that have stuck around. So let’s see!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Cha-young looks at chocolate in the Godiva store. Kang goes in to look at it with her. She is pretty surprised to see him so she asks why he is there. He says to eat chocolate. Which one is the best?

They buy a few chocolates and sit to eat them at the cafe. he tells her that it tastes good. She mentions that he said he does not eat chocolate. He says it is just in case he wants to go back to the island when he eats it.

But then he says, now I have you. I will not go anywhere without you. She asks what it means that he did not each Chocolate anymore after his mom died? What did that mean? You said you mom died in an accident? What accident?

He looks at her for a moment and then looks out the window. He mentions it was a car accident while crossing the street. She aws buying chocolate for me. After that, I don’t eat chocolate anymore. Why are you asking me that?

Cha-young says, just in case…the ajumma that gave me chocolate. I just thought that was your mom.

Kang starts to laugh and says she has a great imagination. You can imagine that only withh the Chocolate. You shuold be a writer not a chef. She tells him sorry to bring up a painful story for you.

He holds her hand and tells her, fighting. Lets live fully for the ajumma that left you a chocolate. I think she also wants that. He continues holding her hand and asks if she has time tomorow evening? Would you like to come over? Let’s have a birthday party. No present needed. You are the present.

She agrees.


The YouTuber goes to a driving academy that is all computer simulations. Tae-hyun is with her. She passes her test and i super excited. He gives her a high five.

She tells him that she passed so lets get a car. he says this is not a real test. She wants to know about the car? I don’t have enough money so let’s just see it first.

They go to a Maserati dealership and look around at the cars. She tells him to hop inside, so they both get in and imagine owning it. he asks if she is really going to get her drivers license? She nods yes.

She also asks if he is worried that she will die before the license? if I die, whatever. But just in case I am alive. if I dont’ do anything and don’t have a license, what is my life?

You know, my life shouldnt’ just be dying like this. I wasted my life until I knew I was sick, like you. 

he looks at her.

I thought I could live forever and never die. Her friend, when I buy the car and drive around, I have somewhere to go. Can you go with me? To the sea.


Cut to the Chief and Seon-ae at the sea. Seun-ae is having fun int he waves. she asks the Chief if he has to go back to medical school? You have a tough sunbae.

He says his sunbae told him to have a good time as well. So we can play. She thinks that is great and mentions that he is the busiest person in Korea. he tells her that he thought working hard would make her happy, but I am the one that made you lonely. I am sorry, I didn’t know.

She happy says that she wants to spend time in the spring and fall. Just twice, so let’s have fun. They both run into the waves and splash around. 



Afterwards, they eat at a restaurant with the sea food that they caught. She tells him sorry that she makes him eat ramen all the time since she can’t cook well. He tells her it is okay, I like ramen.

They happily eat and dab each others mouths and eat some more. Then he gets a call and steps to the side to take it. Seon-ae smiles, but then she sees her nametag on her necklace and is brought back to reality. She is super confused as she looks around and sees that she is there with Hyeon-seok. So she leaves as he keeps talking.

When he goes back to the table he asks the owner where the ajumma went? The owner says that she paid for everything and left. She mentioned she was in a hurry.

Cut to Seon-ae riding a bus back. She sent Hyeon-seok a text saying that she enjoyed too much happiness that I do not deserve after meeting you. Remember to eat your meals and have a happy life. I will disappear.


Grabdmother is finally leaving the hospital. Everyone is there to see her off. kang makes sure her buttons are buttoned. The father ets upset that she is not hitting Kang but only hits Joon when he tried to help her. 

He also says that Joon wanted to come, but just in case you humiliate him again I told him to stay away. His wife pinches him.

The aunt addresses her sister in law asks, why is our deputy chairwoman so calm today? Your bad eyes are a little bit lower now. Are you sick today? Hye-mi says nothing.

Kang tells the grandmother that she is fully recovered, so come back to work. The aunt is sarcastic to HYe-mi and asks if she is mad now that her chairmanship is taken away?

The grandmother tells Kang that she is not going back, I want to rest. You can take care of KoSung.

Kang tells her that he will think about what she said. He leaves but gets a text to meet with his aunt, so he goes to meet her. She tells him that she tried her best. 

I worked overnight and could nto even go home 1/3rd of the year. My Joon grew up in someone elses hand. I could nto even feed him and had two miscarrages after Joon. It was all for KoSung.

I devoted everything. Mother in law and I made KoSung. So why is it important that my husband is not the blood son? What did your father do for KoSung? He just ran away cowardly with the house maid.

Why do I have to give up this KoSung that I made? How was Joon’s life? Because you just showed up and are Lee Jae-Hoon’s son. Why do you have to take everything.

Kang tells her, I think it does not make any sense that I will become the owner of KoSung just because I am the grandson. Ii really think that. The person who devoted their entire life to KoSung should own KoSung. I do not care.

But only if you do not touch the hospice hospital.

She bites her lip and thinks about it.

Joon is making ceramic dough and talking on the phone with Kang. He calls him a crazy fool, how can you trade the hospice for KoSung? You will just give up everything for that deal? Why?

kang tells him that what aunt said was all right. To me, I am the son of my father. I did not do anything for KoSung.

Joon calls him crazy. He has a question for him. When you were kicked to the hospice with your hand. The Lee kang I know would resist. But you accepted it without much consideration. Why?

Kang tells him he met halmoni and resisted.

Joon asks, you were tired of it right? That is why you wanted to stop. You thought it was actually nice that Grandmother stopped you like that. It was a good excuse to stop. And people over there would change you.

Joon thinks about the people that have changed him at the hospice. Cha-young voices over.

VO – If your love to Hee-joo does not change in the future, then I will make you warm rice and dwenjang jigae.  I will climb the mountain in front of me with one leg.

Joon thinks of that and says to himself that he was also changed by people over there.

In the hospice hospital, Kang voices over – don ’t wait for me Halmoni. The hell that you are in, I will never go back to.




Nurse Ha cries in the bathroom. Maybe she just found out about her childhood play cousin. She dries her eyes and goes out to meet him. 

He avoids her and starts to pick a flower, but she tells him that it is a flower not a weed. He smiles and tries to pick a flower. But then his head starts to hurt.

She tells him to look at her straight. So he looks at her with the bowl in front of his face. She removes it and says, you want to date me, so you have to give me eye contact and say, Noona, I used to be a gangster but now I am clean. Look at me again and tell me I will never have a chance like this again to meet a sexy guy like me. Forget about the jashik whose diaper you changed. Look at me as a man.

He tells her that he came all the way there to do that. But I do not have enough time. 

She asks why he does not have time? You are breathing now, you can speak. Your heart is pumping and is still hot!

He starts to sob and says that he should have come earlier. he stands and walks to the side.

She tells him that it is not late! Everyone in the world has a limited life, they just forget about it. Maybe I will die before you.

He tells her to live much longer than him. A good person like you should live longer. he gives her a hug.

She tells him that his charm level just upgraded by one.


Kang puts all his groceries on the table and starts to clean up his place quickly. he gets out he trusty Dyson to vacuum all around andn then settles into the kitchen to cook.

He tells his Mom’s cookbook that he will have a birthday party with his girlfriend. You will like her also. Then he starts to cook.

he prepares the meal from scratch using his mothers recipe. At the same time, Cha-young also cooks in her kitchen.

Cha-young gets a call from an ajumma as she cooks. It is her mother.

Back at Kang’s, we see the lovely spread of food that he has made. He has a fruit plate and cheese plate and sushi plate and about five or six other plates.

The doorbell rings so kang runs to see if it is Cha-yong, but it is just the delivery man. He drops of two big boxes.


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  1. Anonymous
    January 18, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    so lovely … many thanks for awesome recap. I am happy, and thankfulI can feel their happiness. I understand why Lee Kang had to hide his mother’s death, he was afraid Cha Young felt guilty and ran away again.

  2. Anonymous
    January 19, 2020 / 12:17 am

    I absolutely loved the whole drama. Had me waiting each week for the episodes to come out. Bravo!

    • V
      January 19, 2020 / 10:07 am

      That is great to hear 😘

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