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Chocolate: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2 (and episode 16 Preview)

Chocolate: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Chocolate: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Cut to Seon-ae throwing things at Cha-young. She tells her, if you do not leave then I will drag you out! 

it looks like Seon-ae thinks that Cha-young is another woman. Cha-young is worried for her. Seon-ae says that it is enough that we pay for our school and the hospital bill. You work so hard so he cannot even come home! Why are you still asking for money to buy clothes and drink? Does he owe you money!

Cha-young apologizes, Seon-ae pushes her out and says that she wants to live like a human and not worry about her side of the family. Just leave!

The chief comes up and asks where she wants to push her out to? In-laws are not strangers, to me they are my family and siblings. Why are you doing this?

The chief looks at Cha-young in a motion that it is okay. Then he starts to clean up.


Cha-young goes to the kitchen and starts to make something. It looks like she is making dduk?

The Chief comes in and tells Cha-young that Seon-ae thinks that Cha-young is his sister. My siblings where actually pretty selfish. Even though their older sister gave up her college to take care of the father hospital bills and them. 

They stopped contacting her after she got sick. Sorry you have to see this. Cha-young says she is okay, it was only for a moment, she will get better soon. Would you like some dduk? Ajumma talked about it for awhile so I am making it.

The Chief says that ajumma does not like dduk. She hates it because when it does not sell she had to eat a lot of bad ones when she was young. My mother in law used to work in a dduk store. I like this dduk. Can I try one?

He tries one and tears up as he says it is just like his mother in laws dduk. She gives him water to help eat it.

The chief leaves but looks at Seon-ae sitting at the door with yarn, sleeping. He goes up to her and dusts off the yarn that had fallen and puts it in her lap. Then he sits across the door frame with her and wakes her up.

She nods awake and happily asks when he came back. He says that her mother brought dduk and shared it with the entire hospital so that they would take care of me well. So we understand each other and cover each others faults.

Seon-ae asks, my mother said that? She giggles. But then she asks why he is crying. He asks why she did that? Why did you do that to me? She asks what she did?

He tells her that he just worked hard. My only fault was that I worked hard. Why did you do that to me! Why! he starts to cry as he kneels in front of her.

Cha-young waits in the kitchen and looks at the dduk.




In the hospital, Kang and Nurse Ha are with a patient who is under a great amount of pain. They already gave her the recommended dose of morphine so they can’t give them anymore. She asks to play music so they do that.

Tae-hyun stands outside the door looking concerned. It looks like this is the YouTube cooking person. But she is doing a lot worse.

Kang leaves and looks at the bulletin board with all the old patients photos on it. he thinks about what Cha-young said about people there living very hard and preciously while there are there. he also remembers the Chief saying that they help people with no hope so that they have a place to end their life. He also thinks about Joon telling him that what he hates the most in life is cheating. I have said it more than 1000 times but no one hears me.

Kang calls his aunt right then and tells her that he could not give her an answer because he was in a hurry.

Cut to Jon’s mother waling into her office. She asks her assistant for an espresso and then takes a moment to gather herself. She holds her waste as if she is about to collapse and sits.

Cut back to the small hospital where w see the YouTube person feeling a lot better. She puts on makeup slowly and ads her wig. Nurse Ha comes in and tells her that her hair today looks sexy. 

She tells Nurse Ha that she feels good today. She would like to go out because the sun is really bright. So she wheels herself around the yard looking very pretty with her hair and makeup done as she greets everyone.

But she is a bit tired. Tae-hyun shows up and helps her. He pushes her to a spot where she can have her YouTube show. he asks why she is doing it. She says people are waiting for it. I am a famous YouTuber.

he tells her that she is this sick, it is not the time to do it. She tells him to be quiet and sys that people do not know that I am sick. I will never tell them until I die. SO you be quiet about it too!

She starts to film her show. This time she is making dduk. She eats the dduk on camera and says where each one is from. Though it might be a little difficult for her to eat it. then she passes out suddenly while filming.

Tae-hyun wakes her up so she wakes up and mutters that she has to record it again.



Cut to an entertainer shooting a scene in the hospice about missing his wife? Kang comes in and says that he should not record this! He makes them all leave. The man asks, why can’t I do this. I am just spending time with my wife.

This causes a big commotion as the man continues to make this issue big. Tae-hyun comes up with the YouTuber and watches this. he thinks he has seen this man before.

Kang tells this man not to use his sick wife to get pity. Ten people died from that building that you made improperly. The man asks, how many buildings do you think are made properly in Korea? Everyone does it the same. I am just unlucky, that is how I got caught.

Tae-hyun remembers that he saw him on the newspaper. 

The man says that people died but he gave them money. Kang reiterates that people died. the man says that everyone dies some kind of way. The people that died, died and the people that survived, survived.

tae-hyun pushes him angrily and asks why he is so confident! Surviving is not surviving! Breathing or opening your eyes, do you think they are alive! You did not kill ten people you killed thousands! The survivors and their family members! You killed them all, okay! If you have to apologize then just apologize!

Cha-young looks on teary eyes. Kang is also a bit affected.


Later on, Cha-young goes into the police station to help her brother with this situation. This time she says that she is his sister. But he says that she is a stranger to him. You are not my noona, just go away or you will get in trouble staying close to me.

But she stays with him even though he angrily tells her to leave. He yells, because of someone like me you have to go to the police station twice in two days. From now on I am going to change my name to an English one, like DiCaprio.

She stays with him and gives him a hug. He asks what she is doing as they both start to cry. Then he tells the officer that they are really siblings. She tells him that she thought she was the only one having a hard time. I thought I was the only one in hell. I am sorry Tae-hyun.

Later on, she sits outside at the station. Kang walks over to her. It looks like he has a gift behind hi back.

She asks him, when did you come? He says an hour and 20 minutes ago. Is your neck okay? You probably should have sat like that for two hours. She says that Tae-hyun will be released tomorrow. Kang says he knows. Then he says, your brother wanted me to buy you chocolate.

He said that his noona had to eat chocolate when she has a hard time. She takes it and opens the Godiva box. She offers some to Kang.

he says that eh does not eat chocolate. Kang asks, what about the chocolate that Dongu (the fisherman) gave you?  Kang sys that he liked Chocolate when he was young, but I don’t like it anymore.

He asks her if chocolate is like her soul food? When you eat it then you are super energized.

CY – If I survive here, then I want to be someone helpful to others. if I don’t die here I want to be someone who can give everything to others. Because an ajumma gave me this chocolate. Chocolate is like a compass for me. It shows me the way.

Later, they get into the car together and Kang buckles the seat belt for her. But he leaves to use the restroom for a moment. She pulls out the chocolate and looks at it.

As Kang walks down a flight of outside steps to the restroom. He starts to think and takes off his glasses. He thinks about what Cha-young said about how that ajumma gave her chocolate but if she ate it then she might still be alive.

he asked her, do you know that ajummas name? Or perhaps you should not know it.

CY – I never forgot her name. Jung Se-hui ajumma.

In the stairway, Kang starts to cry and cry and cry at the realization.

Fade Out


Okay, why are they introducing even more characters to kill off? That just sits with me the wrong way. Can’t we hope for the best for the character that have survived all the way to episode 16 and not give us anymore to worry about?

Also, I really could not care less about Joon’s family and their battles. Though I do like Joon. If the rest of the show was on the pleasant side, then I might have more of a reservoir of patience for the family squabbles. But honestly, everything is miserable so I don’t really want to watch more miserableness.

With that said, I like it when Cha-young and Kang are together and I love all the cooking scenes. I feel like they need to concentrate on giving us way more cute CY+K scenes, as well as cooking scenes and leave all that other stuff alone. The good news is – from the preview it looks like we will be getting just that!

Tomorrow, we will try and get the Chocolate finale up by lunchtime! Don’t hold us to it, but we will definitely put in the old college effort to make it happen!

We don’t have time to write up a review + Preview, so we will drop it right here. See you tomorrow!


Kang – Do you have time tomorrow evening?

Kang – lets have a birthday party. I will prepare for it, you can just show up.

Kang – Do you have any wish?

Kang – I do not have any wish because everything is realized.

Kang – Thank you for giving this moment to me.

CY – Would you like to run away with me?

CY – I was worried, just in case you were happy.

Kang – But now I have you, Cha-young.

Kang – I am not going to go anywhere without you.

CY – Give me some time, I am sorry.

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