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Chocolate: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

We are here for the finale week of Chocolate! We don’t know what is going to go on because new characters are appearing left and right and old characters are turning super evil boss B, but at least the main couple is finally getting the quality time together that they deserve!

We are also going to try and get tomorrow’s episode 16 finale episode recap up hopefully around lunchtime tomorrow! If not by lunchtime, then definitely on the same day. Okay, let’s get to episode 15!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang drives to Joon’s ceramic factory and sees ceramics scattered everywhere. He asks what happened? Joon says that he has to go to work. But I am not working so my mom sent some people here.

Kang looks at his cousin’s hand, it is all bloody, so he wraps it and checks it to see if his nerve is damaged. Joon tells him it is okay if his nerve is damaged. It is good enough to make pottery. I am not going to be a doctor anymore. Would you like to have soju?

Elsewhere, Cha-young runs into the police station where her brother is there with a woman. He tells this woman that she seduced me first! This woman is with another Oppa and tells him that this guy seduced me first, oppa, I am scared.

Tae-hyun sees her brother and slowly walks to the officers desk. The officer asks if she is the family member? She ends up telling them that she is a stranger. Don’t call me and please follow the law. She walks out.

The brother is shocked. But then he looks at the news article that talks about a construction building collapse because they did not do a proper job making it.


Back at the ceramics factory, Joon and Kang finally get that drink together as they sit by the fire. Kang asks him how his hand is. It’s shaking. Joon says it wasn’t on purpose. I tried my best. They each pour each other a drink.

Joon tells him, if you blame my skill, I can only do that. It was the limitations of my skill. Kang looks at his own hand and says, if my hand was okay then maybe I would have won over you.

Joon painfully looks at Kang and tells him, yes, you would. Kang says, so I would have KoSung? Joon whispers, yes. Kang takes a drink and tells him, after that, what would happen to me? I would win over Lee Joon with my ability and I would own KoSung. After that, would I be happy?

Joon tells him, no. Kang smiles and asks, is that so? I agree. But why did we fight so much? They both look at the fire and then pour each other another drink.

kang tells him that they finished the soju. Joon is pretty amazed that they have no more. So Joon walks him back to his car. Kang asks him how long he is going to stay there? Joon says he wants to , he can breath here. 

kang asks about the hospital. Joon tells him there are many good doctors over there. As you know, i am not that good. He laughs. Kang asks, what about your parents. Joon tells him, maybe they will send more people and break everything. or they will come in person and break everything. But, after they break it, I can make it again.

A man runs up who is the driver for the night. he takes the keys and goes to sit in the car. Joon tells Kang to keep his emergency kit in the car safely, you may need it again.

When kang gets in, Joon tells him that he has to tell him something. 


Back in the town hospital, Cha-young beats a dried fish with a mallet. Her brother comes up and asks, is that me? if you want to hit me then why are you hitting the fish, just hit me.

he leans over for her to hit him. She asks how he got out. he says that he made a big mess int he police station. I took their guns and told threatened them not to follow me.

She actually believed that. he sighs and tells her that he is out because he is innocent. Do you actually think I would be bad enough to take a police gun and run away? Three witnesses saw that she was seducing me. CCTV also proved that I am innocent.

Cha-young keeps beating the fish. he asks if she is embarrassed because he is her brother? Do you want me to disappear? Why did you accept me? Why didn’t you kick me out?

Cha-young yells, it is because we are family! you are my only brother. I forgot you are like mom. You abandoned me with Mom. 

He asks her if she wants him to disappear, now? Tell people I am not your brother. Tell them I am a stranger as you told the police. You never say that you won’t do it. So let’s clear up our family registry. One of us can leave it.



Kang gets home but thinks about what Joon told him and we flashback to that moment.

Joon – Halmoni wanted to make you the heir of KoSung from the beginning. That is why she went all the way to the island and brought you back. I was the pacemaker who trained you to make you greedier.

Kang – Who wrote that novel? Is it from your head? We drank too much.

Kang turns to leave.

Joon – It is because your father, Lee Jae-hoon, is the only heir to KoSung. My father does not know about it. I hope he never knows that he is not his fathers son. If he knows about it, what can we do. You know it now. Only five people know. halmoni, You, Me, Halabogi who died from the shock, and my umma.

Joon turns to leave.

Kang – if that is true, then it is a secret you have to hide until the end!

Joon – I don’t want to cheat. The thing I hate the most in the world is cheating. I said more than 1000 times about it, but no one listens to me! They are all smart.


Cha-young sits in the kitchen thinking when Kang goes in. He tells her that if she hides there, how can I find you. I missed you.

he sits on the floor next to her. But then he say that he smells like alcohol, sorry. He starts to leave but she stops him and says its okay. I cant smell.

They both smile. Kang asks if anything bad happened? She shakes her head no. he tells her that she does not look too happy. She says she does not know why, maybe I skipped a meal.

he asks if she would like him to make dinner? She tells him no, it is late. I will get fat. he tells her, I can make something so that you will not get fat.

he starts to prepare something from scratch and she watches him. She tells him that his skills are good. He tells her that his dream was to be a cook.

She says that she liked the old pumpkin pancake. He says that is good, my mother liked it a lot. She asks, did your mother die with an accident? It should be difficult for you.

He doesn’t really mention it and keeps cooking. She holds his hand as he cooks. He tells her that she should have more difficulty. I should hold your hand. She tells him, next time. Today I will.

He makes a type of hash-browns and they sit and eat it together. he feeds her. She talks to the ajumma that she always talks to (Kang’s mom) and says that she will share the warmth that ajumma gave her with other peoples warmth. The story about my first love that I finally met after a long detour and the story of my family and everything. I have a lot to tell you when I see you again. Goodnight.

Cha-young and Kang happily continue eating.


Cut to the guitar man playing music outside as Nurse Ha hides. The guitar man sings a love song to Nurse Ha so she feels like she has to hide everywhere. But the patients love it.

Later on, he sings his way to her in the town and asks if she is moved by his song? I made it for you. She asks him if he wants to get it? Then tries to hit him in the head. He tells her not to hit him in the head because it is not so good recently.

She asks, do you know why I dumped you? Because you are not a man. He whines, noona! I am a man! She tells him he still has his baby face even though he has a beard now. And I always carried you around as a baby.

he leans in and kisses her suddenly. She is so shocked but it looks like love might have sprung. She yells, ya! He says, your heart pounded! She tells him, no! We kissed when you were young and throwing up and things. So don’t make trouble in the hospital and just go home. You should not be here little baby.

She walks away, he touches his lips. But it does look like she is sprung on him as she goes inside and says that this was the first real kiss with him and thinks about his lips.

But she has to get it together as the chief walks up and says hello. The guitarist comes up also and talks to the chief. The chief tells Nurse Ha that this is the volunteer for the hospital.

Nurse Ha tells the chief that he used to be a gangster. The guitarist says that the chief knows that. The chief says it doesn’t matter, he is done with that now, right?

The guitarist says yes, I had to cut my finger but I wanted to play the guitar so they just hit me everywhere. I also had plastic surgery. The chief tells him he should have asked around first. The guitar guy is all like, yeah, when I sleep my mouth is all~. 

But Nurse Ha cuts this conversation and asks how he can be a singer with his ability. When he sings it is not volunteering, it is violence for the patient. They keep talking about singing and playing the guitar and things. Nurse Ha is so annoyed.

But the guitarist runs off quickly because he has to run and poop. Nurse Ha takes that moment to tell the chief that the guitarist is a good guy but he is also a stalker. We shouldn’t just accept anyone.

The chief goes into the bathroom to see if he is okay. Kang is there also. They talk about the guitarist brain CT and motion that it does not look good. The Chief tells Kang not to tell the nurse that he is sick. He will tell her in person.




Joon goes to see his grandmother. The aunt is there and tells him that he is still not goin to work and is only playing with pottery. Are you okay? Your mother’s only son had a cue and went to live in the mountains, she should be insane. If she collapses then I will visit her.

The grandmother starts to turn her head left and right and then wakes up. Joon is there by her side and starts to wipe her brow, but she hits his hand away.

The aunt thinks she might have had a nightmare. The aunt says that grandmother does not want to see Joon, so you should go away. But the father asks his mother why she hit the oldest son in the family?

the aunt and father bicker back and forth about this for a moment. The father wonders if it is because Joon is not working as a doctor right now? His mother says that it is his second puberty.

The aunt tells Joon that halmonii should be stable so never come back to the hospital okay? Joon’s father is angry that she said that. Joon leaves.

Joon goes back to his ceramic place in the mountains. His mother is there. She asks him why he has a bandage on his hand. He tells her that she sent people to break everything.

She mutters that she told them to just break things, not you. Is this a big injury? Joon says it was not big. I am sad about it because Kang treated it well. He was a very nice and soft guy. We did that to him.

His mother tells him to come back to the hospital. this is cowardly to act like this.

Joon hobbles by her and says that at least once, I wanted to be a nice hyung to Kang. I wanted to say that my umma and father were wrong, at least once. But I endured if and came all the way here.

His mother asks, so what? Why don’t you be a coward to the end? Joon tells her it is because she is too wrong.  I endured this twice, but not a third time. i will call the police if you break things again. he grabs a pot and goes inside.


The CEO has to tell people on the phone that they do not have room for any more patients. it is a miserable job to have. The new kitchen woman brings a meal in for him that Seon-ae eunnie asked her to make. The woman says that Seun-ae hopes he will eat it without eunnie there. Should I take it away?

He says to leave it. She thanks him for eating it. He asks, why are you thankful? I will eat the meal. She thinks, that is write, why are I thankful for that? I am just following Seon-ae eunnie but why do I do this? She leaves.

The Chief sits to eat the meal. It looks really good.


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