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Chocolate: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

Chocolate: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our recap of Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Kang goes to the Kitchen and looks around. he sees another woman preparing vegetables and asks where Cha-young is. This woman tells him that she had to go somewhere. So Kang tells her that he did not finish his lunch, can he check to see if the dish is still here?

She tells him that she is not sure but that she will be here instead of Seon-ae eunnie until the hospital closes. Eunnie was worried about the hospital all the time while she was about to quit. She was looking for a replacement but no sane person would come here. I came here because I am a crazy woman without a gut.

Kang’s aunt calls at that moment.

Cut to Cha-young going to her mothers house. Everything is repossessed so there are stickers on everything. A woman rolls up and tells her that this pension has closed.

Cha-young tells this woman that she is looking for a person, Seo Young-joo. The ladies says that people don’t call people by their names here. So Cha-young pulls out a photo and shows it to her.

The woman recognizes her and says she is a con woman! Her name was like Seo something. Did she also take you money?

Cha-young ells her no and asks what happened there? The woman says that the pension owner was her school friend. This woman lived with my friend. She borrowed money and used this pension as collateral and ran away. My friend went bankrupt.

Whenever he gets up, he goes to that bus station to wait for that con woman. Cut to the man waiting at the bus station for the con woman.

Cha-young goes there and sees him waiting there. She thinks back to her mother telling her happy birthday and how she will buy her a birthday gift. So meet me at the department store. But the mother didn’t show up.

In the present, Cha-young talks to the man who is looking for someone. She asks him who he is waiting for. He says he is waiting for his wife. So Cha-young tells him not to wait for her, she will not come. I was waiting for her as well. She said she would be back soon, but she did not comeback after 20 years.

He asks what she is talking about? Cha-young tells him that people told her that her mother would not come back, but she kept waiting for her. She waited for her until yesterday. But from today, I will not wait for her anymore. So Ajusshi, you don’t have to wait for her.



Tae-hyung tries to have fun in the norebang by himself but he isn’t really having fun. He thinks about texting Cha-young to see if she has found their mother. But then he thinks that he does not care.

Cha-young texts back that she didn’t find her. There isn’t a person like that here. Tae-hyun looks pretty bummed and sad and thinks he will eat something super expensive.

Cha-young goes to the ATM and takes out 500 won to give to the woman from earlier and asks if she can take care of the pension ajushi’s meals? You are his friend so please take care of him and makes sure he does not skip his meals. I can send you some more money when this is all done.


Kang meets with Joon’s mother in her office. She tells him, if you looks at me like that, how should I make my face? Kang ells her that he told grandmother not to close the hospice.

Hye-min tells him that closing the hospital is unavoidable for their future. Cha-young calls Kang so he answers while he is there. The aunt-in-law keeps talking. But then stops.

Cha-young asks if Kang is busy? He says he is not busy at all. This makes the aunt blink several times. Cha-young tells him that she is in an area somewhere. he tells her that he will be there right away, it will take 2 hours if I leave now. They happily hang up.

Joon’s mom is angry and tells Kang that his elder is talking. Kang tells her that he will stop her from closing the hospice so he does not need to hear any more. He also says that he has an important matter and bows himself away.


Cut to Seon-ae thinking about giving the Chief the bosum kimchi that he likes. She is outside. But as she thinks about it, she forgets why she is there and what she is holding. She stands back up confused. So she starts to wander around looking at everything.

Joon’s father drives up on her and tells her that they met not too long ago. Because of you Hyeon-seok and I fought. But then he remembers that she has demensia so he reintroduces himself as Hyeon-seok’s friend.

She says that she wants to give a lunchbox to her newly married husband, his internship is difficult so he barely comes home. Seung-hun tells his father to drive ahead.

He goes to Hyeon-seok and tells him that if his employees know that the hospital is closing then they will be angry. he starts to tell him that it is just business. The chief ask if he wants them to comfort the employees just in case they go on strike?

The chief grabs his baseball bat and points it at Seung-hun. He tells him that it he says one more thing then I will hit you in the head. Seung-hun tells him that he needs to watch out for his ex-wife. She is just walking around like that in her condition.

So Seung-hun runs outside to find her. he finds her crying on the ground because she dropped all the kimchi and food she prepared for him. She greets him as yobo and tells him that she made him something but a truck passed by too closely so she dropped it.

He kneels next to her and starts to think of what to do.


Kang shows up at the coastal town and goes inside the restaurant to meet with Cha-young. Cha-young is cooking clam on a grill and says that an ajumma told her that she should eat clam in this town, especially when you feel a bit sad. 

She says that it tastes so good. Eating nice things reminds me of you. he thanks her for saying eating nice things reminds her of him. She is sorry for calling him all the way down there.

He says it is an off day, he actually went to work to see her. She gives him a cooked clam and he eats it right away. Then he gives her one. She takes it and says that she will tell him a long story. Can you hear the entire thing?

Cut to them walking on the beach, she tells him that she had someone she liked. Even though it is cliche, he was my first love and he prepared me a nice meal without charging me. I was so hungry.

He told me he would make choc sasha, but my parents argued and went back to Seoul so I could not keep the promise. One year later I went down there again to find the boy. But I heard that the boy went to Seoul. When I became an adult, I met him again like a miracle.

Flashback to them meeting again in the hospital. He remembers telling her not to follow him around in the hospital. In the present, Cha-young tells him that she wanted to forget about him. 

Somedays she didn’t want to remember his name and other days she spent all day thinking about him. All her time was soleda and exciting. I bet Min-sung because of him. I heard he had a big accident in Libya. 

Kang asks, did you even like Min-sung at all? Then he walks away. She stays behind looking at him. he keeps walking off.

But then he stops and looks at the sea. He remembers the moment when he saw Cha-young and Min-sung for the first time. We also see all the moments where Kang was with Cha-young from the opening episodes all the way to her brain surgery and going to the island for his fisherman friends funeral.

He turns around and looks at her.

VO – From now on, don’t talk about Min-sung or your past or my past. Lets’ talk about each other as if it was only you and me from the beginning.

Then he runs back and gives her a passionate kiss. 

Fade Out 


We didn’t get a chance to write a review this week. So we are tacking the Preview on right here! See you next week for the finale!


Kang – How can I find you if you hide here? I miss you so much.

Kang – I should hold your hand first right?

CY – Next time. YOu can hold mine next time and I will do it for you today.

Kang – A person died.

CY – If ajumma ate the chocolate that you gave to me, maybe she is still alive.

Kang – The ajumma that gave chocolate to you. Do you know what kind of person she is?

CY – I never forgot her.

CY – Jang Su-hee ajumma (Kang’s mother)

Kang – *cries*

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  1. Mary
    January 16, 2020 / 9:45 am

    Thank you 🙏🏻 ❤️

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:14 am


  2. mahika
    January 17, 2020 / 5:53 am

    I’m really looking forward the end of this drama, who knows what sadness this couple will face to live happily.
    I just hope for a happy ending…
    it seems like Kang has to do more to correct all these misunderstandings. and try to put everything in its place. it’s time they make peace with sadness and guilt, loss and pain. I wish a happy ending. they deserve it

    • V
      January 17, 2020 / 11:11 am

      I hope for a happy ending as well! That is the least they can give us after putting us through all this pain and longing.

      I have a feeling that Cha-yong will find out that the ajumma was Kang’s mother and will leave for Greece. Then he will go there and give her that kiss that is on the poster!

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