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Chocolate: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

We finally have this recap up! I am happy to say that our duo is getting even more screen time together, which is wonderful. Hopefully they will continue that for the finale and not give us a separation because we basically had twelve episodes of that already, thanks.

We have been pretty busy this 2020, but even so, for the finale next week we are going to try and get the post up right after it airs!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Chocolate: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Kang visits his grandmother in the hospital and apologizes for not being there earlier because he did not know that she collapsed.

The aunt is there and tells him that she called him so much. Did you block my number? Kang tells her yes. 

The grandmother asks if he went to the island? Kang tells her yes, the ajusshi that raised him died. The aunt says something else about that but then stops when the sister-in-law comes up.

The grandmother asks how the ajusshi was? Kang tells her that he wanted to stay with him there on the island. He did not want to come back. The grandmother suddenly hops to life and yells at him to go back! She even throws a pillow at him and then starts to almost have a fit. They have to get her to relax a bit.

Meanwhile, Joon and his father are at his grandfathers grave. He tells his father that he knew he always came there. The father tells him that he had something to say to him? So Joon mentions that they are there because he knows that this place is nice for his father to visit.

The father says yes, his father knows him the best. But he asks him why he is there now. Joon asks him if grandfather knew him the most in the world? His father says yes. Everyone looked down on me but my father was always on my side.

Do you not believe it? You can ask him. Am I wrong father? You said that ability is not the only thing in the world. You said that you liked me more because I was not perfect.

After he told me that, Ii purposefully did not study hard. That way he could love me more. your grandfather did not like Kang’s father, Jae-hoon. Because smart guys do not have humanity. They try to teach their parents.

Are you planning on telling me something difficult? Is that why you are here? Joon tells him that Seoul is too stuffy for him. We didn’t come to visit grandpa because we are too busy.

The father says no, that isn’t it, you have something else to tell me. But Joon tells him that he does not remember what it is.


Kang thinks about Cha-young who told him that she would keep the promise of going back together, even though she did not keep the promise of meeting for chocolate back then. He remembers asking her if he could like her.

In the kitchen, Cha-young cooks and imagines what the smell will be. her brother is there in the background watching her cook. It looks like he is the taster. She holds the finished plate up to him to taste it.

He complains that he can’t eat anymore. She tells him that she told him just to taste it not to eat it. He yells that it is too tasty! I have to eat it all! He also tells her that the funny thing is, after you lost your sense of taste, your food actually tastes better What is going on?

She sighs and tries to eat the food herself. He asks if she still does not taste anything? It tastes good. She does not say anything. But then Kang comes in and asks if he can try it? Ii only had a cup of coffee all day so I am hungry.

The brother gives him the new plate so Kang eats it and says it is tasty. He also asks, so you went all he way to the island but nothing happened? Kang asks, did noona tell you that nothing happened between us? Okay, then maybe nothing happened.

Tae-hyun sighs and mumbles about how those two are so proper. He leaves.

Kang asks Cha-young to make something else, I will taste it for you. She asks what he would like to eat, I will make it. So he tells her, something that will take a long long time.

So she starts to make something. He asks if it is spicy tubu? It will only take 5 minutes. She doesn’t answer. So he tells her that she does not have to answer his question, regardless of your answer, I will do what I want to do.

She stops cooking as if frozen. So the food starts to bubble. He adds more water to it and says, if you like me also then I will not have any more to ask. If it does not happen, then I am okay.

She grabs a bowl, he also grabs it and touches her hand as he does. He looks at her and tells her, not accepting my offer is your choice, so I respect it. He smiles. She blushes.

Cut to her presenting the food to him on a very small table. He thanks her and digs in. It tastes good. He also tells her that it was nice to see her again. he confesses that he was super scared that she would run away.

But then Nurse Bae runs in and another man is chasing her. Kang stops him. But it turns out that this man is Nurse Bae’s father so he pulls her out by her ear and says that she lied to him.

I paid all your schooling bills to help people, not to be with people with no hope! She starts speaking with a country dialect and tells him that her grades where not good enough! He tells her to come with him!

Nurse Ha stops him and says that the nurses are not here because their grades are low. They hav a core sense of responsibility. I graduated from Ko Sung medical school top of the class with nursing. the father asks what she wants! I am busy! Then he pulls his daughter away again.


Nurse Bae asks the Chief if he is going to let her go like that? The chief says that it might be best. This morning I got a call from the main branch. Our hospital will close soon, they are not sending us any more patients.

Nurse Ha is shocked. The chief asks were Kang is? The father hit him. Nurse Ha gasps.

Cut to Kang sitting on the rooftop and massaging his hurt chin. The father must have punched him pretty hard. Cha-young comes running up with a cold glove to put on it. 

He tries to say that it does not hurt at all. He looks tougher than he hits. Cha-young applies the glove and says that the nurses father was on the news. He caught all the gangsters in Dongdaemoon. He is the team leader of the violent crimes department. He is called, crazy dog.

Kang is all like, okay. Then he holds the glove to his face reluctantly. Cha-young tells him that it is good though. The director says that you are the only one that got hit one time in front of that crazy dog.

Kang says that he is actually hiding there because he is embarrassed. Because I could not do anything in front of you.

Cha-young says that he should not be embarrassed. I told you that the violent crimes person is tough. But Kang says that men want to show themselves as superman in front of the woman that they like.

She is so embarrassed that she walks away. He tells her that he will misunderstand this cold glove. I know you would make it for anyone, not just me. But today you made it for me which means that you worry about me. So, can I misunderstand?

She bows and runs off. He happily smiles and holds the glove to his face again.

Cha-young runs all the way to her kitchen and sees the uneaten food. Then she gets a text from Joon asking what he can eat if he is hungry but he can’t eat. What kind of food should I eat?

She texts back, do you have cooking equipment available?

He is actually at his ceramic store so he looks around at what he can use to cook with. then he goes shopping for ingredients. We hear a voice over from Cha-young telling him what groceries to purchase.

He goes back to his ceramic area and cooks the food over an open fire with one of his ceramics as the burner. Cha-young voices over that when your heart hurts, kimchi bo-koom-bap is the best.

He asks, how did you know that I have heartache?

He sits to eat his food, that looks so good, and thinks about talking to his father at his grandfathers gravesite. He asked his father something. his father told him that he looked like he had a lot of things to tell him. So tell me, you can ask me in French.

Joon asked, Kang and me, why do we have to fight? Before I knew the reason, but now I can’t remember.

He shakes his head and starts to eat his food. It looks so good. Like campfire food.

Kang gets a phone call asking if he ate. It is Joon. So Kang drives to where Joon is.

Joon is cleaning up his wood. He tells him that he did not go to the hospital because he does not want to work. Then he asks him if he ate and starts to make the kimchi bokumbap but he ran out of rice, so they have to eat kimchi and samgyupsal. But he tells him samgyupsal needs soju.

Kang sits to eat and asks, do you want me to buy some? Joon tells him he does not want to drink with him. Do you have anything to tell me? Kang tell shim that it seems like Joon has something to tell him. Do I have a weakness of yours?

Joon tells him that he caught it so he can find it out. Kang stands and tells him that he will buy soju. Joon tells him not to expect that he will get drunk and tell him everything. So Kang says he is leaving.

Joon tells him he is hungry so eat lunch. Kang asks, do you have nothing else to tell me? Joon tells him to visit Dr. Lee or Driver Kim. Kang asks who they are.

Joon tell shim they are the Joseon Foundation executives with real power. Those people who hate my mother became the deputy chairmen. Those people can help you.

Kang asks why he is telling him that? Joon says, if you don’t want to, just don ’t do it.

Kang gives him another look then leaves.



Kang goes upstairs in the mansion and sees Joon on his knees being disciplined by his mother who asks him how many questions he missed. Though she is asking him in English. Joon tells her, I don’t know, but in English. He does not actually know what she is talking about in English.

So she asks him in Korean, why don’t you understand? You learned everything overseas in ESL. Do you think you can survive with you skill? Kang looks dumb, but he is a scary guy. Do you think you can survive from him until the end?

Joon says that he only missed two questions from the entire course. Times five, that means ten hits. So he has to get hit ten times on his calf.

Kang watches on and feels Joon’s pain. Later on, he tells Joon that his mother also does not understand him. You are always #1 or 2, now you just became #3 for the first time. Is it that bad? I am #86 in school. Does that mean I should die?

Try this, it is choco sasha, I made it. Try it. Joon tells him that he does not eat that. Kang tells him to eat it. Even though you are angry, when you eat chocolate all the anger goes away.

Joon yells at him that he does not want it! Go to your house! Kang tells him that he is not a scary person! I am not a monster, I am a human! Why are you all making me like that? 

In the present, both Kang and Joon look as if they are thinking of that.


Nurse Ha calls Nurse Bae and says she will pack all her things. But she also says that their hospital should not disappear. Someone like us who stays with the patients until their last moments…but, no, no, why do I tell this to you. Enjoy your pizza. I hope it all turns into fat.

She sighs and hangs up. But then she hears a guitar person playing and goes to the window to look.

There is a man outside playing the guitar. It might be that dude that ran crazy down the steps the other day. So Nurse Ha goes downstairs and tells him that he should not sing there.

The guitarist tries to leave unseen, but she recognizes him as Min Dae Shik. She is surprised and happy to see him. He chuckles and says that she recognizes him. 

She tells him, of course I recognize you. I recognized you on that narrow street as well. Are you a guardian of a patient here? He tells her, noona, you didn’t marry yet? You look the same.

She pinches his nose and starts to pinch all over his face like he is gumbi and says that he had plastic surgery. It is really good. But you should get it like Jang Dong-gun or Song Joong-ki. Why are you still yourself again?

He tells her, noona, this is the trendy thing. It looks normal. She tells him that it is a miracle that he is still alive after getting hit by those gagsters back then. Your nose had collapsed and you almost lost your facial features. Good job staying alive.

She pats his face again.

He asks if she is still taking him as a little boy? She tells him yes. I used to change your poppy diaper and saw so much. But then she realizes that this phrase is familiar (I think the chief said that to her). 

He tells her that he is happy to see her like this. He smiles and looks on romantically. She calls him a jashik and says that he makes his noona heartsick.

He tells her that he has a question, back then why did you dump me? She looks around and call him crazy and then runs away. He runs after her and says, on that day, the rainy day near the market! But she runs all the way inside. He stays outside.

Cut to Nurse Ha meeting with Seon-ae. They chat about Yeseoul’s mother and her send off. Nurse Ha says that she said goodbye to everyone nicely and went to Heaven. 

Nurse Ha gives her a candy with a star in it. Seon-ae breaks the star out. Nurse Ha tells her that she is pretty sharp to get it out. She gives her another candy with a star and says that she worked in the kitchen to make meals for the director right?

Seon-ae tells Nurse Ha to make it for him from now on. But Nurse Ha says she cannot even make cup noodles. They joke about the Chief and how handsome he is and Seon-ae asks for another candy to practice with.

They keep talking. Nurse Ha asks her if she is good at making bolsam kimchi (wrapped kimchi)? Our hospital will close soon. I want to give the director Bolsam Kimchi. he likes it.

So she makes the bolsam kimchi for him from scratch. It looks so good. It is kimchi that has seafood in it wrapped in lettuce. The seafood cooks while the kimchi ferments.

Cha-young goes to the kitchen and sees her brother practicing picking up white and black uncooked rice and separating them while on the floor. Cha-young pulls out the handy dandy Dyson and vacuums it all up.

Cha-young tells her brother that ajumma Seon-ae is having a hard time so just help her and keep things clean. He talks about how he wanted to practice so that he would not get demensia but gets yelled at by Cha-young.

So the brother tells Cha-young their mothers address. She lives there now.


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