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Chocolate: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

The slow moving love story continues. But at least everyone knows that they are the first loves from their childhood now. I have a feeling Kang is about to do a 180 with Cha-young and his feelings. I mean, he has to, we only have 4 episodes left for their love to blossom.

I also don’t think they will have a separation period because there isn’t enough time left for it….but I guess they could? Today could be the love story, tomorrow could be the separation or brain surgery, episode 15 can be the amnesia and episode 16 is the makeup and happily ever after. But that is just a guess ☺️.

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We open with a recap of Kang and Cha-young’s love story from childhood to now. The brother voices over how they keep meeting each other so he thinks they have fate from another life. Kang also voices over that he wants to avoid her, but she makes him worried and concerned.

She tells him that this food is so good to she wants to keep crying. he asks her if she has been to this island before? And this restaurant? and do you remember me?

She says yes for all the answers and then goes inside to clean quickly. But he stops her and takes off the cleaning gloves. he tells her that guests don’t do dishes so just rest. 

He then starts to clean.

Cut to a flashback of little Cha-young peeking in at the restaurant but no one was there. The fisherman says that Kang was waiting for her for a long time.

In the present, he asks why she did not come back for lunch that day? You said you would come back. She says that she had something to do that day. He tells her he waited for her. She apologizes for not being there.

Then the fisherman’s daughter from earlier runs in calling out Kang oppa and asks why he is still here. She also looks at Cha-young as if wondering why she is there.

She tells him that she said to just come to her place and eat. Kang says that they are cleaning up and will head back soon. The girl asks Cha’young what she does and calls her Kang’s girlfriend.

Cha-young says that she is not his girlfriend so the girl says that she misunderstood and then confesses to liking kang as a kid but she had to quit because her uncle liked his mom.

But now, she tells Kang that she meets him again like this so her heart is opening up again. Kang tells her that he has someone he likes now. The girl asks if she is prettier than her? Kang says it is none of her business.

So the girl says that she does not care! Then she goes outside to talk to Cha-young and asks if she knows what kind of woman he likes? Cha-young does not. So the girl says that she knows what kind of woman he likes and does a motion to show it by squishing her face.

Then she goes back inside and tells Kang that the dog Bada is the granddog of San. He kept them after you told my Uncle that you would be back in three years.


Meanwhile, Joon calls someone as he sits in his misery with his family situation. he might be calling Cha-young, it is not clear.

Back at the island, Kang looks at Bada who is a pretty sick now. Bada looks just like his old dog San. The girl tells him that she is actually waiting for the dog to die at any moment. Maybe this dog knows that her owner died, so she does not eat or drink and just stays in the owners bed.

Cha-young sees this and starts to look for something in the kitchen. She opens up several cabinets until she finds fish.


Elsewhere, Joon’s mom calls him and asks where he is. Joon tells her that he is at a highway rest stop. I am going to Wan do. I am going there to see Kang. 

She asks why he is meeting Kang. Joon says it is because he misses him.

On the island, Kang tells someone on the phone that the funeral was fine. He did not suffer. He asks to stay a few more days and thanks him. then he sits on the pyongsang outside.

But he turns his head and sees Cha-young’s shoes outside where Bada is. So he peeks inside and sees that Cha-young is feeding Bada. Bada is woofing it all up.

Kang asks how she got her to eat? Cha-young says that they used to have a dog that would only want to eat fish soup whenever it did not want to eat. She then asks Kang if he is leaving now? He says that he cannot leave a sick dog here, so he will stay.

He asks, what about you? She tells him that she will leave at the first bus in the morning. He asks if I ask you to stay here with me a little longer, am I too selfish?

Cut to Cha-young making food in the kitchen. She steams pumpkin and sweet potatos. Kang comes in and tells her that he is sorry. I was just thinking of myself. you have things to do and I just kept you here since yesterday.

But she says that she can drive him and keep the promise that they go back together. Even though i did not keep the promise of the chocolate sasha.

She also says that she can’t leave a person with heartache alone. Then she asks him to taste the food to see if Bada will like it.

So he takes it to Bada’s room to have some and says that noona made it. Cha-young tries to feed him and Bada eats all the food from Cha-young’s hands. They are both happy about that.

She heads out and he thanks her for being with him. If she abandoned him and left, he probably would have cried. She nods and it is quiet between them.

But then Te-hyun video calls kang (LOL) and says that he is Cha-young’s dong sang. I would like to ask you what you are doing this late? Can I talk to my noona?

Cha-young is so embarrassed and takes the phone to ask her brother why he is calling this late. hang up! She hangs up wut he calls again so Kang has to give it back to her.

Tae-hyun tells her not to hang up again or Ii will come down there! Also, why is it so dark there? Is this a motel?

She asks, why would I go to a motel! But she gets embarrassed and turns around to look at Kang who is pretending not to hear anything.

Cha-young tells him that he is drunk so don’t answer his phone calls anymore. Just turn off the ringer.

He calls again and Kang answers. Kang asks, what do you want? The brother asks, why are you in a motel and not a hotel??? Did Cha-young ask you to go to a motel to save money?

Cha-young yells, YA! And tries to grab the phone but Kang keeps it so Cha-young tells him to just hang up, he is insane now.

Kang still talks to him and says that this place is not an Inn, it is my friends place and whatever you are thinking about is not goin to happen. 

Cha-young tells him, if you call me one more time then I will kill you, I will really kill you! Then she politely gives the phone back to Kang and tells him that she turned off the power. Goodnight.

She hurries outside while fanning the embarrassment away. Kang smiles.

While outside, Cha-young sees the fisherman’s clothes hanging to dry so she decides to take them off and fold them.

Inside, Kang sleeps with the dog and tells her that they can fish at the sea tomorrow and then go to the mountain the next day and perhaps do something else the next day. I will think about it so you can also think about it. See you tomorrow with Cha-young noona.

Cha-young goes back inside after washing her face and looks at an old photo of Kang with his mother and the fisherman. She tells him hello, nice to see you again. And the scene fades out.



Back at the hospice hospital, Yeseuls mother had her wedding and the grandfather came. Nurse Ha puts the wedding photo on the wall with a lot of the former patients photos. We see happy photos of all the former patients who have now died and gone on. 

Nurse Ha goes to Michaels room and sees his American mother packing all his things. She tells Susan that Michael gave them a quiz before he left, you might know the name of the quiz.

So she goes to the kitchen were there are several dumpling soups lined up. She tells them all the names and asks if she remembers the food she ate when she visited Korea town with Michael?

So this is the quiz that Michael left for her, to taste all the dumpling soups and find the one that she tasted. He really wanted you to find it, so do you think the answer is here among the four of these?

The American mother is so touched and says that she thinks it is. She tries all of them and we see a flashback of Michael saying that he wants to see his  mother enjoy this food again.

Nurse Ha says that the dumpling soup was Ongshimi. The answer is Ongshimi, mission cleared. The American mother is so happy about that and keeps eating the soup.

Nurse Ha calls someone and tells them that she finisehd it, not a drop is left. She is coming back to Korea later to eat it so you can make it for her youself.

She is talking to the biological mother about it and the biological mother says it is so complicated to make it, just tell her to find a good restaurant. She also tells her that this is the last phone call with her, never call me again. She curses and runs back inside to work. But she is the one that made all those dumpling soups, so it was a nice gesture.

Kang wakes up to go for a walk with Bada, but Bada has died as well. So Kang wraps him up and takes him outside. Cha-young sees him and asks if she can say goodbye, so he walks over to her.

Cha-young tells Bada that he should have waited a little longer. I heard that Bada likes chicken breast, noona went to the market for you. Goodbye, it was nice to see you.

Elsewhere, the niece knocks on Joon’s door. he is sleeping after having driven to the island. He rolls down his window and asks who she is. She tells him to come outside.

Joon ends up telling her awkwardly that he is looking for someone and this is the only place he knows in this island. Do you own this place aumma? She tells him that she is not an ajumma and this is her uncles place. 

He calls her agassi and asks if he can pay her uncle for parking over night? She tells him that she can find anyone except wanted people. her father is a retired policeman and her brother is a police officer and all his friends are as well.

Joon says that he is looking for Lee Kang. So the niece takes him to her uncles house. But they are not there.

She tells him about Bada and how he was close to death so maybe he went out for a walk with the dog. Just wait a little bit. By the way, how do you know Kang?

Joon gets a call right then so he answers it. It is his father who asks him why he went to the island? Because you miss kang? Why do you miss Kang? Why are you doing things that you have never done before? Joon asks the same thing, why do I miss him? if I get the answer, then I will call you.

He hangs up and sits on the pyongsang with the niece. He asks her if she thinks he is crazy? Why am I here? I was okay the entire time. So why am I doing things that I never did before?

She wonders if she really has to answer that? He says that he will walk around and leaves. She thinks he might be a bit crazy. Poor handsome guy.


back at the town hospice hospital, Nurse Bae tells Joon’s father that the chief is with a patient so he will have to wait a bit. He says okay about that, but is pretty upset when he is all alone.

So he decides to walk around the yard and sees Seon-ae. He goes up to talk to her and says that he saw her a few times. Dont’ you remember me? Do you not remember me? Do you have alzeihm~….Well, a lot of time passed.

So, do you work at the hospital? Are the siblings you educated by stealing Hyeon-seok’s money become a judge or a prosecutor? Those guys shouldn’t’ forget what their noona did for them.

To support their law school, noona married someone that she does not love. Back then, you had another lover. It was a big issue among friends that Hyeon-seok married a gold digger.

Seon-ae looks stunned and sits. The father tells her that she needs to do well while he is still around. You are super old and sick, what are you doing here? Hyeon-seok is ~.

But then the chief runs in and grabs the father by the collar and asks him what he is doing! Seung-hun tells him that he lives like this without any pride, that is why that kind of woman ~.

But The chief punches him and the father falls, then the father punches him! and the chief falls. It is old man fighting time. Seon-ae grabs the chief and pulls him away and says that she will leave, just don’t fight.

Joon’s father yells a bit more about how he will fire Hyeon-seok as soon as he talks to his mom! He storms off.

The chief walks away as well and Seon-ae cries as she watches him go. he goes to his office to let off steam and fume.

Seung-hun gets in his car and tells his driver that he wants to go anywhere and complains that he was just there for the soup.


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    May I ask what is the title of the opening song of epi 13?

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