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Chocolate: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Tae-hyun texts Kang to let him know that Cha-young does not have money or her cell phone so she could not get on the bus. She is waiting for you at a park near the harbor. Do not forget about her.

So Kang goes to the park and sees Cha-young sleeping while sitting up on a bench. He sighs himself over to her and sees her sleeping with his keys in her hands. So he puts his jacket over her and keeps her from falling into the rocks.

Tae-hyun also told him that his sister had a head injury and cannot smell or taste. You are a doctor, so please take care of my sister. Please.

Kang had asked him to send his noona’s diagnosis and treatment record if he had it. But int he present he is still holding Cha-young while she slept.


Joon is watering the plants outside when two men come out and start to argue with them. Nurse Ha comes out and grabs the water from Joon and starts to shoot it at them. She tells them not to fight here! Don’t fight in front of your father who cant even open his eyes!

It looks like Nurse Ha is their second cousin so she starts to beat them with a broom as well. She tells Joon that the don’t even care that their father came here to die, they are just fighting over money.

Joon thinks about this while watching these two men fighting over money once again. Nurse Ha tells Joon that her uncle worked his entire life to support them and now they are getting the last $30,000 that he has. 

if they fight over $30,000, what if it was 1000 times that amount? It would be a lot worse right?

Joon thinks about that and how it relates to his situation.

Nurse Ha goes inside and tells her uncle to live for herself and wear nice clothing and have a nice life in his next life. Don’t be born as smoenes father.

The other nurse comes in and tells her to go to the kitchen, so Nurse Ha heads in and sees the Korean mother of the American kid preparing the food. She remembered the ingredient that she missed. it was a mushroom from the mountains. He liked eating it with Kimchi chigae.

Back then, this was so expensive so I only gave it to him and not his brother. Nurse Ha smiles and says that she should have since Michael was already sick back then. She pats her on the back warmly and the mother starts to cook.

Michael eats it with his American mother watching on anxiously. He says that is the! She smiles and he smiles and they both smile. He gives some to her to taste. She happily says that this is the taste he was looking for!

Michael thanks his mother for bringing him to this hospice and tells her that he will see her in his next life. If I am born again, I will be a better son. She starts to cry and hugs him and he cries and it is a crying hug fest.

The Korean mother looks on in the hallway and asks Nurse Ha what they are talking about? is it the right kimchi chigae? Nurse Ha says yes so the Korean mother says that is good.

She starts to walk off so nurse Ha asks if she is going to see he son. The mother says no, she was just there to give kimchi chigae. Nurse Ha tells her that Michael says thank you for giving birth to him.

The mother tells Nurse Ha to tell the American mother “Thank you very much” for the Miyukguk! I know that is not her cooking skill because her miyuk guk was better than a Korean’s miyukguk! I know that someone helped her, but don’t tell her that part.

The Korean mother walks away.




It is dusk and Lang is still Kneeling awkwardly in front of Cha-young as she sleeps on the bench with her head resting on his chest.

She wakes up so he asks how her nap was? She hops up started and runs to the side of the bench asking what she should do? How long was I like this? He tells her 4 hours.

She is so flustered and embarrassed and asks why he did not wake her up. he says he did not wake her up becuase she was sleeping so well. It is not crazy, you just took a nap because you were tired. You did not snore or drool.

She tells him that she does not snore or drool! He says that he wanted to tell her that it is okay to snore or drool. He smiles. She is still super embarrassed, but she smiles as well.

She gives him his car keys and tells him that she forgot her cell phone or wallet because she came there without a plan. Can I borrow the bus fee? I will pay you back when I get home.

He asks why she can’t just drive back with him? She stares at him for a long moment and then says that she has to go back right away. He tells her that he does not think she can catch the last bus even if she runs. So lets eat and leave.

He walks off and hits his leg a few times to straighten it out. She hops along with him.

They go to a fish market and buy all sorts of seafood from octopus to flat fish to clams. Cha-young asks him what he is doing? I thought we would eat and leave?

He tells her that he has a restaurant he knows of, so lets go eat there.


Joon’s father is still all sorts of sad as he talks to his father in his photo. Joon sees him. His father tells his fathers picture that it was so hard on him when he died. But I don’t want this to happen to mom. if this happens to mom then I will really hate you! I won’t prepare your memorial service.

Joon was about to walk away but then comes up and taps his father on the back. He answers a call from his mother and then tells his father that halmoni woke up.

So they hurry back to the hospital. 

But the evil daughter in law is looking at the grandmother alone in the room and walks to her side. The grandmother looks like she is about to have another heart attack.


Kang and Cha-young walk to his mothers old restaurant. It looks like it might not be empty anymore? Kang says that Dong-gu, the fisherman ajusshi took over this restaurant when they left.

So he finds the key in the place they always left it and lets himself in. It looks the same as he remembers it.

So he has a flashback to his happy life in the restaurant with his mother and the two of them eating together.



Cha-young walks in so Kang tells her that his mother was a good cook like Cha-young. I learned how to cook from her. He settles into the kitchen and starts to make food. He says he will try to cook it but he is not sure if he will remember it or not.

Cha-young happily watches him cook while she waits just outside.


The grandmother is sleeping now just as soon as the son and daughter run in. The lawyer is there too and says that the grandmother has a will, she will resign from the business. Yoon Hye-mi ( the daughter in law) will have temporary stewardship of the company.

The sister is all like, what in he hell? How come? This makes no sense. The father says that his wife is not a stranger, she worked hard while you got botox! 

Why are you talking about botox!

The lawyer excuses himself so that the family can argue just like the family from the hospice. Joon stays out of it. When they leave, Joon looks at his grandmother and probably is thinking that his mother tried to murder his grandmother for her money.


Kang tells Cha-young that he made the food as he remembered, but it should not be too good. she tells him that it looks so good, lets eat it together.

She starts to eat the miyuk happily. He looks at her blank faced as she pleasanty chews. He knows that she can’t smell or taste.

Kang – Your brother sent me your MRI and your record. You can’t smell or taste. I know. So I didn’t want to just take you to any other restaurant.

She looks at him with teary eyes and then keeps eating while sniffling through each bite.

Kang – if it is difficult to eat, you don’t have to force yourself.

She keeps eating.

He gives her some tissue. it is the same gesture he did all those years ago.

CY – Because I am so happy. The food is so good. Because I am so happy, I can’t stop crying.

it is the exact thing she said way back in the day. This sends Kang into a flashback of making chocolate or Cha-young when they were kids and preparing the food for her. Everything rewinds so we see the last memory first until we get to their first meeting.

Then he also remembers her say that the food is so delicious.

Kang – When you were young, did you come here?

She nods.

his eyes grow bright.

Kang – When you were young, did you come to this seaside restaurant?

She nods.

Kang – Do you, perhaps, remember me?

She nods.

Fade Out


Finally! Goodness, it was like pulling baby teeth to get here. But at least we are here now and everyone knows that they are that person from the other persons past. So the last thing left to find out is that the woman from the building collapse is Kang’s mother. Which will be an equally tearful realization, I’m sure.

One thing I really want to happen now, is for Kang and Cha-young to go to the seaside restaurant and open it back up again with the two of them as cooks.

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  1. Mary
    January 6, 2020 / 12:06 pm


  2. Jammmm
    January 6, 2020 / 12:45 pm

    OMG V!!! Tell me about it. So glad this part is over with and now with Kang’a mom and CY… Jun knows everything and now I feel bad for him. He know about Kang’s mom and about his dad not being his grandfather’s legitimate son… he is now standing in the middle, hate to be him and I’m sure he’ll make the right choice on telling the truth??? His mom is an evil biatch! My goodness! I wonder if CY will be honest with herself about Kang… she tend to hide and run away??? 2 more weeks left and I’m sure things will happen little more faster??? Thanks V!!!

    • Dramafan
      January 6, 2020 / 4:06 pm

      Agreed. She does have a tendency to run away. I rewatched the first episode yesterday and realized the opening scene is telling us the ending of this series. She’s going to go back to Greece and then Kang will look all over the place for her until they’re finally reunited. It makes me pessimistic for what’s to come. Hopefully episode 13 makes it worth my while. The last few minutes of episode 12 have sustained me so far 😂 I keep rewatching that scene at Bada Restaurant where he finally realizes who she is. He better remember that he even met her at the hospital- she was the girl chasing after him. Also I want him to finally eat the food she’s cooked. So far they’ve never once showed him eating her food. Why does he refuse? Loyalty to his friend or is there something I’m missing?

    • V
      January 7, 2020 / 10:27 am

      Hopefully things speed up!

  3. mahika
    January 8, 2020 / 10:11 am

    The romance is slowburn but worth

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