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Chocolate: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, ain’t gonna lie. It definitely took a good amount of talking into in order to finally watch this episode. But now we are here so we are going to see if this romance is going to bring the romance part to the forefront or introduce a bunch of other lovely characters to fall in love with before they kill them off. (Good Lord, that sounded so morbid…and yet it’s truuue)

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Our lovely couple is headed out to the island at night time. He thanks her for driving him. She says its no problem. Then we see a flashback of her telling him she can drive him there, hop in.

They song starts to play as she drives him over night to the island. They drive in silence.

After awhile he asks her if she is tired. She says she is fine and keeps driving.

They go over a long huge pretty bridge and Kang thinks about the old fisherman and how he liked his mother.

They keep driving on in silence.


The fisherman is working and Kang asks him if he cried all night because they are moving? The fisherman says he is a grown man, he does not cry. My eyes are poofy because a centipede bit me. 

In the present, Kang keeps thinking about that.


The grandmother is in the hospital with her children crying over her and wondering what is going on. She was fine at dinner, what is happening! The sister in law looks over her and tells them that she is not critical anymore, don’t worry. 

But the kids are so crying over their mother so loudly and painfully and plead for her not to go. The sister in law looks pretty annoyed though she tries to hide it and leaves.

As she walks out, she sees Joon in the hallway and asks why he does not come inside. He asks how Halmoni is. She says she is not critical anymore. Joon says that she is not okay, I heard that anything can happen to her.

His mother asks him why he is not looking at her in the eye, did something happen? So he looks at her in her eyes and he asks if she called Kang. The mother says no, she will call him later.

Joon asks, what if she does not wake up? The mother asks why he cares about Kang? Joon mentions that Halmoni might say her last words before Kang comes back. Kang is the only heir of Ko Sung.

The mother is shocked but tries to contain it and asks Joon what he is talking about. Joon says that they have the same grandmother, but not the same grandfather. that is what I am talking about.


They arrive to the funeral. Cha-young tells him that they are there, but it takes a moment for Kang to register that. he thanks her for dropping him off and then gets out to go inside. She gets out as well, and says that she will take the bus back. She bows.

He bows to her and then turns to go inside. That is when the girl who called him comes out. She is the niece and tells him that he made it on time. They start to talk about how he does not have to use jongdaemal with her since she is two years younger and how he looks better in person that in pictures.

He watches Cha-young walking away.

The girl tells him that she followed him on Facebook and kept track of him. He asks to be shown inside so they walk in.

Outside, Cha-young remembers that she has the car keys and she might have left her cell phone. So she heads back.



Kang is inside the funeral know and pays his respects to the old fisherman. He thinks about the past and telling the fisherman that he would come back. But the fisherman says that it nonsense, just forget about this place and have a lovely life with your halmoni and family in Seoul.

But little Kang told him that he will come back, he wants to live here so just wait a little bit. So the fisherman gives him a super big hug and tears up a bit.

In the present, Kang tells the fisherman ajushi that he is sorry he is too late.

Outside, Cha-young has gotten back to the funeral and thinks for a moment before going back inside.

Inside, the neice gives Kang a box that her uncle prepared for Kang just in case he came back. He opens it and sees a lot o Godiva chocolate inside. She tells her uncle that she gave it to him, but her uncle should have been he one to do it.

Kang is super happy and cries without showing any expression but a small smile.


In the town outside the hospice hospital Seon-ae is working at the grandfathers restaurant while he is not there. he comes back so she tells him that he should lock the door before he leaves and put up a sign that says he is out.

Then she checks to see if he has dementia and says that she has dementia. She brings up his granddaughter and says all the great things about her. The grandfather tells her to leave and ays that he will call the police. She tells him there is no need to regret and beg.

But she still talks and tells him to accept his daughter in law and his son. Don’t regret it like me. Then she leaves. It looks like the grandfather might be thinking about this.

Seon-ae goes to the bus stop and remembers telling Cha-young that she does not think that she will be able to work at the hospice hospital kitchen anylonger. So lets make the kimchi and leave.

In the hospital, Seon-ae gives the bread from halabogis place to the granddaughter and says that he made it for her. She is super happy to eat it and asks if he will come to the wedding. 

Seon-ae says that she should give him the wedding invitation. You should go there and give it to him. 

Meanwhile, Joon drives up to the hospice hospital while thinking about his conversation with his mother. She asked him what he wanted? Should we all die together? If that is what you what, then tell your father yourself. He does not know anything. My husband was just used.

Joon thinks about what his mother said about him being a pace maker to make Kang strong. And how Kang’s mother told Joon that competing against him was really hard on Kang.

Kang goes inside to Kang’s office, but the nurse tells him that Kang is not there. He went to an island because his friend died.



Tae-hyun walks up right then too and says that he has his sister cell phone and back pack. Then it appears that someone calls Cha-young’s cell phone. Maybe it is Kang? Oh, no, maybe it is Cha-young. 

She called he own cell phone, maybe to find it and now the brother finds out where she is if she ate and if she has money. But she has none of those things or a cell phone.

Joon asks what happened? So the brother explains that Cha-young asked him to find Lee Kang’s cell phone number and send him a text because she is waiting for him at a park, so come after the funeral.

The brother wonders why they are not together. The nurse wonders why they are meeting. So the brother asks if she likes Kang. She denies it. they keep talking aobut this.

Joon walks out while they are talking. Finally Tae-hyun says that Kang is his noona’s first love and then they met in Greece and now here, so it is fate from a past life. You are no comparison, so don’t try to get his heart.

Joon hears this.


Cha-young goes to a park to rest and Kang goes to lay the fisherman to rest. he tells the fisherman to confess to his mother in Heaven. Don’t be timid with my father.


Seon-ae pulls the Chief out of his office to eat something before it gets cold. He is dragged all the way to the kitchen where she made a pretty amazing spread for him.

She tells him that they lived together for a couple years but she does not know what he likes. It is all her fault. So just eat this and I won’t come in front of you again. I thought I would have more time, but I don’t think so.

He stands up and asks why she is telling this to him, he is not interested in it. She mentions that he said he wanted to eat her food. if you don’t eat it today then you will never eat it. So please.

He tells her that after he divorced her, he married again. He had one son and never hugged him properly. As soon as he was born, his mother died so he lived with his grandmother in America for ten years. I didn’t even tell him to come back to Korea because I missed him, just in case you came back to me.

I lived like an animal like that. But you did not come back to me. Why are you coming back as this sick old woman? Do you think I am that easy? Do you think I am someone who you can do anything? I don’t know how much time I have. Just help me to live as a human. Go away from my life. Please.

He leaves and she starts to cry back in the kitchen. He walks back to his office and starts to stoically cry at his desk. then he reaches into his drawer and pulls out a photo of him and his son.


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