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Chocolate: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang looks into the chiefs office and sighs. Then he goes inside and we see that Seung-hun is there (Joon’s father). He is about to get his finger pricked to pull blood to relieve indigestion. The father is acting like a 6 year old.

The chief asks him why he just doesn’t get medicine for indigestion. The father says that this has a medicinal base and they both argue with each other about finger pricks and indigestion.

The Chief leaves so Kang is left with Seung-hun. SH asks him who he is like? Your father did not want power, that is why he did not want to be the ministers son-in-law and that is why he ran away with the maid. Are you more like your mother? your mother knew that much.

Kang tells him that if he does not have anything to say, excuse me. Seung-hun tells him that he really thinks that he is not his brothers son. But the DNA test should be correct. Your grandmother had it done 3 times, so it should be right. Go on.

Kang leaves and Seung-hun tsks as and looks a bit worried or hesitant.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Joon is doing his manual labor thing and thinking about Cha-young saying that she overcame the department store collapse and more things so she can still stay standing. 

He is hanging clothes on the rooftop while thinking about this and then his hot head father comes in and kicks him a few times right quick in his shins. So Joon rubs his smarting shins as his father yells at him about how he should be operating and not hanging clothes! What in the world!

Joon apologizes. His father says that he has said that less than 5 times in his entire life! I never yelled at you! But now, why are you like this! Your grandmother told me to help Kang. Your grandmother told me to help Kang to get rid of the hospice! 

And for the silver town! That I should take care of it and give it to you nicely! What do you think that means! That means that you and I will have this silver town center and that is all we have! Kang will have Ko Sung! 

He kicks a bucket or something in frustration.

Cut to the aunt and the mother talking about how the game might end right here. Grandmother wanted to give KoSung to Kang’s father anyway. The aunt tells the mother history about how the King killed his own son but gave the next kingship to the grandson. That King is mom’s role model. 

Eunnie, you stop being angry. Why are you so greedy and angry. Agashi (aunt) why don’t you just be nice to Kang and asks him things. Joon’s mother says that she is not a beggar. The aunt tells her that she worries that she will really be a beggar. Emptying the room is the beginning of the collapse.

She is actually emptying the room right now os she scoffs.

Meanwhile, Cha-young thinks about talking to Joon and asking how long it will take for her sense of taste to come back? She thinks about this while trying to taste very salty and peppery kimchi sauce.

But then the American mom comes in and asks if Cha-young can please help her with something.


Kang and the little boy go to Quiznos to eat and chat. The boy asks him if anything happened? Did you cry? Kang nods thoughtlessly and then tells him, no no no no. 

The boy asks him if he would like to eat his sandwich? He mentions that his brother got happier with sandwiches. Kang asks if he also thinks he is unhappy? The boy says he should be the happiest person, you are a doctor and handsome and popular.

He mentions that the noona yelled at me because I said that you liked the nurse noona but I should not have told you. Kang is all like, what? that noona is the nurse noona? The boy says, yes.

Kang is all like, huh? He starts to think about his conversation with Cha-young about telling her that he is sorry that he made her misunderstand. I am Min-sung’s friend. He looks highly embarrassed about it and squeezes his eyes closed as he groans and embarrassed groan.


Back at the hospital, while putting on his physicians coat, he groans again. Then we cut to Cha-young teaching the American Mom how to make miyukguk (sea weed soup). It looks like a lovely time.

Kang goes looks into the window at them and is caught by nurse Ha. She asks what he is doing? He says he is checking 303’s allergy. She says that 303 went to Heaven awhile ago (OMG, horrible joke). He says, oh, okay, yes, my mistake.

Kang walks away embarrassed and sees Nurse Bae, the one that likes him. She asks if she has something on her face? He just sighs and keeps walking off.


Nurse Ha then goes into the kitchen and makes conversation about the miyukguk and if it is for her son. The American says that she is making it for someone else. Cha-young asks her if she can taste it when it boils? Ha tells Cha-young that she should do it, she is the professional.


The little girl is crying outside and tells Seon-ae that she was waiting for her! You told me to wait for you! You never showed up! You said you were going to the restroom and to wait! You didn’t come back! I was so scared!

Seon-ae is so confused, but says that she is sorry. The little girl says that her grandpa was so scary and she could not give him the wedding invitation. Ajumma, you are a liar! She runs off.

Seon-ae does not remember what her promise was to her, she does not remember anything.


Inside in the kitchen, Cha-young tries to taste mustard and hot sauce and lots of things. Then Seon-ae comes in talking on the phone about the next person that will be working there.

She then tells Cha-young to go out into the big world where she can use her cooking skills.


The American and Nurse Ha walk up a really big San Francisco like hill to deliver the miyukguk. Bt have to take a break. Then an Elton John looking man walks down the steps and catches eyes with Cha-young who thinks she recognizes him.

But he starts to run away suddenly with his hands waving wildly like a balloon greater all the way don the hill. 

The two ladies continue on like it ain’t no thing and go to the American woman’s son’s biological moms house. The biological mom is not too happy to see her but does sit for a meal with her.

the mother says that she made the miyukguk but bought everything else. She did this because she saw Michaels adoption papers and knew that it was a very difficult time for her. She also heard that when you give birth to a kid in Korea you eat miyukguk so I guess that you could not eat it after giving birth to him and his twin brother.

Nurse Ha says that same thing in Korean. The mother is all like, what the F? How do you know if I ate it or not? Nurse Ha says that the woman really thanks her.

The American is so nice and says that she is so happy that she gave birth to Michael, that is the most wonderful gift. The nurse translates it. The mother is all like, what the f? Where is all the thanks? His father ran away from me and I had to give birth.

Ha tells the American that it was really hard for her to give birth. The American says that she knows that it was really hard and gives her a tiny hug.

The Korean isa ll like, why are American’s so strange? We should not be in this relationship! I abandoned my sick baby and you are rich but you still could not cure that sick boy. He is barely 20 and will die soon! We should fight each other! You should not give me miyukguk!

The American is all sweet smiles. This scene is so strange.

Then the other brother comes in and asks what is going on here? The American tries to hold the mothers hand. the mother pushes it away lights. The brother tells her to give him money! You see how poor we are! Just give me the money!

The mother slaps him and tells him that this is not his money! Do they owe that to you! She stands up and starts to beat him silly. The American is all like, umm, should I still smile?

The mother and son keep on getting into it and yelling at each other and she starts to throw some things at hime and goes to grab her broom to beat him with and runs off to do that.

Nurse Ha is all like, wow. But then she tells the American that it is okay, there is no problem.


Back at the hospital, Michael asks Kang a question. He asks him if he knows of the Korean food soojaebi? The one that is soojaebi but not soojaebi? One year ago I went to LA Korea town with my Mom. We went everywhere to eat a lot of Korean food because I don’t like greasy American food.

He went to a Korean halmoni restaurant. The dumpling soup is not dumpling soup. We came back to New York but Mom keeps telling me that she wants to eat dumpling soup but not dumpling soup so we went to LA again but the restaurant was closed. I want to see my mother enjoy the food again. the soup that is dumpling soup but not dumpling soup.

Kang leaves while wondering what that soup is. then he gets a call from his grandmother who tells him to come home for dinner. He tells her no, sorry and hangs up.


Joon gets in his car to go home and sees a text from his mother who says that Ko Sung will be his so be ready for it. Joon is all like, I stay ready. Then he sees Kang get into his car and stares at him for a moment. Kang stares at him as well from his car. Then he revs the engine and drives off.

Cha-young comes walking down the steps right at that moment so Joon sees her as he is about to drive off. She is walking like a lost ghost so he thinks back to her asking him if her sense of smell and taste can come back after time passes. 

He continues watching her walking away.


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  1. Julia
    January 3, 2020 / 9:37 am

    It makes me sad to realize that in real life there are selfish greedy ppl like Joon’s parents. Happy to know kindhearted ppl like Chayoung do exist. Wish there were more good kind souls like Cha young.

  2. Kwan
    January 4, 2020 / 10:03 pm

    Looking for the music played during the intro–I can’t find it anywhere, but then I don’t know the name of it or the artists. Can anyone help me?

    • V
      January 7, 2020 / 10:30 am

      As an intro song I feel like it should be an OST. Possibly an unreleased OST?

      • Kwan
        January 8, 2020 / 3:02 pm

        The song is also played at 50:31 in episode 11.

  3. Shining Diamond
    January 7, 2020 / 10:23 am

    hi. anyone know the title of song during minute 17:41 on episode 11?

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