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Chocolate: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

Chocolate: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

Here is part 2 of of our recap for Chocolate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Cha-young goes to the hospital and gets an MRI on her brain. Then she waits for her results. Her brother waits as well.

Meanwhile, back at the small hospital, the girls mother comes back to receive aid. This is the mother whose husband was desperate and went to a natural doctor.

The daughter thanks him and says that she is so happy, she can be with her mother whenever she wants now. She gives him a present and tells him that he has to eat it little by little. it is a ring lollypop. 

Kang remembers what Cha-young said about how the people there are not dying, they are living every day preciously.

Seon-ae fries burnt rice for her ex-husband, but changes her mind in giving it to him at the last minute. He sees her walking away from his office.

She takes the burnt rice to Yeo-sul instead and telsl her that she can do her homework while eating. She is actually working on a wedding invitation. It is for her mother and fathers marriage. They could not have a wedding ceremony because her grandfather opposed it.

Seon-ae tells her to give one to her. Yeo-sul says that this one is for her grandfather, she can draw her one later. Her grandfather will kick her out if she takes it to him anyway. Seon-ae asks how a cute granddaughter can be kicked out.

Yeo-sul says that she was kicked out when she was 6 when she went there with her father. He kicked me out then and last year. I did not go there to see him, I just wanted to eat his steamed bread. He is super duper scary.

But she kind of said a curse word so she stops herself and says that her mother says that she should not say that. Anyway, he is super scary. Seon-are asks if she wants to go there with me?

So they go to this restaurant together. The daughter brings the invitation. The grandfather serves a dish and looks over at his granddaughter. She bows to him as well as Seon-ae. But he just leaves to his kitchen and ignores them.


They sit for a meal to have one serving of steamed bread, but the halabogi ignores them and goes to the kitchen. Seon-ae gets up and says he will go to the restroom and then will talk to halabogi. But she has to leave the building to go to the bathroom. She tells her that she will be right back. (uh oh)


Cha-young peels onion at the hospital with Joon when her brother comes out and tells all her business about not being able to taste or smell anything and getting a second opinion. Joon asks what is going on.

Cha-young is upset at her brother for saying all her business and runs out.


Back in town, Seon-ae gets confused when she leaves the bathroom and wonders why she is there. The daughter continues to wait at the restaurant. Her grandfather continues to ignore her so she grows more and more anxious. Seon-ae is just super lost and confused.

Back at the hospital, Joon tells Cha-young that he saw her chart. He holds soap up to her nose and asks if she can smell it. she says no. So he pulls out something else. Maybe cinnamon? And holds it to her nose. She can’t smell it.

So he asks her if she hit her head recently? She remembers the American patient’s brother pushing her. Joon says that her sense of smell can be affected by hitting her head. You might vomit, time can take care of it.

She asks, what about my sense of smell? He asks what her doctor said? She tells him it could come back and it might not. Joon says the same.

Kang looks at them sitting on the pyongsang and then walks up to them. Joon asks her if Kang knows about it? She looks at him and says no. So don’t tell him.

Then Nurse Ha comes up and yells for doctor Joon. She asks what he is doing and to come work. Joon mutters that if he passes out, it is all her fault! I will sue this hospital for human rights violations! Nurse Ha tells him whatever, just do it.

Kang has walked all the way up now and looks at Cha-yong. She sees a double image of him once again. He continues walking on.

But then the Korean brother yells at Cha-young and says that his mother was crying all day! Cha-young asks if that is her fault? if you confirm that it is my fault then come and tell me. 

She turns but grows dizzy again and sees double, but she manages to walk away. the brother runs after her. But Kang trips him and asks what he is going to do?

He grips the brother by the collar and basically tells him not to use banmal and asks if he knows Cha-young? is she your friend?


Cut to Cha-young working in the kitchen. Her brother is worried about her and yells at her about not listening. You are not the only cook here! if you are then you should tell them that you cannot cook anymore so they should order food or whatever!

Cha-young keeps working and asks him when he started to worry about her? When I looked for you and asked you to come, yo never came. He says that is umma. Cha-young asks if he told umma that noona was alone so lets go back. You were old enough to say that.

Tae-hyun says he told her! Cha-young says that she survived in a department store at 12 years old when everyone else died. I did not even know that I was abandoned.

TH says he did not know she was trapped there! CY says that she had a lot more difficult things than just a collapsed department store. I survived it all. if I collapse here then I cannot survive anymore. What will happen to me when a cook loses their sense of smell and taste. I can’t decide. Tonight, if I figure it out, then I will decide how angry I should be and how desperate I should become.

Joon hears this all but he hid so she did not see him. hen a patient comes in and asks a food request. Cha-young is happy to fulfill it, but her brother says that she cannot do it! Then Joon runs in and pulls the brother out. the patient apologizes. But Cha-young tells him it is okay, what food would you like? He says his wife is from Vietnam so he would like the food they ate when they first met.

Cha-young wraps her hair up and gets to work making it. he sits in the kitchen with her as she makes it and gives her a thumbs up here and there. Joon watches from the window.

He says he would love to go to a restaurant with his wife, but he can’t now that he is sick. Cha-young tells him that she knows that restaurant and tells him it is a famous place. She thinks they put a lot of lemon on their food. She will try and make it taste like that as much as possible, but you will have to taste it, I can’t taste now.

Joon smiles as he looks on from the door. he patients thanks her so much.

She finishes making it and prepares i beautifully on a tray for him. then she wishes him a happy wedding anniversary and gives him the tray.

he takes the food to his wife and wishes her happy wedding anniversary. She is so happy and filled with warmth to receive it. He says that the cook made it all for her.

She tastes it and says it is very very good. it is the same taste. Cha-young looks on. Her husband says that she came to this foreign country without any relatives. I am sorry to leave first. if we are born again, lets be born as people from the same country. Then we will meet quicker and love each other more.

Cha-young gets all teary eyed and turns to walk back to the kitchen. But she sees Kang and pauses. He looks at her as well. then she walks by him without saying anything.

Fade Out

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    December 30, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Am I is the only one that is about to go crazy because Kang does NOT know about CY being that girl? What about Kang not knowing he is the reason CY left his BF and moved to Greece? I understand that this show is all about “healing” BS and it’s all good but not really liking the clueless Kang and why CY is the one who suffers of one sided love??? They need to move little faster on their relationship!!! I wonder he didn’t know till the end when he ran to Greece to find her which was the beginning of this show??? So many questions and not enough answers!!! I didn’t see your recap on Sat so I thought you dropped this show! Hahah which I wasn’t surprise at all… I’m about to drop this yet, I’m so committed that I can’t… I wish he gets to find out about their past just a little bit… its not too much to ask right? I’m venting, can’t do anything and want to scream out loud but I can’t… thanks V!!! Happy New Year and really looking forward to continue my obsession next year with you!

    • V
      December 30, 2019 / 2:31 pm

      I really want him to hurry up and find out to! We might drop Love With Flaws since we missed two episodes of that drama (we’ll see if we can catch up this week) so we didn’t want to drop this one too. But it really leans towards a drop with each episode that they don’t get the love going. 😜

    • Peachietime
      January 2, 2020 / 6:56 pm

      I didn’t mind. For me, it’s for the best. I don’t want Kang to know it before they actually sort it all out and understood he likes her now.

      • Peachietime
        January 2, 2020 / 6:58 pm

        Also I am really in love with the pace of their relationship development. At times I almost felt like Kang started liking her too quickly if we really think about their backgrounds and pasts. It’s done so subtlety and beautifully I would hate it if they just rush it given how the characters are.

        • JAMMMM
          January 3, 2020 / 8:13 am

          I’m sort of agreeing with you on the pace and I think their intention is that Kang falls in love with CY without knowing their past. Both of them are NOT happy with anything at this point and Kang knowing least CY is the girl will make them little happy? It hurts to see them liking each other but can’t express it…. Looking forward to today’s episode, see if Kang either realizing he love her already or least finding little about their past???

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