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Chocolate: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

Chocolate: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

Happy New Years Eve’s Eve! It is the holiday season so we have a strange schedule and are trying to get in recapping when we can! Here is our part 1 recap for Chocolate episode 8! Part 2 is coming up. Happy Holidays, y’all!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Kang talks to Curse Bae about the details of medication for a patient when a his aunt comes in looking fabulously bohemian and telling Kang that she missed him. The nurse looks on with wide eyes and an open mouth when the aunt kisses Kang on the cheek and says that he is her lover.

Then Kang and his aunt go outside to sit on a Pyongsang. The aunt says that nurse is cute, does she really believe that you are my lover? I put all my money on it that she likes you.

He asks why she is there. She tells him that she misses him and June. He smiles slightly. She says that she never thought she would see June hit another person and have to serve community service. 

I thought he was a robot without any emotions and never made mistakes. But this place has a good view and nice air. As your grandmother said, it is the best place to but a silver town. It is good. You should be on our side. I will help you.

Kang takes a deep breath as he listens to her. She tells him that the person he saved is someone she knows. She is a friend of a friend. I will make her sue him and make this issue bigger.

This gets Kang’s attention as he looks at his aunt alertly. The aunt says that the husband was the chiefs favorite student. I think we can accuse him as a co-conspirator.

Kang does not look like he likes this, but he does not say anything against it. The aunt reaches around for her cigaret and then a lighter. She sees Cha-young running to the building so she asks for a light.

Cha-young tells her that she cannot smoke here, it is not good for the patients. Gomo says that it is far enough away from the building, these patients are already dying anyway. A little smoke will not kill a person who will already die or rescue a person who is already rescued.

Cha-yong tells her that people here are not dying, they are living their day to day life preciously. Like me and you ajumoni. She asks if she jut called her ajumoni? who do you think I am?

Kang yells for his aunt to stop and says it was her fault. The aunt asks what she did? I just want a lighter. Cha-young tells her that she cannot smoke here. Ii hope you are more careful

Kang holds her hand back and then moves his fingers like it might have strained his hang muscles. he tells his aunt to leave and then runs after Cha-young. But she is already off around a corner.

So he calls someone and asks them where they are and if they are done.


Cha-young goes to the kitchen and sees a grumbling sour Joon peeling onions. She does not say high, even though they share a really long gaze, and rather starts to prepare food for the day.

Joon starts sniffing back his tears from the onion, though it is  more comical than sad.


Cha-young sits with the brother on a pyongsang, he is drying peppers. Kang tells him that he is sorry to someone, what should I do? The boy tells him that he should apologize if he is sorry. Kang asks, so that is it. Okay.

He gets up to leave. The brother asks him if he called him to say that? You like someone don’t you. I know who you like. He writes Noona with his hand. Kang’s eyes grow wide. The brother says it is right, right? You like noona.

Kang deny’s it. The brother asks why he is blushing then? Kang says he isn’t! The brother says that he will keep the secret. Yeo-sul said that she will never tell anyone. But then he says that noona said it was a secret.

Kang asks if noona said that? That I like her? The brother nods. Kang chuckles and then looks serious.

Cut to the boy sending a text message. he says that he is sorry for telling Kang that he likes the nurse noona. I am sorry.

Bae looks at the text and grows super embarrassed and upset and embarrassed again that the brother told Kang that she likes him.



Cha-young gives Joon a candle so that the onion will not be so spicy on his eyes. He asks why it took her so long to give this to him! She tells hm that she was busy making something int he kitchen. She would like to help him, but it is your community service, so work hard.

Cha-young then starts to cook something pink. She fries it as Joon looks at her. Then she fries more colorful things and keeps cooking. Joon asks her how she met Kang. You are not his patient, a doctor, or a chef. there is no common ground. It seems as if you guys are not in a regular relationship (like they have something going on). So tell me, what kind of relationship do you have?

Cha-young grabs more onions and gives them to him because he has time to talk. then she goes back to the kitchen and keeps cooking. Joon asks, do you like Kang? Cha-young accidentally burns her hand on theh grease, so Joon run in and quickly puts her hand under cold water.

He tells her that hse will have a blister. She says it is okay, I have ointment. He asks if it was that shocking when he asked her if she liked Kang? Shocking enough to burn your finger.

She tells him that she does not like Kang any more or any less than a doctor who saved her life. Joon thinks about this. Kang is actually secretly standing outside the door and heard this as well. he walks away.

Later that night, Seon-ae gives the chief the fried vegetables. he says that he will not eat it. She tells him that she did not make it, Cha-youong made it. she wanted to show what kind of vegetables and fruits are blossoming this season for the patients, guardians, and doctors and nurses who cannot leave because they are so busy.

The Chief sighs and says, whatever the case, I do not like it so take it with you. Seon-ae tells him that she asked nurse Ha to find the cooks to replace them. They found Michaels kimchi chigae. As soon as their replacements are found, they will leave. She bows and leaves.

Outside, Joon walks to his car to leave. Inside the car, he gets a text from his father saying that his  mother is crazy, come home.


Cut to him at home. he sees his parents kneeling in front of the grandmother because the mother wants to divorce the father. She says her decision is already made. She does not want to die with meaningless hope. Let me go.

The grandmother tells her to just go, I won’t stop you. The mother stands and bows, then walks off. The husband crawls to her and holds her by her legs. he says he can’t live without her! Umma, you decide it you want your last son to die!

Joon stands and says that he knows who supplied their food for the hospital. he knows that there was an issue and he heard that Uncle was taking all the rebates. Uncle is his mothers brother. 

Joon tells his mother that the grandmother has all the weakness that can control her and her brother. if you leave, she can use it. The grandmother tells them to stop this show. Then she leaves.

Joon sits and rests his head in his hands.


Nurse Ha looks peeks in on the American mother who is in her sons room looking out the window. She then calls Cha-young and says that the biological mother and the twin brother bothers her a bit. She is telling her this carefully – the mother says that the taste of the kimchi chigae wasn’t the original that Michael wanted to eat.

Cha-young says okay and then hangs up. She sees the son with his biological mother and brother. The brother complains about something so the mother tells him to shut up. Then the brother says that he heard that his foster family is rich.

The son says a little bit. The brother says it is super unfair, mother does not have money and has a broken back and could not have surgery. the son is worried about that.

The brother asks to have money to save his mom. If she did not give birth to you, you would not be alive. The mother yells at her and says that is not heir money, it is the American’s money! then it starts to drizzle so they have to go inside.

Cha-young ends up finding the mother inside and asks her if she can make another soup? He lied and said it was the taste to not disappoint you. the mother is angry and says it is the same! What is the problem!



Cut to the kitchen where the mother is making it again. She complains to her son about making it again and how the brother says it is not the same. She gives the son a taste. But then she realizes that it did not have sugar and asks for he sugar. Then she tastes is again. That is the taste. She forgot the sugar, aish!

The brother tastes it again and says it is much better with sugar. But then Cha-young grabs it and throws it away. She asks the mother why she is there? you abandoned him, why are you here now? Are you here for money? To get money from your dying son?

The mother grips her by her collar. Cha-young yells that family is not an object that you can just abandon that get back when you need it.

They push her against the bridge, she bumps her head pretty hard. But she still tells them that she abandoned her son. Even if you had no choice, that is what happened. Your son cannot eat sugar. If he eats sugar, he has an allergic reaction and cannot breath. Even though you abandoned him, you should not forget that. You are his mom!

We see a flashback of her son eating candy and itching all over. She tells her other son not to give him candy! The mother is overcome with emotion and leaves the kitchen.

The son asks what Cha-yong is doing and bangs her head against the fridge/metal cabinet again.

This sends Cha-young into her memory of waiting for her mother at the department store.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Nurse Bae and kang talk about a patients chart and she stats to talk about how Min-young (the brother) had a wrong interpretation. Kang asks, what are you talking about? Nurse Bae says, I am sorry, I don’t have any more excuses. 

Kang starts to think back to what he said to the boy. he asked him if Noona says that he liked her? Then he thinks back to rescuing Cha-young and yelling at Cha-young and toasting to Cha-young on her birthday and all that.

He sees Cha-young sitting outside on the pyongsang and walks up to her. He tells her, if I made you misunderstand anything, I am sorry. She looks at him but can’t focus on him. 

He continues and says that with his behavior, you could misunderstand me. it is my mistake and my fault. She doesn’t say anything. He tells her that he is Min-sung’s friend. I saw how much he loved you. I supported your union the most. So for me, you are still Min-sung’s.

She says that she knows that he means. I understand what you are saying. For me, you are Min-sung’s friend. I never forgot that so, you don’t have to worry.

Kang smiles and says, okay. then he leaves. Cha-young looks at the sky to keep from crying.

A song starts to play as Kang rubs his face in his office and thinks about Min-young and how much Min-young loves Cha-young. We see flashbacks of Min-young telling Kang not to be attracted to CY because he does not want to be in a 3-way love affair. 

He also remembers CY tells him that they broke up 3 years ago, she does not want to be a part of his misfortune now. He also remembers her just now saying that she knows that he is Min-young’s friend. I will not forget that.

Kang looks a t the origami swan that Cha-young made and puts it in his desk drawer.


Cha-young eats dinner with her brother at night while out at a street place. he tells her to stop making her food so salty. She says it is not salty. he asks how she can’t taste this.

She asks what is going on? I added so much salt, why can’t I taste anything? She eats a spoonful of salt and tells her brother that the salt is not salty that the salt is not salty.


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