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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 16 Final

Episode 16 Final recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
Children of a Lesser God is a real gem of a show. It has heart, laughter, creepiness, action and everything all rolled into one amazing drama. It is unfortunate that more people weren’t able to enjoy this show while it aired and experience all the guesses and cliffhangers and have to wait for the next week. It was a glorious type of pain. I really enjoyed this last episode and I loved the ending.

We have a request to make an OST list for Children of a Lesser God, so I will get on that as soon as we finish catching up on all our other episodes.

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AH calls HM and doesn’t get an answer. She revs her engine, aiming for HM, but KD pushes him out of the way and in doing so she finds the building because the name was upside down in her vision.

KD calls JI as she sits on the ground, recovering from the car hit.

JI revs his car to the site.

All the protesters show up. They talk about how the candidate is really going to see them, it is a secret. They sit inside, happy, and wonder why they are meeting there. They say that they are meeting HJ, they trust him, he is the only one that can help them. Perhaps they will get their jobs back! Everyone is so excited about this.

Two ajumma’s from the island show up and kill the security officers like it ain’t no thang. The bad church guy is there as well.

HM runs up to KD, he wants to call 911 (119) but KD wants him to stop. She has to go.

Meanwhile AH is crying in her car. She says it isn’t her fault, she just wanted to get her revenge for her appa.

One of the protesters talks to her husband on the phone, her daughter is already sleeping. The church people show up and hold guns on all the protesters. HM answers his phone and asks where the candidate is now. What is happening now.

JI calls his tam an tells them not to release it to the media. DH tells SG that a big accident is about to happen.

JI gets to the building. He sees all the people with handguns. He starts scaling the side of the building. Inside, all the people hand over their cell phones. One of them says he doesn’t’ have one. The woman finds it and kicks him. Another man hits him over and over again with a shotgun.

More people with guns come in with the Pastor. he says he will show something to them. They close all the doors. JI is still hiding outside. Someone comes walking around with a shotgun, but JI is able to stay hidden. KD tells JI that everything is closed. She needs to take her bluetooth in.

KD looks for her bluetooth, but she also coughs up blood.

JI still tries to get inside, but the building is well guarded.

One of the protesters is hiding and has her cell phone. But it beeps which makes the church people find her. They pull her out. That Pastor tells everyone that he will share his blood with them. He drinks the wine.

KD calls JI and says that she is there. JI lets her know that they need to secure the building for the safety of the hostages. their safety is #1 for them. The backup will be there in 7 minutes.

JI manages to get inside. He sees the pastor and says that it is already starting.

Inside, the protesters are forced to record a video explaining why they are about to kill themselves. HJ watches this from his office and says that their sacrifice will be good for Korea. HM comes in and wants to know what he is doing. HJ says they will have flower rain in Seoul soon. HM looks appalled and terrified.

JI manages to take out two people in the elevator. He rescues one of the hostages. KD goes to the security room and takes out all the Heavens Door people there. She looks at the CCTV and sees JI dragging someone. But then she spits up even more blood. JI calls her, KD says that everyone is on the third floor, can you see me? He waves at the camera. KD wonders about his clothing, he is now wearing the protesters clothing.

JI tells KD that their life is relying on each other, tell me. KD tells him that AH hit her and she is throwing up blood. He tells her she is out, but she says that she has to be there. She chose this life so she has to finishes it. He tells her not to die and she tells him not to die as well. He will go between the hostages.

The hostages are led to the rooftop, butt he lights turn off. Everyone screams. They turn back on again and JI is in the group. He tells the protesters that notice that he is police.

Someone calls the security team and asks if there are any problems, KD answers and tries to respond like she is a country person.

One of the island people runs up to the group and kind of recognizes JI, but a protester asks her to save him, he has a sick mother! She kicks him and tells everyone to go to the rooftop.

KD tells the team that the people here are crazy believes. they can’t break in or the believes will kill everyone. But the police don’t want to listen to them. The head of the police wants them to break in.

Outside, the police turn on all the lights and tell everyone to release the hostages. But someone falls onto a car, it is one of the hostages.

One of the crazy people tells the Pastor that they killed one of them. She says that the island people have their will also, you should sneak out. The Pastor tells them that they are all chosen. She tells him to open the Heaven’s Door for them. They look at him with longing eyes.

KD finds out that one of the hostages died, that is why she told them to wait! JI is with the hostages, she will try to take their attention away.

The candidate explains everything to HM. Those 29 people will save millions of people in Korea. HM wants him to think one more time. HJ says someone said their citizens are dogs and pigs, he likes that a lot. He will feed them well and educate them well. He will be that kind of president. HM looks horrified.

JI is at the top of the roof, he is looking over the side. Where are the police? JI asks for Kim Dan…please. KD makes it to the top of the roof, but she is still hiding. She finds what JI made and throws it. Then she shoots all the believes. JI also has a gun. They take all the protesters off the top of the roof.

In the elevator, the Pastor hears something and wants to know what happened.

In the stairwell, the protesters are escaping and the bad guy shows up to find out what is going on. He finds them and starts shooting. KD shoots back but she yells for the hostages to go down.

The other hostages get upstairs and wonder what is going on, where is everyone. JI comes out from where he is hiding and tells them, surprise. He has his gun on them.

HM is in the presidents office. Someone comes in and tells the candidate to hide. Police went into the building. The hostages escaped. HJ tells HM that they needs to go. But HM says he shouldn’t hide, they need to go to the scene and solve it directly. They drive and HM tells him that there is no evidence that HJ had anything to do with it. He was late, that is all. HM pulls out his drink and pours it for him. He tells him to take it and be ready. This is the real climax.

Meanwhile KD fights with the believer in the stairwell. He gets the upper hand. KD asks him why he puts his life on the hand for those people. The man says his parents ditched him and didn’t’ even tell the government that he was born, without the Pastor, he is already dead. KD attacks him and is able to knock him out. But then she has an image of the Pastor about to fire on JI.

Pastor asks JI why he is mattering with his work. JI says, the reporter that you killed, she was only 29, we lost our parents, her only wish was to live long, retire and go backpacking. For you, those lives aren’t important.

The Pastor pulls out a gun and puts it to one of the hostages heads. He says that JI said this life is precious, so remove your gun. JI puts his gun down to keep the protesters from dying. But he has a hidden knife. JI tells him that his plan failed, but the Pastor says that he decides it. JI tells Su-in to wait for him.

KD runs up as soon as JI gets shot. Pastor says non believes will go to hell. KD holds her gun at them. pastor asks her, shaman woman, who do you think will die first? KD tells him to stop. Pastor says he is giving her a chance. He will release one at least. He makes KD choose one. KD starts laughing.

KD – You always says that you will always treat people, but now you become the sick person. Hahaha. Your mom who sold juk, told you to at least save the family mountain in her last will, why did you sell everything? With that money you built a fake Kingdom of God. You bad guy. you deserve to die suddenly. The old fox on the bier. We have blood rain from the sky. that blood is from the mother and father who lost their kids.

He yells for her to die and she shoots him in the gut. He falls from the rooftop and lands on a car. The believers are shocked. All the cops show up at that time. KD runs to JI and tells him to open his eyes. He says, this time I got some damage. KD tells him not to die, if he dies, she will be angry. He says he won’t die, Su-in told him not to come. He passes out.

Meanwhile HM and HJ drive to the building. But the car stops suddenly. It is stopped by police cars. The driver looks on the internet and sees a video of HJ talking about killing the protesters. HM took the video. He watches HJ as HJ watches the video. HM tells him that all the hostages are rescued safely.

Flashback of KD leaving at the building. HM is left crying at the building. He thinks back to what she said about not blaming others and not blaming the world, if he decides to live, then live properly and don’t become a monster. Do you want to see that thing we saw again?

HM runs up to her and asks her if her deal is alive, can he still go with her together? He tells her that he will catch him, HJ. She has a condition….don’t’ die….never. She puts out her hand to him again and this time he takes it.

HJ – You…..you….how dare you! PULL THE CAR AROUND!

The car gets stopped by even more police cars.

HJ – What is the reason
HM – To make a great country, we need a sacrifice right?
HJ tries to strangle HM. But HM pulls his hands away. He gives him a white powder in a bag.

HM – 24 years ago, this is the potassium cyanide that you gave to me. Decide how you will finish yourself.
HJ – you wont live too long. Your will, I have the original.

HM bowes to him and closes the door. HJ laughs maniacally.

HM walks away down the street he calls someone. He tells KD that he has a copy of Heaven’s Door. He asks her if she is okay. She says she isn’t okay, JI is inured. He tells her not to cry, he will be there soon.

But a car pulls up, several men get out and stab HM several times. They leave him on the side of the road, bleeding.

HM – I came from the sewage, I did my best to get out of the sewage. But finally I am still here. I wanted to see her one last time.

The story breaks all over Korea. the aftermath is huge. HJ is still alive. But people throw eggs at him. He is worse than an animal.

AH tries to pack up everything. She asks her appa what she should do now. She thinks back to her appa and her at happier times. Appa tells her that all people aren’t the same, people are different, you and them, your lives are different. Ah says that she has a lot of money already, if she always buys things at the department store then you sometimes want to buy things from the street. HM tells her that her twisted love is still love, she just never became and adult. She thinks that they were similar. The cruel fairytale that the adults wrote, they never learned how to walk properly and became adults. But I have to live.

KD surprises her and asks her if she is going somewhere far away. her group will be disassembled and the Government will take more things than she will keep. She is poor now. AH says she is a chaebol so KD shouldn’t’ underestimate her. But KD says the secret money is found and she never made money before. Regular people work hard. AH says she is different from them. But KD just tells her to practice writing her resume because she will have experience living in Korea without owning anything.

JI is still alive. KD visits him in the hospital while he is either sleeping or unconscious and leaves some flowers with him. Then she goes to a memorial for someone (possibly HM?). The street people visit JI in the hospital. They brought him presents and try to tell his fortune. He wants to go his own way but his legs aren’t taking him there. Then JI wakes up and says that he can’t do any investments now. Everyone is so happy. JI whispers, it is so loud so I woke up, I have sensitive ears.

KD talks about this old Heaven’s Door case to all the people who have come to the Ceremony. She says that the case started with religion and politics. But she wants to talk about all the people who were not included in that story. There was a father who wanted to cure his daughters incurable disease with belief. there was a pregnant woman who had nowhere to go. There was a young gangster who wanted to be a good person. In this list, from 1 to 31, they existed as numbers. But they had family members and names. It is late, but I want to return their names even though it is late.

She starts reading all the names.

She reads the last victim, who is her appa. JI shows up to the ceremony and throws her heart fingers. He tells her that she is cute and smiles. KD says they won’t forget all the people who were sacrificed.

Everyone lets go of all the white balloons and we see them sailing int he air.

Gambling in a spot with a lot of gangster looking guys. KD is there looking very sexy in a tight black dress. She is also gambling and increases the money by adding her diamond ring. Someone else increases the money by adding drugs. But then a man shoots him and KD has to pull out her guns and arrest them all.

DH and SG come in and put everyone in handcuffs. JI comes in and says, two shots, one hit, who shot? He asks them who shot the blood splatter and then asks them if they like science.

Afterward, KD is back in the office. JI comes in and looks at her legs. then he goes to talk to her. He asks her what she is doing and tells her that they is a good place somewhere, would you like to travel with me? everyone looks at them and one of them whispers daebak.

KD says no, the last time he asked to travel with her she had to walk all of Korea. He tells her that this time it is real. But she says no thank you.

HM is still alive! JI goes to the grocery store and takes one of the packages off the shelf for HM. But it looks like a scene between lovers. HM smiles at him…Chun Jae-in! Ji calls HM a troublemaker and asks him why he doesn’t make ramen again. But he says he shouldn’t eat ramen there. HM asks if KD is okay? JI wants him to contact her. But HM wants him to hide that he is alive. JI says that he will so HM tells him to eat some ramen and leave.

KD comes inside and tells JI that he was supposed to come in and leave, why is he taking so long. HM slowly turns around and sees her. KD sees him and drops what she is carrying. She says, you are alive (jongdaemal)? i thought you were dead. How?

Flashback of HM getting stabbed. But he got stabbed by the street people, so he just faked it. later he asks JI why he rescued him. JI says it is because KHJ people will find him and kill him, he didn’t want to see him die that easily. HM thinks he should have hated him. HM knows that he isn’t the one that killed his sister. He hopes he just lives in repent. Humans live like that. Joo Ha-min, become that kind of person.

HM tells KD that JI saved his life. KD asks Ji how he can’t tell her for two years. HM says that is the best punishment for him. KD smiles at him and he smiles back. they hangout together and eat ice cream as they laugh.

VO – it may look like a happy ending. But we came all the way here with a lot of peoples lives.

(flashback of all the lives and times and memories)

VO – Those people asked to the world, what is the truth, how should I live? The children of God were there.

The three eat and laugh on the rooftop of Ha-min’s small grocery store.

Fade Out

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful ending. This show really wrapped everything up so well. I love this show so much and it actually had an amazing ending. I love how there wasn’t a definite love story and everything is very open ended in that regard so anyone can really ship anyone they want to. I love how they brought it back around and said that they got to that happy moment on the backs of many people, many of whom died. But they are still able to have this happy moment together. Oh, I just loved this show so much. Thank you for enjoying and recapping it with us!

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