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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 9

Episode 9 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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We have clues! The task at hand is to find out what happened to the survivors of the Heaven’s Door case. And their first person to find is Popeye! But there are several other children that are missing and some of them start popping up.

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KD looks at a CD in the taxi. Heaven’s Door case was not a suicide. There was a killer there and he was called the Butler King.

All of a sudden, someone falls onto the concrete. He jumped off the side of the building. KD gets out of the taxi and asks him if he is okay. The man says, it will come…the end of the world will come.

He dies quickly. HM and JI are on the scene right away. HM asks KD if she is okay? JI tells him that someone just died. They inspect the man and see that he has a nice suit on and a nice watch and nice shoes. He just fell out of nowhere. HM knows who this person is, he is an entertainment company CEO. He is a celebrity.

They wonder how he died, why did he die? Slipped? Jumped? Pushed?

But KD says that the man told her the end of the world will come, right before he died. The man’s cell phone goes off, it is his wife. JI tells her that they need to call the family members and let them know. Who is going to do it?

Cut to the Pastor slightly chuckle when he hears the sirens of the police cars.

JI, HM, and KD go inside the apartment and look around. Perhaps this is that man’s office or apartment? If it is an office, then it is really lavish. JI asks HM if he believes in “End of the world” stuff. HM tells him that he doesn’t really have any religion, he goes to churches and temples. JI basically tells him he is a fair-weather person. Or a wishy-washy person.

HM finds Prozac, for sleeping and depression. He also sees that his clothes are folded. There was no forced entry, it is just like a suicide.

A cute little doggie comes in and JI screams and jumps onto the furniture. HM asks him if he is afraid of dogs, but JI says he isn’t afraid of anything. KD pets the dug and the bell goes off, she sees what the dog saw like this is an episode of Black Mirror.

KD sees from the dog’s eyes, so she sees the legs of a woman, but not the face. HM comes up to KD and asks her if she is okay, what is the matter? She tells him that it isn’t anything, she is just thinking of something.

Cut to KD telling JI what she saw. She saw the dead guy and the killer. The dog saw it and bit her leg. JI tells her, wow, you can even communicate with dogs through this bell? HM comes up right then and asks what is up with this bell sound? JI tells him that it is something between only those two, it is just their secret between man and female detectives. JI caresses KD’s hair and she is all like, what? But she tries to play along.

HM and KD go somewhere but before leaving, JI tells her to look at him closely.

It will take a while to look at this CD because it is so old. KD secretly tells him to tell her the result first.

HM and KD drive off. HM asks her if she knows the video. KD says she is a little sympathetic. HM says he isn’t sympathetic but this time it is a little different because so many people died. KM thinks back to her appa on that night that everything became red. She wonders if appa killed all of them.

KD goes home and goes inside with determination. But Appa is not at home. Appa went to JI’s home and is meeting with him unannounced. JI invited him in.

JI says he knows he works there, he has seen him before. What would you like to talk about? HG asks JI to remove his daughter from his team, change her assignment, or move her somewhere? JI says sure…but tell me why you are hiding from your daughter. I think she saw 31 people die.

HG says he does not know what he is talking about. JI tells him that he thinks KD is a survivor of that case, if so, then who is Abonim? Abonim looks a bit shaken.

We cut to KD going through all of her father’s things at home. She goes through all his drawers and clothing. She finds his notebook (winter pajamas) and holds it for a moment, then she cries. Perhaps because it has holes in it signaling that her appa never buys new things and gives everything to her.

At JI’s house, HG gets on his knees and tells JI that his daughter is different. She sees things. She looks brave, but she is a timid girl, she cries a lot. JI gets on his knees as well and asks if this is what is best for his daughter. He asks him to stand up and tells him he is sorry, he can’t listen to his request, but instead, he can tell him one thing. Dan, trusts you and waits for you. Don’t betray her trust. I will keep this a secret from her. You don’t’ have enough time, Dan is recovering her memory.

Appa turns to leave and tries not to cry. He nods at JI and walks out.

JI asks KD if anything happened, is her family okay. She wonders what he is talking about, but he says nothing, nothing. KD goes inside the building and starts to talk about how they want to do an autopsy. KD suspects this woman, perhaps it is the sister? She is suspicious.

It looks like they are inside a funeral building. KD tells JI not to be so emotional. But then there is a commotion in the building as a girl comes in and is pushing her mother-in-law. JI stops and looks at her….white skin….red lips…no lipstick….mmmmm….and…..

KD tells him that it sounds like he is thinking these things, but she can hear him. She tells him that this woman is married to that man, there is a 19-year difference.

JI – That is my ideal woman.

KD tells him, hey detective Chun, you shouldn’t be swayed by your emotions, okay? Okay? Lol.

The lunch menu is hot spicy meat soup. JI says it is hot, so he won’t eat it. But then KD hears a song, it is the same song that she remembers. KD turns and looks at the room where the song is coming from. This is the same church!

The sister-in-law comes in right away and slaps the widow hard two times. She says that she killed her brother. She told him not to marry her! But the sister-in-law just pulls the girl to the podium and forced her to pray for her brother. JI runs in and pulls her off of the girl. But then JI gets pulled by the hair too and walks to the floor. Ajumma!

KD saves him and tells this woman that they are investigating the death. The wife tells her that Omonim is crying, can’t she just stop? Everyone looks at the Omonim and then we turn to the detectives again. JI says his elegant detective novel has turned into a makjang. KD tells him to take care of the wife and she will take care of the sister. He says, really?

He goes to interview the wife and is smitten by her. He asks her why she doesn’t want to do an autopsy. She says her sister in law doesn’t want to do it and the church says they shouldn’t do it. KD asks her if the husband went to the church.

Cut to the sister-in-law saying that her brother was a good church member but after he married her, he stopped going to the church. KD asks her where she was when her brother died. But the SIL just says that ‘she’ killed him!

Cut back to JI interviewing the wife, he asks her what kind of husband her husband was. She says he was a good person, he always ate one meal a day with her. Family meals are very comforting. JI says he knows. He asks her if she majored in photography. The photo looks very good, like it was taken by a professional.

JI says a close person to him used to take photos, un unexpected photos (his sister). He tells her that she died a couple years ago and the two bond over their common losses.

Back to KD. The sister in law says that the girl poisoned her brother and pushed him off the ledge! But KD notices the injury on her leg. She asks her how she got it.

Cut to KD talking to JI. The wife said that leg injury was an accident, but it is suspicious. She is super into the church and things are just strange. The wife is strange as well. Are you hooked on her? They bicker back and forth about the wife and men and jealousy. KD walks away in annoyance.

Meanwhile, the wife is kneeling and talking to her dead husband’s photo. She asks him if he really saw the end of the world. Her eyes turn psycho and the camera cuts to a notebook.

The chief tells KD that the sister complained about KD. She is saying that KD threatened the family. KD says that is a murder case. He asks if she is becoming like JI and JI says he can hear them, lol. The chief wants evidence that it is a murder case, she has 24 hours.

KD wants to know why JI isn’t interested in the case, he is different from before. He should have found some evidence. He says he is busy with other jobs. KD tells him, at least tell me how to continue the investigation.

Meanwhile, SG and DH are sewing up something. A fake body? They think this isn’t a job for them. They talk about KD and JI, why does he always take her everywhere. SG thinks they are dating but DH thinks they aren’t equals. One says that is JI’s loss and the other says that is KD’s loss. The two start to bicker about that. KD comes in brightly and asks if they are done but the two just turn to her and say, shut up. She is all like, huh?

Then they throw the fake body they created over the ledge. They start to measure all the numbers as they do this over and over again and continue to measure everything. Everyone is so tired. DH gives KD the measurement tape and tells her to do it because she is the rookie. But then JI comes out.

They all run to JI and give him the measurements. He fells 5.7 meters from the building. It shouldn’t be more than 3 meters if he jumped. So, it looks like he was pushed. JI tells KD to find the murderer.

KD goes to meet with HM who is talking to the dog. He wonders if the dog is sad because the owner died. KD cuddle with the doggie and tells HM to go over to the other side. Then she puts something on the dog and starts to talk to it. HM asks what she is doing. KD says it looks funny, but this device translates dog language.

He asks if she really wants to catch the criminal and she says yes. Then she turns back to the dog and asks it questions. Look at me, this is noona, did you see something that night?

JI shows up just then and yells about the dog still being there. Then he sees that the dog peed on his bag. THIS DOG!!!

HM and KD go outside and KD wonders why he wanted to see her. He gives her something. She asks what it is. He says she bought him dinner, so this is to pay it back. He gives it to her and asks her to see that is inside. She opens it and says this is a health bracelet (negative ion bracelet). HM tells her that it should increase her blood circulation. She asks him if it is his first time buying a woman a gift and he says it is, he thought about it for a long time. He tells her to put it on, so she does. Then they both comment about how it looks good.

JI watches this curiously.

JI gets to business with his team. He tells them that they need to investigate the church. But it would be too ridiculous to investigate everyone at the church because the membership is so large. JI wants KD to investigate it and the two detectives should help. The detectives look at each other and whisper that they are dating.

Meanwhile, KD’s Appa gets home and starts going through the sink.

Back at the meeting. KD and the detectives start to talk about the case in front of everyone else. They talk about the murder suspect from the Heavens Door video.

Cut to HG taking a gun out from under the sink.

At the meeting. They ask about anything about candidate HJ. But they don’t have enough time. However, if he becomes president then he won’t leave them alone. SG groans. JI says he thought about it while playing that video over and over again. Maybe they missed an important point. They didn’t look at the people that weren’t on the death list. There were 7 kids, 5 boys, and 2 girls. All 31 deaths were all adults, so where are the kids?

They should be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. They should remember something. But how can they find them with only a picture? JI says they know one person. The serial killer, Apollo. JI says Han Sung-ho killed a female investigator, his sister. Those three people, Pastor, DG, and HJ, are behind this case. The kids grew up under them, partially, maybe they are still close to them.

HM looks at him in his psycho way. JI asks him what he thinks, and HM says that it is possible. He will be in charge of the investigation into the kids.

JI goes to the board and tells the team his first target….Popeye. Everyone wonders, Popeye? Like the cartoon? KD mentions that Apollo left this word and this person should be around the trio.

KD and JI eat at an outdoor snack cart. They wonder who Butler Kim is, what if he lives like a normal person? JI pulls something out and asks KD if she remembers which kid Popeye is. She has a flashback to remembering him and points to one of the faces. She remembers that he was very kind and gave her all the star candy from the Popeye bag. And, he said he would be a grocery store owner. This might trigger something in JI, he looks away.

JI follows KD around, but Ji says she just wants to see that woman again. He wants to see the wife. KD says she doesn’t have good luck, this is her 3rd marriage, heart attack, fire, and now this. Maybe she is cursed.

Cut to the wife trying to feed her mother-in-law some food. But she isn’t opening her mouth.

JI asks KD what the bracelet is about. She smiles and says that HM bought it for her, doesn’t it look nice? He says it is good for a mother. KD tells her not to mock her but JI just tells her to be careful of him.

Cut to HM getting severely beaten by the chairman, DG. He is being kicked and stomped on. His mouth is all bloody. DG wants to know if he is on their side or JI’s side, why did he give them the video? HM says he just did what he asked him to do. Chairman wants to know why they are involving AH also.

AH is there and casually says that HJ scouted her, so stop. She is the new face of the public relations team. The chairman is upset, why would she do that? AH says he didn’t do anything when she was abducted, she was dying under the hands of Apollo. Han sun-goo abducted her, and she knows everything. HM looks on and slightly chuckles even though he is all beaten up.

KD and JI go to meet the wife who is still with the mother-in-law. They ask her what happened to the money from the dead guy’s account. It transferred to the churches account twice (?). The wife says she thought he wouldn’t contact hyung-nim at all. KD asks, do you think the SIL killed him? KD doesn’t think she would.

JI asks the mother in law who killed him. The mother in law looks at the wife. They ask if the mother can hear them, but the wife says she can’t, she had a stroke and has dementia. The wife asks the mother if she knows who killed him, but her eyes are psycho. The wife begs the detective, please find the criminal.

JI accidentally breaks the flower vase. The wife cleans it up but gets a cut. He feels her arm and asks when it broke. It seems like it broke many times. She says it was a long time ago.

They leave and KD says that the mother in law is strange. It seems like she understands them. KD tells JI run go first, she wants to check something. JI keeps walking and thinks that he has had deja vu. But he can’t really place it right now.

AH tries to clean up HM’s face and asks him if it hurts. Why does he just yield to him? To those three people. What do they have on you? Why do they make you this pitiful? HM grabs her arm and tells her, what are you going to do on the candidate’s public relations team?

But before she can answer, JI shows up and asks them what this scene is? How does the prosecutor know the Chairman’s daughter? Did someone hit you? AH says they fought, it was a love fight. JI is shocked, wow, you said you don’t care about marriage and dating. JI asks him why he bought that bracelet, but then he covers his mouth, Oops, my mistake, have a good time. He leaves, but the damage is done as AH looks at HM.

KD goes to the church, she wants to see the pastor. The man shows her the way. The Pastor is with several kids and reading them a book. They repeat after him. KD goes up to them and we cut to the pastor and her meeting separately.

She asks him if he knows the person that died. He says that he was the officiate at his wedding. KD asks about money things. He says they have a person that handles that now. He can find him for her. But then a girl comes up to him and calls him father (they don’t normally do that at Korean churches). She asks him a bible question then she thanks him and happily runs back to the other kids.

KD asks the Pastor, who are they? He tells her that they are orphans. He has taken them in.

Flashback. “You all are children of God, you are chosen as God’s servants.”

KD says this is the same as before, what are you doing? But the Pastor asks her if she is okay, she doesn’t seem to good. He sees a bad energy behind her, it has the shape of a big snake. She looks behind her back and asks what he is talking about. He says that she is cursed. Without belief, not only yo, but your family members will have bad things happen as well.

KD asks if he said the same thing to the sister-in-law, that they are cursed. Is that why the sister-in-law gave you money? The Pastor closes his mouth.

KD goes to the wife’s home and the wife gives KD something to drink as they both sit on the couch. KD sips it and then tells the wife that she just came from the church, she thinks that Pastor Wang is involved in her husband’s death. The reason the sister-in-law tortured her and her husband is all because of the Pastor. From now on, tell me everything you know about the church.

JI gives HM some data, the investigation report. HM says this is nothing, I saw all of this, it was my report! He is annoyed and leaves. But JI says I came all the way there…would you like to eat some ramen or something? HM wants to know why he wants to eat ramen in his place. JI says it is Korean peoples Jung (longing for warm human affection).

They go upstairs for ramen. KD looks around and notices that HM reads a lot of books. He doesn’t have any picture album or graduation pictures. He just wonders if he had any plastic surgery. HM brings the ramen to him and JI basically struts to the couch. He complains about the ramen, what no eggs? Or spring onions? Am I your first visitor? HM just chuckles.

JI tells him that he becomes honest sometimes, in some moments. What about AH? He wants to listen to it even if it is cliché. He needs her for his job. HM says he is interested in her.

Cut to KD and the wife. KD gets a call from pastor Wang and excuses herself.

Back to JI and HM. JI rearranges the pictures and asks who he thinks Popeye is. Just pick a picture for fun. HM looks at all the pictures and picks one. But JI says, I don’t think so. HM pics someone else, Kim Dan. JI says, ahhhh, Popeye as a girl, that is an interesting idea. This woman….

JI reaches into his bag and grabs something.

Back with the wife. The wife says, yes pastor…and gets off the phone. Then she asks KD if she thinks she is cursed? Have you ever lost anyone you loved? As she talks, she slowly goes to the ledge. KD tells her to move back from the ledge. But the girl is about to jump. KD pulls her back and her bell goes off. A ghost enters her body.

KD – You bad woman, you don’t even deserve to die. One, two guys, three guys…you ate three men. Bch! You are an old snake wearing a girl’s mask.

Wife – Are you crazy?

KD – (KD touches the wife’s belly.) Oh, yes, you could have been a government worker, but because of your mother’s karma, you didn’t even get born.

Wife – How did you know?

Cut to a photo of a child with three moles on their face. JI zooms into the photo and says, that woman. Flashback to the wife with three moles on her face.

Wife – Who are you!

The ghost leaves KD’s body. She doesn’t know what happened. The wife tells her that she put poison in the tea. Then she pushes KD to the ledge. She is about to push her over.

Wife – I will show you the end of the world.

Fade Out

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  1. Luinil
    April 1, 2018 / 12:11 am

    I think after Black, OCN is trying to introduce romance in their thrillers.
    Not that I dislike, actually I like this “initiative” very much, but I wonder if I am too impatient with their slowness. 😆😅
    Like what they made in Black, when the romance was quick/weak. 😕

    Thanks for the recap!!

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 1:16 am

      I am super new to OCN drama’s (mostly because I am a big scaredy cat). I love this drama though, so I need to check out more of what they have to offer. I might check out Mistress, which I think airs after this show ends.

  2. Handily
    April 1, 2018 / 11:34 am

    One of the best dramas out right now.

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