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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 8

Episode 8 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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A secret team is formed! I won’t tell you who is in it, because that is part of the fun of this episode. We are also introduced to an eccentric forensics halbae who knows everything there is to know about bones, and he unearths a big piece of this case. Plus, there is a surprise party in the most randomness of places. This drama is the best.

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They are at the gravesite from the end of the last episode and men are digging up the grave. JI hopes that anything comes up. DH calls him and tells him that the presidential candidate is there, Kuk Han-ju.

The grave is opened, and the body is inside, but he is all bones. Roots are all inside the grave, which is a bad thing. Roots wrapping around the body is a very bad thing. JI picks up the head and starts looking at it.

At the police station, everyone greets the presidential candidate. The candidate watches what is happened on the TV as well. The news says that this is a long-unsolved case, a lot of people are interested in it. The news keeps reporting and the camera scans to all the key players.

JI says the body will go to forensics, until they have the results, don’t let anyone inside. Ji goes back to the police station and acts so surprised to see the candidate. He says he is detective Chun Jai-in, he really wanted to see him. JI sits at the long table with everyone. HJ tells him that he looks similar…. One of the police officers says that his father was a policeman. The candidate knew his father and says he was a good policeman.

JI says he is fishing now and he caught a big fish. HJ starts laughing, he says that March is difficult for fishermen, but he is good. He also fished before, you have a nice wave and nice water, but if you lose the timing then you can hurt your body and money. JI says to not argue with fishermen because they have nothing to lose so you will lose. That is what a fisherman told me. Once I had the feeling of fishing, I stopped caring about the water or whatever.

They all take a photo. The candidate wants to take a handshake photo with JI, but JI is hesitant. He takes the photo in the end.

Meanwhile, KD goes to the forensics department and meets a very eccentric forensics man who is hitting an ax into a skull. The man greets the body (though KD thinks he is greeting her). The man says the bones will tell them the story and he carefully put all the bones on a table. He asks her how many bones are in men and in women. If the hip is small, then it is a man. He is also a bike rider and around 19-20 years old. He also had a little injury to the ribcage and everywhere. He must have had long-term physical labor or continuous violence.

KD wants to know if that can be the reason for the death. But the man tells her to be quiet! He is listening and talking to this man. He goes back to inspecting the bones.

VO – You are the only one that can tell us what happened 24 years ago.

Both are sitting and talking about the man. This is the boy that ran away a lot and the butler kept hitting him. They wonder if Butler Kim is still alive, if he is alive then he will be able to find them. But Butler Kim disappeared with that little girl. The Pastor thinks that he lives only for that kid. That guy who disappeared with a kid shouldn’t’ die too easily. The chairman just wants to find him and kill him. Then they wonder about the candidate, what will he do, what if something comes up from the bones?

JI shows up and finds out that the man found something. Poison, potassium cyanide. He tells JI to come close and puts his arms around her neck, but JI puts him in a wrist lock. The man tells him not to fight back and puts his arms around her neck and shows that the neck broke. This is why this corpse shouldn’t come out to the world. It was very strong, he didn’t even have time to protect himself. It was just once. KD thinks back to her father putting his hands on her neck.

The old man says a soldier from the special forces killed someone like that. KD tells them that she has to check something and runs away.

Cut to her father. An ajumma gives him something to eat, but it looks like it might have gone bad. She tells him this is how he took care of the package. She told him to take care of it quickly, but he just sat in the room and turned on the heater, that is why it went bad. What if my kid got sick, he is a high school student. You eat it!

Appa takes a piece out and is about to eat it. But KD runs up and says don’t eat it! She hits it away. She tells this woman that she is a police officer and she is his daughter. Just like your son is important to you, my father is important to me, don’t mistreat him, if you do that one more time then you will see me at the police station.

KD and her appa go inside. KD grumbles that those people are bad to her appa. He says that she was super cool and laughs. But she is so upset. He tells her that everyone is worried because a lot of the guard will be fired. He wonders if he should quit that job and be a gardener. He tells her that she can go to the country as well and stop doing all these dangerous things.

KD tells her that she has to do something. Did he see the news today? 31 people died. No, someone killed them. Appa looks nervous. KD says she has to catch them.

Back at the forensics lab, the forensics guy says he has a lot to do, it is too early to take off his coat. JI wants to know why is concerned with that. Forensics said that If Kuk Han-hu he goes to Blue House, he won’t leave it alone (the forensics man will be fired). JI is shocked, Kuk Han-ju? How do you know that? The man says that HJ was a prosecutor back then and asked them to do forensics on the dead body.

HM checked the body, it went to the University forensics. But the candidate wants to eat first. They drink soju and eat seafood soup. The candidate says it is 2 months until the election when he becomes president, nothing matters. HM says he can stop the investigation. But HJ tells him not to do that. Do you know how smart octopus are? They put little rocks in shells, so they can’t close their mouths and they can be eaten piece by piece. So, do you know how to catch this smart octopus? Without bait. Just with a little pot, he comes in by himself without anything as if he only wants to have that little house.

HM tells him that in a tunnel, you can only see the light and nothing else surrounding it. The candidate tells him that he is cute because he understands everything he says perfects. HM says he will make sure they only see the trees and not the forest. HJ gives HM a gift and HM smiles. He says it is late, but Happy Birthday. They click drinks, but HM looks hesitant as he drinks it.

HG is at home and finds all the old church things. He burns something from the box and then buries the box. It is very shallow though. KD watched him, once appa left, KD goes up to it and opens up the box. It looks like appa burnt most of the items in the box, but the cross is still there. She starts crying.

Afterward, she sits by herself. Then she talks to JI on the phone. But she tells him that she wants to see him tomorrow not right now. But it looks like she has to see him now because we cut to the two of them talking to each other at JI’s place.

JI tells KD that HJ is a good candidate. He took a lot of big cases before and has a good reputation. But when someone asks him, what is he going to say, they have no evidence. JI shows him a video on the computer of the candidate talking at the church. KD wonders what is going on with this church that shapes her life from the root.

At the church, the candidate says that his owner, your owner, this lands owner, this worlds owner, who is that person? God. I will make Korea a God Korea!

The candidate won the primary, he is confident in becoming president. They will have the race 2 months later.

JI meets with HM at the prosecutor office. HM called him there. He asks HM how Heavens Door is. A lot of parts are secret about that case. HM hand over a CD and tells him that a lot of the data he is looking for is there. But he has a condition, do it together with him. They are investigating the illegal money. He had a report that the money flows from the church to Han-ju. They are investigating Han-ju. They think that Han-ju taking the Heavens door case when he was a prosecutor, wasn’t a coincidence. But JI says no thank you, he doesn’t feel the soul. There are only two months left so it sounds like this is more political than you wanting to figure out the truth. It seems like you want to slash Han-ju, right? Who is behind you?

HM says it isn’t like that. Ji asks him who is behind it. Who is your boss? HM wants to know, what if it is true, what does it matter? We have the same object.

JI says even though they have the same object, he doesn’t want to do it with him. He is about to leave, and HM says that it is Kuk Han -ju candidate. He is the guy behind it. That gets JI’s attention.

AH meets with the candidate in his office. He has so many letters from the people. There are a lot of cases. AH thinks that is cool, she knows he is famous though, what about it. He asks her if she wants to work in his election campaign. But she says she doesn’t’ know anything about that stuff. But he tells her that she knows about chaebol things.

AH is suspicious though, he needs a hostage just in case her father doesn’t agree with him, right? He laughs and tells her that she is smart, so what is her answer? She says she will be his hostage willingly, but she needs something in exchange. She wants Joo Ha-min.

Back with JI and HM, HM says Han-ju found his weak point a few years ago. He gives JI a letter. This is HM’s will. Han-ju has the original. Han-ju has his life so if something happens then he will be a dead body in the Han river. But he can take off his leash if JI helps him with the Heavens Door case. JI thinks, okay, let’s do it together. HM tells him that he will give him the data at their first meeting and he has to tell him everything that he is doing. They shake on it. HM has a request; can you include Kim Dan on the team? I am interested in her, she looks smart as well. JI says he will consider it. HM smiles.

KD is looking for Halabogi, but only the street shaman is there. He says he was waiting for her, she has a lot of worry on her face. Is it about men?…..work?..…family issues? He just lists everything obvious. KD says, how does he know? Lol.

He says he used to have a very powerful ghost. So just give him $20 and he will tell her everything. She pays him and says that there is a family member that she lived with for 30 years, but he feels like a stranger and like he is hiding something from her, it made her sad. The man says family doesn’t mean that they only have one face. For his father, he used to drink all the time and flip the dinner table. But one day he came home early and saw his father borrowing money everywhere, it was pitiful to him, that is family.

KD doesn’t expect to be rich or anything, but tomorrow, when she gets her paycheck, she wants to send her father on a nice overseas vacation. But, I get a little angry, very angry. She feels tight. She believes her destiny already makes her scared. Why does her appa give her a headache also? She starts crying, why is it me??? Why me???

She cries a little bit then wipes her tears and apologizes to the shaman. She asks what she should do, and he asks her what she should do. She says she wants to find the truth, but she is afraid of losing her father. The Shaman says to have one, you have to lose the other, you make the choice.

JI tells everyone that this takes time, you can’t get things so quickly. So, he is closing the case. Chun Jae-in sends them all a lucky mail that they have to respond to, or they will be unlucky. Then he winks at his people. They think he is crazy.

SG wonders why JI sent that mail to him, who should he send it to. JI says it is a secret message, scroll down. JI shows up that he is inviting him to his secret investigation team, that is the time and location. Do you want to join? SG wonders about the money. JI says he will pay him extra from his own fund and SG says, YES!

CAPTION: Choi Seung-gi’s goal is lotto and his good thing is that he knows a lot of people. He failed his promotion and he is a sergeant.

DH sits with JI next. He asks if this is a reliable proposal. JI says that isn’t important, but they both will get something. Either biting or getting bitten, a little difference determines if they get bitten. Are you in? If you go, we go!

CAPTION: Geo Do-hoon he is #1 on the computer and his specialty is that he is loyal to JI.

HM goes to his office and a woman is looking at his phone? He asks if she is a mole. She doesn’t answer, but he says he knew it. Can she also handle his personal requests?

CAPTION: Lee Chae-young, she is the youngest detective on the Seoul prosecutor team. Her specialty is that she gets a good result compared to her years. Not good point is that she is a double agent.

KD says that this wasn’t just a lucky mail, right? JI asks how she knows that. KD says that is why he closed the case. Why aren’t you telling me? JI says it is dangerous, you could die. You are too involved. She says he is the same, but he says he doesn’t care about his life after his sister died. But she has her appa. But that is why she needs to do it.

JI says it bothers him that HM wants her to be on the team.

HM tells someone on the phone that they took the bait. It worked. He hangs up, but then he smiles brightly and the camera scrolls to show a little stray cat. HM goes up to the cat and pets it.

CAPTION: Joo Ha-min, a prosecutor. Maybe candidate Kuk Han-ju’s mole??

KD tells JI that she met him before. First, they had dinner together and when they cremated Apollo. So, she is in!

CAPTION: Kim Dan, good point, animal instinct; bad point, she is a little violent and possibly a survivor of the Heaven’s door case.

We cut away to see JI’s notebook where he scribbled all these captions. He closes it and smiles.

The young prosecutor meets with AH and tells her that she might have to stop telling HM’s schedule. AH asks her if she would like to have this, it is a diamond, maybe the cost of a little car. The prosecutor looks at it coldly. Perhaps she needs money.

Meanwhile, JI walks around like he is in a detective movie. He looks like he is walking to try and lose someone if someone is following him. Then he goes into his secret room and gets some surprise congratulations from the Avengers team! Congratulations! Hurray!

There is a norebang and balloons all set up, lol. DH said he got it from his appa. But Ji is all like, what is this? He starts removing all the celebratory things. But then HM comes in, this is the place, right? Everyone wonders why he is there.

They all sit, and HM and JI go head to head. They each want the other to release their information first. But they don’t want to. SG thinks they should form a team name, but he sits again, awkwardly.

HM starts, he shows a video and tells them that they started investigating the money and thinks Heavens Door is connected to it. The video is a Heavens Door promotional video. Kim Dan is in it! Chairman Baek Do-gyu is in the video. He says that kids without parents can go here and go to school like normal kids. The Pastor is also in the video, he did a sermon every week.

Then they show the kids singing and KD is one of them. KD just stares at the video. But little KD stops and starts counting all the dead bodies. Then the video stops. JI wants to know what she was saying. They found out it was 31, all red.

DH says 31 people died in the case. They wonder how this kid knows that. Was it shot before? JI looks at KD cautiously, then KD throws up and runs outside. JI follows her and asks her if she is okay. She says she is okay, she was just surprised. JI tells her it is the first time seeing it with her own eyes, she should be stunned, her younger self was on that TV. But she sorts herself out and goes back inside.

They start again. HM asks them what they got from the dead body. KD tells him that they found out that the people were killed. Not by poisoning, but by force. That is why they died. It wasn’t suicide, it was murder. HM says the killer is called Gods Soldier, they had this case before. Everyone in the video is dead, except for one. The person behind the camera.

He was called Butler Kim. They need to find him. While he tells them this, he thinks back to trying to trick them and make them only see the tree and not the forest. He says this man is the most important key to solving this case.

JI says that is fine, but they should break the door down and not use a key. JI says this case has a lot of super influential people. The chairman, Pastor Wang, and one more.…Kuk Han-ju. JI says they are hunting all of them together. Who will be damaged the most if the case is revealed? Kuk Han-ju. That is why he is their target.

So, one team can find the man in the picture and the other team can target Kuk Han-ju. Ji says he has a new fishing rod and he already has a bite.

Fast forward to JI telling everyone to only use that phone for security. They all have a special phone. HM asks KD if she is doing anything now. But she tells him that they can have dinner next time, and she leaves.

She hops in a taxi and asks him to take her to Video forensics.

Both of them walk the street, but JI stops and asks HM if he would like dinner. HM says he likes eating along and JI says he hates eating by himself. HM says, okay. Kimchi chigae? But JI says he already has all the calories that are acceptable for young men. Sushi? That is worse because now it is common to have the bugs in fish, so we shouldn’t eat that. Okay, you pick the food!

Ji picks a dating restaurant, lol. Then they accidentally touch hands and they both stop awkwardly. JI eats steak and HM eats pasts, lol. JI ask him where he lives, and he finds out that he lives close. He asks him personal questions like, is he married. He says he isn’t interested in marriage. JI want to know why, he is handsome. But HM says he doesn’t want to hurt the other person.

They keep talking. HM volunteers at an animal shelter. Then JI asks him if he knows Popeye. HM says everyone knows him, he is Olive’s boyfriend, the macho guy. And he is a show anchor, so which one do you want? Is this Han San-gu’s will? JI asks how he knows that. HM says AH told him, he is also looking for Popeye.

KD is stuck in traffic. Her father calls so she tells him that she will be late, don’t wait up for her. But as she looks out the window, it looks like someone may have jumped and fallen right by her car. Perhaps this man jumped from the top of the building? She gets out of the car to see if he is okay. But he just says….the end of the world is coming.

Fade Out

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    This drama seems great but unfortunately there’s no English subtitles for it.
    Thank you for recapping! It is as good as though I am “watching” the drama with subtitles!

    • V
      March 28, 2018 / 11:58 am

      I know right! What’s with the no subtitles?????? I’m glad we can help out in a little way 🙂

  2. Luinil
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      Thank you so much Luinil! 🙂

  3. oppafangirl
    April 16, 2018 / 3:41 pm

    Does anyone know why should the roots be not wrapped around the body? And why is a very bad thing?

    • V
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      I think it means the person can’t rest in peace or something like that. Does anyone else know?

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