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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 7

Episode 7 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
The prosecutor has to be my favorite character. He is very mysterious and indifferent. Its almost as if he goes through his life listlesly doing what the cult people tell him. But he is different around KD and the more he is around her, the more the difference shows.

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The prosecutors walk in at the 11th hour and seize all the money. JI tells them to stop, who told you to do that?!? HM says he is the one who told them to do that. He walks up to JI and tells him that he hasn’t seen him a while. JI asks if it was him? What is with this timing?

HM says that he is a lieutenant and he is a prosecutor, he doesn’t have to answer his question, right? He is sorry if it hurts his feelings. Ji says he got everything he had to get. They have a mini-standoff about the case where they talk about who is in charge back and forth.

JI tells him to wash his clothing, he has a lot of dirt on him. HM says thank you so much, I will give you some advice, if your job is finding dirt, my job is measuring the dirt and determining if it is important or not.

KD runs in at that moment and HM leaves. He greets her and then keeps walking. HM asks what this is. JI asks her to research the prosecutor, this is too big of a case for a regular prosecutor. SG comes in and JI says he won’t get damaged by a single prosecutor.

JI yells that the police should have their own prosecuting power, they have to work together with prosecutors! Do you understand! Let’s get this past Congress and discuss it! But he is talking to a bunch of kindergarteners. He says I usually don’t say this with my own mouth, but I am the #1 person solving violent crimes. First question? The smart handsome looking guy! The boy asks, you are the first so why didn’t you become a prosecutor?

JI asks what the boy can do the best. He says eating pizza. So, JI asks him if he will be pizza when he grows up? Everyone laughs.

Another girl asks if he is a genius because his name is Chun Jae-in. (Chun Jae means genius). JI throws her heart fingers and tells her that her eyes are so sparkling so that is why she is Cho Ron (sparkling), let’s drink an Americano together and we can discuss your future job!

One of the cops tell JI that the kindergarten won’t send them any more kids, so why did he do that. JI says they have to represent themselves well, so I did it, so give me the Heavens door data. The policeman wants to know why he wants it, besides, they don’t have the data. The prosecutors took it all.

Another police officer comes in tells those two that they are too busy investigating old cases.

JI leaves and goes to a cafe to meet KD. KD says HM is very clean with no line. He didn’t have a sponsor, he is clean. His character is unexpected.

Cut to the prosecutor in his office. One of the high school students who is a victim of a sexual crime is waiting in his office. She is not leaving even though they told her the prosecutor changed. She is in his office eating a lot and she really looks like a high school student. He pulls the lunch away and says this is his lunch. Then he tells her that the world won’t be nicer to her just because she is a victim. He also tells her not to be picky.

He asks why she is there and she says she doesn’t want to go home. Her mom is on the side of the predator. HM says having a baby doesn’t make people qualified parents. Your family is poor, right? So pick one or the other. Either poor or good. It is hard to live your life as both, poor and good girl. Your step-father will get the highest sentence, so you go fight with your mother (to get the highest sentence), you have suffered enough.

JI says HM is too clean, that is unnatural.

HM calls someone and tells them that they have the cash, so they can use the money now. He blocked Jae-in.

KD asks about Heaven’s door data. JI says he stopped by, but they didn’t give it to him. The prosecutor has a right not to show the data. They can sue them, but it takes too long and they have a low probability of winning. Let’s go to work.

JI and KD look up at some gangster guy with a hostage at an apartment complex. He already stabbed two officers. Ji asks the hostage, why is he threatening you? She says she thought it was a package delivery. What did you order? Home shopping. What did you buy? Oranges. Can I check it?

The hostage says, do you want me to kill her? JI says no woman opens the door to a strange man in those clothes, there wasn’t a delivery service, catch him! The police all converge on the policeman and capture him.

JI and KD go to solve another case. An old woman died and it looks like she had a lot of money. JI sees a mosquito and says it is too early to have a mosquito. When the mosquito draws blood, it gets too heavy to fly. Maybe no one came in? He captures the mosquito and wants KD to check whose blood is in it. Solved: the son killed the halmoni.

There is a chopped off leg in some trash. It is a very clean cut, perhaps it is a killer? JI thinks it is someone who knows anatomy and is good with a scaffold. Someone who is left handed. Solved: It was the husband.

Everyone can’t believe that JI solved all those cases except one. The remaining case is sex trafficking with high officials. JI goes and meets with the head of the police, he is one of the high officials involved in the sex trafficking case. He asks JI if he can just retire gracefully. JI wants to know why he did that? But then we see that the head of the police has a USB of the Heavens Door case. JI says he isn’t releasing the sex file. They exchange files and the police chief says he hopes he doesn’t see him anymore. JI tells him Bye, Felicia. But the Chief tells JI that a lot of dead bodies are in the sea.

Cut to the prosecutor reading a manga comic. KD calls him and says she has a question, she will come to him. Then we see her showing up at the bookstore and walking up to where he is seated. She tells him that this is too good of a hobby for a prosecutor. He asks what hobby he should have as a prosecutor. She tells him that he should eat one of the 4 evil things in Korea.

It looks like some time passes and KD is reading comics next to HM. HM says she had a question, why isn’t she asking him. She says she tried to understand him, but she will spend some time here before going home so leave her alone for a little bit. He grabs his book and they chill and read.

Meanwhile, JI is meeting with his father figure. He tells his father figure that he thinks his sister died because of the Heaven’s Door case. The father figure asks for a favor, can he just stop investigating here? JI wants to know why he is doing this, this isn’t like him.

HM watches KD read. She says it is hard to figure out the main character, he asks if it is good or bad. She says she doesn’t know, but she is confused as to whether the main guy is a good guy or a bad guy. HM says that is good, that gives you a reason to read the next book. She can come here again. She says it is like him, why did he do that with the apple box. HM tells her why and KD says she wants to believe what he says. But he says that isn’t a good habit, believing what people tell you. He tells her that she needs to read the next comic.

But then he gives her a snack and asks her to give him a break this time. He smiles. KD says the food is sweet but her tears and her runny nose are only salty. HM pauses and music starts to play. He looks over at her as if he knows her. She wonders what it is. But he shakes it off. He tells her that she eats her tears and runny nose often? She wonders, who said that? I heard it somewhere.

Cut to HG waiting for his daughter to come home. Then he sees her with HM and runs inside. KD tells HM that she will go inside from there, she walks off. Then we see her eating dinner with her father looking at her from behind. They are both still pretty awkward towards each other. Father goes to sleep on the couch and KD sits next to him. She wonders, if the bell rings, should I know the truth, what are you hiding from me appa? She reaches out to touch him, but then he stirs, so she pulls her hand back. KD sighs and covers him with a blanket.

KD goes to the police station and meets with JI. One of the policemen sees them leaving and looks at them closely, he wonders what they are doing, are they dating?

KD and JI go to a room and look at the Heavens Door case on the computer. The chairman found the bodies and reported it to the police. He was the manager of that cult. He is the real owner. Heaven’s Door was a welfare facility and the chairman was a real owner, but he put his name as the manager. He is the founder of that cult religion. The other two weren’t investigated, but maybe they have someone behind them. JI thinks they should check the list of victims from Heavens Door and find the family members.

Cut to JI with rollers in his hair at a hair salon. He is really enjoying his time as he just sits there and sips some tea. At the police station, KD tells their superior that JI is on an important investigation. Then we see that the policeman from earlier is a spy/mole for HM. This is the same policeman that killed Apollo. He calls HM and reports on the case. HM thinks that the list finally came out.

AH shows up at the salon and JI asks her if she comes to this salon. She says that this is a popular salon. She wants to know what he is doing there, is he there to see her? He says that he has some questions, which primary school did she go to? She says he an google it. He tells her that he wants to know the school on the island that she moved from when she was 8. She tells him to get to the point, she doesn’t like mumbling around.

He says, okay, yesterday I searched for the list of the case and your father has a strange past. He is the owner of Heavens Door. She says she remembers it. It was a nice memory for her. He says it wasn’t a good memory for everyone. She asks him why she does so much service? Even though she is a chaebols daughter, it isn’t fun if everyone wears the same clothing. She wants to go somewhere and compare her richness to something, that way you will know your own happiness. That is why she went to that place. She had dolls and nice clothing and would throw her things to those kids. She realized she was special back then.

He tells her that 31 people died there. She says at least 310 people die at her father’s hospital every year. So, 31 deaths are nothing. Meanwhile, KD checks the list, she thinks these people should have family members.

JI asks AH if she knows Popeye. She says he is a cartoon character. But he tells her that it is someone she knows. The killer’s last will was that Popeye is waiting. It seems like you have a relationship with him. Tell him that I am waiting.

KD and JI drive somewhere. KD found all the people and is off to meet with one of them. But then one of the family members tells her that she has nothing to say and to not talk to them anymore. All the family members are avoiding them now, but they were fine yesterday. Only one of them wants to meet with her.

This woman opens a door and a man from the church is there. Then KD and JI get to her. But the woman tells them to leave. JI wants to know if someone came there before him, is she being threatened? He tries to open the door, but she pushes it closed. KD tells JI not to act like that, she lost her only son and that woman moved 12 times because people wanted to interview her all the time. She knows he is in a hurry because he also lost a family member, but let’s wait.

JI says that he doesn’t say this from his mouth too often, but it was his fault. But then he asks her why she is using banmal now and his foot was trapped in the door, he could have had a big accident. But KD runs back and tells JI to wait in the car.

KD’s letter to halmoni – Halmoni, people said I was possessed by ghosts, so they pointed fingers at me, but I grew up okay because my father raised me well and trusted me. Even though people turned their backs on your son, you should trust your son. Because what people know isn’t everything. It is spring outside, so just go out and get some sun.

The halmoni reads the letter and thinks of her son. JI and KD drive back.

AH, DG, and HM all sit to eat. HM lets them know that JI is poking around everywhere. The chairman wants to know if HM is working or not. But AH tells her appa not to do that. Then she asks HM if he would like to eat some. The chairman says that is the most precious part of the fish, you can’t even buy it from the store. HM says he doesn’t eat raw fish. Ah says a famous chef said, tell me what you eat and I will tell you what kind of person you are. The chairman thinks that is perfect, what you eat tells your class!

Cut to JI and KD eating street food. They think someone is predicting their next move, someone who is also dealing with the investigation. They drove around the countryside, but they still have nothing. He isn’t giving up yet though.

At the restaurant, HM asks her what she wants to do now. She says that she is telling him his class. He wants to know; does she think he will feel humiliated if she does this? She says the serial killer left a funny will and if he listens to her then she will tell him.

HM is very interested. She whispers in his ear that she didn’t tell appa yet, and leaves.

KD gives her appa a walnut cake. He is happy about that. He sits to eat it immediately and then starts to clean his daughter’s room a little. He finds the missing victim list from Heavens Door. He is shocked as he stares at it.

KD writes: 1994, whoever lost their family members with this case, please contact us.

Then we cut to the police station. JI looks at their ad in the paper which is what KD wrote on the sheet. They think no one reads the paper anymore but perhaps the family members are used to reading papers.

HM and the bad guy from the church that visited the halmae sees the newspaper ad. The bad guy said he took care of everything, they won’t say anything. HM says for him not to be too sure of himself. But the bad guy tells him, don’t try to teach me, I am Gods soldier, I only listen to the Pastor. HM says, for the Pastor, until that day, we shouldn’t make any mistakes.

It has been one week, no one has contacted them. One of the homeless halbaes is collecting papers and sees the newspaper ad. Then we see the homeless friends all sitting around. One of them is playing with his phone and answering a spam text. But then the homeless man asks them if he can use their phone. They agree, and the homeless man calls the number.

JI and KD run out right away. They interview the father, so your son died right away? He said his son was #30, he didn’t even have a name, just 30. He has a picture of his son and he hands it over. KD wants to know why he didn’t tell him. The man says everyone on the street has a story and this is nothing to brag about. All the street people agree.

KD and JI talk to the man privately, they ask him how his son went to the welfare center. The halabogi sold his sons motorcycle and he got angry and left home. Then 4 months later he heard that he was dead. He wasn’t surprised, but he got angry, he should live well. JI says he knows how he feels, not sad, but angry. The father said he spent 4 months looking for him and he shows up as this dead man, it made me so angry, he was so skinny. I should have just fed him one more nice meal, I shouldn’t have sold his motorcycle.

KD tells him that it might comfort him to know that she grew up there. He asks if she knew his son but she says she doesn’t have a proper memory. He didn’t have a proper funeral for his son because everyone was pointing their fingers at him. He starts crying and KD sits with him.

A woman is standing in front of the hospital. A mother is protesting because her daughter worked too hard and died. The chairman says to call the legal team, no negotiations with her, she just does it to get money. But the woman doesn’t want money, she wants an apology and a promise that they will prevent future accidents like this. The chairman mocks her, don’t they know how much their kid works as their parent? He hops in the car and says some clothes are premium and others are regularly priced and others are sold on discount. Her daughter, $100,000 for her daughter, we are paying her more than she is worth.

JI comes back to the ajusshi (after crying secretly and denying it). Halabogi says he got a letter from his son that said he was learning skills and not to worry about him. That was his last letter. Cut to the bad guy buying vegetables from the street people.

Eight people applied for a government program to learn skills, 2 weeks before their death. JI thinks those skills aren’t useful in Heaven, that means they didn’t want to die. Perhaps they all aren’t suicides. Where are they buried? KD says they were all burnt together except 3 people. 3 families buried the bodies themselves and the halabogi is one of them.

But we see the bad guy with the halabogi.

JI and KD run off to find him. The street people say the halabogi should be back now. Cut to the halabogi about to drink something that the bad guy gave him. But JI and KD get to him in the nick of time and he doesn’t drink it. KD wonders why there is a smell like that in honey water and hits it away, it crashes to the ground. Then he kneels and smells it, potassium cyanide.

JI asks where he got it and the man says a kind man gave it to him. Bu the man disappeared. JI and KD look for him and run all over the area. But they don’t find him.

They take the halmae to a small cafe and ask to see his sons tomb. He says he is okay to die but he doesn’t want to kill his son twice. Ji says they will leave now, but they will stop by again. Halabigi drops something and KD picks it up and gives it to him. The bell starts ringing and she has a vision. KD tells him that his son made it didn’t he, he made the same thing for me. Halabigi said his son was great at making something, he wanted to be the best carpenter in Korea. The old man agrees.

HM gets a call about the potassium cyanide and it going wrong. He tells them to tell that man to just follow his orders.

High-class draft dodgers. All the team goes to investigate it. Ji and KD turn around, but they don’t go to the police station. They go to the media and say they will investigate everything after. The news media is on top of it. The chairman goes to HM’s office and hits him with the newspaper. He tells him to take care of this case!

All the news team goes to the gravesite as it is being dug up. A ton of people are there, and the police watch the news from the station. This is a big deal. Several men dig up the body. JI hopes that something is there. Then he gets a call from DH, the Presidential candidate is there at the Police station.

Then the workers get to the top of the coffin and open it. Everyone peers over the edge, shocked.

Fade Out

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    Thank you so much for recapping COALG!! ❤️
    I’ve been looking forward to this show since its announcment so it really was a huge letdown when no subs are available. You guys are lifesavers! 🙌

    • V
      March 25, 2018 / 1:13 pm

      Yay! We are so happy to help out and we are really happy that more people are watching it. If you have a question about the storyline then let us know, maybe we can help fill in any gaps!

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