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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 6

Episode 6 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
They wrap up the island in the beginning part of this episode, JI finally starts to believe KD’s paranormal abilities a little bit, and we delve a little deeper into the money that funds all the crazy. In addition, JI finds out that all the cult things happen around a certain time, and that time is nigh.

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JI throws all the money around outside and KD hears the bell noise. The white shaman instrument starts shaking, then KD says, LIAR. She walks over to the man and smells him. She says, you dug a lot of graves, you will be there soon, you won’t survive this year.

JI – That wasn’t in our script…

KD – You, you B, you prayed for the god so much to have a baby, you burned your house and burned your husband.

JI – Hey, you are doing too much…

Then KD goes up to the gunman. Did you eat? Isn’t it enough that you sold your Appas small land. Why do you also believe them and hurt your Moms heart? Yeah, that’s right, that is all your mom’s fault. I survived just diving in the water for my entire life, I am really sorry. But you have to be better, don’t live like your mom, you have to be aware. Aigo, aigo…(she goes to grab something). This is the Kokam that you like, eat it.

She feeds him the food and he starts to cry and tells her that he is sorry. She tells him not to cry and hugs him. JI is stunned at what he just witnessed. KD says this year, the fish will come…

But then she snaps out of it. The son runs up to her and grabs her. Then KD has a flashback…31…red. The Islanders are behind all the dead church people. KD senses this and tells her sunbae to wait. She says they all died here, accept these people. JI wonders what they are talking about. The fake son asks her who she is, and she elbows him. But a lot of people grab her. The mayor tells him that they should have stopped at the first verse. But JI says he can’t stop at the first verse, he has to finish all the songs when he goes to a norebang!

I can’t stand you guys touching my family! JI breaks free and asks them if they like science? He holds up a glass bottle, so it looks like JI made a bomb, literally. Flashback to KD helping him make the bomb and planning their attack. So now he pulls out the bomb and it about to light it. He tells them that they all heard of Nitride, right? It will explode!

JI scans the water landscape, but he doesn’t see anything coming. He lights the bomb and throws it, but nothing happens. But then it explodes, and smoke goes everywhere. A help sign?

The fake son says that was a good job, but they don’t have a ship today, it is a storm warning. Someone hits JI on the back of the head and he passes out. The mayor tells him that the new world will start when the day comes.

KD and JI wake up in a grave, they are bound and inside the same grave together. It is still daytime, and the fake son starts to bury them with dirt. But JI tells him to wait! He tells him that he has an IQ of 167, he is a genius and he shouldn’t die somewhere like that. Rescue me!!! But the man starts to bury them. However, the cops show up right at that time and take them away.

JI and the land cop arranged all of this beforehand. They even had a secret word. Escaping the danger #1. But it is just #1. The two cops talk about this and KD realizes that her bell is gone. She looks around for it and finds it very close by, but she passes out as soon as she picks it up.

KD wakes up somewhere and wonders how long she was out. Only one hour. JI asks her if she is okay and she says that she feels like she slept very well. KD wants to know how she did all those things. That shaman stuff, her acting was really good, she should be an actress. But KD doesn’t remember any of it. She felt like someone was poking around in her head and she became someone else. Like she was possessed.

JI thinks Possession isn’t real. It shouldn’t happen! He searches exorcist online and sees something super scary. KD wants to see it but he tells her no, she shouldn’t see that.

DH comes back and tells them that this island is related to that cult, he gives them a printout. This island is the same as that island, but they changed the island name after all that happened. KD thinks it hasn’t ended, the case 24-year-old case didn’t finish yet. She wants to go home.

They leave the island and KD watches it drift farther and farther away from her. Then we see HM get a phone call. An islander wants to talk to him. He says he will visit them in an hour. But right now, he has to meet with a murderer, someone killed his wife in front of his son. He is crazy and says that he just muted her. But his sentence will be shorter because he has a son to support.

HM smiles and says that this man thinks he is so special. But a man like him wouldn’t understand a man like him. HM says he doesn’t understand him, he would hide the body and take the kid out and make an alibi, why didn’t he do his best, because he is stupid. All these criminals are pitiful criminals. Don’t misunderstand, you are not special at all, you show up, but you are a weak man who is only strong against women and minors. Jail is the best place for you to realize that.

Meanwhile KD wonders, who am I. They are still on the boat and JI tells her that he threw up again. He is sick. She is all like, so what? He tells her that he just wanted his attention. JI asks her if she likes science and she says that she hates science in this situation. But does she know osmosis? KD starts explaining osmosis. JI says that is right, equilibrium. You are salt water and I am fresh water, you are nyam nyam chicken and I am fried chicken. What he is trying to say is that he is doing osmosis where he tries to trust the fantasy a little bit. So, Kim Dan, don’t be timid, if you are timid then I will throw you into the sea. KD says she isn’t being timid, she wants to know who she is, so she will start over in Seoul, does he want to be a part of it? He says he does and she looked really cool when she was possessed.

KD looks happy-stunned that he said that and smiles.

KD steps into her home and takes off her coat, she sees all the pictures with her father and thinks back to what the woman said about her taking a nice trip and her grandmother being the biggest shaman in that area.

KD starts measuring her height and where it started in this new house. She thinks it is the same height of the missing girl.

All the island people are arguing in the police department. In the back, JI talks to the mayor about all the laws they broke. He asks him how many people they killed. 2 years ago, a reporter went there to find the same girl, did you kill her? The mayor says he doesn’t know, didn’t he tell him, if you poke around too much then people will take your microphone. JI thinks they did it and asks the serial killer to kill his sister. The mayor says he wants to leave that place, he has a lot to do. But then he goes to sit in his jail cell. JI yells, what are you talking about!

The pastor talks to HM and tells him that the Islanders will be prosecutors and the brother of the female reporter, Chun Jae-in is behind it. The pastor says that the Islanders will have a hard time, so send most of them back. They already have trouble with the apple box. But HM says they killed someone again. The pastor says that they need some blood for the new god world. HM says he will take care of it by himself. But the pastor tells him that JI has a female partner.

At KD’s home, Appa comes home with corn, which is KD’s favorite. He came home early because his daughter is finally back after 3 days. She made a lot of food already which makes her father very happy, is it his birthday today? Appa sits to eat but KD says she already ate. They both sit at the table and appa says the food tastes good. She wonders if he is interested in where she went for work, she went to Jami Island.

It is a tiny island, but it used to be called Galchi island. Do you know what happened on that island? Some halmoni called me Sol-hee and this girls name is Sol-hee. She shows him the missing person clip. She asks him who this girl is, is it her? He says it isn’t her but KD wants to know why he is lying to her. She says she wants to know and she will understand if he has his reasons. Did he think about ditching her somewhere? He said NO. He knows everything about her since she was in 2nd grade. He starts to list all the food she likes and more than 100 things that she likes and all the things she hates, he knows better than her. He raised her like that. So, don’t tell him this as if he doesn’t care about her. He thanks her for the dinner and says that she should be tired, so he will clean up. She says she will go out a little bit and He yells, where are you going this late? But she is already gone. Appa falls on the floor crying and KD cries outside as well.

Then she gets a phone call, it is from the prosecutor. Cut to her eating kimbap with the prosecutor. She hopes he is okay with the snack food. He wonders if she is surprised that he called her, and he asks her about her business trip. He called her office. He heard that she had a difficult time. KD says those people aren’t just country people. It is just her feeling. He tells her that she still can’t lie well. She says she wondered if the mass murder happened there and she will investigate it a little bit more. HM looks taken aback.

JI writes all the information that he knows in a book. He is trying to put all the clues together. Then he calls KD and asks her why the mass killing didn’t end. She says she saw it when she heard the bell. KD asks her about the church and the nursing home. They hang up and he starts to try and put two and two together. It was the same year and same month, maybe Pandora’s box is…

Cut to KD, she has to leave because Ji called her. HM asks if she was scared on that island. She says she was sad because she found a trace of some little kids. That place with a tragic case, there were little kids who ate and played there, they should be older. HM asks her how her childhood was, she says that her appa gave her a lot of love. Her appa knows a lot about her. What about him? He says he doesn’t know his mother’s face, he grew up with his father. He only has a kimbap memory of his mother, she made a lot of kimbap for him. He would eat kimbap for 3 meals. One day she drank a lot of soju and never woke up. He cried on the first 3 days (?) But then he was hungry on the 4th day. He started eating the old kimbap. (not sure about that part).

He says his mother’s kimbap always had the same ingredients and he really wanted kimbap with other ingredients. But KD says kimbap is difficult to make, maybe she wanted him to enjoy it because that is what family is like. But she apologizes and tells him that she has to go home because her father is waiting for her.

Meanwhile, JI investigates the mall killing case from 24 years ago. The next morning, he waits for KD in a conference room. KD sees a report, The Door to Heaven case. JI ays he will reinvestigate this case. He has a hypothesis. She should know the result later, otherwise, she may regret it. But she wants to be told about it.

31 people died by drinking poisoned wine, then the cult disappeared. They had expensive food, they were all skinny and underweight. They start to see an image of the people eating the expensive food. It is almost like their last meal, what would they feel if it was their last meal? JI says it is the power of belief. They look happy and don’t worry about anything.

They ate the last meal

7 PM
They had Mass.

This is the lunar eclipse and it is a sign of the end of the world, a lot of people in cults use this as a sign. They say a few things about the end of the world that is in the bible. KD reads the bible scripture, we are not dying, we live forever. The poison is Potassium cyanide.

Everyone picks up the drink and drinks it. But KD runs up and tells them not to drink it, STOP. They stop and look at her. A woman shakes her head. KD tells them not to look at her, don’t look at her, don’t look at her! JI wakes her up and tells her that this is not true, there is only him and her there. She shouldn’t be scared. They take a break.

KD drinks some water and JI looks at her to see if she is alright. KD wants to know, what is his hypothesis. But JI wants her to tell him first. What is she so afraid of? KD says, a few times, she saw similar things. People all died around her, a lot of them and she stood among them. She didn’t’ know what it was. So, what is JI’s hypothesis?

JI pulls out something and says that on Christmas Eve, the girl was lost the next day, she is the survivor. That is why my sister called it Pandora’s box. She called you Pandora’s box.

HM and AH lay in bed. He hops up and tells her not to visit him there. He isn’t her dog. But she says that he is her toy. A dirty toy that she throws away but picks up over and over again.

HM wants to know if she always shows her love this rudely.

AH says that her father gave a lot of money to the church, does he think that she doesn’t know anything. She survived the killer’s embrace, so if he does that again then she will make a big trouble. HM tells her that her curiosity can kill her, she should just live in a dollhouse like she does now.

KD walks through the hall, JI is concerned about her and asks her if she is okay. He says the island is a branch and there are deeper roots, she says that she knows. They go inside the jail where all the islanders are. KD shows them the cross. She says it is the same cross that a certain church uses. They disguise themselves as a small town, but they are the followers of a cult, the same cult that killed all those people 24 years ago. They need to confess or pray. Otherwise, they won’t be able to leave jail.

JI leaves and tells DH that he needs to check their family and religion. Then KD rolls up with a lot of money. They found 10 million in cash. DH says he recognizes that box, didn’t they see the news? He points to the news and we see the same apple box.

The apple box from the car has over 6 million dollars in it. But they don’t know where the money came from or where it was going.

Pastor and Chairman talk about the money. The chairman is so upset that they lost the money, it was nicely laundered, and it should have gone to the candidate before judgment day. HM comes in and says that he can just say that it is his money. They think he shouldn’t. But HM says that the police found the money on the island and they will figure out that the island and the church are related. HM sent some people already to take care of it.

Back at the police station, one of the cops is going through the money, it is old money with no fingerprints. DH runs in and says that they can’t investigate the Islanders. They all accepted their sin and will pay for it. KD thinks that she knew they would cut off their tail, but she didn’t expect this. JI thinks they have a professional. Detective Choi says that this looks like illegal gambling money.

JI says that they should tell the news that exact same thing. That way if no one claims the money then they will take it into the government. But JI and KD both think that the money is church offering money.

Then we cut to the candidate, he gets a message that all the money is being talked about as being illegal gambling money. Everyone is embarrassed about it. So now they might be short on money. The candidate, hj, tells him to leave, he has other ways of getting money. He calls HM.

Hm, the Pastor, and the chairman talk about how they can get money. Their van driver is an ex-convict. So, the prosecutor says they want to say that the prosecutor robbed the money from the church and drove off with it, but he needs to buy some time.

Ji is on to the scheme though, he thinks they will want to buy some time. Kd wants to know how he can buy time. Ji asks her to turn around one time, she does. He asks her why she always wears the same clothing and asks her if she likes to shop. Cut to her looking at all the expensive things at a shopping mall. Then we see JI with his street friends. He asks them to monitor the church and tell him everything that is happening. So, they do, they basically make that church their new home and watch it all day and all night.

But then we cut to some people preparing a similar looking van and changing the license plate on it. They want to fabricate the CCTV.

Meanwhile, JI is selling vegetables for the street people. One of the street people comes up to him and whispers something in his ears.

But then we see someone walking into the police department, it is the shaman street man. Kd bought clothes for him, he went to the police department to claim all his lost money. HM calls the pastor and tells him what is going on. The man says that he lost that exact amount of money, so the police should give him the money. But JI goes inside and tells the pastor that the man is a street man, JI made his background for him.

The pastor says it is good to see him, he is the police detective. Ji wants to make a bet, will the media cover whether the American guy takes the money? He has two choices, he can show up and take the money or the money will go to the poor. But the pastor says JI shouldn’t play with god money, god will punish him. Ji says the pastor shouldn’t talk about god since he is the same person from the heaven’s door case.

The pastor looks shocked and secretly presses a button that calls HM. Then JI says he will give him one hour to think.

Ji goes back to the police department and they all wait. They watch the clock as they wait for what might happen. But at the 11th hour, a lot of people show up from the prosecutors’ department. They got a report that this money is illegal money for the election. They start to seize everything. Ji asks who their prosecutor is, HM says that it is him. He walks up to JI and tells him that he hasn’t seen him for a while.

HM says he went to the special investigation department as of today and JI says HM must be the player on that side. HM smiles.

Fade Out

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  1. Ank
    March 19, 2018 / 4:02 am

    What a great episode ! Thank you for your recap !

    • V
      March 19, 2018 / 7:01 am

      You’re welcome! This episode was really good. Now I really want the prosecutor to find out that Byul is Kim Dan. I really wonder how he will react to that.

  2. Ank
    March 22, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Nobody else watching this great drama ? What a shame ! Great writing, great acting, great recaps from you! I’m so happy you didn’t give up on recapping it, hopefully soon there will be more people commenting. I’m actually used to just reading other people’s comments but seeing no coments here made me want to show my love. About the prosecutor finding out that Byul is KD, I’m actually hoping it will still take a while (if he doesn’t suspect it already). I prefer he gets to know her now before finding it out.

    • V
      March 22, 2018 / 5:47 pm

      Thank you! This great drama needs more love 🙂 I am really waiting for the reaction of the prosecutor realizing that KD is Byul. Maybe that will bring him to their side? But I do love what you said about him getting to know her as an adult before finding out.

  3. Tiffany
    April 16, 2018 / 6:40 am

    I feel like I missed out on the part where HM and AH are romantically involved? How did this happen? Also I’m really looking forward to how KD and HM’s relationship works out, since HM could be swayed by her later on or hate her to death.. Not sure but I’m super excited! I’ve been staying up late for 2 nights marathoning this drama instead of studying for exams haha.

    • V
      April 16, 2018 / 6:49 am

      So happy you found us, Tiffany! It looks like they might have just sprung that wedding on us in order to keep AH from being in trouble with the law again. It was sudden. There were a few scenes that linked HM and AH together romantically, but it was more on AH’s part. She basically said she wanted him because he didn’t want her.

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