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Children of a Lesser God Recap: Episode 3

Episode 3 live recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
This episode of Children of a Lesser God is more of a quickcap than a live recap (despite what the image says, just noticed that). It was a great episode and ended so unexpectedly! It actually felt like this episode had three different endings, but I don’t want to give it away. I’ll just say that you will think it is the end, but then it will continue on to some more interesting things. Then you will think it is the end again, but it will continue on until the actual ending. So many things happened, so many revelations, and a bunch more secrets.

Posting this one without edits again just so we can get it out and available to everyone who watches raw. I probably won’t be able to get back to edit this until tomorrow, but hopefully I have time later on today.

JI has a gun to the killers face and then he puts a bloody gun to his own head. KD tells him to remember what she says, never kill him, if he kills him then he won’t be able to survive killing someone.

Cut to Ah-hyun freaking out in her hospital bed, she is shivering and thinking about the killer. The detectives say that AH has the blood from the missing woman all over here. This woman was bleeding a lot so she won’t be alive much longer. Then we cut to the woman being held by the killer, he asks her if she really wants to be free?

Meanwhile JI asks KD if she just saw him in her vision? How does it end? In her fantasy, what is her ending? Does this guy have a happy life forever? She says he doesn’t trust it? JI says he is too old to trust her fantasy. KD isn’t telling him these things to believe her. But JI says it isn’t right, she should right this fantasy one more time and bring him something that makes sense. JI leaves and KD trails him with her eyes as he walks out.

Back at home, Ho-gi wants to know what happened today, he knows her feelings depending on how she eats. She says someone she knows will die. He wants to know if it is realted to that chaebols daughter? KD says it doesn’t matter since shehcan’t stop it, but it is related to JI. He saw her sister die, he can’t just let him die as well. Then she starts talking about her bell, maybe she has this bell and seeing futures is all fate. But appa gets angry and starts yelling that she is not a shaman. But KD just brings up becoming a police woman to use her talent. But appa sighs, he worried about her, if she tries to rescue someone who is drowning then she will get wet and may go under as well. So listen to appa this time. KD agrees to listen to him and they continue eating.

Do-gyu and Ha-min talk about the deal. But DG says his daughter should be better first. HM says he will listen to all deals after taking care of this case. DG thinks HM is trying to hold this over him and says a little dog has grown up bigger and can bark. He hits him on a cheek a few times. HM says he will talk to Ah-hyun for awhile and walks over to her as DG leaves. He asks her if she is happy to be alive? He is happy that she is alive. Then he asks what happened to her for 118 days, he has to know. As an adult, you should know how you play the game, everyone is looking at you so it won’t work anymore if you don’t talk. Tell me, I am the only one that can be on your side. AH turns her head toward him.

kang used to go to a particular cafe all the time. The cafe woman asks how his sister is, did she get married? he says something like that and smiles. Then he asks her to leave everything there and starts drinking shots of soju with no side dishes, until he is drunk. He rests his head on his hand and listens to some ajummas talking in the distance about their sons and son-in-laws. He thinks normal people live like that with their precious normal life pressures. Then he imagines his sister sitting across from him. he sits up and stares at her, when did she come? I ordered your favorite.

She says you have to drink soup with soju and he pushes it over to him. But his sister just tells him that he is older now, his is 36, he doens’t have to win over his little sister. JI says what should he do better as a brother, no one is better than him. She says he does these things so well, but he left me to die alone. JI agrees, she was scared and alone that night. She says it was scary. He asks her if she blamed him a lot, she should have. She says that she did blame him a lot. he thinks…you did. he takes another shot of soju and starts tearing up. She asks if he is crying and he says he isn’t! he never cried after she died. She thinks…never? That is messed up. He tells his sister that melo is not his style and he isn’t qualified.

She gets up to leave, but he tells her to sit, he didn’t even have a chance to tell her sorry. So don’t leave like this. But she leaves and he chases after her, but he bumps into the owner ajumma and falls. He holds his arms and start crying which makes ajumma wonder if it hurts that much? He says it does so the Ajumma starts patting him on his back as JI cries on the ground.

AH had three peoples blood on her. They found some of it from the poop in front of the house. But AH isn’t speaking yet so they need to research it some more. They break and leave which is when KD goes outside and runs into JI with a paper. She tells him that this isn’t a place to just hang out at. She also tells him that she will catch the killer. Ji stands and playfully says he will help her! He is going to help her, her maincharacter is telling her that. But KD says she changed the main character.

KD is about to walk off but JI runs up to her. Dont’ be too stubborn, mixing genres together is in fashion! She wonders if he believes her now. He says he doesn’t but he wants to check and see if she is wrong. KD doesn’t want Ji to be close to the case or something bad will happen, but JI just says he doesn’t want to have regrets like 2 years ago.

We cut to KD showing JI were she got the poop from. But that is all the tracking they have of the suspect. They go inside the building that the last missing person was at. it is a college student who dissapeared after tutoring. She was a medical school student who was under debt. She should have a hard time keeping up with classes with all her side jobs. She doesn’t have friends or family, her parents are divorced. She is probably bleeding a lot. JI wonders if she thinks she is still alive? She knows how to suture.

Cut to the girl finding everything she can to suture her leg. She finds somethings in the trash and uses a candle to sterilize it.

They read her diary, the girls depression gets deaper and deaper, but then she doesn’t haev a diary for a month. She says she smiles because of that person and the world looks pretty.Ji and KD think someone shouldn’t change that suddenly.

Cut to evidence, the blood matches the three missing people perfectly.

But KD and JI are more interested in the poop that she picked up. They go somewhere to see about a pervert with two other cops. They stop the man at his place, but the man runs away. KD actually lets the pervert go by him and starts looking at his mail. The pervert runs around the building and then back to where JI is. The police ask him if they know who this girl is, did he look at this girl and then poop? The man says that he…..wants to poop again.

JI tells them not to bother him, he is from a diabled center and isn’t smart enough to do anything like this. They leave the man along to his origami. But then KD sees his origami frogs and starts to ask him about it. She makes an origami frong for him and he happily thanks her for it. Then KD asks him if he saw anyone taking the woman when he went to poop? He says he didn’t, but then he says that he saw something. KD wants to know if he remembers his face? But the man is scared.

KD tells him that they will catch him, it is okay, he can tell her. The man says that a monster came, he saw a monster and the monster took the woman. KD wonders…monster?

HM looks at the evidence and wonders where the dead bodies are. But KD thinks they are all still alive. HM says it is too much to support 3 people who are still alive. He will start to kill them soon. The only common thing they all have is that they all dissapeared from home, other than that, nothing is the same. They also don’t have anything to do with Princess Ah-hyun either.

Meanwhile, JI is on the street talking to his friends. The shaman tells him that he needs to think about ghosts. JI thinks he should have thought of it that way! He thinks back to the church, he saw some of their peraphanelia in the girls room. Cut to everyone calling and asking if the girls went to church. Yes, they all went to the same church. While this is going on, HM looks at KD with interest.

KD and JI go to the super huge mega church that was a cult but became crazy big with political power. KI says that KD needs to pretend that she is a lost soul and go to the church. She says she can do it and goes inside.

The music turns spooky as KD walks through the church. A halmae is getting her feet washed by Pastor Wang. he happily finishes and sees KD. Hea asks her what the occassion is? Cut to his office where he tells KD that he wondered about the woman who had a strong belief and stopped coming to church. But he doesn’t have a special relationship with all the members of his church (9,000 members). he does know all 4 of them though. But then he looks at her nametag and says she has some funny thing. She says pastors probably woulnd’t like this. But the Pastor says he was about to be a shaman possessed by a bad soul before he was saved by God and became a pastor. God protected him, and he tells KD to also not be possessed by bad souls.

KD tells him that she will leave but he asks if they know each other? She says that she came to the memorial for Ah-hyun. He smiles, oh, that is it, but he looks suspicious when she leaves. Outisde in teh hallway, KD sees a man who has a tick-tick. he looks like the custodian and he has a scar on his face.

Outside the building, JI sees a van and thinks this van should have seen all three people. KD asks the church representative who this person is. This man says he is a person who has a scar on his face. KD thinks back to what the man told her about a monster taking the girl. She thinks this must be the killer! She hops in their Hyundai and takes off! her and JI swerve through traffic until they get to the van. they stop it abruptly, but the man in here isn’t the right man. he says it wasn’t his turn to drive the van, but he was asked to switch the order so he did.

JI and KD run back to the curch because the man lives there. They see all the little kid posters and realize that they just missed him! KD starts cursing like crazy. the news program starts reporting that the killer is back…he scarred his own face and hid in a church….

In the hospital, Baek Ah-hyun asks for someone to call that woman police officer now.

KD and JI show up right away, though JI wasn’t really invited. They talk about the serial killer Hangu. She didn’t tell anyone because she thought he would be back. They say they understand, she was a victim as well. they ask her what happened for 118 days. She says she saw everything. She hated her fiance because he lied to her, she trusted him more than others, but she realized that he thought of her as a lottery ticket. So she wanted to dissapear from the world and hurt him as much as she was hurt, but that other man was waiting for her.

She doesn’t know where she went, it was dirty room that was all blocked with no windows. He was there with a light and she asked him what he wanted. She said that she can give him whatever he wants. her father will be angry! The killer goes up to her and she hides her face is fear. But he just moves her hair from her face and then gives her a bible and candle light. He starts playing the song and leaves.

AH said she thought it would just be a few days and he would release her, but it was just the begining. We see a montage of AH in the room with bread delivered and thats it. She eats the bread like a dog and starts to go crazy as she sits on the floor and sings the hymnal.

KD asks her about all the other women, how did she escape and not them? AH wants to know if they are asking her why she is back alone?

We see the killer under a bed?

KD wants to know if the other women are alive but AH says she only saw two others. A young girls was stabbed, they tried to escape together, but she told her to leave alone and help the killers leg. AH ran like a crazy woman, she was only thinking about surviving. She apologizes, she should have told them earlier.

JI asks her if she likes science? the girl looks up. Then we cut to a little science experiment with AH in a wheel chair inside a room. JI says humans blood is 4 times thicker than water. Becasue of this, it makes different marks depending on the speed and direction that it is flung. He flings a lot of blood on a sheet and says that it makes a pattern. But then he turns to her dress, all the blood is soaked on her dress. She says she saw how the college gril was stabbed, right? So he measured the length and calculated the angles, he wanted to find out where all the blood splatters came from. But the blood marks on her clothing was different from what she said.

It looks like she was the one that stabbed that girl. The blood patterns tell him that. Flashback to AH stabbing that girl and the blood splattering all over her clothing. The girl held AH’s leg and said to rescue her, but AH just left.

JI wants to know why she stabbed that girl and came back alive. But AH says it wasn’t her, but JI says she should hope that this girl is alive, or she will be prosecuted as a murderer. They ask where the girl is.

Cut to everyone running to the location that the girl told them. KD doesn’t want JI to go and tells him not to use his gun. He said he doesnt’ even have a gun and takes off. But KD saw a vision when she touched AH back in the hospital. She says that the place they are going to isn’t the place and she runs in the opposit direction.

But we see JI running to a room that has garbage bags hung all around it. There is also a girl inside who is passed out on a mattress. he breaks in and sees that she is still alive. But he hears a sound.

At the same time, KD has fgone to another place. She checks her gun to make sure it is loaded and walks into a room with it pointed in front of her. It looks like this room is the college girls old place possibly? Not sure. KD walks around and sees a snowball, she turns it on and sees a purple moon with stars all around. She thinks back to her vision, this was in the vision of when she saw JI put the gun to his head. She gets a message from JI and tells him that she is can’t tell him where she is because she doens’t want him to die. But then the killer comes from under the bed and tries to suffocate KD or make her pass out or something like that.

JI yells that they need to find the killers location!

But then we see KD waking up. She is hanging from the cieling and is only supported by a box that she is standing on. the killer tells her some crazy joke about a cartoon character, but she doesn’t laugh. he asks her why she isn’t laughing, she used to always laugh at his jokes. She doesn’t know what he is talking about. he wants to know if she is ignoring him becasue his face is like that now? It feels like yesterday when he got aout of that punishment room and he doens’t want to go back there again.

Flashback of two kids having to fight each other, the winner gets some food.

The man comes out of his thoughts and goes up to KD shaking and says that is why he did it. For revenge. He did the same to her, one person survives, so she snatched the knife.

The killer wants to know why she is prettending like she doesn’t know him, she promised him, the three of them would never forget each other when they became an adult, but she forgot about him? Flashback of the three friends as children. It looks like KD is remembering he promise and the drawing. She is starting to remember. The killer wants to know his name and she says his name…..

But he pulls away from her. he wants to know why she is back, he told her to run away. What if they come and find her again? She will rescue her, that way she won’t be caught by them again. he kicks away her block and he falls, she is being hung! But Ji busts in at that moment and starts to fight the killer. he is able to shoot the chord holding KD up and she falls to the ground. JI calls the killers name, he is about to kill him. KD sits up and tells him not to kill him. But JI says he isn’t a cop, he quit the police and this guy killed his sister!

The killer says he remembers that, she bit him so he hit her several times. She was beggin him to save her so he just killed her because she was begging him so much. the killer starts laughing about that. Did you think I would say that?

JI has the gun right in his face. he says yes, and he should die also.


But the gun shot is from another man. They tell JI to stop what he is doing. But the killer keeps laughing…that was your sister? JI wants to know, you didn’t know that was mysister? If just killed her for another reason?

JI grabs the killer and puts the gun to his own head, he wants 5 mintues with this killer! But the gun goes off and KD is shot. JI goes up to her and holds her, but she just says that it is good that he is still alive. meanwhile the cops are wrestling the killer to the ground.

KD wakes up Looking worse for wear. She wonders if she is till alive. Ji tells her she is still alive and how can she just jump into a gun like that? She says that JI is just her style, he owes her his life. How willhe pay her back? he says he will pay her back in an installment plan and leaves. Appa comes in at that moment and tells her that he was so worried, is she really okay? Not injured anywhere else?

So you didn’t know that it was my sister? Why did you kill her?
I was just following what was in my head, someon like you without belief, won’t see it
I thought you were getting your revenge on me. But it was strange, you didn’t know me but you went to my sister, how did you know my address? As you said, you got the calling…but it was not from the Lord.

JI starts asking him why he is lying, does he try to fake thinkgs to the Lord, all the liars will go to hell. He starts saying a lot of biblical things to the killer, but the killer says there is somthing else. JI wants to know who told him to do it and the killer says he will never tell him never ever and he won’t go to jail. he starts yelling maniaclly and gets taken out by some other cops. Then we see the killer waiting for someone in his jail cell.

KD shows up at the police station, she wants to see AH. They go inside and we see the interrogation of AH. They want to know if she stabbed that college girl. But AH isn’t talking. The college girl is in the hospital unconcious, so they need a confession. Ah says it wasn’t her. han Sang-gu did it, he did everything. AH checks her watch.

Someone calls KD and fills her in on AH’s response, they think her response is so strange. Then we see the killer breaking out of his custody. They are in a van but he had the key to his cuffs and starts to fight all the people in the van. The van swerves like crazy and the killer is able to grab a gun, he shoots and we see the van swerving and stopping.

The killer comes out with a hostage, he tells everyone to lower their guns. KD and JI run up to the scene, JI yells DON’T SHOOT. But all the cops shoot him square in his chest. JI runs up to him, who asked him to kill his sister! But all the killer wants to do is hold KD’s hand. He holds her hand and he tells her not to forget…his name is….

Flashback of them as little kids with the drawing on the wall of all their names. The killer is Apollo. She sees the killer as a little kid, he thanks her, she kept her promise. She tells him, don’t die. Apollo tells her that Popeye is waiting…I am…I am…

He passes out or dies and JI yells, is that who is behind you? You shouldn’t die!

She gets in the prosecutors car. He tells her that they can’t arrest her. She asks if he is dead and the prosecutor says that he is dead. But the prosecutor looks like he might cry. He stays composed about it though.

Back at the site, KD says she saw something about his sisters death. She wanted to leave you a message…

We see his sister trying to get to the computer and then trying to get to some paper while she was attacked.

Fade Out

Scene 1: KD tells JI what she saw in her image, but he doesn’t believe her and takes it as her imagination (fantasy novel)

Scene 2: HM tells DG what the higher up people told him.

Scene 3: JI gets drunk and sees hallucinations of his dead sister.

Scene 4: JI waits for KD outside and offers her his help.

Scene 5: JI finds an important clue from the last victim’s diary. All the victims went to the same cult church.

Scene 6: KD goes into the cult church and meets pastor Wang. He recognizes her.

Scene 7: KD and JI figure out that the serial killer works for the church as a driver.

Scene 8: AH starts to talk to KD and SJ about how she was kidnapped.

Scene 9: AH tells KD and JI what happened at the place she was kidnapped.

Scene 10: JI does an impromptu science experiment about how blood spreads and accuses AH of stabbing the last victim.

Scene 11: The serial killer hangs KD and asks her if she remembers him. KD starts to remember her childhood and his name.

Scene 12: The serial killer attempts to kill KD and JI rescues her and is about to shoot the serial killer.

Scene 13: JI and the serial killer fight over the gun and accidentally shoot KD.

Scene 14: The serial killer uncuffs himself and tries to escape but is shot by police. KD remembers his name “Apollo”

Scene 15: AH gets released from the hospital and HM looks sad about the serial killer’s death. KD saw images of JI’s last moment.

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