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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 2

Episode 2 live recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God.
Here is our quick recap of Children of a Lesser God. We are posting it without a proper edit just so everyone who is waiting to find out what happens this episode can read this to get a basic idea. We will do a proper edit later on where we can fix some grammar and spelling mistakes as well as add some scene updates and all those things. I love this show so far, it has a nice mix of quirky and creepy which gives me Queen of Mystery season 1 vibes.

UPDATES: We did a quick edit, hopefully we fixed all of the glaring grammar errors.

JI fights with the man on the street and KD dips him like he is a princess. They remember each other and talk to each other while he is still in this princess pose. He tells her that she should let go of him. He knows he is handsome, but they shouldn’t be like this. But then a boy yells that he stepped on poop! JI starts screaming and KD tells him not to move, it is evidence!

We cut to the both of them leaving the forensics office. JI says he wasn’t damaged emotionally, but he bites his lip. KD asks him what he is doing now, did he quit the police? JI says he went to see her after his sister’s funeral, but he didn’t see her. He wanted to know why she wanted to kill that serial killer. She says it is because he is a serial killer, but the real reason is that she saw his sister’s death. He knows she is lying, she is telling a half-truth and a half lie.

KD says that this is all she can tell him. JI changes his questions, why didn’t she kill him then? She had enough chance. KD wants to know this as well, she doesn’t know why, and she asked herself this question a lot as well. She thinks it is because she is a police officer. She should protect people. JI said he is not a policeman for the same reason. He excuses himself.

JI has a lot of medals on her shoulder now, three medals. She is staring into nothingness and tells her other officers that she saw Chun Jae-in yesterday. They are all like, what? I head he went crazy. They talk about the serial killer case and how they should have gotten him, but the wrong DNA sample was delivered.

Then all the police get called out for a gathering.

Meanwhile, Jae-in goes to his own place. It looks like a place to catch the criminal. He has all the forms and paperwork and all sorts of images on the walls and boards around the room. JI became the victim’s family and figured out that a lot of people mock the tragedy. But he doesn’t care about them. He sits on the floor and opens a box with the cable tie that killed his sister. He cleans it and thinks of Ha Sung-goo, Ha Sung-goo just needs to die.

The police officers all gather at this super church, they wonder who died. It looks like the chairman’s daughter died, they are still looking for the body and they can’t do the funeral without the body, so they are just doing a memorial service. The daughter is Baek Ah-hyun. JI says she looks like an angel. One of the officers say she also has some stories about her.

Cut to a woman walking the street all bloody. Cars honk at her and some people think they should call the police

Then we see JI living on the street and listening to all the street people talking about how this is the best night for ghosts. They talk about all the ghost stories…someone died, and their lower body disappeared! JI isn’t scared though, he says he believes in science. But one of the men keeps talking about the ghost stories…they are all around us! JI just rolls his eyes and tells them to stop talking about all this ghost stuff, can’t they talk about things that are more productive.

But the man tells him to look behind him! JI isn’t falling for it, but they tell him there is a ghost behind him! He looks behind himself and sees the bloody girl walking. He screams and digs his head into the nearest person. But then he thinks, is this a ghost?

Cut back to the huge church. The pastor, Pastor Wang is talking about the daughter. It looks like KD doesn’t’ remember any of these people possible? Then we see HM chuckling. KD wonders how he can chuckle at a time like this. The pastor tells them to pray. KD is about to pray, but she drops her phone. She gets it and sees the bloody girl come in. KD goes up to her to see if she is okay, is she a ghost?

But then the girl starts to scream all the bible things and she passes out. Everyone turns around and then the appa runs to her. He pushes KD away and she turns and sees the cross. She remembers someone telling a ghost to go away from this little baby, she remembers her past and is stunned.

Everyone is stunned as the bloody girl is taken out of the memorial service. JI watches this all unfold and thinks that the princess came back. Cut to appa dropping a dish as he sees ah on the news. KD gets home at that time and the appa runs to her, what happened today? KD tells him that something happened, but she isn’t super worked up about it. Appa is very worked up though, he wants to know if KD saw anything strange at the church?

KD says it isn’t that, but then she notices that the appa is bleeding and starts to bandage his foot. She asks appa what she was like when she was little and he says that she was pretty and smart. Appa says that KD had a high fever when she was little, it is a miracle that she is alive. But it is normal, a lot of people don’t remember anything before the age of 6. Then he wants to know if KD is going to take on the chaebol case. Chaebol people are bad. But KD just laughs and says that her appa watches too many dramas.

The chairman and mom are crying over their daughter as she sleeps. Then Ah-hyun opens her eyes and looks freaky as hell.

Then we cut to JI doing some CrossFit lunging outdoor style workout on the street. Then he sees a newspaper article covering one of the other street people and thinks that he knew she would be back. He thinks the court is all about storytelling, that is why the law is so just. But the sleeping man wakes up and tells JI that he just wants to sleep. Just let him sleep!

But JI wants to know about the serial killer again, just tell him about it again, he can remember everything if he tries a lot. But the man says he told him about it for 3 days already and grabs his head as if he has a headache and leaves.

The chief tells everyone that they need evidence, they can’t accuse anyone without evidence. Cut to the forensics team checking the evidence. He runs out to the police and tells them that the blood on her clothing is actually from 3 people. They don’t know one of the people, but the other 2 are all missing women. The chief tells them all that everyone needs to jump onto this case, they all need to keep quiet, no rumors, and start to investigate again.

Cut to KD at the hospital with one of the other officers. They as AH questions about the case, but she just looks off into nothingness and doesn’t respond. The mother comes in and tells them that the daughter just came back alive. The police tell her that she is the only one that can tell them about the criminal, but the mother just says that is what the police care about! She just wants her daughter to rest and get better!

They think that maybe the detectives should stop questioning her. The doctors say that she is suffering from PTSD. The detectives take that as their cue to leave, but then Ah starts humming the song that the serial killer whistled all those years ago. KD wants to know where she heard that song! But she is too aggressive with her questioning and gets dragged out by the other officer.

KD asks him if he ever heard that song, she starts singing it, but she is very bad at singing. He doesn’t know what she is singing. KD thinks that she has heard it before and starts singing it again. The Prosecutor, Joo Ha-min comes up to her and tells her that this is a hymnal song. He says that he saw her before and KD thinks back to the guy that was laughing at the church. They start to talk about the song, HM wants to know why she is thinking about this song. KD lies and says it is just in her mind and HM tells her that she isn’t so good at lying.

She does not deny that, but she asks him why he chuckled at the church. Why would he do that? That is not a time and place to chuckle. He tells her that she was probably mistaken and tells her to listen to the song. He doesn’t like it, but a lot of people like it. He leaves and KD pulls out her phone to search for the song. She finds it right away and thinks that this is the song. It is the road to heaven. A child starts singing it on the phone and we cut to a large congregation singing it at church. The congregation is Pastor Wang’s congregation. But then we immediately cut to the killer with his tick-tick as he cuts newspaper articles about Ah-hyun’s case.

It looks like JI is taking questions from all the street people about someone who hit one of them. The old man was picking up bottles near a restaurant and the owner hit him. JI says he won’t let this go! Cut to them all going to the restaurant. JI tells the waiter that they will go in, he already paid for it and they don’t have a dress code, so they can’t stop him. All the street people go inside and sit at a large table. JI snaps his finger for a waiter who comes other to them all confused looking.

JI starts to talk and uses a lot of Korean words. He tells them to hurry up and serve them because they are all in a hurry, be quick about it. Then we cut to all the fine dining food on the table and wine. JI toasts to all of them and they have a drinking wave go around the table.

KD is on the case. She is questioning a woman about AH going to the building with her fiancé. The woman said the price went way down after that incident. She says the man was handsome, but he was a little cheap based on his shoes and his watch. The other officer says all the watches tell the same time. But the woman says that the woman was strange, not the man.

Flashback to the woman coming in. The woman greeted them and says that the woman didn’t look so happy. On the day of the proposal, the bride didn’t look happy, so she thinks this lead to the crime. At 9:50 they had the fire and the fiancé went to the car to pick up her headache pull so she was the only one upstairs. He ran upstairs to rescue her, but he couldn’t go inside through the door. The fire was extinguished at 11:50 but no one was there. She should be there, but she wasn’t.

He went to get the medicine for a fraction of a second, but the first started and she disappeared as if she evaporated. AH sent her mother a text message saying that she was scared. If she doesn’t accept the proposal, then something bad might happen. So, it looks like she was threatened that night, but why didn’t she accept the proposal.

Cut to the jail. Prosecutor HM is with the fiancé walking out of the jail. He says that he loved her so much, but the prosecutor thinks he is lying. The fiancé says that he loved her so much, he didn’t even know that she was the heir to the chairman’s fortune when he met her at the orphanage. The prosecutor tells the fiancé that he is not the murderer, but he is one of the suspects so don’t’ go too far away. He leaves and the fiancé yells that it wasn’t him!

The street people are steady eating and enjoying their time in the fancy establishment. They say they will have a toast by their chairman! JI sits up and starts to talk about all the economy things and all the US causes for the debt and all the damage to their business. But then they say that this one woman won’t know because she is a new face. The woman stands up and says that she is 60 and starts to talk about herself, she picks up vegetables from the mountain. JI zooms in on her mannerisms with her hands. He says the hands say all that she did her entire life, her hands are to busy to pick up vegetables from the mountain. Her wound looks like cigarette wounds, is she from jail? Just eat this.

JI then starts to talk about all the halmoni pickpockets, one of them was so famous. The halmoni starts to curse and JI says he remembers all the faces of everyone who went to jail. She asks if he is police and JI says the police follow the law, but he is looking for a guy. He tells them that he is looking for this guy (he gives them a picture) and tells them that they should call him, not the police. He will give them $20,000 if they do. But he has a backstory where he can’t follow the law.

KD and Detective Do-hoon look around a mountain that overlooks the building they were just at. They talk about the case, how can Ah-hyun just disappear and how can she come back to life and recite the Lord’s Prayer when she showed up at the church. The detective says that only one person said that Ah was probably alive. KD wonders who that person is.

We cut to that person, JI who is busy complaining about how the bread is so hard at this fancy restaurant. The owner comes out and JI tells him that this is the right way to overuse power. JI blinks at the old man and everyone in the room starts texting about the owner overusing his power and how it was really refreshing to see.

But then we cut to Prosecutor Ha-min getting slapped hard by the Chairman. He is angry that the prosecutor said that his daughter was dead. Who took her and made her into the living dead? The chairman doesn’t want this criminal to live under the same sun as him. The prosecutor says he will catch him and the chairman tells him to smile if he understands. The prosecutor breaks into a creepy smile and tells the chairman that there were several other missing girls blood found on his daughter. The chairman wants to know what he is talking about and the prosecutor just tells him to smile.

The prosecutor looks at Ah in her bed and asks her if the killer told her to leave, is that why she isn’t talking right now? I know you can hear me.

Meanwhile, KD is outside with all the other street people. The street people are selling food and KD wants to question them. One of them recognizes her and tells her to sit, he will tell her her fate. She is in a hurry and wants to leave, but the ajusshi tells her to just wait a moment. He grabs her arm and gets a feeling with the bell. He asks her how she got it, all the shamans hide the bell buried deep in the ground. Did she hear a ringing? She says no, and he says that’s right, it shouldn’t be…as he is deep in thought. But KD is a little spooked and quickly leaves.

then we cut to Appa. Appa takes something from the ceiling, it is his daughter’s creepy drawings. he flashes back to a doctor talking about the bell that doesn’t have anything in it, so it shouldn’t ring. The doctor is a little concerned about the girl’s drawings, why did she draw the people in that way? She wants to know what happened to this 8-year-old girl. The appa picks up his daughter and takes her out in a hurry.

Then we cut back to the present. He looks in the box and sees the cross of that particular church.

KD finds JI and starts to ask him questions but JI just starts talking about this year’s fashion is to direct, minimalism is the answer. She wants to know if he is the kind of person who holds grudges (about the poop) and he looks like he is, but he tries to play it off. She says they have to catch a criminal! But he says that he doesn’t care. KD wants to know how what you see isn’t everything. He says that he will tell her what she wants to know if she tells him everything about the case from 2 years ago. She agrees.

They go inside, and JI starts showing her all of his research. He tells her that she started investigating the case wrong. They need to go back to the day that she became betrayed by her fiancé. What kind of feeling would you have? KD thinks she probably had her heart broken, maybe she would be inside her house and crying over a broken heart. She starts to tear up and gets a hanky, but JI just pulls it away and tells her not to get too involved in everyone’s emotions.

They imagine what AH is doing, perhaps she is in her room and trying to put on makeup. But a human’s mind is not simple, the more you love someone, the harder it is to forgive them. They need to find out what kind of person Baek Ha-hyun is. KD thinks she is an angel and a princess. But JI tells her to throw away all those things she knows about AH and look at the case only. There is something that doesn’t fit here, she should match the picture.

KD goes into the picture and starts looking around, but she thinks she needs a hint. He says these things aren’t hints, they are spoilers. He said he realized it while having dinner with one of their new crew. Hands say a lot about a person. KD thinks she doesn’t need acetone because she goes to the nail shop all the time. Also, the super expensive cognac. It is a big catalyst for fire. So, they have two big catalysts in the room.

They imaging AH spreading the acetone and alcohol around and then lighting the fire with one of the candles. She leaves as soon as the fiancé comes back into the room.

KD thinks that Ah was just waiting for a day to leave and take everything from that man, like in a movie. But her revenge was screwed up because she was actually abducted by someone.

We cut to AH still sleeping in the hospital. The prosecutor gets up and tells her to finish her acting when it is the right time. But then AH starts shivering, she is having a nightmare. She was running away from the fire and looking at the scene, that is when the bad guy came and hit her over the head. She woke up while he was dragging her body. She tells him to please let her go.

In the hospital, she starts to shake and shiver as she recites the Lord’s Prayer while sitting up in her bed.

KD says it will be hard to believe and she doesn’t know where to start. He tells her to just start, he is listening. She says that she just sees it!

Then we cut to the shaman street person. He says that it shouldn’t be….it is a super big not making any sense fate.

Cut back to JI and KD, she tells JI that she feels like she experiences that accident and it feels like she is really dying. She saw the case, she really saw it! But JI just rubs his face. He tells her that peoples right and left eyes have a time difference in accepting information, he starts talking so fast about how the brain perceives information and people have a mistake sometimes. This is just some Deja vu.

She says it isn’t Deja vu!

He tells her that it is, or she should go to the doctor, why couldn’t she catch the criminal then? KD says it is random, she doesn’t know why or when. JI tells her to go see a doctor, he will tell her what is going on. He gets up to leave.

But KD tells him that she went there, she went to the hospital. He thinks she is crazy, she hopes she is crazy, then at least she will have some hope that it will get better. It doesn’t matter, she is used to being treated like this and someone like him will never understand her hell.

He laughs…hell? You were like that 2 years ago, you had no evidence, but you said we had to kill him. You should have killed him if you knew what he would do. If I didn’t stop you then do you think my sister would still be alive? Would I be free from this guilty feeling? I Imagined it so many times, but nothing changes. Hell is like that. You live in a reality where you can’t even run away.

It is not the fantasy that you talk about!

Then tell me what I am going to do to you right now! Tell me anything! He grabs her and shakes her. Then she hears the bell ringing and stops. Her eyes grow large as she breathes heavily. She tells him to listen to her, don’t shoot ever. You shouldn’t shoot him. He will be back.


The serial killer Han Sang-goo.

JI tells her not to play with that name in front of him. KD tells him that he might already be back. Then we cut to YA with the serial killer, she is over his shoulder and we see his face, it is the serial killer from before. YA freaks out in her room about it and we cut to the policemen talking about the missing college kids case (where KD got the poop from). That girl’s blood was all over the dress. They say she must be bleeding a lot. She isn’t dead yet, they have to find her soon before she dies.

The serial killer comes in and the girl asks him to let her go. He asks her if she wants him to let her go and she says yes. He has a cable tie behind his back.

JI yells that he trusts KD, where is he, WHERE IS HE? She says … Baek Ah-hyun. We cut to AH eating mood like a mad woman, she is just digging her fists in the cake and eating it quickly. Then we cut to the church. The chairman wants to make a deal with the pastor about his daughter. The pastor says their relationship isn’t normal, it is strong. He tells the chairman that they are in the same boat and the ship is still sailing. God is the one who will decide where the ship will harbor.

Cut back to KD telling JI to remember what she said, don’t shoot him! She has a vision that he will kill himself if he kills the serial killer. He won’t be able to endure the pressure of killing someone.

Fade Out


Scene 1: KD and JI meet each other again. JI finds out his foot is in a bag with poop.

Scene 2: JI asks KD about why she tried to kill the murder suspect. JI says the reason why he became a street person.

Scene 3: AH walks on the street on a bloody dress without shows. JI and homeless people see her.

Scene 4: AY shows up at her own memorial service and screams the Lord’s Prayer.

Scene 5: JI does his own workout and asks another homeless about the murder suspect.

Scene 6: KD tries to interview AH about what happened while she was gone. KD and other police are kicked out of the hospital room by mom and AH starts to hum a song the murderer was whistling.

Scene 7: JI and other homeless go to a fine restaurant to disturb their business.

Scene 8: The house (or B&B) owner talks about what has happened at the day of AH’s death to KD. AH’s fiancé is released from jail by the prosecutor.

Scene 9: JI gives a speech as a president of the homeless group at the restaurant. He finds out that one of the new woman is an ex robber.

Scene 10: HM visits AH’s hospital bed. Her dad (DG) slabs him then HM tells him that police found blood of missing women on AH’s dress. HM askes AH why she is the only one escaped.

Scene 11: KD and JI starts to work together. He explains to her why he thought AH’s fiancé isn’t the murder.

Scene 12: The murderer hits AH’s head and kidnaps her. She starts to repeat the Lord’s Prayer at the hospital bed.

Scene 13: KD explains to JI that she sees the murder scene. He doesn’t believe her.

Scene 14: JI explains his hell to KD. He tells KD to predict what he is going to do. She hears the bell sound and foresees that he will shoot the murder. She tells him the serial murderer is already back.

Scene 15: JI asks her where the killer is. She says Baek Ah-hyun. AH’s father meets the pastor and asks a favor. They say they are in a same boat and still sailing. KD says to JI don’t shoot the murderer.

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