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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 14

Episode 14 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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Kim Dan and Jae-in are taking down the baddies one by one. But in order to do it they need the book of Revelations, which is also known as the bookkeeping book. It is where all the money exchanges hands from the church to candidate Kuk Han-ju.

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KD gives JI a handkerchief. Some kids spray water on him. Suddenly he realizes that KD can see into the future.

It is cake cutting time, everyone goes to the stage, but AH holds off and pretends like she is helping her mother. KD sees a vision of the chandelier breaking and falling on everyone.

AH sends a signal to a woman to turn on the lights. The lights turn on and the chain of the chandelier breaks.

KD – This engagement party is a trap, she wants to kill everyone.

KD rakes off running. JI yells, step aside! He shoots his gun into the air. Then he shoots it near HM to make him move.

Everyone wonders what is going on and leaves. KD walks out and sees HM, but she walks right past him.

HM – Detective Kim Dan, don’t you have something to tell me.
KD – Nothing…nothing
HM – How was the funeral with Butler Kim
KD – He was my father, not Butler Kim, the one you killed.
HM – That is a misunderstanding, I didn’t kill him
KD – You were in on it, without knowing it himself, he became a co-conspirator, I was only carrying it, I didn’t know it was potassium cyanide, that is how you defend yourself. F-you.
HM – I am…I am..
KD – F-you, you chose to live and become a monster
HM – Monster…?
KD – You are the co-conspirator Joo Ha-min, 24 years ago and now, until I die, I will not forgive you. Congratulations on your engagement.

KD leaves, but her nose is bleeding a little bit. She wipes it and keeps moving. HM is left seething at the words she said.

Elsewhere, JI claps for AH, she says she isn’t in the mood for clapping. Ji asks why she did that? She should only target bad guys and not target innocent people, you are just like your father. She asks if he has evidence. She says this hotel is her fathers.

JI tells her, have me. A lot of guys will look after you, the only thing you got as insurance is HM? She says he is a better insurance plan than a police officer. He tells her to change it to him, security is more important than gain in insurance. She doesn’t think she can trust him. JI tells her that her father was ditched by the other two. She wants him to prove that he is worth that much. That is what her father said. You should go there; my father is waiting.

The Pastor, Candidate, and HM sit in the car and talk. They will investigate the accident using HM. Pastor thinks HM should marry AH as soon as possible so she can have SongHa Chaebol group. And tells AH that the money for the offering is not enough. It is almost the end of the election, so we don’t have enough money.

About that female detective from Heavens Door. Flashback of her vision of him killing people again in order to change the King and confronting him about it. The Pastor says only he and the candidate know this, she shouldn’t know, but she also knew this 24 years ago, she predicted 31 deaths.

HJ – Do you think she can foresee the future until then?
Pastor – I heard her grandmother is a shaman

JI chases down KD and asks if anything happened with her grandmother, huh, you’re not wearing your bracelet anymore, did you level up like a super scion (Dragon Ball Z)? She is all like, yeah. He tells her she is even more violent now.

In the car, the Pastor tells the candidate that he wanted to kill Byul along with her mom, but she is still alive. The candidate says he will take care of her.

Cut to HM’s car. He pulls out the videotape. He has another copy or maybe it is the original? He asks what they want to do with this.

JI and KD see the chairman in the jail. He is in a wheelchair. He had 70 doctor’s opinions to get out of jail, but he is still there. KD says HJ ditched him, her daughter almost had a big accident and things didn’t work out as he planned. He asks why they called him there. DG says it isn’t him, it is the shaman girl. AH doesn’t’ even know she has a dead brother, only his wife and he knows that.

KD wants to know if she wants him to see his future for when he gets out of jail?

DG says there is a book of revelations. The Pastor calls it revelations, but I know it is bookkeeping. Kuk Han-ju’s political money goes in and out from ChunIn church. The pastor has a book. He doesn’t know where it is. Only the Pastor and two of his men know where the book is. They ask him who that person is.

Dan goes home and thinks about what her father told her as she looks at all the food in the fridge.

HG – Dan, in the refrigerator, I made a lot of side dishes, so don’t skip your meals.

Dan says that she won’t skip her meals and she won’t starve. She takes out a lot of the side dishes and starts to prepare to eat. JI ask her what she is doing. She says that she will eat and prepare to fight. JI tells her she is super great, it took him two years.

SG and DH come to the house, Dan called them. They all start to drink and cheer. But before they drink, JI wants to ask them a question. They all grumble. KD feel anxious about this.

JI – Beer has 5% alcohol, with 125 ml and 15.5% alcohol soju with 50 ml, so what is the concentration of alcohol in this cup…..8.7647588%. So, you know how to calculate blood alcohol level, right?
SG – Can’t you just shut up while we drink?
JI – We are police, we shouldn’t lose out identity while drinking….
Everyone – Let’s just drink, drink!

Cut to everyone being drunk. One of the cops tells Dan to cheer up. JI pours even more drinks.

JI – How well I treated him, we did sauna together, and ate pasta together….
DH – You said that over ten times already!
JI – I will…..this guy…..kill him…..I will differentiate him….until he becomes zero

Everyone is drunk.

Meanwhile, HM is eating Kimbap and ramen by himself. He remembers what KD said. Maybe your mother put a lot of effort to make it, wishing that her son ate it deliciously. HM thinks about this as he keeps eating. Then the corrupt policeman comes. HM tells him he is not eating. The policeman sits and eats one kimbap. He tells him that he is Popeye or whatever right?

HM – You are?
Cop – Oh yeah, I should call you secretary director did you kill Kim Dan’s father
HM – What if I killed him, what are you going to do?
Cop – I was just wondering, what is the candidate’s message
HM – Take care of Chun Jae-in until the election ends without drawing too much blood.

JI is on the street super drunk, he sees some people coming, he is abducted by two men. KD wakes up and says, sunbae. She calls him quickly.

JI wakes up in what looks like a crime scene. Someone is dead. It is a jewelry store and JI has blood on his hands and rings on his fingers and necklaces all around his neck. The cops show up and the corrupt cop runs in.

News: Active duty police tried to rob a jewelry shop and were caught by his colleagues, he denies all the allegations, but he was super drunk. He used to be a star detective, the #1 star detective.

The street people find out that there was a big accident. JI went to jail after trying to rob a jewelry shop! DH also tells their boss that this is a big accident, you know him, he shouldn’t’ go to jail. He put a lot of prisoners in jail! But they tell him, sorry, he is already in jail.

Cut to JI walking into the jail. The guard asks him if he is okay. JI wonders if he knows him. The guard says everyone knows him, be careful, that room has a lot of tough guys. JI says he had a lot of training in how to handle criminals. Whatever the other person is, with small conversations, according to MBTI theory, I can divide into 16 different characters and after I divide their character….

He stops talking and tries to leave when he sees his cellmates.

The one on the left is a serial rapist, JI caught him
The middle one is the one that had the fake hostage, JI caught him
The one on the far right is a male hooker, JI caught him

They are all ready to whoop up on him.

KD goes to visit the candidate. She tells him that they know each other so they should stop pretending. He tells her to sit down, he knows the reason she came there. Can you remove JI from jail? He is trapped, he can’t do those crimes even if he is super drunk, so I am begging you.

Jail. The three ask JI how he is doing. JI tells them that they look good. But he also tells them, no violence, if you do it then I am going to report to the guards. But they just punch him in the face and start kicking him JI falls to the ground.

Candidate – I didn’t even know JI was in jail until I saw the TV.
KD – I know when you make one phone call, a lot of people, police or prosecutors, want to do whatever you ask.
Candidate – Politics, economy, and religion, and public power are all related.
KD – Can you take him out with that power
Candidate – what can you give me?
KD – Anything.
Candidate – Leave.
KD – What?
Candidate – That means you don’t have anything. Politicians don’t make those deals. I heard you pretend to be a shaman, I was excited about that. I am disappointed.

KD leaves, but then she stops.

KD – (She says a year and a month) two rabbits become one body, the rabbit bites a tiger. You won’t be the King!

HM asks the corrupt cop if he took care of JI. He went to Dongsun Jail (maybe he asked to go?). The cop says, maybe that is the best place for him. HM says he understands, and he hangs up.

JI is still being beaten up by the three. But the crazy church guy is in the room also, he is sitting and reading against the wall. JI gets soccer kicked and falls to the wall. He smiles with bloody teeth and tells the crazy church island guy, it’s nice to see you. The church guy looks at him and puts down his book. (ah! Maybe he knows the accounting book).

Only the pastor and two of his closest people know the book. First, Joseph (blue jacket guy), second, the island mayor in jail. They leave.

KD thinks that they just need to find the accounting book. they need to find something to work on them with. Joseph speaks to the pastor and the mayor guy is in jail and is a big follower of the pastor. KD tells him that she has a way.

Cut to the drunken night. KD tells them that they should become the violent robbery at that location. The location is the jewelry shop guy. The jewelry shop guy already agreed because KD stopped a con man that was about to take all the jewelry shop owners money. But for this plan to work, one of them has to go to jail. No one wants to go to jail. But JI ends up going. Later, KD tells SG and DH that no one will suspect them because she really begged the candidate to save JI, but now it is sunbae’s part.

JI has finally stopped getting beaten up. JI talks to the crazy halbae against the wall. Crazy guy asks JI if he got punishment. JI says it isn’t punishment, it is justice. Crazy says that JI went against gods will. JI says it wasn’t God, it was the law. Crazy says that the day of promise will come soon. Whatever people can go to Heaven. JI tells him it won’t come, whenever. The three others get up and think they can do a second round (of beating JI up).

The street people show up to KD, SG, and DH. They are their helpers, the Homeless Avengers! KD starts to tell them all their plan to help Chun Jae-in.

HM goes to a bar where AH is drinking a lot of alcohol. AH says that she can’t move the marriage date until Appa comes out of jail. HM tells her that she needs to listen to what the above people say. AH says that they should pay for it, they took a lot of money and now they want to take over the company. HM says it was you, they won’t give you a second chance, your father is not protecting you anymore. When I was 8, your father made us fight over one rice bowl to show if we are worth surviving. That is the world.

AH says it was helpful for them, you and me as in different social positions. HM laughs and says that she should be like that, she is still the princess looking down at me like a bug. He leaves. AH mutters, F-you. I just wanted to play with you guys.

Crazy halbae is up at night-time, he washes his hands, but blood comes out of the sink. It freaks him out, he wonders what is going on. He says some Book of Exodus Bible things. JI wakes up and asks him if he can just be quiet. But crazy halbae tells him that he needs to save the water. Crazy Halbae looks at the blood. JI tells him that back in the Bible days that was the red tide, it wasn’t blood.

Crazy halbae tells him he is a non believer that will be in hell forever. He goes back to looking at the red blood. SG runs out, it looks like his mission is accomplished.

1st disaster – blood

KD – Against crazy believers, we attack with crazy belief.

She gets a little paper bag with something in it. Ah, flees! Ji releases the bugs into the room. Everyone starts scratching. They all have lice. Ji runs to the guard and tells them that they need help, they have lice! The crazy believer starts reciting the bible and looking around.

2nd disaster – frog
3rd disaster – flees (live)

Ji hides a remote control under his arm. It is meal time, but the three others just want to beat up JI some more.

Cut to the thief halmae mixing something, some chemical. It looks like she made an itching soap. Everyone in the jail starts itching. Crazy believer halbae starts praying super hard.

4th disaster – bad abscess

In the jail, grasshoppers (locus?) Start to come out everywhere. There are grasshoppers everywhere in the bathroom. The crazy believer starts reciting the locust part from the bible. Ji says that fear is the greatest weapon, especially when people are isolated, because they are vulnerable.

They cross out the 9th and the 10th. They are going through all the bible disasters.

JI – When belief shakes, then people’s mind starts to crack.

KD tells the team that they are all done. They did ten disasters. SG and DH are super happy that it is all done. KD tells them to go to the police station with the jewelry shop owner. They leave and KD says, please be trapped.

Jail. The halbae keeps saying that he has to leave, he has to leave. The halbae has completely cracked.

HM puts in the original videotape and plays it.

HJ – Okay, I will give you a chance.
Pastor – Chance?
DG – Chance?
HJ – The chance of choice, you twos’ ship has hit the rock under water, one is the captain, the other one owns the ship, the ship is about to sink, so what is your choice?
Pastor – We should survive.
DG – I will never die.
HJ – What if all your passengers won’t survive?
DG – They are bad people, they are betrayers.
HJ – Do you agree, Pastor?
Pastor – They betrayed God.
HJ – Okay, then, let’s do this. All the people here (on the list) will all commit suicide on the same day, the same time. All of them over a religious matter.
Pastor – That is a good ending of a betrayer of religion, but why do you do this?
HJ – It is the same reason that you believe in God, it’s for patriotism, that is my religion.

The videotape goes out. There was a hidden camera in the room. But the videotape turns back on. And someone comes in and gives them all drinks. HM’s eyes grow wide.

JI tells the crazy believer that he will get out soon. Crazy believer wants to know how he stole from a jewelry shop. JI says he told them he would give them a present, so they made a deal. Then JI asks the crazy believer, do you know the other candidate, HJ’s rival? Revelations will go to that side. The crazy believer thinks he is lying. But JI says, if he is lying, then how does he know that there are only two guards for Revelations (the accounting book).

The crazy believer thinks that if that is true, then he should leave it alone. JI asks him if he remembers that detective that saw the ghosts?

Our Butler takes care of the money (Island mayor).

HM starts to think as he watches that. Then he says, that is why Chun Jae-in went to that jail.

JI says that he will hand it over nicely. The guard comes in and tells JI to come out. JI leaves.

The corrupt officer can’t believe that JI is released. The victim reversed his decision, he wasn’t hurt, and nothing was taken. The jewelry shop person says that they have been friends for a long time and this was just a drill for a simulation.

JI gets out of jail. The other inmates yell at him and tell him that they miss him a lot. JI punches them and pulls them hard against the jail cell. JI says that he got hit a few times, do they think that Korean police are pushovers? He walks out.

JI thanks the guard and tells him that he had a hard time to catch the bad guys. Then JI asks for a lighter.

HM goes to the jail to meet a prisoner.

The Pastor tells the candidate that he is #1 right now. He gives the candidate a list of the church elders that will help him from his cabinet. HJ says that is not in a hurry. But he takes the paperwork and tells him that The Pastor should lead as well. Pastor says that the opponent will use up a lot of money. The other candidate made a campaign promise to give a lot of money back to the church, you should also give them something, then people will donate more money.

Someone comes in and tells them to watch the news!

News: The other two candidates are together. One of them becomes #1 again. They are law school friends. They are both rabbit year, 63.

KD told him that two rabbits got together and will bite the tiger. HJ remembers that. He knows that he is the tiger, that was true, she is the real deal. Let’s go.

Pastor leans in and says…that plan, it is the right time to start it.

KD picks up JI and gives him tofu (since he spent time in prison). He was able to get the location.

The crazy believer tells HM that JI went out to find the Revelations book, he tells him that KD used her powers to find out where the book is.

JI used a remote control to make a transmitter. He left it in the jail cell and KD and JI are listening to it right now. The crazy believer told HM how to find the book, he has to find it before JI finds it. So, JI and KD know where the book is now since they are listening to everything that is said with the recorder.

JI and KD leave. KD sees a car coming and pulls JI out of the way. But there is no car there. KD is seeing a vision. She sees a vision of Joseph giving something to the island mayor. She says it isn’t this place. JI is all like….what?

Pastor talks to someone on the phone and says that the book of revelations isn’t there, Chun Jae-in is lying.

JI thinks there is another location. He says a lot of numbers about all the church people going to Heaven and then says that the last 12 numbers are an old postal code.

Pastor. HM talks to the pastor, he tells him that he needs to remove the object, not only him, but the candidate will be hurt. Pastor tells him that they only had less than 100 members when they first started. People said they were a cult. What do you think is the reason they became so big? HM tells him that black money flows between politics and companies through that book, it is not belief, all the elders come here to sell relationships, not beliefs. That is the revelation. Pastor tells him it was only to spread Gods word there.

JI and KD get to the other church location. Three people are there. They tell him this is just a place to pray. JI asks KD, you said you saw the object, can you find it? KD sees a vision of the crazy believer running into the building, she follows up. JI holds off all the other people.

Pastor. HM wants to know where the artifact is. Someone comes in and tells them that the police went to one of their locations. This clues HM in to know that it must be there. The Pastor is alarmed and tells them to kill them, don’t let them come out alive.

Cut to the location, JI is holding off the two men and won’t let them go inside the doors. He asks them if they know Russian military martial arts? He learned it over the internet. JI starts to fight them all and thinks, it works. But then a lot more people run in and he says, what I learned, is only for two people. He pulls out his gun.

KD is deep inside the building now. She closes her eyes and tries to think.

JI beats up all the people, but his gun is on the floor. Even more people come in with bats. JI goes into the building and shuts the door. He takes off running and finds KD in the church sanctuary. He asks her where it is. She says it is under the cross. JI picks up a chair and breaks in the wall under the cross. There is a golden wrapped item there. He opens it and there are about 5 books. Ji looks through it, this is it! KD asks him if she is cool, he tells her good job!

But HM comes in with the gun that JI lost. He tells them to give him the book, otherwise, KD will die. He says that he is not bluffing. JI wants to know why he is doing this? He is from Heavens Door, he is the victim. HM says he lived as s victim for a long time, he was abandoned to that hellish place and became a prosecutor and he became the secretary director for a presidential candidate, I came to this level.

JI says, you are really not my style. HM tells him to give him the book, or you guys are really dead. JI is about to give him the book, but KD pushes it down and tells HM to shoot her and take the book. He holds the gun up to her head and wraps his hands around it.

Then he thinks back to all his moments with KD from childhood until now. The bell music starts to play. He remembers her telling him that he chose to become a monster. Now KD asks him if he can do it, but he can’t shoot her, ever.

HM – Yes, I can’t shoot you. But…

He shoots JI in the heart!

HM – Chun Jae-in is different.

JI falls.


Back to the present. HM still has the gun pointed at KD

HM – Yes, I can’t shoot you, but…

KD quickly grabs his arm and takes the gun away from him using police martial arts/Aikido style moves. Then she tells him that she told him he can’t shoot. They walk out. KD with the gun and JI with the golden wrapped Revelations bookkeeping books. They pose like super crime fighters.

Fade Out

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  1. Jen
    April 16, 2018 / 1:23 am

    I’m So ready to watch it now after reading the recap!

    Thank You!

    • V
      April 16, 2018 / 6:41 am

      The jail scene was really fun.

  2. nona88
    April 16, 2018 / 3:58 am

    omg he out of what words I can say
    dragon Ball Z 😂😂😂 she up in levels and what if she will be more violent now!!!
    JI that your reaction to her back with the ability to see the future easily 😂😂
    I like his mind and how easy accepting strange things
    great ep I liked everything
    it like they hear my prayer from episode 13 asking for episode 14 to give me peace and it give us more then peace ( sweet, cool, strong and funny ep)
    thank your recap it helping and keep us enjoying the drama live ❤.

    • V
      April 16, 2018 / 6:45 am

      I loved the leveled up part too! After this episode, I can definitely see JI and KD together. She is the only one that understands his type of crazy.

      • nona88
        April 16, 2018 / 6:37 pm

        yes and he the only one who can take her power in easy, funny and admiring way
        other people or think she crazy or will be afraid of her
        but he made it look like a simple matter or amazing game make her feel at easy but he really from inside trust, understand, respect and trying to accept everything about her even if that behind his logic mind

        I like them together as I write before they both weird in normal standards but together they both look normal, nice, strong and lovely couple
        I loved them in this ep what this two can’t do when they join hands the power, IQ, craziness thinking, welling, strong but flexible minds and the trust and believe in each other and the right things❤
        p.s. I know ep 15 -16 will not be all sweet but I hope to see more from this two, for sure they have to put end to the rumors about them dating and just start dating you too ( if I think in JI mind they should get married by now )😂 more important I need answer about the kiss matter from ep 12

        • V
          April 16, 2018 / 8:29 pm

          I need that kiss answer, too! I might need to rewatch that part with subs, whenever it is released, to see what exactly was said there.

  3. oppafangirl
    April 16, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    Hmmm! Looks like so much fun, I need to catch up (still on ep 7 *goes to watch it*).
    Btw, Thank you for your wonderful recaps, they make the show so much more enjoyable (and definitely understandable). Thank you once again. 😀 🙂 <3

  4. Casey
    April 21, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Can you recommend a website where i can watch this with good eng subs. I actually stumbled here because the ep 4 & 5 subs that i found on some frustrates me, huhuhu

  5. Denden
    May 17, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    argonsubs does better sub for this show but sadly they only did up to ep3 🙁 i subscribe to netflix but its not there. there are 2 groups who sub but one is indoeng and other is chineseeng which is not bearable. has anyone found a good eng sub?

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