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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 13

Episode 13 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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There is everything right about this show. No character is just there to be there for a moment and expendable the next. No death isn’t without a strong reason. No artifact is just there for one episode and then gone. Everything about Children of a Lesser God is detailed and well thought out and well executed. I love this show so much. Today we find out everything that Happened at Heaven’s Door and it is something to behold. That is what happens in the first part of the episode. But it doesn’t stop there y’all, the entire episode is amazing and the ending kind of made me feel like I stepped into an episode of a superhero show or The X-Files or something, but in a really, really good way.

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A woman shows up with her child. It is little Byul. The mother tells the Pastor and the chairman that her daughter sees hallucinations, she heard that the Pastor can cure ghosts. Her father died and her Grandfather is a shaman. I don’t want her to be a shaman, I don’t want her to inherit my mother’s life.

Byul wants to leave, she doesn’t want to live there, if they stay there then her life will be shorter. Cut to them walking down a hall. Byul wants to sleep with her mother, not with the other kids. Umma tells her that they are there to cure her, she trusts that they will do well.

Byul goes to the kid’s room, the kids are all lined up. They take their vitamins like they are in the military.

Then we see HG. His daughter is dying and he wants the pastor to save her. Pastor says he isn’t a doctor, only the father’s belief will cure her. HG starts to try and cure the child in the name of God. The girl says…appa. HG goes to her child and holds his hand. He asks her if she is okay. She says that she wants to see Bong-hee. He tells her to get better and see Bong-hee. He thanks the pastor over and over again.

Outside, Popeye and Apollo play an even number odd number game. Byul walks up to them and knows which hands are even or odd. They want to know how she knows these things. Byul says it is because her Halmoni is a shaman and she is just like her. So, you don’t want to play with me? But they tell her that she is super cool, do it one more time.

Appa comes back with some ballet shoes to give to his daughter, but she has passed away. He starts crying and hugs her. He can’t believe that this happened, he can’t live without her, don’t’ die, don’t die! Cut to HG giving all his money to the Pastor, he wants another miracle. The Pastor says it isn’t about money, it is about his belief. His belief is not enough, he needs to be reborn again. Heavens Door will open in front of his daughter.

HG leaves and drops a picture, Byul runs up and gives it to him. He takes it from her with trembling hands. She puts her hands over his and tells him not to cry.

HG records the Pastors sermon with everyone standing and praying and jumping around.

VO – Heavens Door welfare center was closer to hell than Heaven. The pastor was blinding adults with their beliefs and the director that can make their beliefs into money.

Byul’s mother saw the director breaking one of the kid’s arms, she is appalled, but she hides. A Halbae runs away and HG drags him back in and puts him in the chairman’s office, the chairman is about to beat him with a stick.

VO – And someone became a worker at their hands and feet…my father, Butler Kim.

One of the little boys pees in his pants and gets hit by HG. He moves to the next boy. He also gets hit by HG. Popeye runs to the kid’s side and says that he won’t let him go; when he is an adult he will find him and kill him. Byul tells ajusshi that he is a good person, his child will be sad. She is looking at you from the Skyworld. HG says he needs to be converted to Gods soldier, then he will be back, but he is not there yet.

VO – Even in that hell, we had friends and we grew 5 inches and we had future dreams…before that happened.

Cut to AH playing at home with her mother and Byul’s mom cleaning. They watch the news. There is a presidential election and a protest. The candidate is there and says they will catch the bad guys, just come down, the law is always on your side, just come down.

Popeye thinks that ajusshi on the TV is super cool, like Spiderman. The mother goes inside and asks if they eat that as a vitamin. The other kid threw up. The mother says to pretend like you eat it, but never swallow it. Popeye, you go to school, so you go outside right? From now on, you two should help ajumma.

The kids start to sneak letters out.

VO – The letter I wrote was put into a white envelope and went out into the world.

The letter is for Kuk Han-juk.

Cut to Kuk Han-ju talking about how the scandal is very bad. There is a woman who works for the place who is also pregnant. All the people sitting around are like FBI/CIA secret service people. They tell Kuk Han-ju that he is their ace. He goes back to his office and sees the letter, he opens it and reads it.

HJ – This kind of center is still around?

At the center, Byul tells Popeye that it is really Christmas, do you think Santa will come? She asks him if he has seen Santa Clause. But then Kuk Han-ju showed up.

VO – We didn’t see the answer, but he came like Santa Clause, we didn’t know what we brought in.

Kuk Han-ju tells them that they kill people and these are not vitamins. You make kids antibiotic and you test the side effects here. I have evidence. He hands over the letter. Everyone signed it except for Butler Kim. The Pastor says this is against God. Kuk Han-ju says they should get their punishment. But they say that only God can punish them, they fed beggars, they are the sinners, not them.

Kuk Han-ju says that they don’t regret it at all. He will give them a chance, this is the chance of choice. Your ship is about to wreck. One is the captain and the other is the owner of the ship. You are about to sink, so what are you going to do?

A woman gets out of a car, she is pregnant. Kuk Han-ju says that soon he will have a big issue, nothing compared to the candidate’s scandal.

At the church, the Pastor says that he was busy and didn’t know what Director Baek did, so he will resign from his position today. Everyone stands and points their fingers at them. Umma asks if a new director will come? They said no, they will elect one of them. The crowd is rowdy though, they gave all their money to this welfare center. The Pastor says that he will find sponsors. He tells Director Baek to take care of the money issues.

This isn’t good timing, but they have a newcomer in the crowd. The pregnant woman stands up and says she will be there for a few weeks and then leave.

Sponsors show up and are welcomed. The kids sing the song. The girl says that all the people are red, her mom is also red. 31 are all red. The Pastor sees this. Afterward, he tells HG that they need to do this quickly. HG thinks they will all die. But the Pastor and Chairman say that they are not all dead, he is opening the Heavens Door for them. You should drink the wine last, then you will see the daughter that you want to see so much.

Byul doesn’t want to see the Pastor, she wants to stay with her mother. Popeye says that he wants to stay with her as well.

Cut to everyone eating except Butler Kim. Time ticks by.

Popeye eats with Byul and her mother. But then he has to leave and do something. Byul doesn’t want him to leave. He says the pastor wanted him to go there with her, but he will go by himself since she is sick.

Popeye goes and pours the wine for everyone. The Pastor tells them that they should confess and drink Jesus’s blood. He says Jesus’ blood will clean their sins, let’s drink. He pretends to drink and everyone else drinks as well. They all start dying. Popeye sees it all. The pregnant woman dies also (she is the scandal woman with the other candidate, that was Kuk Han-ju’s plan to get rid of the scandal and make a big issue so no one focuses on it at all.)

The Pastor looks at HG and then leaves. The Pastor and the Chairmen lock everyone inside and then leave. HG walks through the dying crowd, someone grabs his leg and tells him that it is really painful. HG goes down and breaks his neck, so he won’t be in pain anymore. Byul’s mom is also there, she asks him to save her….my daughter…save my daughter. HG cries and asks if Heaven is really waiting for them. He chokes her, so she dies quicker.

Popeyes eyes are closed and he is crying. Byul grabs Popeye and sneaks him out. Then she goes back to look for her shoe. But she just walks among all the dead and dying people. She says that everything is red. Red. She sees her mother and says, Umma. HG comes up in front of her and tries to choke her. But she says, where is Myung-hee (the dog). I want to see Myung-hee. Appa stops and thinks of his daughter. Then he looks around at all the dead people around him. He looks at his own hands that are all covered in blood. He wonders what he did. What did I do?

Byul sort of smiles as she looks at him. She looks a little freaky there actually.

HG moves to grab his cup of wine. He wants to drink it, but Byul stops him. Cut to the two of them running out. Byul is wearing the new shoes that he bought for the daughter. Cut to HG grabbing all the videotapes and everything.

Meanwhile, Popeye is still hiding. Kuk Han-ju shows up. He hears Popeye from his hiding location. He opens the door and scares Popeye. Popeye yells that he killed everyone. Kuk Han-ju says it wasn’t him, it was Popeye. He did it. Do you think people will believe it? I am a prosecutor, they will trust me. Do you want to die? Look at this, this is the cyanide that you spread around. Dying isn’t that difficult, you make the choice.

Cut to a lot of cops and reporters on the scene. They all want to talk to Kuk Han-ju.

At the same time, HG carries Byul through the forest. She finds the bell and says that it keeps ringing.

KD is still holding her father’s hand as he lies on the ground. She says that she remembers everything. He removes his hand and he dies. KD tells him to wake up and cries over him. Appa!…..Appa!….Get up!….Don’t die!…..

SG and DH run up to her.

HM tells JI that he is Popeye, that’s right. JI says he is the one that made his sister die, that Popeye. HM says he is sorry, but that is what happened. JI has a knife in his hand, but he is hiding it. The phone rings. HM tells him to answer it. DH tells him that Dan’s father is stabbed. HM says that man isn’t his real father. But JI says he is her father and the only father in the world. HM says, what is family? He really looks confused by it.

JI pulls HM into a hug. HM struggles to get out. JI says that family is like this. Even if you do the stupidest thing in the world, they still treat you like this. HM pushes him away and tells him that he warned him not to touch a prosecutor’s body. JI says that his behavior had 49% truth. He was nervous about Kim Dan and the kids. You were worried about them more than I was. He says he is Kuk Han-ju’s man, from beginning to the end.

JI tells him that from TV shows, the bad guys usually die. HM tells him that is their problem, this is the end of their working together. JI tells him that he will make him regret it, soon.

HM gives the tape to Kuk Han-ju. HJ asks him if he saw the tape. HM says he didn’t. HJ says he would if he was him, out of curiosity. But HM says he was not confident, if he saw it, maybe he couldn’t come here. Kuk Han-ju starts destroying the tape. Why did you ask me to save the woman police officer? HM says that he likes her as a woman. HJ chuckles.

KD and JI stand and watch her father’s cremation. Then there is a funeral procession of police as they walk in all military clothing as they go to deliver her father to the cemetery.

HM watches this from the car. He says that he won’t say sorry, because it was the only way he could save her.

Elsewhere, The Pastor asks the man with the Bluejacket if he is okay. Then he says that he needs to save the poor soul that is possessed by evil. He gives her the picture of KD and tells him that he will be big trouble for them.

At the same time, AH gets out of jail and it is a media event. It looks like the chairman switched positions with his daughter. He did it because he won’t collapse in jail. He didn’t come that far to collapse there.

KD walks like a half-dead person to work. JI thinks she should go home. But KD wants to catch the criminal. She starts talking to her bloody dad and tells JI that her father was next to her until a few days ago. He tells her that her guiltiness makes this situation. But she says her appa is still alive.

JI puts her in the car. KD still talks to her bloody appa in the car with JI sighing. She gives JI the note that her father wanted her to give to him. They drive off to see what is at that location (it was an address). The spooky guy from the church watches them leave.

KD and HM go to a house in the countryside. The hamae comes out and tells them that KD can leave and he should go. She is KD’s Grandmother. Halmoni says that is why she couldn’t find her, because she changed her name. She mentions that JI’s way wasn’t so easy because he lost his sister. JI takes that as good reason enough to leave KD there. He leaves. Halmoni tells her to go inside and KD tells her father that they should go inside together.

The Halmoni says that she didn’t just bring one, she brought all of them! And we cut to a shot of all the ghosts that KD brought with her to the house.

JI asks the spy cop why they released Joo Ha-min so quickly? He is the prime suspect. The cop is nonplussed and says that they worked together, secretly, right? He knows about it. He knows that JI involved Popeye.

Cut to JI looking for bugs in their secret room. SG and DH want to know what he is looking for. JI finds the little spy recorder behind the map. He says, microphone test, do you like me? You should investigate your cases with this much effort.

KD isn’t eating. Halmae tells her to follow her. She takes her to a field and tells her to dig up some veggies. KD doesn’t do it. Halmae tells her that she lost her father, but she didn’t lose her ears, why can’t she understand her when she says something once? So KD starts digging up the veggies a little bit and looks at the sky. But then she sees her bloody appa in the background. Halmae says that this is not her father, that is a ghost that died outside of the house, don’t make eye contact with them, if they call your name, don’t answer, they are having a party with you. You will be possessed by those fake gods.

Cut to JI putting on a business suit, he looks very rich in it. Then we cut to the prosecutors’ office. A woman tells HM that he needs to go somewhere right now. It looks like the police want to do an internal investigation on HM. JI shows up and tells HIM that they are investigating him by using too much money at restaurants. It should be $30 but it was $90. I wanted to let it pass, but I couldn’t because it is my conscience.

The woman comes in again and lets HM listen to something, there is a minor speeding crime from HM’s car. JI says that he couldn’t believe it, but a prosecutor was driving fast and didn’t obey the traffic light! I couldn’t’ believe it! She comes in again, this time it is littering. JI took a photo of it. $50 fine. She has a stack of papers that are all little laws that HM broke.

HM tells her not to worry about it, it means he has nothing.

JI also meets with his people (SG and DH). They talk about the case. AH is released but she has a grudge against the Pastor and the candidate. So, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The real game starts now.

AH drives off in her expensive car and chuckles.

Meanwhile, KD sleeps at the grandfathers and hears her appa calling her name. Her grandfather sleeps next to her. KD runs out and sees her appa. He doesn’t have any blood on him. She runs off and hugs him. He asks her if she wants to take a walk. They walk somewhere, KD notices that her appa doesn’t limp anymore. He smiles and keeps walking. KD thinks her appa only walks flower roads now. She runs up to catch up with him. But she can’t walk as fast, she has a leg cramp. She catches appa, but he turns around, he isn’t appa anymore. It is one of the Heaven’s Door people. But then all of the Heaven’s Door people show up.

KD cries and apologizes, she says it is all her fault, forgive me. Appa starts limping again and kneels in front of KD. He mouths that it is hot, it’s hot.

She jumps awake. Halmae wakes up as well and asks her what dream she had. She tells her and the halmae said that dead people want to walk fast, it means that something bad will happen to you. They look up and the house is on fire. Someone blocked their door and set the house on fire. It is the bad guy from the church. KD breaks the door down and pulls her halmae out. But the clothes catch on fire, KD tries to beat the fire off and the bell around her wrist breaks off.

Afterward, they both sit outside the house. They think it was the work of an arsonist. The halmae said he followed her around because of that. KD looks up and sees her appa. He doesn’t have any blood on him. She walks over to him and says that he protected her again, but she couldn’t’ do anything for him. She always gave to him, but she took it for granted. Thank you appa, now I know why I have this fate. I will fight bravely. Appa smiles and KD laughs bravely.

Halmae tells KD to leave now and protect the living and take back the name of the dead. She gives her her bell, but KD says she doesn’t need the bell anymore. She bows to her appa and then turns to the other ghosts. They are all the Heavens Door people who died. KD tells them, I will be back! She smiles and walks through the crowd. All the Heavens Door people watch her.

Halmae – You tried so hard, even risking your life to change Dan’s fate. She grew up well, better than expected. (she is talking to the mother who smiles at her)

Ha-min and Ah-hyun are getting married. This is their engagement party. AH invited JI. KD goes there as well. All the key players are at this engagement party. Kuk Han-ju talks about Ha-min being born from a poor family, but still overcoming it all and making his way to this case. So, from now on, he will employ HM as his director of secretary. The mother is a little stunned. JI thinks Joo Ha-min is bait and the candidate will take over the Song-ha company (chairman’s company).

AH congratulates HM. JI intentionally puts his cup on the corner to fall and make a big noise, but Dan shows up and grabs it. He asks her if she is okay and he says that he is. She gives him a little handkerchief. He asks what it is for. Then a little boy accidentally sprays him with a water gun. JI looks at KD stunned. So maybe that is how she could show up there and also how she knew the cup would fall.

She also sees that the chandelier will break. It looks like that might be someone’s plan to kill all the men. AH goes to her mother and helps her stand up, then she gives someone a nod to turn on the power.

That is when the chandelier is about to break. KD says that this engagement party is a break. KD says that this engagement party is a trap to kill all of them. She sees everyone standing under that chandelier taking photos. AH looks at them in the background.

You chose to become a living monster
Time to start the end
In my position, I don’t have to hunt by myself
I know where it is now
Jun Jae-in, take care of it
I am not going to forgive you until I die.

Y’all, what can I say about this episode, it was amazing. That ending was so good. Kim Dan has all her powers and knows how to use them (or at least isn’t afraid of them anymore). Now, how is she going to get everyone from under that chandelier?

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  1. nona88
    April 14, 2018 / 5:48 pm

    THAT WAS HORRIBLE i can’t stop hating them, they used all these people and kids for making money in many ways and that was not enough, they kill them all in the end for shutting them and just get rid of one person. that behinds any words I can say
    in the end these people didn’t kill themselves, they weren’t weak and slave to the pastor, they did fight back and try to save themselves and save the poor kids that they were abusing there, that courage and kindness and in the end they make them look like crazy believers which kill themselves and abandoning their family’s and the other kids that unforgivable (I am really angry i was angry to even wishing they all die in that party but no they need to live to suffer more and pay for their crimes )
    i want to see KD bring them to justice and honor the names of all the victims and i wanted to see them go down so badly now, I feel sorry for HM to face all that as young age I know he didn’t have the chance to grow up like KD with love to be able to overcome what happened but right now I can’t forgive him , I hope he hidden some big revenge against these people i hope to see him free from this fate before paying for his crimes

    OMG I am really angry right now i hope ep 14 bring some peace to me

    • V
      April 14, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      They are such bad people!!!! The Pastor and the Chairman are the worst! How could they live with those people and feed off of their needs for help and then just kill them all? I mean weren’t they friends with any of them?

      Don’t worry nona88, they are all going to get what is coming to them and it is going to be headline news across Korea. I love that the ghosts that were following KD around all this time (or at least this episode) were the ghosts of the Heavens Gate people. That scene where she said she would get justice for them warmed my heart and charged me up! I am so pumped for tomorrow.

  2. Jen
    April 15, 2018 / 2:59 am

    I made the mistake to watch some previews on ocn and had a scare of my life with the dead.
    I should have read the recap first to prepare myself! Lol

    Thank you, V!
    This drama is so so good!
    I can watch this without subtitles after reading the recap! No problem at all! Hahahaha

    • V
      April 15, 2018 / 7:09 am

      Lol! All the teasers are so scary! Actually, from the teasers I thought Kim Dan would be more Bad-A but instead, she is so peculiar in a way that I love!

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