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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 12

Episode 12 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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Here is the recap of Children of a Lesser God episode 12! This episode was go-go-go as soon as it came on. So many things were revealed but many secrets remain, including a huge one that they just dropped in this episode. But the preview for the next episode promises that all will be revealed next week. Only 4 more episodes left on this great show y’all. At this pace I feel like it will be non stop action all the way to the end.

I’m posting this as a quickcap which means I haven’t had a chance to go back and edit it. Please ignore all the grammar and spelling errors. ^_^

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JI burst through the door of the hospital. He runs up a flight of steps and down a hall. He ops the door to a room but doesn’t see the kid inside. The little boy is being wheeled away, he says…#1…#1 as the woman wheels him away.

JI is still searching the hospital. He sees something and starts walking down another hallway. He opnes a door to dark room, but no one is inside

HM and KD

HM – We promised each other that we would remember each other when we became adults. I remembered it too late.
KD – Why did yuo give the star candy to me all the time, that is the best part.

HM’s eye grow wide as KD wakes up. She sits up.

KD – You didn’t become a supermarket owner, Popeye Oppa.

They look at each other and HM starts crying again adn hugs KD. He balls into her shoulder.

HM – you remember everything.
KD – It was you, Popeye.

She pushes him away and he looks startled.

JI goes into a restricted area of the Hospital. He sees a little toy on a hospital bed and a drug. He sees teh drawing that the child drew on the window. Elsewhere, the little boy is trying to fight away the medicine to put him to sleep.

KD – It’s you, Popeye, that killed Chun Soo-in? And you asked Han Sun-goo to kill her and you listened to all those three bad guys.
HM – Byul…
KD – That is why you wanted to have the investigation togehter, who are you going to kill this time
HM – listen to me

She pulls a knife on him.

HM – you want to kill me? If you want to…

He moves closer and moves the knif to his heart, he tells her to just push it in, Byul. She is close and it cuts him.

A doctor asks for a knife, but the fire alarm goes off. We cut to JI setting it off with a lighter. A man runs into the room and tackles him. he tries to get back up and alert it again, but the man tackles him again. The surgery room does not know what is going on. Two men tried to keep JI from alarming the fire alarm, they try to pull him down and truggle to get his hand away from the alarm.

The chairman pulls his daughter AH away and tells them that they have to hide. But when they are about to leave, JI shows up all disseveled and tell him that they are arrested for illegal organ translplantations. JI tells him that his own kid is so precious, but he should have stopped his daughter from playing with someone elses.

KD – What kind of people are you, how can you treat peoples lives like this!
HM – I was already dead once, when you dissappeared.

The bell starts ringing

HM is crying as a child as he looks at all the death. KD pulls him away to hide. But then we see that HJ told him that he killed all these people. HJ asks him if he wasn’t to die also, dying is not that difficult. So you choose.

HM – I chose to live because I had to wait for you. I waited for you everyday, but you did not come…you didn’t come.
KD – DOn’t blame others, if you survive then you should live right
HM – Yes, but it is only one moment that a human becames a animal, but it is difficult to change from animal to human
KD – what are they going to do
HM – HJ will be King and pastor will be Jesus’s resurrection no one can stop them
KD – you should say everything!
HM – I will promise, Ithey also owe me something, so just give me some time
KD – how can I trust you
HM – you saw appolo’s death, I should make a way to survive, this is the first time I want to live, becasue I found you like this.

KD lets go of him and takes off his present. She gives it back and tells him that she will give him 3 days. If he doesn’t bring any evidence then she will arrest him by herslef. She turns to walkaway and gets a call from JI, they found Han Sol.

HM is left standing there. He thinks that he needs time, they are looking for you Byul.

The chairman starts to break everything in his office as his daughter is taken away in handcuffs. JI walks out with the little boy. the boy said he didn’t know #1 worked. JI says he never told a lie, so do you believe my IQ now? The boy says it is 167, you are cooler than David who beat Goliath. JI tells him that regular people fight hard and save others, look at that. He points to his team putting the bad guys away and says that is why he is a police oficer and believes that the right team wins.

KD drives up to a car and stops someone. She gets out and knoecks on the Pastors car window. Cut ot al the children leaving the church with the police.

JI goes to his siters memorial cemetary. He puts something on her cemetary adn tells her that spring has come. he sits on a bench adn imagines she is there. he gave her a letter so she is reading it.

My sister, spring came but with sind from China we have a lot of micro polution and the concentration is 52 mmpc.

What is this?
hey, youa re a reporter, you should know what the issue is now.
the truth you are investigating, i am looking for it, the 31 people that died and the kids that died, I will make them pay for their sins. And the girl that you are looking for.

Did you find her?
Yes I found her, she is a detective now
Is she pretty
Yes, she is pretty
That is a relief, someone is next to you, I was worred about that the most
I am not a kid
Your letter is all good. The letter, I like it, but you have one more thing to do. You must protect yourelf from those people. if you get injured then i will *mmm* a good boy, my brother.
You are not leaving today, but that day you just left
Yes, i will leave…did you kiss her….did you kiss her, you did it! You did it!
Yes I did
Oh! Oh!

But then she dissapears and he is alone again.

KD tells JI that they arrested all of them and teh kids went somewhere safe. But the chairman is not arrested. The Pastor is arrested. JI says that he will get out soon.

Cut to the Pastor saying that he tought them the bible, he didn’t know they were in that business.

JI says that is also why he didn’t arrest the chairman, the daughter is in jail, so she is the bait. he wil catch all of them at the same time with that.

The chairman goes to teh andidates offie and throws paper around, he says this is not the time to make plans! Everyone leaves and the chairman and candidate talk. What will he do with his Ah! She is like this because of you! I met my lawyer team, if she is prosecuted then she cannot get out of jail easily. The candidate is calm.

The chairman says that he became a sinner 24 years ago, but not his daughter, if he gets hurt, then they all die. The candidate says that it sounds like he has his his balls by the hand. The chairman tells him to remember what he said! Teh candidate calls prosecutor Joo and tells him that chairman Baek came by.

the Pastor leaves teh police station and has 3 lawyers surrounding him and the man in blue.

HM tells HJ that AH will not survive in jail but she is not saying anytihing, there is no way to take her out now. HJ says that getting out of jail alive is not the onlu way to get out of jail, hmm. HM looks at AH stunned, and she looks back at him. KD looks at HM as well.

Later, KD thinks back to when it was snowing with HM. He is always hungry when it snows becaue it looks like rice…..would you like to eat together…didn’t you get scared….what was your young life….that is good, if you are wondering then you can see me again…..ah..it is a health wrist bracelet, it is good for your health, put it on.

JI comes in to his place and wondwers what he is doing coming into his own house. JI tells KD that no one hsould know that they live togehter, he can’t make a dot on his white profile. KD asks if JI still suspects Popeye. He says that he looked like a bad guy, but he looked sincere for Han Sol;s case. KD thinks back to HM telling her to give him some more time.

JI pulls her to the table and starts explaining vitamins to her. he holds up the most important one that can remove all the intestinal bugs. She is violent because she is constipated. KD thinks that her father was like this, he gave her medicine and nitpicked everything. JI tells her to call him if she is curious about him. SHe isn’t ready though. He tells her that the timing is right, she might regret it otherwise.

Meanwhile, Appa is cooking at home.

The chairman goes to the jail and meets his daughter. She is distraught and thinks that she can’t survive there one more day. She thinks someone is trying to kill her. If she stays there, then she will die. he tells her to listen to him, don’t trust anyone, whoever is inside. Also, don’t trust the police either, only see the truth. AH cries, she is scared. He tells her that she needs to protec herself inside, appa will get you out. But AH is just crying and shaking.

The chairman tells someone to find HG, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, or how many people it takes. Cut back to Appa at home. Some men let themselves into his house, they are wearing face masks. They start to search around for him.

SG gives KD a bag of food. Someone left it for her. He doesn’t know who though. She looks at the letter.

I didn’t write letters to much so I don’t know what to say, i just wonder if you eat okay, I put in your favorite side dishes.

KD opens all the containers and sees all the food nicely packed. Beautfully packed even

Sorry that I lied to you, I won’t make excuses for it. When you become a parent, you will understand how I feel Dan. My daughter Dan, when I say your name, I start to cry. i am sorry that someone like me became your appa, thank you for being born as my daughter.

KD eats the food and starts to cry while chewing it. It is an amazing scene. She gets up and runs out to see if she can see her appa. But she doesn’t see him. She calls someone and asks if her appa is there. the man says that her father told him that he would quit today. KD takes off running somewhere.

She runs to her house and looks around. Soemone hits her and she passes out.

At work, JIsees all the food andlooks around. He eats some of it. It is delicious so he digs in. But he sees teh letter adn starts reading it as he eats and stops. he alls someone and is greeted by a hello from someone.

it is the chairman. the chairman has KD all tied up at home with his people around him. JI says that he is stupid, he will be in jail with his daughter. He doesn’t have business with KD though, what he wants is her father. He slaps her across the face. Then he tells JI to listen to him, don’t talk back. Tell her father to bring his thing, he has 5 hours.

They all want to know what this thing is that the chairman wants. HM is there as well. JI says that he wants to rescue KD and get the tape. If he does that much then that means the tape is important. he needs their help, they need to follow the cell phone. Follow KD’s father’s cell phone. And one of them needs to go to another part of the city. HM asks where DH is. DH is in an interrogation room and “accidentally” spills cold water on AH which makes her scream. they put that scream on a phone call to her father.

JI thinks that CHairman Baek is authoritative so he wants to tip his balance. AH is the starting point. he needs to be in confusion becasue he thinks he is on the top. HM tells him not to instigate him. they wonder, what if KD dies? JI says they don’t want to kill her, they just want to get the tape.

Meanwhile the chairman is raging at the tablea nd breaking lots of things. KD laughs at him. He hits her square across the face nough for her to bleed from her lip. She says he makes her laugh, can’t she just laugh. He tries hard, but with his brain he won’t win over JI. The chairman starts strangling her. How did she become so brave, she was less than the dirt on his toenail.

Her bell starts ringing.

At the secret meeting, the girl detective runs in the with tape. Now they can negotiate. But HM needs to find the real tape. HM wonders if he trusts him, JI says no, he trust himself as a human lie detector. HM asks JI to please bring her back. they shake hands. JI says, if he doesn’t come out after 2 hours hen ask for help.

KD – The boy inthe year of byung in. You had another boy before the girl. Poor thing. He lived only less than 2 years.
How do you know?
KD – So that is bad luck visiting dead people. Why did you go to dead peoples house with that little boy?
Who are you
KD – You’re Karma all went to your kids, bad, your last daughter will die before you
Who are you! What are you! Tell me!

The ghost leaves her body.
KD – What did I do? I didn’t say anything!

the ghost the men call the chairman off of her. He tells htem to remove her from his site.

JI shows up and they let him in. The chairman asks for Dan first. JI sees blood spit. He asks if it is type O of the woman he knows. Does he thinks he is that stupid coming in with that tape in the enemies place? he wants to know how will he know if he is lying. JI says they can kill him if he lies.

JI peeks his head into KD’s room. But then we see that he is also captured, lol. they frisk him and he tell them not to touch his butt! He tells KD that he came as the star, he didn’t want her to be the center of attention.

They pull him out and he winks at her and drops the key for the handcuffs.

At the secret location, CG finds where HG is. He is at Chunin church. Cut to HG holding a fun to the Pastors head. The Pastor freezes.

Pastor – Nice to see you again Butler Kim, it’s been 24 years
Don’t call me that
P – you are a lot older and your belief is twisted also. You borought this bad thing to the temple of God.

HM drives to the church

P – what do you want
HG – i don’t want to deal with you guys, i just want to hide until I die but before you knowcked on my door, you should have thought one more time about the kind of guy I am
P – you are a phantom soldier, you were just like an ex convict and I cleaned you up. Think about who cleaned you up.
I didn’t have any soldier rank, I just thought about killing
P – so when the judement day comes, you will be sent to hell firt
Hell is not bad, you should go with me pastor

He shoots and hits the man in blue.

HG – that was on purpose. But this time it is not.
P – your daugher is pretty, that girl, right? The granddaughter of the shaman. You are not the real father, what did you do with her
HG – I will kill you.

HM – Father, stop!
HG – Who are you
HM – I am a prosecutor, I work with KD
HG – With my dan?

He remembers seeing HM walking with Dan

Why are you here?
HM – put your gun down, your daughters life is in danger, she is a hostage instead of you.

His gun starts to lower

KD tries to get to the key to free her cuffs

HG – what are you talking about
HM – CHairman DG has your daughter as a hostage
HG – chairman baek…my Dan…where is she now
HM – JI went there, I follwed you here, listen to me first. Chairman Baek wants to get a tape from you in exchange for resealing your daighter. what is in the tape? You have to tell me!
HG – The real killer of Heavens Door is all on the tape. What they did, Chairman Baek shot it just in case.

HM – Okay, so you need one hour to bring the tape and save your daughter, where is the tape?

In the car, DG asks JI where HG is and that he won’t release this tape so easily. JI says that he is the same as him, he will do everything to save his daughter.

Hm and HG drive to find the tape, they call the secret team on skype and let them know what is happening. the secret team is so thankful that they found HG.

then we cut to the candidate. he is findinf out now that HG recorded everything. He thinks that chairman Baek is braver than what he thought. They will get the tape soon because Butler Kim doesnt’ know who Ha-min is.

JI gives DG the fake take. DG tells the people to knock out KD and put her in the car. If JI is lying, then throw her in the sea.

Meanwhile, HG gets the real tape from his locker room and puts his gun inside the locker. He gives it to HM. HM calls someone and says that he has the tape. Then he pulls the gun on HG and tells him that it is nice to see him again, Butler Kim.

Meanwhile, someone tries to taser KD again, but she fights them off.

At the video place. they look at the video, but it isnt’ working. It is just the rainbow screen. DG attacks JI. JI says that teh men should leave unless her really trusts them. They leave and the tape is played. It is an English tape and the phrase that they should learn today is “Don’t fall for it! It must be a trick that he made!”

The chairman watches this tape and is pissed. He says he will kill JI and attacks him with a taser. JI holds him off and tasers him instead. His people come in at that moment too. Good timing.

Meanwhile KD is beating everyone up at her house. SG shows up at that time too with backup and makes sure that KD is okay. She asks about her appa and CG says that HM went there with him. KD is shocked, he went there? Alone?

Cut to HM holding the gun on HG
HM – I never forgot your face.
HG – Who are you?
HM – At heavens Door, i was called Popeye.

Flashback to HG with the little kids. He takes something from them all and slaps one of them. he tells him to get up. Popeye says that he will kill him when he becomes an adult.

HM – Crime is like alcohol, when you get drunk, you can’t stop.
HG – that time…that time…
HM – You couldn’t help? Are you surprised? I was surprised that someone like you raised a kid and pretended to be a good father. I…we…we never could enjoy our life. Why was it her…does she know about it? Does she know who you are?Are you going to hit me like before, like an animal?

HG grabs his leg and asks him to forgive him. HM kicks him off and tellshim not to apologize so easily. HG begs for him to save Dan. HG kicks himoff again.

But KD calls his phone and he looks at it. He tells HG that she is safe, luckily. He bows to him and tells him thank you. HM leaves and several men come in to take appa away. As you sished, your daughter is alive, I will get this tape. They have knives on them and it looks like they may have killed him?

No, he is still alive! He calls KD and tells him that he is where they walk together. KD runs to find him.

HM goes to the secret room. JI is there and said that he heard he found the tape! Good job! You did it nicely! He wants to highfive him but HM doesnt want to high five. Ji thinks that they aren’t that close. Lets see the tape.

HM tells him that he doens’t have it, it went to HJ.

JI – that means…
HM – Yes, I am Popeye.

they stare at each other.

JI – the one that killed my sister? You are that Popeye?
HM – Yes, I am sorry, but that is what happened.

JI holds a knife at his side.

Elswhere, KD runs to meet her appa. She is happy to see him and says that she worried about him. She wanted to protect him, but he is in front of her so she is happy. He touches her face, she got hurt. But she laughs and says she fought three to one and she won. She holds him and says that they should go home, she is too old to run away from home ad she misses home cooked meals. Let’s go. HG tells her that he made a lot of side dishes in the fridge, she should eat them and take this. He gives her something and tells her to go to that address if something happens. KD wants toknow what happens. He tells her that appa loves her so much.

She wonders why he is doing this.

But thenhe passes out and KD sees that he is all bloody. She tells him to hang on and she calls for help, someone is help, is anyone there? She tries to pull him up and pull him to the hospital. But he is too heavy. She tells him that she is sorry, it is all her fault, wake up.

He wakes up a little bit.

KD – Without appa, I can’t survive, I get the money from the bank soon so we should travel abroad and you have to marry me off also, don’t die….don’t die

Appa starts reading the letter he wrote in a voice over. he tries to hold her hands as he slowly fades away. But the bell starts ringing.

KD sees a vision of the church from all those years ago. We see little clips of it.

KD – I remember everything.

Fade Out

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  1. N30
    April 9, 2018 / 3:39 am

    Surviving on your recaps … Great episode … Secrets are revealed slowly and new secrets keeping viewers on edge as usual … Best thriller drama … And of course handsome KJH 😊😊😊..thanks for recapping

    • V
      April 9, 2018 / 7:22 am

      KJH makes this show really fun to watch. Sometimes I just bust out laughing at all his expressions. 🙂

  2. nona88
    April 9, 2018 / 4:49 am

    thank you so much
    really your recap helping so much it make me hold on and wait for a good sub to come out , I try to understand the Ep first alone but I need your recap for many parts to get it right .

    but I have question did he really said he kiss her , I tried to understand that scene by myself but couldn’t, before reading the recap I thought she ask him if like her but I totally didn’t understand that part.
    so If that what he said I want to know when ? and how he kiss her? he not going to lies to his death sister so someone make move without us knowing 😂😂😂

    • V
      April 9, 2018 / 7:24 am

      That part was also hard to understand for us! I think he said he kissed her, but it seemed like it was only a playful joke. I don’t remember him kissing her in any episode yet. He might not have said that though, he might have said something else. 🙂

      • Anonymous
        April 9, 2018 / 10:10 am

        yes it was hard to understand that part I tried again and i didn’t get it , so we will wait for future explanation from the drama or sub to understand what he says, but if he really said that i don’t think he was joking, he honest when he talks to his dead sister, he even didn’t take breath before answer her question and said ” KD is pretty ”
        maybe he answers that “he will do it ” just joking,
        I will wait to know, thanks for the recap it helps so much especially with this drama when we suffering from waiting i didn’t find any good sub and i am not interesting watching it with wrong and or so-so sub it better watching it raw than that

        • nona88
          April 9, 2018 / 10:12 am

          it me nona88 sorry i posted it before written my name

          • V
            April 9, 2018 / 10:48 am

            I wonder if he did give her a kiss without us knowing about it…hmm 😍. That would be a nice flashback.

  3. N30
    April 10, 2018 / 3:22 am

    The struggle I Do to watch this drama …phew… If I worked this hard on my career, I would have been a billionaire by now …. Very few websites showing drama , no subtitles …if subtitles found not proper …. Thanks for are recapping.

    • V
      April 10, 2018 / 9:07 am

      Oh my gosh, the struggle is real with this drama. I don’t know what is happening lately, but so many quality shows are so hard to find this season.

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