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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 11

Episode 11 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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There is a new big case on their hands that ties into the mega church. Ha-min helps in all the ways that he can and makes all excuses to spend time with Kim Dan and her team. But he doesn’t have any time alone with her, until the end of the episode (which makes me want tomorrow’s episode right now!). I love this show.

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We open at the end of the last episode. They are all looking around for the man that might kill candidate Kuk Han-ju. But JI showed an image of another man as Dumbhead. HM doesn’t think that is really Dumbhead, but only Popeye would recognize Dumbhead.

Popeye sees him on the stage and has to decide whether he will save the candidate or himself.

At the same time, KD touches the Pastor and sees a vision of people jumping from the sky. She says that he killed them. He killed them again, he wants to change the king with people’s sacrifice. The Pastor says what is ghosts doing. Ghosts give people seizures, you ghost, get out of this kid’s body! KD tells him that he wants to change the king using human sacrifice.

On the stage, the candidate is about to give a hug to Dumbhead. A man goes up to him and they ask him what is in his jacket pocket. The man pulls out a pig’s tail and says that he wants him to make it into a soup. Flashback to JI asking him to deliver a pig’s tail to the candidate.

HM didn’t go to the stage, he tried to arrest the homeless guy. He tapped his head, 1-2-3-4. It was a signal to AH who saw that she should look at the 4th person in the crowd.

At the same time, KD talks to the Pastor. They talk about “End of the world” stuff and what do you believe. KD says she tries to honor the freedom of religion, but Pastor, you shouldn’t play with kids’ lives. They were abandoned but they are not dispensable.

Cut to the pastor looking at the kids from the church. He is smiling. He tells the man next to him that he found the thing that he lost a long time ago. Then he turns to him and says, my son, you have things to do.

All the homeless people are eating BBQ dinner with Dumbhead. He prepares everything. The fortune-teller homeless man says the meat is really good, you cut it with the proper line. The guy says that this is the only thing that he can do well, eat as much as you want, JI already paid for it. Everyone cheers and JI congratulated them on their acting and thieving abilities.

KD goes to the computer forensics person to look at the photo. She asks him if that is Butler Kim. The computer guy says this is as much as they can do, the camera was old, so this is all that we can figure out. But she thinks it looks like her appa.

Appa is about to text KD, would you like to eat dinner together? I need to tell you something. But he gets a knock on the door before he sends it. The appa doesn’t want to answer the door to this person who is a church person. He looks through the peephole at him and then runs to grab his gun.

The bad guy leaves and the father peeks out the door with his gun. But the church person put a mark on the house of a musical note.

Meanwhile, KD searches the background record of her father. He changed his name; his original name was Kim Joon-suk who is on the dead person list. KD looks at this and sighs. We don’t know what she is thinking though.

Her father sneaks into a place with a coin locker and puts something in the locker. Then he goes home. KD is already at home sitting on the couch. He asks her if she drank and wants to know why she drinks so often these days. She says Kim Jun-suk…. not Kim Ho-gi. She stands and goes over to her appa.

KD – You are God’s soldier, butler Kim….who are you Appa?
Appa – What are you talking about?
KD – What did you do appa? Why did you try to kill me? You strangled me at Heavens Door
Appa – Nonsense
KD – Did you kill all of them Appa?
Appa – We can talk later.
KD – Look at this. What is this? You don’t say it isn’t. You should keep lying to me! Where is my father that I knew! Tell me! Tell me anything!

He asks her what she wants to do now. It is more than 20 years, so what should I do now, should I turn myself in now, and go to jail? No dead person will come back. KD yells that he is not human, he is not human!

He slaps her and tells her to get out of his house. As she said, he is not a human and he doesn’t need a daughter like her. Get out!

She cries and goes to her room for her things and leaves. He stands there stoically as she walks out. Outside, KD cries as she walks down the street. But she stops and starts bawling on the sidewalk. A car drives up to her. It’s JI, he says, hey girl, did you leave home?

She says, sunbae? Why are you here today? JI starts talking about the weather, it will be cold tonight. She wants to know why he talks about the weather and he asks her if she wants to hop in.

HJ asks HM if he has the object, while they are driving around. He pulls out the makguli and pours it for HJ. HJ asks him what happened earlier. HM says it was nothing, he took care of it. HJ knows it was JI, right? He feels like he sees his father. He is just like his father.

HM asks if he is afraid of him.

HJ says he wasn’t afraid of anything when he was little. When he was little they all went to the cemetery to see how brave they were, and he was the only one that stayed. When his father hit him, he wasn’t afraid. Kids are only afraid of hunger. HM tells him to make Korea a place where kids are never hungry. HJ leans in and tells HM, what if we don’t have any rice then you can drink rice wine. HM asks him if he is Marie Antoinette. HJ starts laughing and hits HM in the arm, he laughs along to and grabs his arm.

KD feels stupid because she thought her father was not that person. JI thinks it is more difficult to others because he was a good father to her. He says that he probably tried harder than normal people, he became that type of appa. She says that she doesn’t know, now she really doesn’t know anything.

At home, KD’s father cries and says that he is sorry over and over again. He holds her old naebok clothing as he cries.

At JI’s place. He tells her that she can sleep at his place, but she needs to remember two things: don’t touch his expensive things and don’t touch me. Love should start with love letters. But KD basically tells him that she doesn’t want him. She does tell him, thank you, sunbae.

JI goes to sleep but then he hears a lot of noise. He yells at her that a lot of violence started with all this floor noise, be careful. She yells that she apologizes. JI rolls over and thinks that KD can’t sleep well, but it is nice to have someone else in the house. Then he texts HG

JI: As you asked, I picked up your daughter. Don’t worry too much.
HG: Thank you. Please don’t leave her alone for a while.

JI boiled an egg and KD hops out of the shower. She wants to know what he is doing for 40 minutes with the eggs. He says that he is boiling it at 63.5 Celsius.

Then we see SG leaving their secret meeting and putting the key in a secret spot. The spy police officer sees this and goes into the secret meeting room. He sees all the work that they have done. He thinks that JI is backstabbing everyone nicely. Then he starts to take some things apart.

Cut to KD telling JI her vision. She saw a lot of people about to jump. They think that they can catch them all one by one, KD has a way. But then we see them both working out outside. Then fast forward to them standing in front of a bunch of kids.

JI wants to leave, he doesn’t like kids. But KD tells her that this is the living evidence. They start to play with the kids, they are playing soccer with JI and KD’s team. JI tells the kids how to kick the ball with science. One of them asks him if he is stupid and he says his IQ is 165, he is not stupid. If you use science, then soccer is easy.

They start to play and JI’s team scores. JI goes crazy. Her team scores, they go crazy. But one of the kids isn’t playing. KD goes up to him and asks him if he likes soccer. He says he doesn’t like it, he is really bad at it. She asks him if he would like to play with noona?

She pulls the ball over to him and starts to teach him how to kick the ball. HM walks up in plain clothing and watches KD teaching him. He smiles as he looks at her celebrate with the child as he kicks the ball. KD sees HM and tells him that he came quickly. He says he did because this was an important errand.

Meanwhile, JI argues with one of the kids.

She tells him she needs one more favor, they need a ref. He smiles as he looks at the kids and her. She says he looks great when he smiles. They keep playing and KD videotapes it all with HM as the ref. She shoots super slow-motion video of the kids and shows it to them.

Then we see a lovely montage of the adults playing with the kids as gorgeous music plays in the background.

A car drives up and the kid inside asks the ajusshi to stop. He looks for a moment and then says that was it.

Cut to afterward. JI and KD ask if the pastor ever hits them, they say that he doesn’t. It looks like they have no evidence of torture, they grew up normally. One of the kids drew a picture of KD of a dragon. Another girl asks about the girl reading a book and moves around on a rainy night and takes kids one by one. JI says he trusts science and conscience. She says that it is true, she looks like an angle and has this kind of sound…..dalang dalang….dalang dalang….

A man comes up and asks what they are doing. HM tells him that they are playing soccer together. The man tells the kids to come inside and tells the adults that they need to ask for permission to see them first. But as one of the kids leaves JI asks him what the password is and the kid whispers back, #1. Then takes off.

A man talks to the candidate about the election stuff and brings him a paper. It looks like HJ is #2 right now. AH tells him, would you like to do a fun event? That would be better than a free hug. He asks her what it would be; she says, a thriller.

For some reason, JI watches HM after the shower, he just looks at his body as he dries his hair with his shirt off. HM is all like, uh, what are you doing ?!? JI stands and tells him that he has one thing to confess to him….he was mistaking him as Popeye. HM thinks that is possible, he understands him. But JI says that ever since he learned Korean, this is the first time he failed in his deduction.

HM just sighs and puts on his shirt. But he has a lot of bruises on his body. JI tells him that he has a lot of stories, more stories than it would appear that he would have. HM sighs again.

KD goes to the kid’s dorm and finds the statue of the girl reading a book.

HM – There is a rumor that the girl’s paper turns one page a year. The girl who sees this will die. And Yoo Gwang Soon (Korean Joan of Arc) cries blood tears every March 1st. So if you have eye contact with the statue, then you will die.

JI looks on with wide eyes but tells him, Stop! You are too old to talk about school rumors. HM says, by the way, do you think that is really a rumor? That is Chun In Church, people don’t change that easily. JI thinks, is he really not Popeye?

At the church, one of the boys wakes up and tries to wake up another kid, but he is fast asleep. There is a shadow of a woman and it makes the boy scared. He sees the shadow of a woman and is spooked, but he goes to pee slowly. He tries to make himself small as he walks through the room, but then screams as someone grabs him.

KD screams at the same time and says that something happened to Han Sol. JD says that she was sleeping how does she know? But she just yells that there isn’t any time to explain!

They go to the dorm and go inside right away. KD checks all the beds, but there are only 9. One of them is missing. KD grabs the man from earlier and asks where that kid is. JI asks the kids, who saw Han Sol leaving the room? They all shake their heads. The girl says it was the book reading girl, she took him. The girl says that it is the second week, Sunday and a rainy day and she points toward the statue.

JI goes outside and looks at the statue in the rain.

KD is inside looking at all the drawing that the children have drawn.

The Pastor comes. KD asks him if the boy has parents. The Pastor says that he was abandoned there. He wasn’t a troublemaker, but after he played with you guys, he disappeared. JI asks if this happened before. The Pastor says that this is the first time, but JI thinks that it happened (in his mind). JI says that he should submit his CCTV recording, we are going to do an Amber Alert for a missing kid. This will be an open investigation.

They post all the missing photos of the boy around. He is 8 years old and went out in his pajamas. This is all over the news and billboards.

They look at the CCTV and they see the boy leaving his room and walking through the hall. They say that this boy just disappeared by himself after going to the bathroom, just like the pastor said. JI mentions that a child abduction case is important in the first 48 hours.

HM goes to the Pastor and asks if the kid is dead or alive. Tell him, Pastor. The Pastor wants to know why he is interested. HM says that this situation is so dangerous. JI and KD are all searching for him. But the Pastor is nonplussed. He asks HM who that female investigator is. There is nothing particular in her career; when you see her close up, it is the same? He says yes, he did her background check and it was the same.

The Pastor says, really?…..leave. HM leaves and opens the door. He sees the man in the blue jacket waiting outside as he walks out. The blue jacket man comes in and talks to the Pastor. The Pastor says that Prosecutor Joo might be seduced by a devil. Bluejacket turns and looks in the direction that HM left.

All the policemen are working on this case. They find out that more kids disappeared from this place as well. HM brings them this report and says that this is not the official report. But they can’t tell them where it is from because it is a secret. They wonder if it is adoption? But they say that isn’t it. Maybe it was that kid sacrifice that happened a few years ago. JI wants to know the date.

Every 6 months.

JI thinks, ….second week….Sunday….on rainy days. That is what that little girl told him. Sunday night at midnight, that statue moves and abducts kids. So that rumor is true, kids disappeared serially.

The kids from the car from earlier has an end-stage kidney failure. The only other option is kidney transplant. AH asks them, what if they have the kidney and this hospital meets your son’s criteria?

Cut to the missing kid in the hospital. He is playing with a toy and then draws a person on the window.

At the police meeting, they want to go to the orphanage again. JI wants them to find out about the kid. HM gets a call and leaves. HJ tells him that AH is more useful than she looks. HM says, AH did it? He sighs and closes his eyes. He tells HJ that he should stop. But HJ says that they need a sacrifice to make the country good.

It looks like the little kid with kidney failure is the grandson of the #1 candidate and HJ found a kidney for him.

JI says that he trusts what KD sees, they can get evidence from what she sees. She takes out the drawing that the kid made, her bell starts ringing. She says that she sees white from head to toe. He asks her if it is human. She says that it looks like a human, a female, but she is wearing a mask, so she can’t see the face. He wants to know if she sees anything else, any clue. She says there was rain smell. The window is open. The ground smells wet, I smell grass, and alcohol. Different than drinking alcohol.

But then she has a hard time breathing. JI wants to know what is going on. Kim Dan!

She sees a vision of him in the hospital and says that she knows where he is. Song Ha medical center. She passes out.

HM comes back and asks what happened to KD. Ji says it has been 15 hours, please take care of KD. He leaves her with HM.

The chairman asks how far she will go! Does she know how dangerous Han-ju is! But AH just rolls her eyes and says that this isn’t the first time that they have sold kids. She will resolve it. This is your insurance. She gives him something, it is a picture of KD and her appa as an adult. That is his insurance.

Cut to the hospital. A woman with a surgical face mask is walking to the restricted area. She opens the door to the little boy’s room and removes her mask.

The sick boy is wheeled to the surgical area.

The healthy boy is also wheeled there. He closes his eyes and says, #1…#1…

JI gets to the hospital and runs in.

The little boy looks around at everyone around him. He keeps saying #1…#1…

Meanwhile, JI is running all over the hospital as he looks for the little boy.

KD is still passed out on the couch. HM covers her with his jacket and sits next to her. He looks at her and is about to touch her face, but he stops and tries not to cry. But all the emotions build, and he can’t stop crying. He says, we promised each other that we won’t forget each other when we become adults. I recognized you too late. I’m sorry Byul….I’m sorry.

KD starts talking in her sleep.

KD – Why did you give star candy to me all the time? The star candy is the most delicious part.

HM’s eyes grow wide as he looks at her. She sits up and they stare at each other.

KD – You didn’t become a supermarket owner, Popeye Oppa.

They look at each other, both are silent, and the air is tight between them.

Fade Out

Ahhhh, how can they end it like that! I need tomorrow’s episode right now!

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  1. Tiffany
    April 17, 2018 / 1:14 am

    I can’t believe I ship HM and KD rn but I really hope SOMEHOW in some miracle HM gets out of the mess in the end and finds a nice girl since it seems like HM will never get KD Q_Q

    • V
      April 17, 2018 / 6:30 am

      I was shipping them for the longest too. But that ship sailed in the last two recent episodes 😭

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