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Children of a Lesser God Recap Episode 10

Episode 10 recap of the OCN Korean drama Children of a Lesser God starring Kang Ji-Hwan and Kim Ok-bin
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This show is so good. Today, JI manages to get HM in a trap y’all, and it’s a really good one. I love watching these two geniuses try to trick the other one. A lot of that was going on this episode. But other things were happening too. For one, the children have been located and it looks like they will be critical in solving this case. But these kids have problems of their own and don’t particularly like that they have been found.

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KD tells the wife that she is a bad girl. 1-2-3…you killed three men?!?

Cut to JI putting two and two together somewhere else.

VO – That woman, when was your arm broken?

JI remembers that the wife had a broken arm and she also has three moles around her eye.

The wife tries to push KD over the ledge, but KD reverses it. Wife asks, you drank the tea? What happened? Flashback of KD feeling woozy and stabbing herself in the hand. Her hand is all bloody now. She says she saw the bruises on her arm. In this kind of situation, she wants to take on the bad role, but you need to pay for your crimes.

JI is still with HM as says that she caught the murderer, this girl! He holds up a photo of the other girl from Heavens Door.

Back at the wife’s home, KD asks her, how many have you killed with your innocent angel like face. She asks, why shouldn’t I kill people? I like funerals. I knew that once I had my first husband’s funeral. Family members are crying, and people are singing, I thought, ah, I am not the only unfortunate one, hahaha. KD punches her.

Cut to one of the cops calling her a thug, how can she punch someone without any evidence? KD says she didn’t regret her crime at all. JI asks for the wife’s alibi, she says she was taking care of the mother-in-law in the hospital. Her cell phone location doesn’t matter because the hospital and home are very close.

KD walks over to the chief and looks at his teeth. His teeth are all dirty from lunch. KD says she has the evidence! Cut to her swabbing the teeth of the dog. She runs a DNA test on it.

The wife is sitting in the interrogation. We see a dog bit scar on her thigh. KD tells her that her DNA was in the dog. She has a bad habit of taking things at the time of the crim. Your alibi is destroyed. I saw all the pictures of the dead husbands. This was your right? KD shows all the pictures of the dead men, her dead ex-husbands. It looks like the wife took photos of them all?

Meanwhile, our lovely street people are all hanging out at the Mega Churches event. The Church is handing out free food to everyone. Our homeless family take a selfie around it and then stand in line for the food. But someone trips and all the food falls on the Pastor.

Cut to KD telling JI that she got a confession. But JI isn’t as happy as he should be. JI says this girl is one of the kids from Heavens Door. KD wonders why he didn’t tell her that and stares at him. But he says he wasn’t sure if she would hesitate and may have prejudice. He tells her good job. They hit hands and Ji says, let’s change our player.

JI goes into the interrogation room and tells the wife to drink this. He hands her a bottled drink and he also drinks the same thing. He chuckles, and the wife asks him why he is chuckling. JI says it is because his heart flutters when he sees her. He says he wanted to see her for a long time, a female psychopath. I have a lot of questions but let me ask you one question. Do you know Popeye, the Heavens Door friend, Popeye?

Wife – I don’t know what you are talking about.

JI – You grew up with them under the pastor’s care

Wife – I don’t know those people

JI – Hey, I am going to get mad and put the pastor in jail. Your father pastor will get hurt.

Wife – F you.

JI tells her that he already detained him. She thinks he is lying so he asks her, do you want to see it? He takes her down the hall and into another interrogation room where the Wife sees the pastor being interrogated.

JI tells her to tell him about Popeye and he will let him leave. The wife tells him to promise her. He says she has his word.

Back to the homeless people. When they caused that big disturbance at the Churches event, the old lady pickpockets the pastor wallet and gives it to SG. So, the pastor is in the interrogation room to get his wallet back. He wants to know why they need his statement. SG tells him it is a formality, here is your wallet.

Back to the other interrogation. JI shows the wife the video from Heavens Door and asks if one of the boys is Popeye.

The wife says that he was special, he was a little different than us. He could memorize the entire encyclopedia or bible, he was smart like that, so he never got punished like us.

Flashback to the kids getting punished because they didn’t know their Korean National Chart of Education. Apollo is questioned and doesn’t know it, so his butt gets lit up. He asks Popeye next, Popeye recites it all with no problems. Apollo gives him a thumbs up and smiles.

JI asks, that was Ha Sung-woo, the serial killer, right? She laughs, she didn’t know he would become that famous, he was always following around Popeye even though they were the same age. In that place, we were so hungry, we only had two meals a day. Popeye always shared his rice with Han Sung-woo. The chairman was really like a dog. He only thought the kids were like money machines.

Flashback to the Chairman making the kids fight over food and breaking their arm to get money from the insurance. The insurance woman comes out and recognizes some of the kids as a regular customer. She starts asking all the kids, how they got hurt. She asks the little wife and she says she fell. The chairman asks how much money they will get.

The wife says she wanted to fly like a butterfly. Let’s not talk about the past, I don’t want to know. JI asks what Popeye’s name was and the wife says she doesn’t remember, she forgot about it and she also doesn’t want to remember it. The wife says that she has someone that she really wants to meet. Can they find anyone? Like the TV shows? JI says it depends on how she answers. The wife says it was her friend that she wants to find. It was her first and last friend of her life.

She joined them last, she was different though because they were all orphans, but she had a mother. JI asks who that person was and she says she doesn’t’ remember the name….Byul. We called her Byul. JI looks at KD in the one-way mirror. KD blinks several times….Umma? She thinks back to her mother and telling her mother that she wanted to sleep with her.

Another flashback of the little wife dancing like a ballerina. Byul says she looks so wonderful, like she can fly. The girl tells Byul that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up.

KD mutters….you didn’t become a ballerina….why…..

HM is looking at her and he also says…ballerina?

KD wonders why she didn’t become a ballerina.

The wife says she wanted to fly like a butterfly, but now it is too late. JI says this story is just like her, she kills people for the money and for the Church. But she says she is different! She says she is the same. She yells, someone like you wouldn’t’ know about it.

Flashback to the Pastor telling the kids that they are Children of God. The little wife says her ankle is messed up, so she can’t dance anymore. The Pastor says there was a reason for that, you should overcome it, you were chosen as Gods servant.

The Wife says the reason she killed people had nothing to do with the Pastor, she just did it to reduce her guilty feeling. JI yells, she is only 32, will she end her life as a serial killer! The wife just sits back and tells JI that her statement ends there.

KD wonders, how many kids lives did you ruin, those kids that were chosen by gods, abandoned by gods, and all the people who did that to them aren’t feeling sorry at all. How can they do that…how…

JI come into the room and says it is Stockholm Syndrome. The abused kids just want to believe the tiny kind moments of the abuser is how that person really is. They do that just to survive. To survive, they choose it.

HM says that is their only choice, it is not that it is something they choose. JI thinks HM understands this well, maybe he had a similar experience? HM turns and glares at JI and JI also glares at HM.

KD says he will not let him do the same thing again to more children. The camera cuts to the Pastor with the children at the school. He hands them bread and they all crowd around him and thank him.

The spy talks to the chief about the case. The spy wants the police department to stop JI from investigating the church, otherwise, their investigation may be hurt. The Chief tells him, that is fine, you do it.

HM tells the wife that he also delivers words for the pastor. The wife hops up and asks what he said! Will I also become one of the 14,000 people to go to Heaven? He tells her yes. She starts praying. HM tells her to stop talking about the past, if she keeps talking about it then he can’t guarantee her life. I hope you take my word for it.

She says goodbye in a very friendly way and waves. HM just walks away. But then she says, bye-bye, Popeye; he stops. But he keeps walking again. Her face falls.

The secret team is partying at the secret meeting location. It’s norebang party time! JI comes in and basically stops all their fun. SG asks JI how long he is going to make him dance. His shoulder is dislocated because of him. Everyone starts laughing. (I think it means JI is so cool, so it makes SG want to dance so much that he dislocates his shoulder).

The team continues to norebang into the night. In the background, JI and KD sit on the couch and drink shots together.

HM shows up a little bit later and is offered a drink by JI, but he says he doesn’t drink. KD tells him he can’t have a social life like that. HM tells KD that he will pour her a drink. While pouring it, he wonders how KD knows about the ballerina. It looks like she grew up in a normal family…she has a father.

JI notices HM noticing KD. KD leaves and JI says that it looks like HM is looking at a girl that he likes (?). If someone looks at an ugly girl like that. A first love, or romance is going on now. But it is the wrong time. (Bad timing?)

KD asks HM if he would like to norebang with her. They start to sing the nursery rhyme song about the Mom and baby on the island. But JI tells them to stop singing, that song is too depressing! Sing something brighter! KD thinks they can sing new shoes. They start to sing it happily. But KD tells them to stop! Stop. That song has a rumor that a kid left his new shoes and went somewhere, I don’t like it. All of you sit down, you all break the mood!

JI then takes the mic and sits as if he is going to belt out a love story. He starts to sing a sad love song, and everyone watches him. It sounds like this is a Korean song that is sung in Chinese maybe? No one understands what language he is singing in. But Ji is into it.

Cut to HM outside by himself. KD goes outside and meets with him, she asks him why he is by himself and he says he is just there to get some fresh air. But why is she there? She says she is there to wait for the pizza she ordered. HM then asks her how she knew that woman wanted to be a ballerina? KD says she heard ….um….a similar story….um. But she is saved by the bell because the driver of the pizza scooter almost crashes into them.

KD pushes HM outs of the way. This triggers a memory to HM. It looks like it is the night everyone died. HM is in the church crying, KD grabs him and pulls him into a secret door. He stares at her. Then he sees the picture of little KD and her father. He recognizes it as his friend and he is startled and shocked.

KD makes sure HM is okay and then talks to the pizza person to see if he is okay and to pay him. She needs her wallet though, so she asks HM for it. HM gives it to her and tries not to cry.

While driving home, he thinks about all the moments that he recognized something in KD. He thinks back to when Apollo died and when she went to his cremation and when she played in the snow and when she talked about something being sweet, yet her tears and runny nose are salty.

VO – Did you see Han Sun-gu’s death, what did he say? He said remember the name…Apollo. I don’t know why I am here, I can’t forgive Han Sun-goo….ah, it is sweet but my tears and runny nose are salty.

HM starts crying in the car as he drives himself home. He says…I finally found you Byul. He smiles and pulls the car over. His tears are gone as he calls someone. He calls the image center and asks how much of the face he has. The man says he has the outline o that person. The camera scans to the video image and we see that it looks like Kim Dan’s appa.

Cut to HG walking home. KD runs up behind him and gives him a big hug. She is still drunk and wants to walk with her appa to sober up. She asks what he did today. He said he went to the public bath. She tells him that is why he looks so good today. Appa playfully asks her if she is mocking him? People told him he was handsome in high school. He was tall and handsome. KD thinks she should look like him, then she would be pretty. She asks him how her mother was.

He tells her, her mother was a good person. KD thinks back to her mother telling her not to act like a baby. She thinks her father is lying. He says he isn’t. KD says she thought her father was a super nice guy, but he is good at lying. It is okay though, I lied to you also. But I didn’t it so you wouldn’t get hurt. Appa, you did it for the same reason right?

Appa stops and turns to KD, he says, Dan ah….you…call me if you are planning on getting drunk like this again, I will pick you up.

KD smiles and says her appa doesn’t want her to get married at all. They keep walking arm in arm up the street.

JI is at home looking at his board. He thinks that these kids became monsters, just like in a children’s’ storybook. He also wonders what the three are going to do.

Cut to the two of the three, the pastor and the chairman. The chairman is irate. He is upset because HM gave the video to the police with their faces in it. But the Pastor just says HM knows what he is doing, he has some intention. The Pastor wants to know why the chairman is so superficial/shallow. Why does he care about surface things? The chairman says he isn’t the kind of guy that only reads the title, without me, you and Han-ju wouldn’t be here.

The Pastor tells him that the day will come where God comes. But the chairman yells at him, we will die before that day comes! The Pastor yells at him, maybe he is under the devils’ influence! God will come, and Jesus will come, through me!

News – Only one month left for the presidential election. (On the news, Ha-min is giving away free hugs)

The both are in a hotel room or maybe her room. He tells her to stop doing these things. He tells her that the candidate is a scarier man than she thinks. She asks him if he worries about her. He wonders why she does this, is he that important for her. She tells him not to be mistaken, last year there were 15 limited edition bags in Korea. As soon as they came in, they all sold out. I paid 10 times more than it was worth. But now, do you know where it is?

She ruffles through her drawer and finds it at the bottom. She tells him that he is like that to her. He is only precious until she gets him. He understands, her love isn’t love. She didn’t become an adult, she is trapped in her father’s tiny kingdom.

Flashback of ah throwing treats at the kids, Popeye is the only one that didn’t pick anything up, he just glared at her.

The spy detective is ruffling through JI’s seat. KD stops him and says whatever he is doing isn’t right. He stands up and pushes her. He tells her that she is too confident recently, she can’t see anything. She apologizes.

SG says, why do you hit little kids , but he murmurs it. DH tells him to tell the spy cop so he can hear it.

The bad cop asks where Chun Jae-in is. He has been working outside the office for a week. Cur JI calling KD.

KD goes to JI’s place and talks about the kids. JI found the whereabouts of all the kids. They are all criminals accept for Byul and Popeye. Byul is KD and Popeye is still missing. KD says they should catch them. JI says he will catch them all and make them all pay. Popeye does all the dirty jobs for the trio. He killed my sister using Han San-gyu, he is a smart guy. KD wonders, do you know who he is?

JI puts HM’s photo up. He thinks it is him. KD thinks, nooo. But JI says Joo Ha-min is too involved in these cases and he knows too many of the people involved. They all lead back to him.

KD says she saw him more than JI, he is a good guy. JI tells her that she can decide, but they need to make sure if Joo ha-min is Popeye or not.

JI and KD go to a butcher shop and ask the butcher something. He asks what cut they want. But they tell him that he is an instigator of several crimes, but he wasn’t prosecuted because he was underage and then he disappeared. The man turns violent and starts to try to stab them. KD puts him in an arm lock and apologizes to him. She tells him it is nice to see him, he is Dumbhead, right?

She lets go of him and he asks how the police know his nickname. KD tells him that she is from there…Heavens Door.

The team meets. JI and KD tell them about meeting with Dumbhead. Dumbhead went crazy because the people that made him so miserable, became rich and powerful. KD says she tried to persuade him, but he wasn’t listening to them. He wanted to think about it.

Just then, ji gets a text. He says Dumbhead is going to try and kill the candidate! All the police leave and try to help out. HM asks if this person is the real person really? Ji says yes. We see an image of the person, but it is one of the homeless people, not Dumbhead.

HM calls AH and tells her to cancel the candidates even today. The candidate will get hurt if they continue! Ah thinks they already started though, but HM is adamant. The camera scrolls to the real Dumbhead who has his face covered and we also see that the kids coming out of the church bus to attend the event.

Ji shows up at HM’s car door before he can finish talking to ah and asks him for a ride. HM tells JI that Dumbhead will get prosecuted for this crime, even if he fails. Ji says we can stop them. Hm asks if the picture is really Dumbhead. Ji asks him if he thinks it isn’t Dumbhead? They both think to themselves and are testing each other. Ji thinks that Popeye knows what the real Dumbhead looks like; HM thinks that JI is testing him.

The event is outdoors with a stage. The candidate is on stage with some other people. He is all smiles as he hands out free hugs and also takes questions. KD is in the crowd as she watches HJ talk to two students. HJ tells the two orphans that he will make Korea a place where people without parents can fulfill their dreams. The crowd cheers and KD has a flashback and remembers the girl from the church.

JI and HM run to the event and look around. The homeless people are also there. KD runs up to the two kids who just spoke to the candidate and talks to them. She wants to know who told them to come out. The kids tell her that the father Pastor told them to come there. But someone yells at the kids to come and they take off running.

They run to the Pastors van and the Pastor gets out and sees KD, they have a stare off.

The last person to get a hug from the candidate is JI. He goes up there and talks to the candidate about Heavens Door. The candidate gives a good response and basically says that Heavens Door people are super off. But JI says that the person who gave the medicine to those people is a bad person. But the worst person is the guy that doesn’t prosecute them and just lets them go. What did that person get to free those people who took human life? The candidate just smiles and tells the crowd that he wants to make Korea a country where human life is the most important.

While the crowd cheers, HJ tells JI that he doesn’t’ have a right to know the truth. JI tells him that he will make sure the world he wants is the right world.

Meanwhile, KD asks the Pastor what he did to those kids again. The Pastor doesn’t know what she is talking about. But she says she knows everything. The Pastor grabs her and KD has a vision of people jumping off of a building. They fall from the sky like blood. She tells the pastor that he killed people, again. He tried to change the king by sacrificing people.

It is the same thing she said as a child.

The pastor looks at KD, startled.

In the crowd. The detectives found the person from the image. They spotted him. But HM knows that isn’t the person, he is the bait. Then he sees the real person walking on the stage. This person looks sinister and like he will stab the candidate. But HM is hesitant, he looks at JI who is looking at him. Is this a trap? If he acts, then JI will know that he is Popeye. HM doesn’t know what to do. Should he save Kuk Han-ju or should he save himself?

Fade Out


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  1. N30
    April 2, 2018 / 2:05 am

    Great drama…great recaps …but still no subs …why o why …. Pausing after every scene and trying to decipher wid ur recap summary … Can anyone tell me whr to find english subs …pls

    • Anonymous
      April 2, 2018 / 6:47 am

      Kissdramaclub has the first two episodes subbed.

    • Tiffany
      April 16, 2018 / 7:15 pm

      I just use split-screen mode and watch the drama on half and read this on the other half haha

      • Anonymous
        April 29, 2018 / 11:07 am

        That’s a great idea! The subs are a little bit off (but that’s okay) so this will help a lot to better understand this awesome story. Thank you.

  2. Jen
    April 2, 2018 / 2:18 am

    OMG!!! Getting so so good.

    And no episode with updated subtitles! Aargh!!

    Thank you for the recap!
    I can literally feel myself “watching” the episode as I read.

    • N30
      April 2, 2018 / 7:12 am

      Yeah …bt only 2 episodes are subbed…😢

      • V
        April 2, 2018 / 7:15 am

        Really hard to find subs for this one which is a shame. This episode was so good. Ha-min has finally found out that KD is Byul. He was so touched, it moved him to tears. I love the prosecutor because he is so hard to figure out and I really love his moments with Kim Dal.

        • True52
          April 2, 2018 / 7:26 am

          Mentioned this above, but I’ll leave it here too! Try Eargon fansubs, they are a team of fans that are trying to sub this one: http://eargonsubs.blogspot.sg

          They remind me of withS2 from back in the day!

  3. Tiffany
    April 16, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    This drama is amazing ahhhh I’ve been marathoning and commenting on so many of these posts but I really appreciate everything you guys are doing <3 You make the show so much more enjoyable since I can now understand everything! I'm so excited to see HM's inner turmoil come to light.

    • V
      April 16, 2018 / 8:30 pm

      I am so happy you are enjoying it with us! I love reading your comments. 🙂

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