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Children of a Lesser God Live Recap Episode 1

Children of a Lesser God Live Recap Kdrama episode 1 ocn
This one is more of an after cap that we just finished. It is all over the place and there are typos galore that we still need to fix. We will fix all the typos later on today and also try to fix grammar and all those things. We just wanted to post it right away just in case anyone is wondering what happened during Lesser God and have to wait for subs.

This episode was one part creepy, one part sad, and one part hilarious. I don’t understand how they fit it all in, but they did. I will comment some more later, but we are off to recap Grand Prince right now!

UPDATE: Edited! Hopefully all of the glaring grammar/spelling mistakes are fixed.

They don’t know, they don’t realize it because their eyes are covered so they can’t see and their minds are dark so they can’t realize it. – Isaiah 44:18

The place is a church. A lot of church people are happily preparing an event. One of the women asks where the other 3 are. We find out that the other three kids are drawing something on a wall. They drew themselves, they write their names under their drawings and the teacher calls for them to come inside. It looks like the teacher is one of their mothers?

The huge event starts. Cars drive up and the people getting out of the car are the pastor, the chairman, and the candidate. Inside, we see all the little kids singing a delightful Christmas song. But one of the girls forgets her line, she starts counting 1-2-3-4-5. The pastor looks at her.

Girl – 29 – 30- 31 – 31 is red. That man and that woman are all red.

We cut to everyone dead in the church, umma is all red as well.

We cut to the pastor and the girl in a separate area. The pastor asks the ghost what he is doing and holds a branch over the little girl. He reads a verse in the bible to remove the ghost from her body, in the name of God, leave this child’s body!

But the girl stands up and says that this pastor killed 31 innocent people and tried to change the King of the country. We cut to a lot of people dying in the church, the girl looks around, perhaps everyone died by poison? But the girl slightly smiles as she sees all of this death around her.

The police come in, a lot of people died, it is a mass killing. They think the people killed themselves by their own will, perhaps they drank something? They will have an investigation later.

But the numbers in the will and the dead people aren’t matching, perhaps they have some survivors. Then we cut to an appa running with a little girl, he tells her don’t look back, don’t look at anything. But the girl hears a ringing and points at something. He lets her go and she runs over to something that is buried. This girl still hears a ringing sound and unburies some shaman artifacts. One artifact is a bell that she picks up and puts to her ear. She tells the man that she hears a ringing bell sound.

Cut to the present and we see a woman with this same bell around her wrist. She is happily eating street ddukbogi, but then someone runs behind her, there is some kind of altercation. A man chases a woman with a baby, the policewoman wants to try and find out what happened, but he attacks her as well so KD throws him around with Judo and handcuffs him.

But then JI comes up, he is holding the baby now and says that KD should release the man and he will release the baby. He doesn’t look like an abductor right, I have a poem to recite…

He starts reciting the poem, but then JD hits him and takes the baby. JI tells her to wait, wait, halmoni, what is the name of the baby? How old is she? The lady keeps screaming to come to her. JI says that this baby is 11 months old and her name is Yuna.

This woman was crazy, she abducts kids over and over again. Her child died and she went crazy. KD apologizes to JI, she is really sorry, she didn’t know he was a police officer. But he says he forgot about it, even her punch, he forgot it already, it didn’t affect him at all. She thinks that it was a hard punch though… But JI keeps talking, he gives her a lesson, what you see on the surface is not the truth. Everything you see isn’t always the truth.

He walks off and throws his scarf around his shoulder as he leaves.

KD stares at him as he walks away. She wonders who he is because this is the first time she has seen someone like him. One of the policemen says that all the policemen in Korea want to punch Chun Jae-in because he is such an a-hole.

Meanwhile, JI is in pain, his solar plexus hurts from her punch, so he starts to do some yoga to relieve it. His sister sits happily on the couch, she is so happy that she got a gift from her brother. The gift is a camera. The sister wants to know if her brother made trouble before. JI says that he doesn’t eat dinner with the regular police and he doesn’t understand how they don’t catch criminals. The sister starts to train the brother in interview skills to keep him from bragging so much. She thinks he can’t survive this harsh world without her and tells him to be good.

Then we cut to the sister putting up the photo she took of her brother on her window.

A man is looking for his 22-year-old daughter. He thinks she is abducted, she never drinks or stays out late. But the cops think that young people do things like this. KD tells him to go home safely and thinks that her dad is the same. He wants her to call all the time. But the other cop says it has only been 4 hours, not 4 days.

KD holds the picture. She falls asleep and starts to see something strange, she heels a drum and is being followed in the woods. Then someone tries to strangle her from behind with a wire, she sees some flowers. Then she thinks that someone dies, but the last sense they lose is their hearing. KD says that she only hears the whistling when she is killed. This is the 59th death that she has seen. She wakes up with a jump and says that the man’s daughter is dead. A mountain man trapped her neck, there was a white flower and whistling. She thinks that she never wants to see someone’s death again.

Then we see her as a child. Someone gives her a rice cake, but she touches the woman on accident and says the baby is strangling on the neck. She coughs. Later the woman confronts her, why did she say that before! Because of you! My baby was fine before you said something! Just die, you devil child!

She attacks KD but then the father runs up to protect her. They walk away and KD thinks that she is a bad person. But Appa says that she knows that KD tried to help that woman. KD thinks there is a ghost stuck to her, but appa just kneels and tells her that she is a little different from other people, they aren’t hating her, she is just different. KD says that she hates it and they hug.

Back to the present, KD is at the girl’s fathers place. The father wants to know if they finished checking everything. He tells the policeman that his daughter is scared of everything, she doesn’t even turn off her light, he is worried about her, what if she is abducted to someplace dark. Do you think she is okay? She should be okay, even if she is abducted and sold to an island, right? On her 100-day celebration, she grabbed the thread, so she should live long.

JI is sitting in a briefing. But he stands up, he wants to ask a question! But the instructor tells him to sit. He keeps asking questions and tells the teacher all about the case. He has a similar case. JI goes to the front and starts talking about his cases, he thinks these cases are the same, it is a serial killer. There is no violence or sexual crime, it is just someone who likes to kill. Someone who can’t date anyone…he looks at a bald man….and someone with sexual problems….he looks at the man again. The man yells, why do you keep looking at me!

So, JI gets back to the case. He thinks the criminal is confident now, so he might visit that crime scene again.

Cut to a man looking at KD while she is at a crime scene. But he runs off and takes a taxi. While in the taxi, the taxi driver tells the man that a young woman disappeared. He is scared to drive his taxi around. The man starts cursing at the driver, so the driver just shuts up and starts driving. He turns on some music, but the man wants to taxi driver to turn it off. Can’t he just shut up! The taxi screeches to a halt.

JI says the victim should have a car, the crimes are all spread around, maybe he is a taxi driver?

Cut back to the taxi driver, the taxi driver is upset and puts on some gloves. He turns around, but then he sees a police car driving by. He snaps out of his craziness and starts to drive the man to his destination again.

KD goes to a place in the woods that says Fire warning. She remembers this from her vision. She asks a woman nearby if she heard any screaming sounds and the woman said she didn’t because they go to bed at sundown. JI keeps walking around and sees the taxi driver, she tells him that she is there to ask him some questions.

Back to JI looking at CCTV. He thinks he saw the same taxi in both videos. This taxi just circles around the crime scene. It is the same license number, he must be the killer.

Back to the taxi, KD starts asking him questions. Has he seen this woman? But then the taxi driver starts to tick. KD remembers the sound of the tick from her vision. She asks him if he drives during the daytime or at night and he says he drives whenever he wants to because he owns the taxi. KD wants to see his black box video, maybe it recorded something. The taxi driver tells her to wait for a second, he will go put the clothes in some water.

But he starts to whistle that same song as he watches KD from inside the building. He goes back outside and tells her to please come inside, he will show her the black box. She says okay. Inside his home are a lot of cartoon posters and candy. He shows her the black box at his desk, then leaves the room. KD fast-forwards the video, but then it stops in the middle, the screen goes dark. In the reflection, she sees the man putting on some gloves, they are the same gloves from her vision. She secretly picks up a pen and is about to stab him, but the windows break!

Glass goes everywhere, then JI pups his head inside, are you Jung Dae-woon, you should come with me, you are the prime suspect in the serial murders. The police take the taxi driver away and JI gives KD a happy look. But afterward he questions her, how did she come all the way there with only a picture? JI tells her that his IQ is 167 and it took him 4 days to find this place, so how did she get here before her. She says that he won’t believe her, but then the forensics team comes. They have 48 hours, they need a confession, or they need to find evidence. If they fail, then a monster will be released.

The man is in the interrogation room hooked up to a liar detector test, he is being questioned.

Meanwhile, KD goes back home. Her dad was worried about her, but she just lays on the couch and goes to sleep. He tells her to clean up and go to her room, but she says she just wants to sleep a little bit then she tells him that she saw it again, she saw it, but she couldn’t do anything. Appa, how would you feel if I disappeared? He says he will die. KD thinks that appa will be the same, he is just waiting for his daughter, he won’t be able to sleep. She thinks that she is useless…use-less. She falls asleep and her appa puts a blanket on her. He tells her, my daughter, you hurt a lot today, it was a hard day for you.

She looks at a missing case on the computer, concerned.

JI and another cop talk about the case. Do-hoon tells JI that this taxi guy cleans everything, so there is no evidence. They go into the interrogation room and we see the taxi driver pretending that he is innocent and quiet. JD sits across from the killer and asks him what his hobby is. He has no particular hobby. He likes cartoons like Toy Story 3, what is his favorite color…green. What is his ideal woman…what are you doing now? He says he wants to know about him more, just say all the things that come to his mind. Consider it like a blind date. JI starts putting on some lipstick or chapstick and DH says that JI is looking to flip this killer’s switch.

He keeps interrogating him, the man likes clean things. But then JI spills something on him and the man’s tick comes back. JI asks the man when he broke his arm, it feels like he broke it several times. Did someone hit him? Who did it? The killer says he doesn’t remember, it was a long time ago. We find out that this killer didn’t have parents and was in several foster homes.

The tick comes out even more and JI tells the boy to remember what happened. The boy starts to remember all the abuse he suffered as a child. He says he wants to go home, but JI tell him to keep thinking about it and the man yells for someone to take JI out. JI asks where the girl is, if he tells him, then he will take him out from this room. The man asks, if he tells him, will he really release him from the room?

The man says that he killed all the women…does he expect him to say all those things? It isn’t him, not everyone with a poor past becomes a criminal, that kind of idea makes the world bad.

JI gets back up and goes back to his side of the desk. The man says this guy is a fun detective, he doesn’t know why he is suspected, but they need to bring some evidence or let him go. JI brings out the shoes and tells him his shoes are very dirty. Why are they so dirty when he is so clean?

The woman is still hanging from a tree and we see JI tell the police to investigate everything about those shoes.

JI’s sister is there to talk about something, but he tells her he has to leave.

JI goes to a botanist to find out about a certain flower. Then they start to search the mountains. Someone yells, they found the body! And we see the girl. They talk about how she died so fast, she couldn’t’ even close her eyes. They close her eyes for her, but they see her hand. Her hand closed strangely, they say to check the blood marks under her nails. Meanwhile, KD sees the flower on the ground and they see neck scratches on the man’s neck.

The man is on the scene and asks KD if this is his daughter, he wants to see her with his own eyes. He runs up to her, he says, no, no, no and KD watches him with pity.

The killer wants to talk to JI. JI tells him that they found the body, so he should confess now. The man wants some food. JI wonders why this man is so confident even though they have the body.

The CSI team works and the man eats his food. KD waits outside for the results of the report. The results say that it isn’t him. JI tells DH to check it again! They only have 30 minutes to convict him. KD thinks back to the voice, she remembers what he said. She starts running to the room.

Meanwhile, the police think that they have to let the guy out now. They can’t prove it. But then KD busts in and asks to talk to JI. She starts talking to him very fast. He was talking about the resurrection of Jesus, he said to eat his blood and he will be back or something like that. He told that to the victim.

Did she see that?

It is hard to explain.

Does she have some fantasy power?

She says that three people died, just trust her. She tells JI that he told her to not only trust what she sees, he told her that.

One minute is left. JI tells the man that he can go home and drops his shoes on the ground for him. The man tells the detective that he won’t die for as long as he lives. But then KD runs in and puts her arms on her own neck, save me, save me! But then she hushes herself and says, I am saving you, I am saving you, God says to eat my flesh and my blood and you will live forever and I will be revived on the last day.

The man starts ticking uncontrollable and starts banging his head against the wall, but she pulls him back and tells him that he will go to hell, tell her, it was him, tell her!

But then he tells her that he knows her, and we hear a ringing of the bell. It looks like we see all the other crimes. But time is up, so he can leave now. He starts to walk out, but KD says he shouldn’t leave, what should she do? What should she do?

She pulls out her gun and points it at him. She yells for him to stop right there! All the other cops tell her to put the gun away, but she says that he shouldn’t be out, they should kill him, otherwise, other people will die. But the man starts walking towards her and holds the gun, he puts it down and whispers in her ear that she should run away from him, otherwise they will come.

We flashback to the drawing the kids made in the beginning. Perhaps he is the Popeye boy. He starts walking out again. Then JI tells her that she doesn’t know what she saw, but she shouldn’t be swayed by her emotions like this, she is the police! JI tells everyone to put a tracking device on the taxi.

We cut to the sister. She looks out the window and sees this guy, she is the next victim! KD runs the streets and tries to find the location that she remembers from her vision. Meanwhile, the sister feels something weird and looks outside, the man is gone. But he is right in front of her apartment with a cable tie. His tick starts up.

Meanwhile, JI calls his sister, but she isn’t picking up, we hear the cable tie sound and her gasping. He gets home and feels something strange, the sister is dead. He goes up to her and tries to take her down, he tells her, Oppa will save you, open your eyes!

KD is still running around looking for this place. She sees the statue. But inside the room we see JI crying over his sister.

VO – For my life, I kept the law and principles, but if I had a gun in front of that criminal, what choice will I make, the world I knew all collapsed that day.

JI – (Sees 911 and the ambulance) I am an unwilling witness to someone’s tragedy, but I am the witness that no one believes.

Several people are selling food on the street. One man talks about this representative street person who even has a college education. This man is JI, he looks downtrodden and is talking to a pigeon. He yells at the pigeon, but then he tells it to eat more.

Cut to KD, she is in normal clothes and looks super tough now. They are looking at a crime scene. But they have to remove some poop and the man tells her that she has changed a lot. She can even do things like this. But then the man says robbers used to do that because it means they would never be caught. She puts the poop in a bag and stars running to the CSI team.

At the same time, some man is yelling at these street people. This man wants his money back. But JI comes up to this man and asks him to prove it and he will pay him. But the man just spits on him. JI starts to spit a lot of knowledge to this man about street people being rich people. How does this man know that he is poor, what you see isn’t everything. KD runs up to this and recognizes the voice. But the man just throws some coins and tells him to take it. JI says he doesn’t take free money and doesn’t have unnecessary body contact.

He takes off his jacket and the man and he starts to fight. But JI gets hit and stumbles backward. KD catches him and pulls him into a dip as if they are dancing. KD says that the face she never wanted to see again is right in front of her. They met again like fate, after 2 years.

Fade Out

Okay, this show is so creepy and yet I can handle it because Kang Ji-won is hilarious and the main actress is so earnest yet clueless. Both of the leads are just off in their own unique way, which is like sugar added to a tiny hot cup of bitter coffee. It takes the edge off of the scary just a bit, but that strong eerie taste is still there.

Character Chart for the Korean drama Children of a Lesser God

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  1. Umunie
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    Your recap is very much appreciated..please continue for tgevrest of the episodes..i saw eps 1 and 2 but no english subtitles yet abd ur recap helps me understand whats happening

    • V
      March 5, 2018 / 10:27 am

      Thank you for letting us know Umunie! We actually weren’t sure if anyone was watching this one so it’s good to know at least one other person is! We like this show a lot so far, so we are going to try and keep recapping it. 🙂

  2. mayday
    March 7, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Where I can get the English subtitle?

    • V
      March 8, 2018 / 9:04 am

      Hi Mayday, I actually don’t know who is covering this show with English subtitles. I only know that the episodes are available on On Demand Korea, but they aren’t subtitles yet.

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    I really love your recaps
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    but yours I like it
    please continue with your recaps.

    • V
      March 8, 2018 / 2:00 pm

      I am so happy to hear that olawunmi 🙂 So far we love Children of a Lesser God so we will continue to recap it! Let us know if you have any questions about the episode and we will try to answer them for you 🙂

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