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Character Posters for Korean Drama My Country

Kdrama My Country with Yang Se-jong
Kdrama My Country, image JTBC

Yes! Finally more posters have been released for My Country (the action revenge sageuk from JTBC that has epic written all over it). Besides the teasers, JTBC only released two posters, which only showed the main character(s) standing in the center. In one, a main character was breaking the fourth wall in a desolate battlefield, and in the other, another character was running to the action. I went back and forth with deciding if I wanted to post on that and decided that I would wait for something else to come out. So, here are the other posters released that give us a bit more insight into the drama.

My Country is set during the Goryeo period and stars  Yang Se-jongWoo Do-hwanSeol Hyun, and Jang Hyuk. It is the story of two best friends who differ in what they think is the best path for their country and become enemies following a misunderstanding. Going forward, they try to protect their country and the people that they love in it, in their own way – hence the title My Country.

In the drama, Jang Se-jong plays Seo Hwi, a warrior. His father is a famous commander which colors Seo Hwi’s opinion of the world. Seo Hwi does not compromise when it comes to injustice which I am sure is what leads his life to devolves into a hellish existence. But it does not remove his smile even when he is in the most miserable of situations.

His best friend, Nam Sun Ho, is played by Woo Do-hwan. he is smart and talented. However, his mother was born into the lowest class, so Nam Sun Ho is treated poorly by others. In order to gain acceptance, he wants to pass the military service examination. However (and possibly slightly spoilers) he loses his dream due to a corruption scandal that involved his father. And to make matters worse, he breaks up with his best friend over a misunderstanding. I mean, how low can you go? Is this drama character limbo because Do Hwan’s back is pretty bent, I think he’s winning.

Jang Hyuk will play Prince Lee Bang Won (a real character in history and the real founder of Joseon). He will help his father bring down the Goryeo Dynasty and usher in the Joseon Dynasty. I mean, damn. We all know that the Joseon dynasty is a thing that existed for hundreds of years, so that kind of gives us the stakes of this drama right away. Whoever is on the Goryeo side is going to lose y’all. Or maybe they can hold out for a few more years? One catch is that, after taking the throne, his father does not put Lee Bang Won as the crowned prince. Even so, Lee Bang Won will continue to try and take the throne. And there lies the political thriller side of this drama that I welcome with open arms.

Honestly, just put Jang Hyuk in period wear and your drama is made, just look what his cameo did for The Crowned Clown, coincidence? I think not. Jang Hyuk knows how to pick hits (we shall forget that drama with the food that didn’t know what to do with him). On top of that, he is playing the founder of Joseon who killed a ton of people to take the throne. His character will be intense.

Seol Hyun (from AOA) will play Han Hee Jae who is the leader of information group Yihwaroo. She is smart and capable and knows how to handle herself and a sword. So I expect Seol Hyun to have spent a lot of time in the martial arts gym to make it look believable. In fact, everyone in the main cast probably spent a substantial amount of time training for all the fight sequences. And of course, Jang Hyuk stays ready.

My Country is set to premier October 4th. It will air Friday’s and Saturdays on JTBC at 23:00 KST. (All translations for the posters are in the captions below the images).

Korean Poster for Kdrama My Country with Woo Do-hwan
They were there at the beginning of Joseon
Korean Poster for Kdrama My Country with Yang Se-jong
They were there at the beginning of Joseon
Korean character Poster for Kdrama My Country with Yang Se-jang
I will be strong because I have someone to protect
Korean character Poster for Kdrama My Country with Woo Do-hwan
I am going to take it, even though it means I will betray you.
Korean character Poster for Kdrama My Country with Seol Hyun
I am going to have power. With power, I will not lose anyone anymore.
Korean character Poster for Kdrama My Country with Jang Hyuk
I am going to have everything in my hands, including your land, Father.
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  1. Denise Taylor
    September 19, 2019 / 6:58 pm

    i can’t wait for this!

    • V
      September 19, 2019 / 7:25 pm

      Me either! The teasers look so epic!

  2. Juhli
    September 20, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    Seol Hyun is an incredibly hard worker, I hope they give her the real chance to really showcase the fighting choreo skills she has learned. And not just one sword scene in the whole drama to say, look! lady with sword, cool huh?! Now watch her be a damsel in distress for the rest of the time to further the male leads stories.
    I just want a great female sageuk lead again, pleeeeease. Where we see her do other stuff independent from love-issues. Also, please no love-triangle-nonsense. Except if it’s an equilateral triangle. THAT I would want to see very much.
    More wishes: Not too much politics with twenty old ministers from different fractions I cant distinguish anyways please. I don’t have the patience to sit through 80% of that to see our main leads for 20% of the time. Give me emotion, dramatics, nicely shot fight scenes with grit. Emotionally rewarding scenes! Basically make me cry and love it.

    • V
      September 20, 2019 / 10:31 pm

      All of this!

  3. Anonymous
    September 21, 2019 / 7:02 am

    I love the teasers and the posters. Hope it is really great. I can’t wait.

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