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Character Descriptions: Yoo Jin-Woo and his J.One Company Employees

Character Translations for Korean Drama Memories of Alhambra on Netflix
If you had some questions about each character that was introduced in the first two episodes of Memories of Alhambra, get in line, right? There were a lot ot characters including characters that don’t even have screen time but have a lot of time dedicated to them (ahem, 2nd ex-wife, ahem). Well we will be releasing all the character translations from tvN’s website over here throughout this week.First up are all of the people on Jin-woo’s side come dust or dawn. The J. One company employees.

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YOO JIN WOO (Male, 39)
J. One holdings Investment company CEO and Ph.D in engineering
While he was getting his Ph.D, he started his company with a friend. After 10 years it became the #1 I.T. investment company in the field. He is almost recklessly adventurous. He has to do things that he has to do and if there is something that he does not want to do, he does not do it. Likewise, if there is something that he has to say, then he has to say it. He is a one-way kind of guy.

He has strong leadership and decision making abilities. He is humorous and is a respected boss in the company. But he has two failed marriages and was betrayed by his best friend. Because of all those hardships in his private life, he has become very sarcastic. Now his vision of changing the world with his technology is fading. A few years ago his goal in life became to just win over Cha Hyun Seok.

Finally, while he was on a business trip in Spain, he was contacted by a no-name programmer about an extremely valuable AR game that is more than enough to squash Cha Hyun-seok. He was super excited and went to Granada right away. But at the Bonita hostel, he did not meet the person he was supposed to meet and his room was an unbearably dirty room. The owner, Hee-joo shamelessly gave him that room for money.

PARK SUN HO (male, 43)
J. One holdings executive and Jin-woo’s coworker.

A fair, calm, and warm person. He is Jin-woo and Hyun-seok’s college sunbae. After they made the company, he joined and helped run it.

With his calm and rational characteristics, he handled any trouble Jin-woo and Hyung-seok, got into and grew the company. But when the company split because of Hyung-seok’s coup, he stayed with Jin-woo.

SEO JUNG HOON (male, 33)
Jin-woo’s secretary

A bright, happy, and cool character. He does not care about Jin-woo’s anger or changing mind. He just goes on at his own pace and “My way” style.

He is the only one that Jin-woo is relaxed with and speaks his true mind to. He is his old sidekick. He likes drinking, people, and even though he is in an IT company, he likes analog and does not know that much about technology.

He sticks with Jin-woo until the end and helps him.

CHA YANG JOO (male, 35)
J. One holdings R&D development center head. PhD in engineering

A typical geek, he specializes in computer games and spends all his time in front of the computer. He leads the project to publish Se-joo’s A/R game and knows every detail about the game; he is Jin-woo’s brain in this regard.

He is naive and honest for everything except computers and falls in love with game characters all the time.

We have three more character translations to share over here that we will release throughout the next week! Coming up are: 1) Park Shin-hye and the Bonita Hostel, 2) Yoo Jin-woo’s antagonist, and 3) the Extra’s that we hear about but haven’t really seen yet (like Jin-woo’s ex wife #2). All of these are already up on our Patreon. Consider supporting for $1/month if you can! For all our Patreon’s, see you this weekend for our live Recap of Memories of Alhambra! I can’t wait!

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