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First Look

Character Descriptions: The Extra’s

December 9, 2018
Memories of Alhambra Character Translations

GO YURA (female, 33)
Jin-woo’s second wife who is undergoing a divorce with him.

She is an ex girl group member and an alcoholic. She is a beautiful woman, but she is also showy, unstable, and spontaneous. She saw that Jin-woo was going through a tough period after his divorce when she met him at a party on accident. They had an instant spark and got married.

However, they did not share anything in common from the beginning so the marriage ended spontaneously. Their one year of married life was steady conflict.

NO YOUNG JOON (male, 45)
Yura’s manager

A stereotypical thug. He was Yura’s boyfriend once upon a time ago. When Yura’s marriage started to mess up, he showed back up in front of her again and tried to convince her to sue Jin-woo for a lot of money.

MARCO HAN (male, 22)
Programmer, Hacker

A student in Barcelona who became friends with Sejoo while online gaming.

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