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Character Descriptions: The Antagonists

All the people that used to be important to Jin-hyeok but are not only in Hyun-seok’s life in Memories of Alhambra

CHA HYUN SEOK (male, 39)
CEO of I.T. company New World, Ph.D. Engineering

Jin Woo’s friend and co-founder of Jin-woo’s company. He is passionate, has high vision, and can’t lose. He has high levels of pride and is very similar to Jin-woo. That is why there were best friends ever since college. But as the company grew, they were more and more against each other because of their similarities.

Finally, after company infighting, Hyun-seok lost to Jin-woo and left the company. He made his own company and, during that time, seduced Jin-woo’s wife. She was suffering from depression, however, some people already knew that Hyung-seok had feelings for Jin-woo’s wife, Soo-jin, ever since college. But we don’t know if his marriage to Soo-jin was his late realization of love or his twisted revenge to Jin-woo.

After divorcing, Jin-woo realized that his wife was already betraying him with his best friend. That is when Hyung-seok and Jin-woo’s relationship crossed a river to no return. Now, three years later, they meet and compete against each other with this A/R game.

LEE SOO JIN (female, 36)
Jin-woo’s ex wife, Hyung-seok’s current wife, and a pediatrician

She is clean, calm, smart, and beautiful. She got married because she liked Jin-woo’s rough and tumble charm. 

However, maybe being too comfortable and trusting became a problem. They became too busy so their relationship grew cold and with Jin-woo’s super fast success sent Soo-jin into depression.

In the end, she divorced Jin-woo and married Hyung-seok. After that, the relationship between the three friend became irreversible.

CHA BYUNG JOON (male, 68)
Korea University Economics Head, Hyung-seok’s father

He grew up in a rich family and is a well respected and successful educator. His son, Hyung-seok, and his son’s friend, Jin-woo, tried to open a company without any money and asked him for an investment. He saw their future so he lent them seeding money. He owns a large share of J. One Holdings and is chair of the board.

He is authoritative and cold. When his son Hyung-seok started a coup against Jin-woo, he was on Jin-woo’s side, not his son’s. He is also cold toward his daughter-in-law who made Jin-woo and Hyung-seok separate. Because of that, the relationship he has with his son is not so good.

LEE SOO KYUNG (female, 32)
Soo-jin’s sister, florist

Before the divorce, she was the sister-in-law of Jin-woo and had a good relationship with him. When her eunnie fainted in Granada, she contacted Jin-woo and relied on him. She is a bridge between Soo-jin and Jin-woo.

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