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Character Descriptions: DongHwa Hotel

Character translations for Korean Drama Encounter

Director of Advertisement Team

In college, Cha Jong-hyun, Nam Myung-sik, and Kim Jung-pyo where called the trio of journalists. 

She is the younger sister to Jung Pyo who passed away early. Na Mung-sik quietly supported Sun-jo who was left alone. However, Sunjoo married a man and had a precious dughter, Ji-yoo. Whenever she needed advice, she looked for Na Myung-sik because he is her brothers best friend. She thinks it’s okay.

Member of Advertisement Team

She has been friends with Jin-hyeok since middle school. She lived in the same eighborhood and moved out 3 years ago. She comes to visit almost everyday because hr friend, no a guy she likes, lives in the neighborhood.

For Hye-in, Jin-hyeok has to study hard in high school and be busy in college to maintain his grades and have a part time job and went to the military in the middle so he did not have his own time. He should be in a lot of stress to get a job.

That is why Jin-hyeok did not have enough time to look at Hye-in differently. When Jin-hyeok got a job and became 30, he should think about dating. Then he will hold her hand, that is what she believes

Manager of Advertisement Team

Assistant Manager of Advertisement Team

Employee of Advertisement Team

{No image at the top; he is the person who wants Soo-hyun’s job and confronted her at the end of episode 4}

Executive Officer of DongHwa hotel

A mole for TaeKyung Group Chairman, Kim Hwa-jin (Woo-seok’s mama).

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