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Character Description: Hee-joo and Bonita Hostel People

JUNG HEE JOO (female, 27)
Bonita Hostel owner in Granada, Spain

She dreamed of becoming a world class classical guitarist and came to Granada to study. But with her parents sudden death, she became the bread winner of the family. She is running a cheap hostel, a Korean restaurant, is a tour guide, and a translator to make money. However, she still has lingering passion toward her guitar and is learning how to make guitars in a studio. Her dream is to open a guitar studio in Korea.

All of a sudden, her vague dream became reality like magic with Jin-woo’s sudden appearance. Hee-joo does not know about how the world works, she really thanks Jin-woo for his good “heart” that rescued her youth. She is not good at calculating and only has sensitive emotions as an artist. She has passion toward what she likes, but that passion directed itself to Jin-woo and messed up her life.

The song Memories of Alhambra is meaningful to her because she received an award after playing it and it is the reason she came to Granada. 

OH YOUNG SHIM (female, 75)
Hee-joo’s halmoni on fathers side

She came to Granada to take care of her grandkids for just a little while, but her son and daughter-in-law died suddenly, so she had to raise her grandchildren in the foreign country of Spain. She does not speak any Spanish, but can do things in a forceful strong grandmother way to raise her grandkids.

With their only possession as their super old hostel, they struggle to make a living. One day all of a sudden, maybe by luck, a handsome guest that came early in the morning offered them a lot of money. It is more money than she can imagine in her 75 years of life.

JUNG SE JOO (male, 18)
Programmer & little brother to Hee-joo

He lives in his own world and is a reclusive genius. He came to Spain when he was eight and failed to adapt to Spain. Then he lost his parents suddenly so he became addicted into the gaming world and closed off his heart. He does not have good social skills and has difficulty conversing with anyone for a long time.

Just because he wanted to get a new laptop, he broke the window of a store and tried to steal it, but he got caught by the police. Ever since that incident, he was a trouble maker. But no one in the family knows that Se-joo has the dream of giving a lot of money to his family members with his gaming program.

He developed a very advanced A/R game all by himself. It is difficult to believe that he did it all on his own. The story starts with him disappearing on a train to Granada.

JUNG MIN JOO (female, 14)
Hee-joo’s younger sister

She is a middle school student with the dream of becoming a member of a girl group so she only thinks about entertainers all day. She is not like her eunnie who thinks a lot and is timid, or like her oppa who does not have any social skills; she is a cool, simple, and straightforward person.

She kind of likes Jin-woo because he has a similar vibe to her. She decides to become cupid between Jin-woo and Hee-joo.

KIM SANG BEOM (male, 30)
Classical guitar Ruseie(?), Hee-joo’s male friend

He is a student learning how to make guitars with Hee-joo in Granada. He has finished all his studies so he can go back to Korea but He has lingering attachment to Hee-joo so he hesitates going back to Korea. But all of a sudden Jin-woo shows up in front of Hee-joo.

Jin-woo bothered Sang-beom from the beginning so what he felt became true. He only has eyes for Hee-joo, though he pretends like he does not.

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