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Sticking to Emma Daniels – Chapter Three: Henry

Korean drama inspired book Chapter Three: Henry

Here is a chapter three sneak peek of our book Sticking to Emma Daniels! We are going to give sneak peaks all week long leading up to our release date next week. You can read more about our book right here and you can pre-order for $2.99 here! All proceeds will go towards removing ads on our site!

If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes then please let us know; and if you are from Vancouver (where this novel is set) and notice anything irregular, then let us know that as well, and I can make appropriate changes!

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Chapter Three


About 10 minutes ago

Holy hell, was this really happening? 

It was the slap that caught Henry’s attention. Before that happened, several minutes before that happened actually, he had tried to ask this woman, EMD, something, but she was walking away. It looked like she knew someone in the distance which was all well and good because the client showed up right at that time, a bit early, but that was perfectly fine. It made Henry not feel as bad for saying he couldn’t meet this girl halfway. When she came back, she would see him talking to the person he was there to meet, and his conscience would feel a bit better.

Not that his conscience needed to feel better, he did have a pressing meeting and he came in on a rental bicycle. The kind you pick up on the street and pay by the hour. It made no sense for him to get an Uber to meet her, though now that he was thinking about it, he probably should have told her that.

But then he heard the slap.

How could he not hear it? It was like Thor landed on the rooftop and cracked his mighty hammer into the building. That was the honest to God biggest slap Henry had ever heard in his entire life.

Everyone in the restaurant appeared to think that same thing.

You could tell by how every single head turned in that direction. Of course, one glance at the situation, and anyone could see what was going on. Two women, one man, one of the women was tearfully upset, the other was at the table looking annoyed more than anything, the man looked like he just swallowed his tongue and was trying to cough it up without anyone noticing. 

It was bad. 

No wonder she couldn’t hear what he was saying when she started to walk away, she must have spotted him already. Geez, that’s horrible; plus, he couldn’t help but think it was partly his fault. If he had met her halfway then she wouldn’t have seen this.

He grimaced, it might be better that she did see it, in the long run. Though he still could not believe that this was happening, it was really like something out of a movie.

After the thunder strike of a slap, the woman spun around to leave but stopped by Henry and his client’s table to grab her luggage, muttered something about thank you, and took off. Which of course made the client look at Henry with a big question mark along with everyone else in the restaurant.

“Did she just take your luggage?” the client asked.

“No, not my luggage,” Henry started thinking of the best way to explain. “It was actually her luggage, it was swapped by accident at the airport and – you know what, it is a story for another time.”

“Maybe you should go after her? I mean, she looked pretty upset.”

“Um, well,” Henry stammered trying to think of a way out of that. He didn’t really want to get all in someone else’s business. At least, he wouldn’t want someone to get in his. But he also did not want to make this potential $50,000 customer upset. He had bills to pay due circa three days later.

He pulled his luggage over and put in the code – but it didn’t work. 

He tried again.


His mind went back to the girl, EMD. She had rolled his luggage in and then they chatted for a second and she was about to take her luggage but then she started walking off looking all lost and confused so he rolled the two suitcases closer to the table and then the client came in so he moved them out of the way for her to sit so….did she take his luggage, on accident?

His heart kicked up a beat.

All his samples were in that suitcase. He had to show them to this client.

But there was no way that woman was coming back here, and after this huge incident there was probably no way he would be able to get in contact with her, he had to grab her now.

The client was turned to look outside at the girl walking away, “The poor thing –”

But all Henry could think about was his $50k walking away as well.

“You’re right, I should go talk to her,” Henry said standing up. “I’ll go see how she’s doing. I’ll be right back.”

He was off with a dart and burst through the front doors feeling the chill of the cold air hit him. He looked left and right then saw, way in the distance, his brightly colored Zackary M. Pickowsky luggage. That was her!

He ran up the street, but she was already gone. He needed to be faster. To his right was the grab and go bike station. He quickly paid for it again and took off up the street, peddling as fast as he could to catch her. The light was red, he could make it – no she turned left again.

He hopped across the street and dodged pedestrians, hopping on and off the curb as he did. 

He was almost there; he could see her up ahead. If he pedaled a bit faster, then he could knock on the window to stop her. But she was turning, was she headed for the highway? Of course she was, he had to cut her off to keep from losing her. His manager, Bradley, would kill him if he didn’t land this client. Plus, no matter how relaxed Henry was about finances (admittedly, a bit too relaxed these past few months), he knew that they needed the money.

He was catching her. 

Don’t turn off, just yet!

He cut an angle and turned his bike quickly with a plan on jamming it into the side of her car to stop her and tap her window, but he had overshot it, and he was going faster than he thought, and his hand didn’t touch the break fast enough, which all culminated into the biggest over the handlebar flip he had experienced since his twelve-year-old birthday party when he tried to prove he could leap over a Volvo off a makeshift ramp he made overnight. 

He went, tail-over-head, careening over the hood and sliding into the street. Everything went black.

“Oh my gosh,” he heard the woman say as the world came back to him, “are you okay I am so sorry, I didn’t see you coming.” She helped him up, which was a bit harder than it seemed as Henry stood several inches taller than this woman, he was 6 ft, pushing 6 ft 1 with shoes on, and this lady was coming in somewhere around 5’7. He would be amazed if she could carry his full weight; and with how his head was feeling, he needed his full weight carried. But in true Henry fashion, his pride wouldn’t let that happen. He sprung back up, nothing to see here, everyone.

“I’m okay,” Henry said stumbling around and waving his hands like he was washing an invisible window. 

“Are you sure?” the woman, EMD was it, said looking him over, “that was a nasty –”

“I’m good, right as rain,” now that was the embarrassment talking. However, the more normal he looked, the more he hoped people would not stop and try and help him. But there were a few stars….

“Are you really sure you’re okay?” from the sound of her voice, he would assume that her eyebrow furrowed, or maybe arched, sarcastically.

“I’m great,” the stars multiplied and started to sparkle. Henry shook his head and blinked a few times; they weren’t going anywhere. His neck felt strangely wet. He put a hand on it.

“Oh my gosh, you’re bleeding!”

“No, I’m not…ah, is….that….b…l…” 

The last thing Henry remembered was the very embarrassing way that Emma shrieked.

Honestly, it sounded like a cat got stepped on, what even was that?

Thank you for reading chapter three!

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  1. Sebba
    July 24, 2020 / 6:47 pm

    OK, sold.

    I don’t read fiction as such. I watch a lot of it though. I really only read non-fiction. Funnily enough I don’t watch a lot of non fiction though. Don’t trust the narrative. LOL, we’re complicated okay. hehe.

    But your style of writing is lovely. It flows like stream of consciousness. I really like it. I note that your book is only available on kindle – just wondering if there would be a hard copy version of it sometime in the future? Or is that option only available in US?

    • V
      July 25, 2020 / 8:31 am

      Thank you so much, Sebba! 😋 I actually was having a hard time pinpointing my writing style, but I LOVE stream of conscious style writing!!!! Sometimes I have to reign that in, but that is basically what I do. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

      Yes! It will be available in paperback! We need to get the proper page number and formatting so that we know how thick the spine of the book will be. We hope to get all that done next week! 😘😘😘😘

      • Sebba
        July 25, 2020 / 9:03 am

        Hehe, Glad to help. 🙂

        Brilliant thank you for letting me know. My sis says I need to embrace the digital age so I’ve opted for kindle version. My first one 🙂

        Enjoyed so far – looking forward to Friday!

        • V
          July 25, 2020 / 9:18 am

          Whoo hoo! Yes, embrace the Kindle. I was reluctant to get one as well. But now I have one and still buy paper copies, so I use both, heehee

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