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Sticking to Emma Daniels – Chapter Six: Henry

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T-2 Days until our book Sticking to Emma Daniels is live!!!! Wow, we are almost there!!!! Y’all, I’m getting excited and nervous.

Here is a chapter six sneak peek of our book! We are going to give sneak peaks all week long leading up to our release date this Friday, July 31st (eep, almost here!). You can read more about our book right here and you can pre-order for $2.99 here (price stair-steps up to $4.99 after that)! All proceeds will go towards removing ads on our site!

If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes then please let us know; and if you are from Vancouver (where this novel is set) and notice anything irregular, then let us know that as well, and I can make appropriate changes!

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Chapter Six


Henry blinked his eyes open. He was laying in a bed with no covers. His legs were straight, his arms were bent and over his belly, his head was – throbbing a bit. His vision was okay, a little blurry, but he didn’t quite yet have the coordination to wipe any of the blurriness away.

To his left was someone talking to someone else who was invisible. Or was it the other way around? Was the invisible person talking to her?

Everything was bright. He heard beeps and boops from somewhere. The sides of Henry’s vision started to close in on him and he blinked several more times. Laying there felt so good, being awake felt wrong he didn’t want to do it. He had no wants to do anything else but lay there quietly and not be bothered.

To not be bothered at all.


This loud chirpy sound, that unmistakably reminded him of that cat-like squeak, was enough to shoot adrenaline right into Henry’s bloodstream. His eyes shot open.

“Hey! I’m going to call the doctor okay!” the voice said. Soft thuds of footsteps followed.

Henry blinked several times and sat up, really taking where he was this time. There was a white curtain… an IV was attached to his arm …did his kidneys get removed or something?! He sat up with a start and quickly checked his back. No bandages. He relaxed, convinced his internal organs were still in his body. However, his body ached and he did have some funny cap on his head. He pulled it off. This was so strange.

Henry swung his legs slowly around to the side of the bed, bracing himself with his arms, his wits were starting to come back to him. He was still wearing his clothes, but they were dirty, why were they dirty? And stained and kind of smelly. He felt his belly quickly then let out a calming breath. His ID was still strapped to his waist, which is exactly where he liked to keep it after that one disastrous trip to Cabo.

A woman pulled the curtain back and came into the small space, wide-eyed, and was looking at Henry like he was going to teeter over or possibly explode at any moment. He kind of recognized her, or at least he recognized her pink sweater and bright yellow shoes and that huge braid. His eyes focused on her face…yes, the woman from the restaurant. It was all coming back to him, the slap, the bike, the accident.

“The doctor is coming back, are you okay?” Her voice was soft this time, which he appreciated. And, well, truth be told, she was actually kind of cute with those big owl-like eyes staring at him.

“I’m fine,” his voice cracked. He cleared his throat a bit hoping it did not make him seem – un-fine? He sniffed and his nose was consumed with a faint acrid smell that made his stomach turn. Was it on his clothes? Perfect. He had nothing else to wear. This could not be happening.

“You threw up,” Emma said still eyeing him, “I tried to wipe some of it off of you. What were you doing anyway? You weren’t coming after me were you? I mean, after the restaurant I guess –”

“You have my luggage,” Henry said quickly. He did not want her to think that he was after her to comfort her in any way. That would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it? Especially after the scene she caused. Yeah, it was a warranted scene, but it was still a scene and he reasoned that he would be embarrassed if someone chased him about it. Shoot, it was probably all over the internet by now.

“Your luggage?” she asked inquisitively.

“You took it when you left. I was just trying to get it back before you disappeared after–” he broke off. Maybe he shouldn’t mention what happened. “You know, considering.” He tried standing, but his legs felt like lead. His head felt like a balloon.

“You have three stitches,” Emma said changing the subject. She pointed to a spot on the back of her own head. “Right here. You’re not supposed to wash your hair for 24 hours because no water should get in the sutures.”

Henry dropped his arm and sighed. Could this day get any worse? How could he meet with his client and not wash this filth from his body? Though, truly, all he wanted to do was have a nice hot shower and a nap.

“And you have to stay awake for 3-6 hours, –”

Nope, it just got worse.

“– which I guess means 6 hours because the in-between time doesn’t make sense to me, so…yeah, six hours.” She bit her lip, her very soft looking and full lips actually, and looked like she wanted to say some more but would perhaps come across as a jerk.

“What is it?”

“Do you have anyone you know here? Because if you don’t then I would need to stay with you.”

“What?” That came out louder than Henry intended. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to stay with her, it was that he didn’t want to stay with anyone.

“You can be discharged after the doctor checks you, they just wanted to make sure you are doing okay enough to leave. But if you don’t have anyone to take you home then they wanted you to stay in the hospital.”

“No,” Henry shook his head several times. “No, no, no definitely not. I can take care of myself.”

“They won’t let you leave unless it’s with someone. I’m happy to take you where you need to go, I just need to be somewhere at 7 pm and I would really like to get my luggage. You said I have yours again?”

Henry nodded; he was still wrapping his head around this situation of being stuck in the city with someone. He was about to say no to that idea, full stop. But then the doctor came in soon after and basically terrified him about falling to sleep so much that he thought a pharmaceutical rep must be pushing caffeine pills. He had not been that afraid of sleeping since he watched Freddie Krueger as a kid.

“So, I should stay awake?” he asked the doctor, “or become like Sleeping Beauty?”

“Well, yes, you can look at it that way,” the doctor replied. “It is precautionary, after six hours feel free to get lots of sleep. Sleep is actually recommended outside the danger area.”

Henry blinked several times. How could she expect him to sleep happily when she just said he could fall into an everlasting coma if he closed his eyes?

Her beeper went off again sending her out of the room after giving her final okay to leave and stick to this other woman like glue if he cared about his health.

Welp. That was that. It looked like he would be stuck to her after all.

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See you tomorrow for a Chapter Seven sneak peek!

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