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Sticking to Emma Daniels – Chapter Four: Emma

Hallmark movie and Korean drama inspired book excerpt

Here is a chapter four sneak peek of our book Sticking to Emma Daniels! We are going to give sneak peaks all week long leading up to our release date July 31st. You can read more about our book right here and you can pre-order for $2.99 here! All proceeds will go towards removing ads on our site!

If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes then please let us know; and if you are from Vancouver (where this novel is set) and notice anything irregular, then let us know that as well, and I can make appropriate changes!

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Chapter Four


Emma, never one to shriek, actually let out an unbelievably high pitched one. This was the guy from the restaurant but what was he doing up here? Though more pressing than that, he absolutely had a head injury that needed looking after. Emma looked around to see if anyone was following him, like a bicycling gang or something, but there was no one. If she had to garner a guess, then it appeared that he might have needed her for something. The way he looked at her when he flew over the hood had an unmistakable aura of hey, I want to talk to youuuuu, argh

Get it together. Okay. How do you call an ambulance in Canada? This should be googleable. She looked around; they were on a quiet side street. Perhaps she could run for help?

“Ahmmm, ohhkaa,” the guy on the ground said, mumbling to himself. 

“Oh, hey, are you waking up again?” He kind of stood up a little… nope. Emma quickly grabbed him. “I’m getting you to the hospital.”

“Ahmm phynnn.”

It was a bit of an effort, but Emma was able to open the door and slide Head Injury inside while trying to answer his gibberish mumblings, “Yes, okay scooch over just a little bit, a bit more, and your leg, seat belt, yes, now watch your hand all right.”

She slammed the door and hopped in on the driver’s side, put on her seat belt, and called her friend Jade who was the best to call in these situations. She was the most world-traveled of their group of friends. Plus, Jade just so happened to be the daughter of a gazillionaire who owned all sorts of things. Emma had stopped asking how many things long ago. But the one thing she knew was that the Song family owned hotels and hospitals and even highways everywhere.

“We have a hospital there, I’ll send you the address,” Jade said, after Emma explained everything. “I’ll be sure he has a bed. Is he conscious?”

“A little?” She put the address in and zoomed back out onto the street, “He is kind of mumbling something – oh, wait no, no, no! – ah, he just threw up – that’s a bad sign right!”

“He has a concussion. Drive into the emergency entrance of the hospital and let them know that he hit his head, okay? Tell them you’re my friend. I’ll alert the Emergency Medicine chief. Just make sure that you keep him awake for the time being until you get to the hospital.”

“Keep him awake?” Emma could barely keep her eyes on the road as it was. How could she keep him awake? She tried poking him a few times. He muttered some other stuff (like leeeeph mmeeee ahlooooon) and flimsily pushed her arm away. She tried tickling him, that always got her awake; she often hated it, but it did the job. He laughed a bit and sat up, his perfect smile spreading over his face for a moment before slinking back into comfortable sleepiness.

“Yes, keep him awake, call me when you get there.” Jade hung up.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Emma said sounding like a high school teacher in an episode of Key and Peele, “Stay awake, okay? Can you hear me?”

“Mmmohhkayy.” He mumbled and twisted his body around to get comfortable.

“You have a head injury. You have to stay conscious.”


“Sweet Jesus, just keep your eyes open for me! You can do that right?”

“Ssllp jssst ssllp

“No, not sleep! Don’t sleep! Good Lord.”

Thank you for reading chapter four (it’s a pretty short one 😋). Click here to read Chapter Five!

See you tomorrow for a Chapter Five sneak peek!

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