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Sticking to Emma Daniels – Chapter Five: Emma

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It is the final countdown!!!! Here is a chapter five sneak peek of our book Sticking to Emma Daniels! We are going to give sneak peaks all week long leading up to our release date July 31st! You can read more about our book right here and you can pre-order for $2.99 here! All proceeds will go towards removing ads on our site!

If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes then please let us know; and if you are from Vancouver (where this novel is set) and notice anything irregular, then let us know that as well, and I can make appropriate changes!

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Chapter Five


Luckily, the hospital was not far from where they were. As soon as Emma hit the highway it was just another ten minutes before she was pulling up to the emergency room. This HH person was still in a kind of conscious yet probably not really conscious state. His head rubbed several bloodstains into the seat. 

Thank everything that is holy that Jade came through. They were only in the emergency room for fifteen minutes before an attending physician came up, all smiles and pleasant demeanor, and took them to a bed with a privacy curtain. After stitching him up, she let him rest while she spoke to Emma about what to do when someone has a concussion.

“Sleeping right now is fine,” she said. “But as soon as he wakes up, he will need to stay awake for three to six hours.”

“Three to six hours? Why is that?”

“He could fall unconscious again and never wake up.”

“What!” Emma yelled but it was more of a whisper yell like you do in a library. She looked at this guy, currently knocked out cold, “Will he wake up now?”

“We’re monitoring him, he looks fine. He can stay in the hospital longer if he wants.”

“I don’t know, how much will that cost? I mean, he flew in from out of town. I don’t know if he actually lives here. I don’t even know him.”

The doctor’s beeper went off.

“Don’t worry about cost, Mrs. Song is taking care of it.” Jade, bless you. “You can have the bed as long as you need, call me when he wakes up.” She hurried off to take care of probably any number of emergencies leaving Emma in a state of complete and total confusion.

Wait for him to wake up. Emma pulled the curtain closed and looked at him sleeping pleasantly. It’s fine, everything’s fine, there were still several hours before the auction. She could wait with him, but the doctor said this guy had to stay awake for three to six hours. Who would make sure he did that? Of course, Emma had to be the one, who else would it be? She felt like she was Neo in the Matrix and had fallen into this strange new blue pill world of flashing lights, white rooms, and handsome men. Perhaps he had someone he knew in the city. He did know that one person he was meeting with. Perhaps she could drop him off –

He stirred in bed which pulled all of Emma’s attention to him. He still had on his clothing which she had tried to clean up a bit. Jade, thankfully arranged for the inside of the car to be cleaned. But Emma was the one that had to clean off the man. Not the worst job, granted. 

He was definitely handsome with his chiseled cheekbones, inky black hair, enviably long eyelashes, full satin lips, and trim figure. A handsome inconvenience that she truly did not need at the moment.

She pulled up a chair because, let’s face it, she wasn’t going anywhere right now. Then her phone vibrated to life.


Emma, I’m really sorry you had to see that. I wanted to tell you several times that I was seeing my first love again. But I couldn’t find a way to tell you which was why I was so scarce this last month. You are wonderful, I had fun with you, it was fun while it lasted, really, the timing just isn’t good for us and I really want it to work with her and me. Please be understanding. 

It was fun? Emma scoffed, then laughed, then teared up a bit, then shook her head defying any tears that wanted to break free. But one did so she had to flick it away. Her chest heaved in a breath and she let it out slowly, her eyes drifted comfortably to the floor, but she promptly got depressed looking at the floor. So she closed them and pinched the bridge of her nose while she thought about happy things like lilac flowers…the smell of hazelnut coffee…the taste of hazelnut coffee…with whip cream…on her ex…shoot.

She huffed back in her seat and, to make herself feel better, changed her Boyfriend’s name in her phone from Boyfriend to Gutter Rat Scum, then texted Jade to let her know that everything worked out, thank you. Jade was one of those friends that would give you the world, quite literally, because her family owned a good chunk of it. But their group of friends never wanted to take advantage of her.

Checking her watch, Emma saw that it was half-past noon. 

She still had plenty of time. The auction didn’t start until 7 pm. She could make it.

She rocked her head back, let out a big weight-of-the-world breath, and closed her eyes. It was only past noon, but it had been a very long day.

Her phone buzzed again.

“What’s up! How has the trip been going?” Amelia sang into the phone. But then she sounded momentarily distracted. “Okay, Chelsea, I’ll tell her – Chelsea is in my ear, she wanted me to thank you again for saving her butt this morning.”

This morning, wow, it felt like days ago. 

Emma was still at work in LA when she saved their new hire, Chelsea, from getting chewed out and possibly fired for forgetting to purchase their boss’s morning coffee (large, quad, non-fat, grass-fed, one-pump, no-whip, mocha). Big mistake. Their boss, Shona Bechwesher nee Montgomery (though they liked calling her nee-nee for funsies) loved to cosplay the boss in The Devil Wears Prada. She came from money and was just trying out this gallery thing because she was a debutante celebrity that was famous for being famous and turned their gallery exhibitions into must-see events. Honestly, it was impressive. If only she wasn’t such a pain to be around.

“Tell her no problem, we’re all in this together, and be sure to introduce her to Jack.” Jack being the Jack Daniels they have hidden in the ceiling above the fifth stall in the bathroom. With their job, they often needed a shot well before any bars opened. “Anything else going on?”

“Girl, you won’t believe the crazy– actually, you will. Nee Nee has been going bonkers insane about the woman’s exhibit. Since the last exhibit was all modern art–”

Snort. Modern art. That was saying something. Their last exhibit was a take on breastfeeding though it was with plants and bugs and candy bars and melted ice cream and huge skyscrapers and, well, no breasts or babies were actually involved whatsoever. It sold out on opening night at no less than $50k a pop. Emma’s favorite was a picture of a horse with an elderly white man in a speedo and long dreadlocked wig (to his navel!) doing jumping jacks. That photo signified “Birth” by the way.

“–she wants this new exhibit to be classic and she keeps going on and on about the centerpiece Haesung Hill painting that you’re supposed to be getting there. It seems serious, like, more serious than usual.”

Which is saying a lot for their boss, “Don’t remind me. I’ll be there, I just ran into a tiny snafu along the way,” Emma glanced at her handsome snafu.

“What snafu?” Amelia said frantically, “There can’t be a snafu.”

“Nothing related to the sale, it’s just something, I’ll let you know more when I know more.”

Thank you for reading chapter five! You can pre-order right here!

See you tomorrow for a Chapter 6 sneak peak!

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