Come and Hug Me Live Recap Episodes 17 and 18

DJ has a stab wound, Nakwon holds him
It is finally time for Come and Hug Me. Did everyone see the preview? Thank you for always letting us know about them so we can translate it! The last one is translated at the bottom of the last episode just in case no one saw the tragedy that awaits us this episode. DJ is going to be okay right? No prolonged hospital stay? Or *gasp* amnesia? I know, a stab wound shouldn’t lead to amnesia, but this is dramaland. View Post

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Premiered: Are You Human, Too?

Premiering Recap Are You Human, Too? starring Seo Kang-joon and Kong Seung-yeon

The first episode of Are You Human, Too? premiered today and I absolutely loved it. It lived up to my expectations of waiting (and waiting) for this drama to air for a year and has me looking forward to tomorrow. I was really nervous that this drama would crash and burn, and I guess it still could technically, but at least the opening episode was wonderful. View Post

Housekeeping: Another One For The Road

Drama Milk recap Kdrama
This is some bloggy bloggy mumbo jumbo stuff so feel free to overlook this post. It explains why we have been chilling over the last few days, but that’s about it. Also, send coffee. View Post

Housekeeping: Hello Bah+Doo 2.0!

Bahdoo live recap
We’re back! Our heart’s bigger! And we’re ready to slay! (hold up, wait a minute, do those two things even go together?). Just in case you see this post and you wonder what in the world we are talking about… View Post

Housekeeping: Upgrading Servers

Bahdoo live recap

Undergoing a little upgrady grade after so many lovey drama obsessed bunnies came to Bah+Doo for the I Am Not A Robot live recap! Our poor little site couldn’t take all the love so we’re growing our heart 3 sizes. View Post

Bah+Doo End of the Year Wrapup 2017!

Korean Drama Magazine Recaps Interviews
We have had one lovely year over here on Bah+Doo. I started Bah+Doo (pronounced Bah-doo) on April 22, 2017 with two posts. One of the posts was on Oh Hae-young Again which is basically the Korean drama that got me back into Korean dramas. I dissected the scene where I fell in love with that drama and the song that played and the words that were said, ah, it still gives me goosebumps. So it all poured out into a drama post and I went from there. View Post

You’re Favorite Before-They-Were-Famous Stars In Roliat

lee sung kyung Roliat
This is mostly just a bunch of random photos from the clothing brand Roliat’s Instagram. I was first introduced to them from Jang Ki-yong’s (장기용) Instagram account so I clicked over and lo and behold they also had Lee Sung-kyung (이성경) and Nam Joo-hyuk (남주혁) as models as well. I saved a bunch of the photos so get ready for a lot of photos over here. View Post

Drama Math: The Linear Relationship

Korean Drama Math Linear Line
Stream of Thought Symptoms:
You know that time when you were super excited to watch a drama, so excited that you did nothing else but hound AsianWiki, Soompi, Dramabeans, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for every tidbit that you could find about it, and then you woke up crazy early to live stream it (because you are on West coast time and dramas come on at 5am) and then you watched the first episode and you were all like, “Okay, not bad, not great, but not bad,” and then you watched the next episode and you were all like, “Okay, maybe we’re getting somewhere, I trust the writer!” and then you watched the next episode and you were all like, “The cinematography is really good…” and then you watched the next one and you were all like, “Why did she do that…” but you LOVE this drama because: love y’all, so you keep watching, it’s not like it’s baaaaad, it’s just not what you thought, so you keep watching because there isn’t any one thing to make you stop…

Diagnosis: Then you are on the linear curve of continued disappointment, my friends.
Tough Love: I hate to tell you, but this drama will not get better, it will not necessarily get worse, it will just continue to steadily disappoint your expectations.
Remedy: Hop off while you still can and find yourself some drama tonic or elixir or something to keep you from going back.

Drama Quotes: Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple Korean Drama

This quote was so hilarious because it’s pretty spot on, except for the ghost part. Soooo looking forward to episode 9 on Friday!