The Crowned Clown: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

If you are going to go out, then you need to go out like Lee Kyu! He not only protected the King politically, he also got rid of his biggest Royal threat, and all at the same time! But there is still trouble brewing, Daebi is still out there plotting, there is another prince somewhere that might want that throne (with Daebi’s help), and the army is still two days away! Goodness, y’all. I can not wait to watch.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 11-12 Live Recap

This show continues to be fun and exciting, however, we heard that the lead actor injured/fractured his wrist on one stunt and then also fractured his rib on another! Filming has halted for the time being so that he can get treated. Hopefully everything goes well for him and everyone else on set. I love all the action scenes, but I want y’all to stay safe out there!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 9-10 Live Recap

A translation app, the Pope, and the President…y’all, I can’t, I just can’t. This show is so deliciously crazy. I want seconds and a doggie bag. Live recap is coming up!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 7-8 Recap

The first several episodes of The Fiery Priest were a wild ride into strange yet poignant land were hilarity and heart live in cohabitation. I don’t understand how it works, but it works so well and I am here for it.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 1-4 Summary and 5-6 Recap

Y’all, I laugh so hard through this show! it is the perfect show to get over The Last Empress or any other show you might be trying to get over. The dialogue, facial expressions, and situational humor is so crisp that I just want to bite into it. We plan on live recapping the latest episode today. But before that, we want to post our summary and quickcaps for the first several episodes

Touch Your Heart: Episode 8 Live Recap

I loved yesterday’s episode! Nothing took away from the super fun and flirty atmosphere. However, the emotions were still real with how Jinsim felt about the eunnie actress who made her acting life hard whenever they ran into each other. It was fun and touching and I’m here for those kinds of emotions y’all.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 7 Live Recap

I’m ready for cuteness! (Though you can keep the serious criminal court cases to yourself). We left off on a high and low note. They…

The Crowned Clown: Episode 15 Live Recap

The coup is here! The intensity that has been building is finally coming to a head! Yesterday’s episode was crazy intense. I am actually very worried about anyone surviving. Most pressingly, Lee Kyu. He had his happy moment with his love, Woon-sim, had a very respectable and touching moment with Hasun, and gave up his position to help at the border. It was a heroes send off, which makes me think that his days are numbered. Is Chisoo going to be the one to do it??? Say it ain’t so!

The Crowned Clown: Episode 14 Live Recap

Two more episodes left after today y’all! That last episode was so satisfying to watch! I was on pins and needles through the entire thing so I didn’t really get a chance to really enjoy Hasun’s reunion with his family members. I always thought someone would be listening in and figure out that he really wasn’t the real King.

Bing Watch: Romance is a Bonus Book Episodes 1-8

Here are the first 8 recaps we have done for Romance is a Bonus Book over on our Patreon! We recap this show live every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am CST on Patreon. I also included my comments on the show as well.

The Last Empress: Episode 51 and 52 Live Recap FINAL

It is the last episode! Finally! Y’all, this show has been going strong since Thanksgiving (November!) and it is the end of February now, seriously! And the intensity has not let up from the opening scene of the first episode. Plus, we will have all sorts of ridiculousness today because it looks like Wang-sik is still alive and will wrap himself in bandages like a mummy and might walk around like that (yes, Lawd). Y’all, this show has been so much fun to recap with everyone. Here’s hoping for a great last episode!

Touch Your Heart: Episode 6 Recap

Today we should find out how this huge court case is going to end. I have to admit, the court cases are my least favorite part of this show. I love all of JinSin/YoonSeo’s moments and especially love her anger outbursts. I also love Moonhee and her bleeding heart. I hope she ends up with the divorce lawyer!

The Last Empress: Episode 49 and 50 Live Recap

Okay, y’all. Everyone should have heard the news by now. Which begs the question, what kind of craziness are we going to get into these last two days? The writer should have done a whole heck of a lot of rewriting now that Woo-bin/Wang-sik ran away from those guards never to return again. With how crazy this show has been, I fully expect this rewrite to be hilarious. So I am really looking forward to what this writer has planned.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 5 Recap

We left off the last episode with a little bit (okay, a lot) of uneasiness as we saw the chaebol stalker still stalking our heroine. Though he took it to a My Mister level and is actually stealing all her cell phone info. Creepy! I need a break from that creepiness, so hopefully this episode is filled with cute.

The Crowned Clown: Episode 13 Live Recap

The face off begins! I am stunned because I thought they didn’t have enough episodes left to address all the situations they have set up. But now I think they have too many episodes left after Hasun revealed to Chisoo that he is the clown he threw 2 cents at. How are they going to make this work for 4 episodes (including today)?

The Crowned Clown: Episode 12 Live Recap

We have a Queens life to save, a Chinese ambassador to please, a Jurchen war to stop, an impending coup forming, and an arrow in the back for good measure. There is so much happening! But it all fits together so well! Y’all, there are only 4 episodes after this one. Hoping for a happy ending, but preparing myself for a tragic one. (But hoping for a happy one, did I say that?)