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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 13-14 Live Recap

March 8, 2019

This drama hits all my tickle spots. Hopefully they can finish airing safely and responsibly so that we can continue to enjoy it and that all the fruits of their labor are actualized into a finished product. (For those who don't know, the lead actor injured his rib and wrist while filming various action scenes). Surprisingly, the lead actor, Kim Namgil, is back to work! …


Touch Your Heart: Episode 10 Live Recap

March 7, 2019
Korean Drama Touch Your Heart

It seems like we will get a few more cute scenes together before the foreboding starts. Secret company kisses, anyone? Also, we plan on working on a couple more Touch Your Heart Behind the scenes videos. Hopefully we can get to them posted to YouTube late next week! Watch Behind the Scenes Videos here, here, here, and here while you wait! Follow us on:Twitter for updates, raves, and…


The Fiery Priest: Episodes 11-12 Live Recap

March 2, 2019

This show continues to be fun and exciting, however, we heard that the lead actor injured/fractured his wrist on one stunt and then also fractured his rib on another! Filming has halted for the time being so that he can get treated. Hopefully everything goes well for him and everyone else on set. I love all the action scenes, but I want y'all to stay safe out there!…


Touch Your Heart: Episode 7 Live Recap

February 27, 2019

I’m ready for cuteness! (Though you can keep the serious criminal court cases to yourself). We left off on a high and low note. They won the case, but it was a tragic way to win that left Jung-rok bummed just enough to only want to share a drink with his secretary (which I would consider a date since no one else was invited). What awaits us on…


The Crowned Clown: Episode 15 Live Recap

February 26, 2019

The coup is here! The intensity that has been building is finally coming to a head! Yesterday's episode was crazy intense. I am actually very worried about anyone surviving. Most pressingly, Lee Kyu. He had his happy moment with his love, Woon-sim, had a very respectable and touching moment with Hasun, and gave up his position to help at the border. It was a heroes send off,…


The Crowned Clown: Episode 14 Live Recap

February 25, 2019

Two more episodes left after today y'all! That last episode was so satisfying to watch! I was on pins and needles through the entire thing so I didn't really get a chance to really enjoy Hasun's reunion with his family members. I always thought someone would be listening in and figure out that he really wasn't the real King.…


The Last Empress: Episode 51 and 52 Live Recap FINAL

February 21, 2019

It is the last episode! Finally! Y'all, this show has been going strong since Thanksgiving (November!) and it is the end of February now, seriously! And the intensity has not let up from the opening scene of the first episode. Plus, we will have all sorts of ridiculousness today because it looks like Wang-sik is still alive and will wrap himself in bandages like a mummy and might…