Flawed People who don’t like Pretty People yet are Pretty people, on MBC this …

Okay, I don’t know whose idea it was to cast two people as lovers in a drama when it looks like one could cosplay the other, but hey it’s an MBC show so I’ll just go with it.

Get Your Pens Ready, Because Psychopath’s Diary is Coming up This Fall on tvN

If there is one person who needs a diary, it is definitely a psychopath. Just get all that emotional energy out of you and on the page, honey bunches. And you know who needs a diary even more than him? A man who got hit on the head and thinks he’s a psychopath because that is a thing that happens in this drama. And you know who needs a diary even more? The woman who has to deal with both these men. Welcome to Psychopath’s Diary everyone.

Crazy Drama Premise (that I secretly love and want to marry) Alert with Melting Me …

Alright y’all, dramaland has some hilarious premises and situations in their mountains, rivers, and valleys already, well Melting Me Softly will fit right on in there nicely with them as a little tree on top of the WTF hillock. I for one really want to see if they can make this work! Plus, it has Ji Chang-wook in it straight from military release. Combine that with the lovely Won Jin-ah and we have ourselves a show!

Finally a Script Reading Alert for SBS’s Vagabond

Okay, you need to hop in your way way back machine to see when this Vagabond script reading happened because this drama has been shooting since the beginning of the year. Seriously. The drama actually finished shooting in May. I heard it was supposed to air in May also, but something must have delayed it (*ahem* Arthdal *cough*).

Script Reading Alert for tvN Drama Love’s Emergency Landing

Another script reading is out with a show that I know I am all on board toward and will most likely need an IV drip lined up when it airs. Though don’t get too attached to the name because it is a literal translation and we all know how much Dramaland names change and then change back and then change again only to change back later. Right now it is called Love’s Emergency Landing which has Hallmark movie turned tv show written all over it. Come to mama.

Script Reading Alert for KBS2 drama series The Tale of Nokdu

There is nothing like a script reading to get me all a flutter for a new drama series. Case in point with The Tale of Nokdu, which I had no clue about until I saw that their script reading photos where out and delicious looking. So, of course I had to do some digging.

Premiering: He is Psychometric + Behind the Scenes Clip!

Buckle up because we have a new Monday-Tuesday show on tvN to sink our drama loving teeth into.

Behind the Scenes of Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook

We have another Behind the Scenes video for Touch Your Heart today! This one is from KingKong by Starship, which is Lee Dong-wook’s entertainment company.…

The Last Empress News Update

We translated an article that tries to explain what is going on with the production now that Choi Jin-hyuk is not available for the newest 4 episode extension. It is below!

Character Descriptions: DongHwa Hotel

Character translations for DongHwa hotel.

Character Descriptions: TaeKyung Group

We translated all the characters in Boyfriend/Encounter last week over on Patreon. Here they are released on Drama Milk!

Encounter Character Descriptions: Jin-hyeok’s People

Character translations for the Korean Drama Encounter (also known as Boyfriend)

Encounter Character Descriptions: Soo-hyun’s People

Character translations for Cha Soo-hyun’s people in Encounter!

Memories of Alhambra + Patreon Launch!

If you saw our Memories of Alhambra YouTube meetup post (and read all the way to the bottom) then you might have read about this…

Sneak Peak: Kim Tae Ri on the December 2018 Issue of Dazed Korea

Kim Tae-ri will be on the cover the the December 2018 Issue of Dazed Korea! I love the shot of the cover so I’m looking…

Memories of Alhambra Watch party!!!

We loved the last watch party so much that we decided to do it again! This time for the science-fiction/fantasy drama Memories of Alhambra starring…