Flower Posters for the Flower Boy (and Girl) of The Tale of Nokdu

The gorgeous photos don’t stop coming of Jang Dong-yoon dressed as a woman in The Tale of Nokdu. This poster is decidedly less female looking…

Happy Chuseok Greetings from The Tale of Nokdu Cast

Happy Chuseok! It is Chuseok (Full Moon Day) season in Korea, which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. Think Thanksgiving in the USA.…

Director’s Notes releases VIP Script Reading

VIP is a drama I am looking forward to, mostly for Jang Nara. Her performance in The Last Empress (Empress’ Dignity) was outstanding. That show…

Director’s Notes for Vagabond Show off Adorable photos of Lee Seung-gi, Suzy, and Shin …

On the SBS website, the director released notes which included childhood photos of the stars with a caption asking to guess who it is. Though…

Suzy Promotions for #Vagabond

Suzy is gearing up for Vagabond promotions now that the new premiere date of September 20th has been picked. She posted a few Vagabond themed…

Piggybacks, Dips, and Pensive stares in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’s Newest Images

JTBC has released even more photos of the Joseon Marriage Agency Crew which makes me want to indulge in a sugar top margarita and enjoy…

Grainy Film Love for Behind the Scenes and Set Images of Lee Seung-gi’s Vagabond

Here are even more behind the scenes images for Vagabond which is set to premiere in a little over a week on SBS! The drama…

Vagabond premier is Pushed Two Weeks, Releases More Behind the Scenes Set Images

I think this is a good move for the Vagabond crew, which is to avoid the end of Arthdal Chronicles at all cost. They don’t want anything to take away from their premiere date ratings and Arthdal viewers are sure to take a bit of that slice. So instead, they are releasing even more behind the scenes and set images to whet out appetite for the show.

Spotted! Hyun Bin and Son Yejin in Switzerland for Love’s Emergency Landing (aka Emergency …

Hyun Bin and Son Yejin were spotted in Switzerland filming their show Loves Emergency Landing (aka Emergency Love Landing or Crash Landed Love, they will settled on a title at some point). I must say that I will only be watching this drama for the two of them because the plot sounds all kinds of ridiculous. Although this show is from the same writer that brought us My Love From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea, so she knows her way around a cooky plot or two. Both leads know their way around all the emotions with acting, so I think they will all make us think they are falling in love in real life. the great thing is, they are both still single in real life so shippers gonna ship.

Adorable Candy Coated Cuteness for Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency Posters

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency has candy coated bubbles and rainbow sprinkles frolicking from it, y’all. I for one cannot wait to go prancing through its sugar fields as I will be watching this only for the cute. If it turns melo then I might have to say goodbye. Though, I will probably be too far in at that point to end things. Breakups are hard y’all. Especially when they start so pretty.

Poster Love for weekend Kdrama Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is an upcoming weekend drama on KBS that follows four 20 somethings as they seek love and happiness in the wilderness. Just kidding! I don’t know if it is in the wildness, these first two posters are just in the wild so it has my mind racing in the opposite direction. Maybe they all like camping and using outhouses? Riding their car through a foresty area? Is this Little House in the Forest?

Poster Love for Kdrama When the Camellia Blooms

I love Gong Hyo-jin, so I am excited for the new Kdrama When the Camelia Blooms, which is premiering this month. I am even more excited because this is from the Fight for My Way writer who knew how to pull all my nostalgic heartstrings in that drama. A few posters have been released showing the adorableness expected from this show. The character profile was also released from it which indicates that everyone and their mama (papa?) will be in love with Gong Hyo-jin. I can get behind that.

Premiering: Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People)

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a bit of horror to creep into my drama watching (not too much, though, just a teeny tiny bit). Well, it looks like I will have that in spades with Strangers From Hell which looks all sorts of creepy. Though we did get a good tip that it isn’t supernatural creepy. So I guess that means it is situational creepy? Contemporary creepy? I’ll take that.

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency coming up this fall on JTBC

I am late to the game with show, but it is definitely one that we want to live recap come premiere day. There is just something fun and Disney about beautiful boys surrounded by a scrappy girl who could care less about them, to their continuous dismay. Of course, that might not end up being what this show is about, but that is a trope that I do love explored, when I’m in the mood for it, that is. Right now, I say bring on the fluff.

When the Camellia Blooms, from Fight for My Way Writer, Airing this Fall!

If you are looking to sink into a woman surrounded by men drama then When the Camellia Blooms might be for you. At least I think it is because a lot has not been revealed about it yet. When the Camelia Blooms is about a woman named Dong-baek (played by Gong Hyo-jin) who gets involved with three men representing a good man, a bad man, and a Darcy type man (whom is actually described as a mean man, but I’m going with Darcy).

OCN welcomes Strangers From Hell to its Sat & Sun lineup

It’s almost fall! Which means creepy shows are welcomed and encouraged to get us in just that perfect spooky mood for Halloween. So, though I am normally fear averse, I try to tell myself to give it a go during this time of the year.