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New Drama Adaptation Paul from the Sky

July 6, 2017
Remake Paul from the sky

Well this came out of nowhere! Or at least it seems like it. The drama production company JS Pictures has picked up the production rights for the webcomic Paul from the Sky by Writer Kim In-ho and will begin production in August. The webcomic was first published in June 2016 and is crazy popular with a fan mania surrounding it. The webcomic has even had two books published,…


May schedule and posters for Fight for My Way

May 7, 2017
Korean Drama Fight for my way teasers

KBS is continuing to string us all along with Fight for My Way teasers (쌈 마이웨이). I love that they added the “for” in there recently, I think it adds a nice touch. There was something missing with Fight My Way, but Fight for My Way brings it all together. Anyway, Fight for My Way is the drama of my heart right now, so I am waiting with…


Fight My Way teasers are so on point

May 2, 2017
Ssam My Way Third Rate My Way

I think I need a drama like this in my life right now. I am so in love with everything about this retro-throwback-vintage-best-friend-love-story. The way they act in the newly released teaser is all kinds of adorable! In the teaser the four best friends are sitting down for some ssam (lol, they are really pushing the ssam theme to the limit). On one side of the table you…


Behind the scenes in Man to Man

May 2, 2017

This is one drama that I cannot wait to see. Man to Man looks all kinds of quirky, all kinds or cheesy, all kids of romantic goodness. I don’t really know how to classify it, but I would say it is mostly a comedy? I haven’t seen any episodes of it yet besides what I might catch on JTBC live airings (which isn’t much since it is early in…


Third-Rate My Way has a new name: Fight My Way!

April 28, 2017
Fight My Way Par Seo Joon Kim Ji-won

Just stepping in on a Friday to share that Third-Rate My Way has changed it’s name to Fight My Way (쌈 마이웨이). I’m not sure if I like it or not, I think I need to let it grow on me. The main foursome is called The Dumbheaded Fantastic Four, which is a crazy wonderful name for childhood friends. I image these guys are super stupid together, but…


Lee Je-Hoon’s dramatic transformation for Park Yeol 박열

April 27, 2017
Lee Je-Hoon as Park Yeol

I love these posters of Lee Je-Hoon (이제훈) as Park Yeol (박열). I mean, I barely recognized him, talk about a transformation! Park Yeol is the true story of the bastard of Joseon (Park Yeol) who faced Japanese imperialists, who attempted to conceal the massacre of 6,000 Koreans in Tokyo in 1923. It will also depict his comrade and lover, Rumiko, who was a large part of his life. The…