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Dramafever is Closed

October 16, 2018
Dramafever Korean Site is Closed

Basically the shock of the day. Y’all this is so crazy and unexpected. Dramafever is closed – for good. That is a weird thing to write considering I thought they were a leader in the industry (I mean, weren’t they just at Kcon in LA?). Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HanCinema all use/used Dramafever for their streaming services. What in the world is going on? I have a subscription…


New Coming of Age Dance Drama in the Mix Tentatively Titled Dance Sports Girls!

October 16, 2018
Dance Sports Girls Korean Drama Cast

Y’all, I might explode from joy at the prospect of this show being amazing. Dance Sports Girls, have you heard of it? I hadn’t until I just got wind of it and started googling it immediately. Dance Sports Girls is about a group of girls living in a small city who escape from their everyday lives through the competition sport of dance. I’m talking ballroom dance, y’all. BALLROOM…


Press Conference and Ratings for Kdrama Room No 9

October 8, 2018
Press Conference for Kdrama Room No 9

Wow, Room No. 9 is off to an amazing start with ratings exploding at 6.2% on Saturday and 5.4% on Sunday. That is absolutely outstanding for a cable show with two mature female leads at the helm. Shoot, I want to check this out for that alone. I’m trying to stick to my goal of posting more press conferences on here and not just relegating them to my…


Press Conference for Kdrama The Third Charm

October 5, 2018
Kdrama The Third Charm Press Conference (starring Esom and Seo Kang Joon)

Here is the script reading for The Third Charm, as promised! I feel like I can just kick back and chill the rest of this Friday. As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to make more of an effort to post script readings and press conferences that I usually save on our Pinterest page (I get that everyone does not have a Pinterest and these…