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Complete Live (Korean Drama ) Music List

March 28, 2018
OST Part 2 for the Korean Drama LIVE on tvN

Complete music list for the drama Live. We will upload the OST’s as they are released; the background music list is mostly community based, so if you hear a song that you want, then leave a comment with the episode, time, and a little description of what was happening (ex. Episode 2, 5:23, when that guy tripped and fell into the coffee shop and there was a time…


Drama Milk Playlist #1: The Misty edition

March 23, 2018
Drama Milk Playlist #1 Misty Edition

Y’all, I feel like today is a music listening to day, so here is a playlist for all my Misty people in Tae-wook despair right now. It’s just a few songs/back ground music from some dramas and a couple songs thrown in that remind me of Misty. As far as the songs that remind me of Misty, the song I picked for Tae-wook is the Mumford and Son’s…


Fight for My Way Detailed Music List

November 10, 2017
Music Songs fight for my way

I’ve been wanting to do this for a minute. We are trying to put together a complete music list of all the music that was in Fight for My Way in each episode. Your help is greatly appreciated, so if you see a song that we missed then let us know. I’ll keep adding links and music to this list until it is complete. I took most of…