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Lee Dong-Wook the Star Interview Part I: I Will Be Strict with My Kids

July 17, 2017
Lee Dong Wook star interview

Here is our last Giveaway winner post from our first giveaway. This interview is for MushMush and it is a two-part interview for Lee Dong-wook (이동욱) who has recently shot to new heights of fame after Goblin (or otherwise known as Guardian: The Lonely and Shining God). This interview is from before his Goblin days when he was on the rise and has an interesting A-Z format. The…


Park Seo-joon Elle Interview: Solid Homme, Solid Soul

July 7, 2017
Park Seo-jun 박서준 Elle Interview

The trifecta is complete, y’all. Herein lies the latest and greatest Park Seo-joon (박서준) Elle interview; it is seriously the best Elle interview so far. This one is for you Bubyluvy, who was a winner in our first translation giveaway contest we did for the halfway point mark of Fight for My Way. Bubyluvy requested something about Park Seo-joon and when we recommended this interview Bubyluvy was like,…


Kim Ji-won The Star Interview: Dreaming of a Love Like the Gu-won Couple

July 5, 2017
Kim Ji-won The Star Interview

Here is a requested video from Lalaloo. Lalaloo wanted something to do with Kim Ji-won (김지원), so after looking through YouTube we were able to find this video interview for them. This was a fun video to translate because Kim Ji-won is pretty expressive, she was constantly moving her head or laughing or smiling or looking up as the thought. She really has a casual way of capturing…


Kim Ji-won Interview for SSB Blog Daily Motion

June 28, 2017
김지원 Kim Ji Won interview

We have another giveaway translation winner coming up today, this one is for Conspiracy Theory For The Win (great name by the way) who requested something involving Kim Ji-won (김지원). We found the following interview about a mall that is in Korea, as well as their commercial campaign for it. The commercial campaign is pretty funny in a campy way, though I think the above interview is serious.…