Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part IV

장기용 Instagram

And here is the last Instagram Roundup blast from the past for Jang Ki-yong (장기용). I might do another one sometime in the future, but I think I will wait for his next project until I dive back into his Instagram. He has a lot y’all. View Post

Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part III

장기용 Instagram
Part III of Jang Ki-yong‘s (장기용) Instagram roundup is below. The Instagram Roundup is where we go fishing through someones Instagram (a famous persons, natch) and try to find some posts that are interesting and tell us a little bit more about them in their everyday life. It’s basically my excuse to myself to get lost on Instagram for several hours. View Post

Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part II

장기용 Instagram
Part II of Jang Ki-yong‘s (장기용) Instagram is below. Part I is posted here. This one continues to show just how fun-loving and goofy of a person he is. I love all the behind the scenes from his modeling shoots and the random asides in his daily life. The live recap of Go Back Spouses is coming up tomorrow. See you there! View Post

Instagram Roundup: Jang Ki Yong Part I

장기용 Instagram
We dug deep into Jang Ki-yong’s (장기용) Instagram and have a four-part Instagram roundup coming up. I will piece these out over the next few days (weeks?) so if you like Jang Ki-yong and are curious about his Instagram then check back in to see if a new one is up. View Post

Instagram roundup: Pyo Ye-jin

We have an Instagram Roundup for Pyo Ye-jin | 표예진, who plays Jang Ye-jin on Fight For My Way. I thought it would be fun to find her Instagram and do a roundup on her. Actually, I was looking through On Demand Korea (just discovered them and I LOVE their site, they have everything) and some of the shows I was checking out were the 72 second dramas. I love those shows because they are quirky and slice-of-life and just all around different. Lo and behold, Pyo Ye-jin was in one of them. She was in a 72 second drama called Deux Yeoza that is about two best friends and things that happen to them in their daily lives. It is really quirky because they are just looking at the screen and talking the entire drama with a cartoon like set behind them (It’s a bit hard to describe, you have to see it). View Post

Instagram roundup: Kim Ji-won part II

Here we have part II of Kim Ji-won’s Instagram Roundup. You can check out part I here. We have a single post Instagram Roundup coming up for Pyo Ye-jin who plays Jang Ye-jin on Fight for My Way (the chaebol intern) coming up in a couple hours. See you then. View Post

Instagram roundup: Kim Ji-won part I

We are continuing with our big week over here on Bah+Doo with a two-part Kim Ji-won Instagram Roundup. The first part is below. Enjoy! View Post

Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part IV

박서준 Instagram

Here is the last recap for Park Seo-joon. It was a busy day with the recap and PSJ Instagram roundups, that’s for sure. We have a lot planned for this week so stay tuned for some other goodies that will pop up tomorrow. See you bright and early for Episode 8’s live recap! View Post

Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part III

It’s been a busy day today with the live recap and the Park Seo-joon Instagram Roundups. Hopefully it’s been a fun day as well! Only one Park Seo-joon roundup left for today, which will be coming up in a couple of hours. Tomorrow we will be ready bright and early for episode 8’s live recap, two Kim Ji-won roundups, and one Pyo Ye-jin roundup. See you then. ^^ View Post

Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part II

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