How To Watch Grand Prince Live Streaming on TV Chosun

Drama Milk guide on how to Live Watch Grand Prince

TV Chosun via @kss67002

It looks like TV Chosun makes their dramas available to everyone in the world via the link on their website. Or maybe they just forgot to close this link since they don’t produce a lot of dramas (they mostly focus on news). Either way, the live watch for Grand Prince is available! View Post

How to Watch Radio Romance Live

how to watch Kdrama Radio Romance Live stream
I don’t know if this is some loophole or upgrade or something that KBS is doing, but there is a way to watch Radio Romance directly from their site, legally. We tried it in the USA and it worked (though I am not sure if it will work from other countries, you will have to try it out and see. Let us know if you can or cannot in the comments.). View Post

How to Start a KDrama or Kpop Blog in 3 Easy Steps: The Super Simple Guide

How To Easy Start Kdrama Kpop Blog Beginner
Okay, let me guess: you love watching dramas, you love reading about dramas, and you write enough comments that you should probably be writing about dramas too, right? I bet you are that person that has the best insight on the Soompi forums or Dramabeans posts; the kind of insight where people are like, “Wow, I didn’t think of it that way…” View Post

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a KDrama or KPop Site in 2018

How to Start Korean Drama Blog 2018
There is so much to know about starting a website that I was absolutely clueless about when I got going. I mean, I really just started this site because I loved the Korean drama Oh Hae-young Again (you should watch it!) and it went from there. But now, I have gained some substantial knowledge about starting and building a site that I want to pay forward. View Post