The Last Empress Behind the Scenes Video!

Is everyone still thinking about the Last Empress and what could have been with those final two days worth of episodes? I have no answers for that, but we do have a fun behind the scenes clip that we translated as a gift for all the people who recapped this show with us. Enjoy!

Bing Watch: Romance is a Bonus Book Episodes 1-8

Here are the first 8 recaps we have done for Romance is a Bonus Book over on our Patreon! We recap this show live every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6am CST on Patreon. I also included my comments on the show as well.

Behind the Scenes of Touch Your Heart with Lee Dong Wook

We have another Behind the Scenes video for Touch Your Heart today! This one is from KingKong by Starship, which is Lee Dong-wook’s entertainment company.…

Behind the Scenes with Lee Dong Wook in Touch Your Heart

Lee Dong-wook’s management company released several behind the scenes videos for Touch Your Heart! We plan on translating all of them for our YouTube squad and have the first video translated on our YouTube for everyone to see.

Everything You Want to know about Kingdom on Netflix

We got a video for that! We plan on binging Netflix’s Kingdom next Friday and on into the weekend. But before that, we read up all about it (because I am a weakling when it comes to horror and must know what happens for my nerves). Though I don’t know everything that happens, I do have a good idea in order to go into the show well prepared.

7 Korean Movies that Premiered in January 2019

Where are all the Korean movie lovers at! Granted, it’s hard to even find a place to watch Korean movies when you want to. Luckily, a lot of outlets, like Netflix and On Demand Korea, are making it easier to get ahold of Korean movies.

Drama Milk YouTube Channel!!!

Hello hello! It is past due to talk about our fabulous shiny and brand new YouTube channel that we are hoping to grow into a fabulous Kdrama watching beast this year. I’m talking fabulous beast with high heels, shades, and a daily korean face pack. I’m so excited!

Introducing Drama Milk TV!

We are trying out something new on Drama Milk which is Drama Milk TV! You may have noticed these videos playing either in your sidebar…