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Welcome to the Drama Milk Team Adri!!!!!

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Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 4 Recap

This drama is moving at breaking speed, y’all. If you were looking for a slow horror novel that relied on suspense, this is not it. In fact, I would like it to have a bit more suspense to give my “Oh snap” reflex a break every time something happens that I did not expect to happen because I thought someone or something would step in and save the situation.

Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 14 Live Recap

Alright, we have a lot that happened in the last episode to get to. First, Tanya became the high priestess who is second only to Tagon. She is working with Tagon to rule the nation. Her first action was to free her people and bring them all to be with her in the palace city. However, one of those people is a turncoat, which is how he survived as a soldier.

Her Private Life: Episode 13 Live Recap

Alright y’all, Her Private Life is turning into a bit of a rinse and repeat of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, in that there really isn’t that much story left to get to, yet lots of cuteness is still here to go around. Hey, I’m not complaining.

Instagram Life: Jang Ki Yong

We dipped into Jang Ki-yong’s Instagram account to see just what this actor gets up to in his free time. He loves hamming it up with friends, hang gliding, playing the drums, and eating. Lots and lots of eating. Though so much more in in the video. Check it out and let us know what you think!

He is Psychometric: Episode 15 Live Recap

The story of Sungmo is the story of this show. I love how we were introduced to him as almost a background character in the first few episodes yet now his background has basically taken over this drama. I completely forgot about Jaein’s struggle with proving her father’s innocence and Lee Ahn’s struggle with his ability, because I was just so pulled into Sungmo’s story. And boy did that reveal deliver.

Her Private Life: Episode 5 Live Recap

This show is so darn adorable. I just want to slurp it up like a milkshake with a fat straw. We left off with Cindy showing up at Deokmi’s place of work as the new intern. But she is there for way more than art appreciation. This girl is on a mission to find out exactly just what is going on with Deokmi and her Idol love.

He is Psychometric: Episode 14 Live Recap

Y’all, I did not think that anyone in the top four would meet a bitter end and definitely not Jisoo! She was the sweetest of them all. But now that it happened, I do see why. She is the only person that everyone cared about. So now, they all have to come together to correct all the police investigation problems that have plagued the team for the last many years and definitely since the Han Sol apartment case.

He is Psychometric: Episode 13 Live Recap

We are back from Easter and ready to get to recapping! We need to take more weekend outings where we don’t do anything but enjoy the day because that was marvelous. Okay, back to He is Psychometric! It is about to get extra spooky as Sung-mo confronts his long lost daddy after spending the first 9 years of his life trapped in a basement. His mama is still out there somewhere hiding and..perhaps…might be “sir” that everyone is wondering about??? I hope not! Yet, I can understand her levels of wanting to escape from that man at all cost, considering it looks like she was trapped in that basement for like 20 years. Baby is not going back to that corner, y’all.

Her Private Life: Episode 1-2 review and 3 recap

This show is adorable and I love it so much so far! Park Min-young is aces as a professional fan girl who has to keep her private life secret because she is a well respected, though low paid, curator at a museum. The first two episodes where zippy and introduced us to “Her Private Life” in a very believable way to me. We have a summary of episode 1-2 below and we also live-ish recapped episode three, which is under the summary.

He is Psychometric: Episode 12 Live Recap

This show just gets better and better, y’all. I completely understand why Sungmo did not trust anyone, because he was locked in a basement room for nine years with one loving person (his mom) and visited by a psycho (his dad)! On top of his lack of emotions, he also has that trauma to deal with his entire life and never really learned how to interact with people, goodness.

Kill It Episode 7 Live Recap

I love this assassin show. It is a mood. The logic is kind of there in what they do, they just take huge edit leaps in getting there. And did anyone notice that pretty much no one smiles except Seulki they all just stare off in fabulousness as they remember their origin story as the rain falls outside their window and Hyunjin hums along to a song that Soohyun can possibly hear from his apartment. Love it.

Kill It Episode 5 Live Recap (Finished!)

And we are live for Kill It! Not technically live-live, but we are close! Last episode our duo were each looking into the closed orphanage, individually. They did not know that the other had broken in as well. Though Soohyun found out about Hyunjin before she found out about him.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

And we are at the finale! We had a cute reveal at dinner followed by a sleep over that probably did not have that much sleeping. So will they show us the cute morning after in the kitchen? I think so, actually I think this entire episode will be filled with cuteness for all our couples.