How to Start a KDrama or Kpop Blog in 3 Easy Steps: The Super Simple Guide

How To Easy Start Kdrama Kpop Blog Beginner
Okay, let me guess: you love watching dramas, you love reading about dramas, and you write enough comments that you should probably be writing about dramas too, right? I bet you are that person that has the best insight on the Soompi forums or Dramabeans posts; the kind of insight where people are like, “Wow, I didn’t think of it that way…” View Post

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a KDrama or KPop Site in 2018

How to Start Korean Drama Blog 2018
There is so much to know about starting a website that I was absolutely clueless about when I got going. I mean, I really just started this site because I loved the Korean drama Oh Hae-young Again (you should watch it!) and it went from there. But now, I have gained some substantial knowledge about starting and building a site that I want to pay forward. View Post