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Catch The Ghost Premiered to 4.1% Ratings

Behind the scenes of Catch The Ghost, image @aka_moons

Last week the highly hilarious Catch The Ghost premiered to a solid 4.1% ratings which was higher than it predecessor drama The Great Show. It was a zippy opener that had us laughing so hard over here at the situational comedy and looking forward to episode 2.

Episode two dipped to 3.694 % ratings, though I really think that is what the ratings probably should have been if it wasn’t for the baseball kerfuffle with Nokdu because Catch The Ghost might have benefited from The Tale of Nokdu being sidelined for a few minutes due to the baseball game postponement for several minutes.

The good news is that Catch The Ghost was able to capitalize on The Tale of Nokdu airing late, whereas Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency, which airs at the same time, only saw a decline in viewership, dropping 0.5%.

Hopefully Catch the Ghost can find its place on the Monday/Tuesday landscape because the first two episodes where wonderful and have me looking forward to recapping episode 3 later on today. Hopefully it continues to charm.


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