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Catch The Ghost: Episode 6 Recap

Recap Catch The Ghost Episode 6
Catch The Ghost Recap Episode 6, image tvN

Okay this show is getting darker and darker. It is like each episode hits an even worse villain which makes it increasingly harder to sit through.

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Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok go to the center of the street party and start dancing and having fun together. hey definitely earned it after yesterday.

Then the other subway team walks up and sees them dancing all cray. They keep on walking.

Later on, Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung eat at a street cafe and talk about perverts and catching criminals. He says that perverts are so diligent. No guy wakes up at 5am to meet their friends at 7am. One time I went all the way to Incheon to catch a guy.

But then he touches his chin a moment because it hurts. But he starts to talk again about how he went all the way to Incheon to catch someone and rolled several times. Yoo Ryung asks if it hurt? I heard everything from the fiancé.

Ji-seok says it is nothing, we are both 18 degree black belts so I wanted to fight him. Yoo Ryung comes to his side and starts to put something on his bruises, cuts, and scrapes. She tells him to say Ahh, we have to put medicine on it.

So he says ahh and she starts to put medicine on his lips. But he holds her hand and they share a brief moment of looking at each other until he tells her to add it to his forehead too. It hurts also. He hits pretty hard.

She smiles and ads some there and then some to his chin as he tells her that it hurts a little.


They go back to the subway and wait for the first train on the day. She says that they went to the club and played all night in Hongdae and take the first train and disappear. He calls her a natural police officer. Let’s hop on the train and see if we disappear or not.

They hop on the train. He sees a few girls nodding off to sleep so he tells Yoo Ryung to sleep if she wants. But she is already sleeping. he stays awake and sees a suspicious looking person who sits between two of the drunk women and takes one of their wallets.

Ji-seok follows him out of the cart and tells the man that he wants to search his bag. The man pulls out a knife and tries to slice Ji-seok with it and then runs away. 

He then plays a game of cat and mouse with the train were he goes part in and part out of the train as he tries to time the train leaving. He is able to trick Ji-seok into getting off of the train and smiles as the train continues going.

But he knows that the rookie is on the train so he calls her and tells her that there is a robber with a knife on the train. He is dangerous so follow what I tell you. So you see a woman nodding off with short hair and a black dress? She is the victim, show your ID to her and take her out.

Yoo Ryung asks about the robber? Is it the guy in the black hat? Ji-seok tells her to just take the victim out. This guy is not a normal guy. The max danger is a robber with nail clippers. if you have a weapon then you get double the sentence so robbers in subways don’t carry any weapons. He did not even steal the victims gold ring.

People use credit cards so the robbers target jewels more than wallets. Something is wrong with him. I took the next train so just get  out at the next stop. I will catch him.

Yoo Ryung says okay, I will take the victim out. She hangs up and her eyes go crazy. She is not about to do as he said. She takes off her high heels.


But, it looks like she did not end up acting on it as she catches up to Ji-seok in the station. he tells her that she did a good job.

They tell the woman that they will look for her wallet. Then Ji-seok calls the chief who is dressed in another undercover outfit. The chief has heard of him, he says that he got away from them before and he only targets the first train of Hongdae club day.

Ji-seok asks if he can see the victims list? 

Cut to Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok riding on her pink scooter. The chief is cooperating with them with information. They go to the woman’s house who lost her wallet. Only her wallet was taken, nothing else. They leave and go to another victims place. But no one answers. Another woman tells them to go home, no one lived in that place in awhile.

She tells them that the woman that lives there was famous on the internet but after she broadcasted her internet video, she disappeared. They show her a picture of the woman that disappeared named Avocado and ask if she is the one? The woman says yes.

So Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung walk away thinking that these robberies might be related to the Avocado case. Yoo Ryung mentions that Ji Seok said that guy was not a normal robber. So let’s investigate the Avocado disappearance. Her eyes go crazy. 

He tells her, hey, your eyes. She tells him that she just wants them to score more and lower his sentence. he reminds her to stop lying. She says okay, I should have caught him. I just believed what you said.

Ji-seok says, I will catch him so stop threatening your boss. he tells her that they should sleep, they have been awake for 30 hours straight. She salutes – choon sung!


Mari’s team looks at Avocado’s video and spot a vague reflection in the video that could be the perpetrator. She tells them to get an estimate of the height using the window.


Yoo Ryung sleeps in the resting room while Ji-seok stays awake outside. He only has 75 days left to catch the grasshoppers. he thinks that scoring points is not important since he might get fired. he goes into the cubicle area where the other team members are.

They start to talk about the masks for the police department as their meal comes from carryout.

But this carryout person ends up working for the grasshoppers and takes the case file he stole to them. One of the grasshoppers tells another one that he thought this would be huge news, but it was only 10 minutes on the portal. it is because of he murderer, so this hurts his pride.

Back at the subway station, Ji-seok looks on his computer for anyone who did under the table deals. Then he realizes that the file is missing on the grasshoppers. He thinks it is strange and tells his team that he has to go somewhere and to find the file while he is gone.

In the main police office, the other officers complain about Mari and how she is team leader because of her mother. Ji-seok comes up and tells them that it is not because of her mother, it is because of her talent. If you are envious, just be envious, that makes you less pitiful.

Mari heard all of that , but pretends to not know as Ji-seok comes to talk to her. She does make him a coffee though. Then she asks him why he is interested in the Avocado case so Ji-seok talks about the suspicious guy on the subway.

Woo-hyeok runs in and says that Mari was right, I have him!

In the subway station, Yoo Ryung is looking at the subway map and thinks that she has to go in there. She looks at the CCTV of right before she was attacked and recognizes the person who was about to kill her on the subway.

She looks at the video and sees a twitch on the man. This sends her into a flashback where her sister called her mumbling something that made Yoo Ryung worry and frantic as she talked to her on the phone. In the present, she thinks that she has to find him no matter what it takes.


In the main office, Woo-seok says that he calculated the height, he is 5’3. So he might be that guy. They think they might have even more victims. they need to investigate that rumor that has become a legend about women disappearing on the subway.

It is 2am, but Mari still wants Woo-seok to bring in an artist to draw the person. Ji-seok sits as they wait.

Meanwhile, we see the killer open a suitcase, it has the sister in it. But we don’t know if this is a flashback or the present.. The killer rolls the suitcase up the tracks and then opens the door to climb out of the tracks like he’s in The Ring.

Ji-seok tells Mari that he has to go, the rookie is alone.

Inside the subway, the lights go out and Yoo Ryung hears the sound of a suitcase rolling along the hallway. it is a spooky sound. She drops her gun, so she has to feel around for it on the ground.

Then the noise stops. Yoo Ryung cannot see in front of her and starts to walk around the office. Ji-seok gets back to the subway, but the cage drawn. He wonders if there was a black out?

Yoo Ryung goes to the door, it opens. Then the killer reaches his hand inside and starts to slowly strangle her. Ji-seok manages to get inside and yells, rookie! Rookie! So the killer lets her go and walks out. But it is weird, it feels like this might not have really happened?

Yoo Ryung closes the door and starts to say over and over again that she has to catch him, I have to catch him, I have to catch him, as she sinks to the floor.

Ji-seok gets to the room and calls for the rookie. She lets him know that she is by the door. He asks her why she is there? Are you hurt? Why is there a black out? Sorry. Are you really not hurt? Did something happen?

She starts crying into her sleeve. He doesn’t really know what to do. Cut to them both in the resting room. He makes her bed for her and asks her if she is hiding something from him. You look insecure. You had someone following you.

She says that they weren’t following her, I double checked it, it was just a pervert. I am just afraid of the dark. He tells her okay and goes to get a candle. He mentions that he thought she was fearless and then closes the curtain. But he tells her that if she gets scared, wake me up. I will keep the curtain open a little.

He goes to sleep. 


Meanwhile, the killer looks at his wall and takes off the image of Yoo Ryung. he crumples it in his hand and then walks off. he then goes to look at a large wooden box with a lock on it.

In the resting room, Yoo Ryung tells Ji-seok that she has to be stronger. Then she blows out the candle and heads to the tracks of the subway. She goes into the room that she was looking at before. She walks in with her gun and asks, why didn’t you kill me! Why!

But she gets no response so she starts to walk back out. As she walks out, she sees a piece of torn piece of cloth on the tracks and picks it up.


Ji-seok wakes up and goes to the cubicles where everyone else is. He asks Ji-seok if she slept well. She asks if she can change her partner. He is all like, me? You want to change me?

She asks the other two if they want to be her partner. They are all like, um…and then they start working on their work and ignoring her. She tells them that she is not a contagious disease.

He tells her that he left her alone last night but he did not know that they would have a black out. She tells him that it is not about that. She just does not think that they match well. the other two look at them like, oooooo! He tells her to follow him.

So they go to the conference room. He tells her that they did not match from the beginning. I told you that! From the first meeting we started our relationship with you handcuffing me! You joined us because you really wanted to join. I didn’t want o tell you this, but the last month of working with you was harder than my entire two year time on the subway police.

She asks if it is good to change then? He asks what she is saying? Now we are getting better, it was so difficult to get here. Who else can take care of you here besides me?

She asks, so you were taking care of me! He kind of says, no, well. She asks, if you hate me then tell me! He says that he does not hate her! Before you said, chief you are my safety belt. How can someones heart change so quickly! Overnight!

He starts to cry a little. The other two look at them and wonder if they re rally talking about changing the partner. Not about breaking up or something right?

JI-seok tells her that they should not be so emotional. Lets take some time off from this talk until we solve the Avocado case. Yoo Ryung perks up and asks what they said about Avocado. She steps closer to Ji-seok. He tells her that the Avocado and the robber are related.

She asks, really?

he says the main branch will take care of the avocado and the robber and they will take care of the other victims. So she nods and says let’s go.

They walk out happily together on a mission. The other two wonder what is going on.


Elsewhere, the ghost guy goes to the phone machine and calls one of the victims to let her know that he found her wallet. She says that she will go there to get her wallet. But Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung come to her door at that time so she answers and tells them that she thought it was a robbery but it is not a robbery case. Can you cancel the report.

Yoo Ryung asks why she thought it was a robbery? She says that she had her card when she got into the subway. But she checked her wallet and did not find it. But maybe she dropped it. her ticket and money where all there.

She says goodbye. Ji-seok thinks it is late so lets go to the next house. He knocks on the next houses door but there is no answer. The mother also does not know where she is.

Ji-seok gets a call about the victim and how they cannot contact them after the club anymore. So it looks like the city legend is true. Yoo Ryung opens a knife and starts to jimmy the door open with it. He pulls it away and tells her to stop doing this. Are you doing this because you don’t want to be my partner?

He walks away, she says that is not it! And follows along.

They go back to the office and start to check all the CCTV in the area with their other team members. One of them sees the girl and says that she is okay. She bought something in a store. They heard about the other victims too so it looks like all the victims are alive. They wonder if the legend is not real after all.

In Mari’s office, he says that he found Avocado, she lives in a goshiwon. Well, at least she is alive. Mari tells him to call her and asks why she moved.

Meanwhile, Ji-seok say that they thought they disappeared, but they did not. Yoo Ryung says that they did not go home though. Ji-seok says that they are all of age, they do not have to go home. 

Yoo Ryung thinks they should check it out some more. But Ji-seok says that talking to them about it will make them seem like crazy stalkers. But Yoo Ryung says that she wants to check it, she starts to walk out. He runs up to stop her and asks if she is doing this again?

She tells him that he must have a disease where he starts to investigate and stops. he is all like, what? Then he remembers all the moments where he stops the investigation. He wonders if this is the reason she does not want to be his partner. So he tells her okay, it is late now, but let’s go there tomorrow. let’s go.


They both sit in a grocery store and eat ramen as they look out the window waiting. She gets spicy thinks if her eyes and hops up to wipe it off. That is when the girls comes in looking horrible. She says that he just took her wallet, no other thing. they ask if there really is not other thing going on?

She says no, but she starts to scratch the table and her knuckles are also all scratched. Ji-seok and Mari look at this. Ji-seok then calls Mari. Mari says that she will check it and checks the Avocado CCTV.

They look at the video of Avocado, she also looks scared and jittery.


Ji-seok and Yoo Ryung go to the main office. Ji-seok runs inside and rides up the elevator with Woo-seok as Yoo Ryung parks. He asks Woo-seok when he suddenly hates his boss the most. WH asks if he is asking him about his ex-girlfriend?

Ji-seok is all like, ah, yeah. Then he asks if Yoo ryung said that she hates him? Woo Seok says yes, she does not want to be my partner anymore. WH tells him that hating and not wanting to be partners is two different things. Don’t be too sensitive about it. Just work.

Ji-seok tells him, of course I should take it as work. But then Yoo Ryung runs by and asks Woo-seok to talk to her for a second. They walk off to the side.

Woo seok asks her if she is really okay? You are not hurt? Ji-seok is a bit jealous at this. He walks away. Yoo Ryung tells Wh that she is not asking him to worry about her, he is just telling him because it might help the investigation.

He asks if she thinks that the person who came to her is the subway ghost? She says yes, who else would walk around that late? I know it is difficult to believe, it is okay if you don’t believe me. But can you investigate this? I got it in the tunnel and I don’t have the case file so I can’t start the investigation.


Woo-hyeok tells her that this is too clean after picking it up in the tunnel. She says she thought it was strange also. he says he will check that and also someone with a tick in their right shoulder. 

Yoo Ryung tells him that she has another request, keep it a secret from Mari. If she knows that I enter the tunnel then my chief will be in trouble. WH asks why she told him that she wants to stop being his partner. She says that she does not want to ruin his work. 

WH asks if she likes him? She says it is nothing like that! I just don’t want to rely on him. So Woo-seok asks, how about I help you?

They go into the office with Mari. They think Avocado was a victim of sexual violence because she was scared of all the men walking by and had had other ticks. Ji-seok mentions that all the victims have short hair and are all single women that live alone. that is why he took their wallet. To know that they live alone.

Ji-seok and Mari keep talking about everything smart connected to the case. Yoo Ryung and Woo-hyeok look a bit lost as they watch Mari and Ji-seok talking. they think it was difficult to live in the house where the crime happened so they moved.

Mari then tells Yoo Ryung that she and Ji-seok used to be partners in the violent crime division. Yoo Ryung says that they work well together They have good haup. (like martial arts movements where someone punches and the other blocks as if they planned it).

Mari asks how they are as partners? What is the relationship where one causes trouble and the other tries to cover it up? Woo-hyeok says that the one taking care of it all loves the trouble maker a lot.

Mari is all like, huh? Woo-seok says, otherwise, that person would not want to keep the trouble maker. Mari is all like, damn. She tells them that she concludes this case and says they should get all the results of the case and wrap it up.

Yoo Ryung says that they started the case, why are you giving it to someone else? Mari says that they have their own work to do, the serial murder case. she starts explaining it. Woo-hyeok tries to stop her from talking.

Yoo Ryung says that everyone knows about that case. You left it unsolved for two years. Ji-seok asks Yoo Ryung why she is bringing that up like that?

Mari tells her to say what she wants to say. Yoo Ryung tells her that in this case, I want to see the victims myself. She stands up to do it but Ji-seok makes her sit right back in her seat and says that Yoo Ryung is so passionate. 

Mari tells her that having passion is good so go meet them. She starts to walk out. But her mother, the commissioner is right there asking what they are doing? Do the investigation! What is your job? Mari sys that they investigate the cases in a wide area.

The commissioner tells her that this violence is happened in a wide area in Seoul so this is your case to solve, isn’t it! the most important thing in these cases is getting the interview from the victims. You are giving this to the other departments means that you do not want to investigate it!

Mari tells her that they have a terminal life because they will get fired if they do not catch the subway serial murdered in two months. The commissioner yells at her and says that even if you die tomorrow, as long as you are a wear a uniform then you are a police officer! it makes no sense to ignore this case! Even a regular police woman knows about it.

Then the commissioner asks Yoo Ryung if she was the one that fired the gun? Right? I worried about you because you were too rough. But you have gentle thoughts.

Ji-seok looks amazed so the commissioner asks him if he does not like it! Do you want to catch grasshoppers instead! he says, no. So the commissioner tells Mari to lead the case and Ji-seok’s team can help. She stomps off. But she also thinks that time it ticking on both cases with the serial killer and the subway thieves. Maybe I tried to be too cool? 

But she says, no, even if we die tomorrow, I will follow my passion! ANd walks off with her head high.

The other four head out. On the elevator, Woo Hyeok thinks that they should change partners. they all look at him. Woo-hyeok thinks it makes sense to change partners in order to bette share what they have. So he asks Yoo Ryung to be partners with him.

But Ji-seok angrily asks, Woo-hyeok, are you really ~! But he does not finish as everyone stares at him.


Preview translation for episode 7 of Catch The Ghost

WH – Hold tight!

YR – Okay! Straight! Straight!

WC – the serial sexual violence case that could have been buried without anyone knowing about it.

Victim – I don’t want to say anything!

Victim – Are you blaming me also?

YR – i am here because I want to help you.

MR – Ji-seok still does not know about why you joined the subway police team right?

JS – Rookie, just keep being my partner.

MR – When we are tired of each other, let’s break up again.

YR – It is actually good.


I feel like I’m being tricked by all the comedy they are using in order to have me sit through all these horrible cases that seem to level up in cruelty with each episode. It almost make me feel like I am watching the Kdrama Live but with more laughs. I miss my fun fresh show from the opening two episodes.

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  1. Dramalover
    November 6, 2019 / 3:27 pm

    Well its a good thing this drama has comedy since i couldnt have watched a hour of crimes without the funny hijinks of our main couple. Seems like they to start to notice their feelings, looking forward to that too.

    • V
      November 6, 2019 / 3:31 pm

      Right! If this drama did not have the comedy then it might have been a drop. (I don’t do too well with drama violence as a trope). But I love the main two and I love the comedy.

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